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Prune in a sentence

1. They prune with.
2. Shots of prune juice.
3. Prune the plant at the.
4. Prune the tree if necessary.
5. Prune Face and I hit the spot.
6. It’s time to brainstorm and prune.
7. The vineyard I will neither prune nor hoe.

8. I emerged from the shower looking like a prune.
9. Ready to prune out the LOW-PROFITABILITY topics?
10. Ready to prune out the low-profitability topics?
11. And it's free! California Prune & Apricot Growers Inc.
12. When she began to prune, she shut off the shower and.
13. Then you’ll prune out the low-profit-potential ones.
14. I firmly believe, if we prune them on the basis of sound moral.
15. Old Prune Face had escaped into thin air - puff… just like that.
16. Providing you keep the lawns neat and tidy, prune any bushes and trees that need.
17. Allen puckered his cheeks, chin and lips as tight as an overgrown prune, and grimaced.
18. He was as dry as a prune; did his job and hardly ever smiled or socialized with the tenants.
19. Many of my patients have found that a glass of prune juice on arising in the morning, or one or.
20. Don't economize on the nuptials, do not prune them of their splendors; don't scrimp on the day when you beam.
21. You can then use those new keywords to brainstorm and prune some more keywords in your DEMAND and SUPPLY WINDOWS.
22. This woman appeared extremely haggard, as wrinkly as a raison or prune, dishevelled all over and obviously in pain.
23. The last picture in his memory was of the captain squinching his nose and cheeks, his face wrinkled up like a prune.
24. May 26, 2009—Devil’s Tower to Prune Creek: At our campsite, we woke with Devil’s Tower framed by the door of our tent.
25. For they desired to prune away all the subtleties of the material and mental worlds and replace everything with one crude equation.
26. I prune my weekly list of trading candidates down to five or six picks that show the most attractive patterns and the best reward to risk ratios.
27. God may want to prune out some of the bad and negative friends you are hanging out with due to the negative influences they may be having on you and your spiritual development in Him.
28. A couple of hundred shuffling cha-cha feet turned a hundred and eighty degrees and suddenly Prune Face and I became the head of the conga line - and we headed straight for the dreaded Yacht Bar.
29. What’s your problem, you desiccated old prune? You don’t like the word ‘fuck?’ Try doing it once in a while, why don’t you, it works wonders on wrinkles! In a deflating gasp, the woman cast her eyes downward and her knitting resumed, the needles clicking a furious tempo.
30. My decision, therefore, is that the fat challenger prune, peel, thin, trim and correct himself, and take eleven stone of his flesh off his body, here or there, as he pleases, and as suits him best; and being in this way reduced to nine stone weight, he will make himself equal and even with nine stone of his opponent, and they will be able to run on equal terms.
31. A sofa upholstered in prune plush had been translocated from opposite the door to the ingleside near the compactly furled Union Jack (an alteration which he had frequently intended to execute): the blue and white checker inlaid majolicatopped table had been placed opposite the door in the place vacated by the prune plush sofa: the walnut sideboard (a projecting angle of which had momentarily arrested his ingress) had been moved from its position beside the door to a more advantageous but more perilous position in front of the door: two chairs had been moved from right and left of the ingleside to the position originally occupied by the blue and white checker inlaid majolicatopped table.
32. The elderly woman appeared dishevelled, wrinkly as a prune,.
1. Pruning back the options.
2. His neighbour stopped pruning.
3. Grow by pruning the dead wood.
4. Quiet long days: pruning, ripening.
5. His next door neighbour was pruning his roses.
6. The Scriptures refer to soils, trees, pruning, and.
7. He was pruning the hedge that bordered the sidewalk.
8. He stops a few yards shy of the man with the pruning.
9. I put their food, the leashes and a large pair of pruning.
10. Adros fought on, pruning his way through the giant’s limbs.
11. From the way my skin is pruning up I think it’s been a while.
12. Before we can start pruning, we need to check out the SUPPLY of your.
13. This is the benefit of occasional pruning that buying and selling has.
14. He acts as a husbandman pruning his vines, that they may bear more fruit.
15. But no doubt that there has to be a strategic way of pruning? William said.
16. I had a chainsaw and some pruning tools, so – oh, it’s not that kind of tree.
17. His neighbour stood holding his pruning shears in the air with his mouth wide open.
18. A woman jogging on the sidewalk; an elderly man pruning the bushes in his front yard.
19. Weeding, pruning an apricot tree, planting squash and zucchini seeds, picking veggies.
20. Bushes tend to be very hardy, and don't require too much pruning throughout most of the year.
21. Well as this is now very late in the year of winemaking we have to carry out the pruning the vines.
22. On the other side of a wooden fence a small, round woman stood pruning her garden with a pair of sheers.
23. Ploughing and digging, vinedressing and pruning, are more in my way than defending provinces or kingdoms.
24. One day, hopefully soon, man will indeed turn his swords into plowshares and his spears into pruning hooks.
25. I hate the idea of constantly trimming and pruning something to keep it from reaching its full potential.
26. I see you always working in the yard, watering and pruning and doing green thumb types of things, I said.
27. Whenever they needed pruning, I’d have to wait until Nic was out of sight before daring to lop off a branch.
28. So much has religion done for me; turning the original materials to the best account; pruning and training nature.
29. His guide for the day was Maurice, an old hand in the fields and within only a short time, William was left to pruning on his own.
30. In pruning season he earned eighteen sous a day; then he hired out as a hay-maker, as laborer, as neat-herd on a farm, as a drudge.
