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    1. approved and official recognized by heaven

    2. Caffeine, a naturally occurring compound in coffee and chocolate, for example,is ranked “generally recognized as safe”by the Federal government

    3. Garden grade DE is classified as GRAS( Generally Recognized As Safe) by the federal government and has been exempted from the requirement of residue tolerance on stored grain

    4. Once a thieving banker, always a thieving banker and recognized as such

    5. The tall man's bony hands were bent back over his forearms in a move that Travis recognized and knew he could not easily break

    6. Anyway, I recognized the cunt

    7. Theo recognized it immediately

    8. The security official was of Nigerian ethnicity, like Joshua and Daniel themselves He recognized the facial scars that marked out their family and tribe across their cheeks

    9. His henchman Rafa wasn't there but I recognized baseball bat wielding henchman number two

    10. Mountains, forest, none of it I recognized

    1. Vera’s talking with the old lady, Ruthie, and a couple I don’t recognize

    2. They are the people, places, and the things that you associate with and your associations are really important to recognize

    3. You have to begin to recognize who, what, and where you are associating to know what is

    4. You need to learn to recognize that intuition and to learn to recognize those moments of should and shouldn’t

    5. “I suppose you don’t recognize me

    6. (God’s help comes in many ways only you have to recognize it)

    7. A failure to recognize changes in old relationships and making appropriate adjustments can be misread as indifference

    8. Baggy worked tirelessly all three shifts without a break in hopes that the higher-ups would recognize its hard work

    9. Europeans were one of the earliest cultures to formally recognize the importance of the ocean to their agricultural practices

    10. "Herve, don't you recognize me?" The man seemed too dazed to register the question

    1. This recognizes the Bible is God’s final authority! We need to remember that God’s word

    2. This was only natural as strength recognizes strength

    3. And give him ―the look‖ and watch his eyes go down as he recognizes, by your action, that he has down something wrong

    4. We aren't Vanderbilts, but we are well-off and intend to repay our debt, especially when it is a debt we accept for ourselves though no one else recognizes it as such

    5. Even as she shouts her distress at being without her administrator privileges, she recognizes the Helmet Room and knows that her med panel, her villa on the Caribbean beach and all the powers of the Afterlife are irretrievably gone

    6. The critic recognizes the

    7. Google recognizes the quality of your back-links (where your back-links

    8. the divinity in me recognizes the divinity

    9. They are not going to stop unless they get stopped, until the electorate wakes up and recognizes that political rhetoric is no substitute for competence (with thanks to Thomas Sowell)

    10. Diversity is a good thing in itself, in that it recognizes the differences every individual brings to the schoolroom, the workplace, and every other social setting

    1. Second, we can see examples of even the pagans recognizing this in the Old Testament

    2. Recognizing her they immediately lowered their weapons

    3. “I understand Surinam,” she answered recognizing him, “I feel safer knowing that you and Branton will be watching over him

    4. “Ava?” Kulai said as they explained that, clearly recognizing her, “I haven’t seen you around in ages

    5. next to the sink, not recognizing the pale face that looked back at him in the

    6. Theodorous, he thought, easily recognizing the man's irritating voice

    7. because people are recognizing that it is time to start eating better and living a healthier

    8. Lunarey couldn’t make out any further details about her appearance from where she was other than recognizing her school uniform

    9. To dream about your native country means that you are recognizing your roots and where you came from

    10. To dream of pastel colors indicate that you are not fully recognizing and dealing with some part of your emotions

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    Synonyms for "recognize"

    acknowledge know recognise recognize agnise agnize realise realize greet discern distinguish make out pick out spot tell apart accredit concede agree note observe grant appreciate tell detect perceive sanction approve uphold rule ratify reward

    "recognize" definitions

    accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority

    be fully aware or cognizant of

    detect with the senses

    perceive to be the same

    grant credentials to

    express greetings upon meeting someone

    express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for

    exhibit recognition for (an antigen or a substrate)

    show approval or appreciation of