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Realty in a sentence

In this realty.
In realty I only.
In realty all mattered at their own time.
In early 1976 Tishman Realty announced liquidation plans.
United States Realty and Improvement Company, 189n, 208n, 232n.
I reminded him of the realty as he scurried off to the shower mumbling.
For example, real estate firm Vornado Realty Trust (among the largest U.

Knowledge with necessary balance underlines realty of things, holding the truth.
For three years, mom had seen the realty but had been supporting her daughter in vain.
Example: Neisner Realty Corporation 6s, due 1948, are guaranteed by Neisner Brothers, Inc.
Just before we moved, I engaged an older fellow who worked for himself at Orinda Realty, named Alex.
They would let a realty company sell it, and they could send him the money, minus their commission, of course.
Example: Modification of guaranty of Trinity Building 5½s by United States Realty and Improvement proposed in March 1939.
Note resort to such proceedings by Haytian Corporation in 1938 and by United States Realty and Improvement Company in 1939.
The policewoman did not seem that interested in reporting the matter, so I let the agent from XMar Realty know what had happened.
Sort of like the Realty Shows, but in this television scenario the humans turn into monkeys over time instead of the other way around.
How did Wall Street react to these diverse developments? By paying as little attention as possible to the Trust and a lot to Realty Equities.
The list, itself, comprised a Michelin guide to middle class realty the world over, associated with which, were the all important names and contact numbers.
Example: In 1971 CleveTrust Realty Investors sold 2,500,000 of these combinations of common stock (or shares of beneficial interest) and warrants, for $20 per unit.
Contrast this with the full payment in October 1932 of the unpurchased portion of Savoy Plaza Corporation Debenture 5½s, which had also been guaranteed by United States Realty and Improvement.
And that there’s no imagination without a picture, when you imagine things, it’s then as easy as falling off a log to turn them into realty, since the picture is already framed! What say?
In certain instances, such as Chase Manhattan Mortgage and Realty Trust, senior lenders even invested new funds in the real estate investment trusts, part of which were in fact used to continue to fully service the subordinated debentures.

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