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Rationalize in a sentence

1. He tried to rationalize his way out.
2. Probably, our need to rationalize our.
3. Still, he could not rationalize breakfast.
4. That information is used to rationalize.
5. Rosa and Eileen rationalize William’s infidelity.
6. Don’t try to rationalize why you feel this strong.
7. Failed to rationalize the ineffective committee system;.

8. Naturally, you have to rationalize what’s happening;.
9. Unable to rationalize events, he decided to return to the room.
10. But even as the suspicions mounted, he couldn’t rationalize how.
11. Self-loathing has been a fantastic way to rationalize doing really.
12. He felt her rationalize that it must have just been her imagination.
13. On board, Harry Travis tried hard to rationalize the circumstances.
14. The only way you can rationalize profit: is as a form of mutual robbery.
15. Determine whether the benefits of building the network rationalize the expense.
16. The story of Adam and Eve is simply a way to rationalize the reason behind death.
17. Both Ava and Tahlmute were tainted, he had to rationalize around that didn't he?
18. We must also rationalize the whole process by which we choose and develop our planes.
19. Elders lying to their young… in order to rationalize their own misbehaviors and sins.
20. That was in a different context, and I can rationalize that internally, and I trust you.
21. Therapists usually have favorites, no matter how much they rationalize that they don’t.
22. It was a little harder to rationalize his actions when Luray wasn't there in front of him.
23. I was afraid I'd deliberate, ruminate, agonize, rationalize, and talk myself into not going.
24. He’s killed more than twenty people that we know of, I was thinking, trying to rationalize.
25. Their Rabbis argued, discussed and tried to rationalize their Hebrew ethics and ways of living.
26. Now aged 35, he was also able to rationalize and process that the event was not so bad after all.
27. It’s difficult to rationalize that connection when these things happen in the middle of the day.
28. Dashing back to my bedroom, I close the door and lean against it trying to rationalize my feelings.
29. Something would come up he thought, that would rationalize his experience and then he would be fine.
30. He could rationalize anything he wanted to do without ever taking personal responsibility for anything.
31. It was a fact that Gould was already beginning to rationalize away, and he fought against that tendency.
32. Reasonable answers neglected to surface, and in time, he stopped trying to rationalize his circumstances.
33. They can’t easily rationalize his taking a hit, much less a major blow from a former member of the club.
34. My eyes were absorbing all this, but my brain was shut in disbelief, trying to rationalize what I was watching.
35. The only way he could rationalize civilization; was to embrace the mindless suffering of a passive spiritual idiot.
36. Pisces have intellect, but to them intellect is only a means by which they can rationalize what they know intuitively.
37. That folks was a gob of torment that I’d inflicted on her that I can’t even begin to try and rationalize or explain.
38. I had to rationalize the guilt I would feel about leaving my parents behind and solve dozens of minor, pending problems.
39. I could rationalize why seawater was not an option, but reversely I’d been considering gasoline as a substitute for it.
40. And then we merely adapt them, rationalize them, and manipulate them to give ourselves a conscious reason for our actions.
1. My brain would’ve tried rationalizing the situation.
2. That is not what Jesus wants, and it is the result of rationalizing.
3. God almighty, what was wrong with her? All that insane rationalizing.
4. Jewish humor is based upon rationalizing and excusing the worst evils on earth.
5. T’Pau waited three minutes, as if expecting Tammas to start rationalizing what he.
6. We kept rationalizing and trying to laugh about it, but we both felt stupid and guilty.
7. These are Thinking, Sorting and Interpreting, Rationalizing, Understanding and Acting.
8. Conflicted was the name of the game and I tried rationalizing that I would never see Elizabeth again.
9. Understanding is the inward motion of a net; rationalizing the world and slicing it with Ockham's razor.
10. This way you will not fall into the trap of rationalizing the answers of your source with your assumptions.
11. People are only interested in rationalizing and justifying their own actions; regardless of the actual truth.
12. With a whispered, ―oh shit,‖ he let go the leash, rationalizing that the dog was the lesser of two evils.
13. I tried to cheer up by rationalizing that Corina would not have asked me to go if the situation was hopeless.
14. She was stealing stuff, she said, rationalizing that the client was too old, didn’t care and wouldn’t have any more use for the stuff.