31. He swallowed and drew himself up to face his father, who all this while had been hovering at the length of a pruning hook from his side.
32. Surely becoming a powerful wizard was a full-time, lifelong pursuit, not something one did between pruning, harvesting, and selling apples.
33. In the same way, God will always be pruning out different things and different qualities that He will not be wanting you to have in this life.
34. I think Price squeezed his lips together but it was difficult to tell with his untrimmed moustache hanging over his mouth like a hedge in need of pruning.
35. At that moment he heard an explosion of laughter close to him and, looking up, he saw a large Parrot perched on a tree, who was pruning the few feathers he had left.
36. They were even introduced to a famous footballer and his wife, but found the conversation wandering away from the arts of pruning rather too quickly for their taste.
37. The snarl of the chainsaw had ceased, but he could see its operator feeding the flames of an open fire made from the product of his tree pruning, and the leaves of winter.
38. When pruning became necessary, I told each tree how sorry I was to be hurting it, explaining that, like remedial minor surgery, this would help it grow stronger and lovelier.
39. Meme thought that her mother had been impressed by the butterflies When they finished pruning the row bushes she washed her hands and took the package to her bedroom to open it.
40. In contrast to her initial feeling that she wanted to meet with her invisible enemy in order to convince him of his errors, now she only wanted to cut him to ribbons with the pruning shears.
1. Should be pruned after.
2. The market is actually a carefully pruned garden.
3. It was pretty sick and I don’t think it had ever been pruned.
4. Her potential vendors had been pruned back to two and thoroughly vetted.
5. The water is lukewarm by the time I pull my pruned skin from it, but I don’t care.
6. In the morning, she pruned the orchard, harvested the lemons, and carried a basketful into.
7. A golden conifer which would soar to thirty feet if it was not pruned back filled the space.
8. Nothing had been pruned in years and the garden float couldn’t be moved without doing some.
9. But because it refuses to fit the case at all angles, it is pruned down to make it just right.
10. Migrant workers pruned the trees late in the winter and returned to pick the crop in midsummer.
11. Lo, I have provided abundant rain and attended every vine,I have pruned them with delicate and sure hands.
12. I know I am unpruned, and that at the most you pruned people, all trim and trained from the first, do but bear with me indulgently.
13. The Lam Yai fruit was harvested two months ago, the farmers have pruned and fed the trees and cleaned the ground in the hope of more next year.
14. We are born with billions of neural connections, circuits and pathways in the brain, of which many are pruned if considered unused or unnecessary.
15. You will be cultivated, watered, tended, moved, pruned, trained by the Lord Jesus Himself; and at last your name shall be found in the bundle of life.
16. They would walk around it in the evenings noting how this or that plant was growing, whether it should be pruned, wondering if it needed transplanting.
17. Harrison was right, and she forced herself to expunge most of her beloved descriptions, though it took three re-writings before the story could be pruned down to please the fastidious Mr.
18. Her dress is torn, her ankles are bleeding, her shoes are all but gone and her hair is in disarray—her skin is sallow, like pruned flesh when left under water too long, and her eyes are screaming for help.
19. Perhaps if your letters lately had been different I would not so obstinately refuse to see you, but I have a wretched feeling that my poor soul is going to be pruned again, pruned of its last, most pleasant growth, and you are on the road to saying and doing things we shall both be forever sorry for.
20. The bushes stretch across the paths, and, catching at me as I go by, remind me that they have not been pruned; the teeming plant life rejoices on the lawns free from all interference from men and hoes; the pinks are closely nibbled off at the beginning of each summer by selfish hares intent on their own gratification; most of the beds bear the marks of nocturnal foxes; and the squirrels spend their days wantonly biting off and flinging down the tender young shoots of the firs.
1. I love peanut butter and prunes.
2. I had prunes, bread and butter and.
3. Prunes are high in vitamin C and iron.
4. I was looking for some prunes recently at the.
5. Prunes are not the only fruit rich in soluble fiber.
6. I read Lee’s story while eating two morning prunes.
7. I never knew what prunes and apricots could do until—.
8. Prunes, figs, and raisins are all nice treated in this way.
9. Nothing like prunes this early in the morning, I said.
10. Say prunes and prisms forty times every morning, cure for fat lips.
11. For a side snack she had brought prunes with peanut butter on them.
12. Every branch that bears fruit He prunes that it may bear more fruit.
13. Some food items for that would be red meat, green vegetables, and prunes.
14. Now add the dried apple and the prunes together with the water they have.
15. In the meantime place the prunes and the dried apple into a bowl and cover.
16. The sauce with the prunes is very good and the sauce I made was improvised.
17. One has pitted prunes in it and another I made myself at a friend’s house.
18. Sister Alice kept an ample supply of dried prunes for the old people in the almshouse.
19. Oh, why must a minister's wife be supposed to utter only prunes and prisms? I shan't.
20. The main sources are apples, apricots, cabbage, carrots, coconuts, citrus fruits, prunes, spinach, turnip tops, and watercress.
21. Hay bales stacked around the perimeter of the loft; a corner had a neat deposit of small, dark cocoons of fur about the size of prunes.
22. The principle sources of vitamin A are cabbage, carrots, celery, endive, lettuce, oranges, parsley, prunes and dried apricots, spinach, tomatoes, and watercress.

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