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Rationalise in a sentence

1. How do you rationalise that?
2. I had no time at all to rationalise my.
3. As the cars swish by me, I sit and try to rationalise my insecurity.
4. At this point his mind was too stressed to rationalise the logic in this.
5. Once you have listed them all, you have the chance to rationalise the list.
6. Nicky had tried to rationalise him out of her system but it was not working.
7. I looked at the young girl and tried to rationalise the strange connections that must.

8. Reason, defeated by logic, fades; negative thoughts pounding me from every side, I struggle to rationalise.
9. She poured a glass of wine and sat in the lounge again, feeling calmer and trying to rationalise what she had seen.
10. The case was clearly more important than he had at first thought, but for the life of him he could not rationalise the moves being made.
11. I tried to rationalise my way through the long days, assuming that it must be far too risky for my fellow prisoners to communicate every day.
12. He started walking forward, at first making slow awkward strides and then faster, and all the time Zolla's (imagined) voice in his head, Don't rationalise the absurd, Jimmy.
13. It came past her heading towards town and before she could rationalise to herself the logic of what she was doing, she had swung the Volvo onto the road into town three cars between her and the Land Rover.
14. Despite his success as a librarian teacher, his love for his ridiculously intelligent spouse and their pleasant home and easy life, there had always lurked an emptiness at his core he‘d been unable to rationalise.

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