15. We only fool ourselves by rationalizing that this is our godhead, our supreme uniqueness that makes us superior to all other living creatures.
16. She replayed her conversations with Richie over and over again, and when she stopped rationalizing, she knew that Richie was right and that she had blown it.
17. That is, animal nature tries to preserve its power over the human by rationalizing the phenomenon or criticizing it, when all that is necessary is simple childish faith.
18. Now Jews are still justifying and rationalizing their culture as both a victim culture… and also being the elite chosen ones… a culture superior to all other cultures.
19. As long as you are susceptible to the kinds of errors that are the result of rationalizing, justifying, hesitating, hoping, and jumping the gun, you will not be able to trust yourself.
20. The Jews perpetuated their culture for thousands of years… by rationalizing themselves as the ‘chosen ones’: doomed to suffer their ‘gods wrath’ … as outcasts, and wanderers in the desert.
21. Yet this amazing organ is capable of so much more: reason, understanding, drawing logical conclusions, cognition, belief, rationalizing, formation of ideas, translation of the spoken word, creative thought, sending and receiving signals.
22. His insane statement worshipping reason without any passion or any emotion or any feelings… as an elite form of awareness which only elite rulers are supposed to be capable of: was, and still is: pure self-serving, rationalizing bullshit.
23. The dogs ‘metabolism functions by absorbing nutrients as fast as it can into the body and then spending the fasting times, when there is nothing in the gut, utilizing and rationalizing all these nutrients and clearing toxins from the system.
24. While the false proposition might help massage the long nursed Hindu hurt by rationalizing their defeatist past, the minorities grab it as a tactical stick to beat Hindutva with that is regardless of its endorsement by the highest judiciary of the land.
25. The difference between wanting to find out the actual truth no matter how painful… and wanting only to find a way of rationalizing one's own inbred prejudices and beliefs, is totally dependent upon one's own level of love-courage-honesty and pure wonder.
26. They were the ones who could easily commit crimes and atrocities by rationalizing all of it secretly… in their twisted sick minds… convincing themselves that they had a mission from god himself and that whatever they did to make themselves powerful and rich was a sign from God himself that they were on the right track!.
27. Adjectives, conjunctions, and prepositions: some sort Of bionomic central force in the monkey seemed to Express itself through the de-centered processes of Rolling grammatical progression and spreading activation That converged around the impulses flowing between The brain-machine interface, with the monkey’s intentions Refined by the computers rationalizing.
28. Where Mercury conjunction natives tend to sleepwalk through life, focusing all their attention on those areas in which they have some degree of superiority or control and ignoring everything else, the elongation natives tend to overuse mind – they are utterly taken by their own cleverness and perspicacity, and refuse to act on the pure promptings of their hearts without first thoroughly rationalizing them.
29. It follows a single linear path of tool-logic without ever deviating from it over and over… repeating itself, endlessly the same, duplicating itself, justifying itself, rationalizing itself… just as tools trained our ancestors to perform the same, identical motions of chipping away at a rock, they have trained our brains to perform numerous identical logic sequences over, and over: without ever deviating into any other possible way of thinking, or considering any other alternative paths of logic.
30. The universal effect of greed on a human soul, what it does to people: how it cuts them off from other people so they are unable to share anything of themselves with others, how it insulates them from the suffering of others, how it insulates them from any awareness of their own spiritual corruption, so that they are capable of rationalizing their own actions as being moral-just-right-good, how the culture of greed is evidenced in justifying the oppression of all those below you, how being trained all their lives in taking, people never learn how to give, how this invisible, intangible, secret rotting and shrinkage of the human soul begins from birth, slowly destroying all innocence and wonder.
31. Why see the squire as a fat stupid greedy pig? Why see Livesy as the cold inhuman new wave of ‘scientific’ detached human filth selling more sick ways for humans to die from as a ‘doctor’… by draining the blood of a sick person so they die from lack of blood? The Olde pirate died because he tried to stand up after being bled almost empty of blood… all his blood went into his feet and legs… his heart went empty of blood because Livesy the new cunning evil that has managed to hide evil as live!! Is selling people new poisons that actually kill them faster; than if they never had taken them: the new evil… Modern Medicine: the up and coming new drug Age of legalized drugs… legal drugs are good for you! Illegal drugs are bad for you! Legal greed is good for you! Illegal greed is bad for you! The new-age robber the new rationalizing evil so cold blooded and so stupid: Livesy cannot recognize a 40-year old one-legged pirate with only one eye when he sees one.
1. She rationalized that this was.
2. I rationalized my inaction by the.
3. He rationalized that excuse away, too.
4. Some even rationalized, that’s business.
5. That rationalized morality is full of shit.
6. I'm not sure how you rationalized that, but what.
7. Thinking along certain exclusive rationalized paths.
8. All their other rationalized motives were not honest.
9. This is how consumer rights and consumer freedom is rationalized.
10. Perhaps all this would all work out to his favor, he rationalized.
11. He rationalized that if he drinks for one day it will do him no harm.
12. He rationalized the whole strange experience as being due to a lack.
13. They are constantly in use as a rationalized form of Scientific humanity.
14. It is a noble madness from beginning to the end, it can never be rationalized.
15. I rationalized that this was the home stretch and that the sooner I got it over.
16. A man is unconscious covered up and rationalized by a more mature thoughts.
17. We hemmed, we hawed, we rationalized; occasionally we hung our heads in contrition.
18. He rationalized that his will to succeed was greater than his mind’s need for rest.
19. This is the rationalized excuse to have incompetent managers and executives running it.
20. The victims are viewed in terms of their karmic outcomes and their fate is rationalized.
21. A gym bag at hockey arena could only contain hockey gear, right, ZJ rationalized to himself.
22. Our superficial surface rationalized, normalized sanity; is irrational, illogical and unsane.
23. Waddell rationalized that he had already performed his mission to destroy the Yankee whaling.
24. The fact is, the civilization you live inside cannot be justified or rationalized as being good.
25. Linear functionality is the rationalized excuse for every imaginable kind of inhuman behaviour.
26. Then, of course, he couldn't imagine he might have been wrong, so he rationalized his failure to.
27. Art is merely A Rationalized Truth of the subconscious; translated into abstract symbols and images.
28. Happiness… living humans living happily: would destroy all of their lies and rationalized bullshit.
29. Which are rationalized by the outer brain, convincing itself that it is the one controlling everything.
30. My mother didn’t have time to be angry with my father and rationalized that I was still her daughter.
31. They always want more and every means to get it becomes legitimate and can be rationalized ad infinitum.
32. Having rationalized her proclivity thus, visualizing the ecstasies of their passionate orgies, she got excited.
33. Then, the sweet aroma of the roast pork teased his nostrils, and he rationalized that he needed to become strong.
34. Moore’s movies dealt with real people, but he rationalized his misrepresentations by saying we lived in a fictitious world.
35. I rationalized the Halloween Nightmare, along with all the days that did or didn’t follow, as the overactive imagination of a child.
36. If God could be dissected and rationalized by the human mind, even those with a superior intellect like yourself, then He wouldn’t be God.
37. But that is precisely the moral and ethical basis upon which England and France justified and rationalized their declaring war upon Germany.
38. Faye Anne was the first to notice and rationalized that this arrangement could not have been an accident, and it must have been for their own good.
39. Hiding and whitewashing the sin and crime of killing other animals by inventing idiotic myths and rationalized bullshit cultural lies to justify it.
40. Avi wondered if she was deluding herself, but rationalized that trying to stop her mother once she set her mind on something was next to impossible.
1. It is the way man rationalizes the unknown and justifies injustice.
2. We add this method because it rationalizes the use of P/E analysis and it.
3. Which rationalizes our own fears and justifies us in hating the Universe we live-in.
4. Brink rationalizes it is better to be fat in order for his head to be proportionally sized.
5. It’s interesting to watch how he rationalizes his actions as happening of his own choosing and his memory lapse as one of those times when the conscious mind goes on autopilot and the subconscious takes over.
6. If asked to relate directly to his emotions, the narcissist intellectualizes, rationalizes, speaks about himself in the third person and in a detached "scientific" tone or composes a narrative with a fictitious character in it, suspiciously autobiographical.

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