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    1. I have resisted giving my recommendation because there was

    2. (This is my recommendation

    3. A recommendation of this kind is worth its weight in gold

    4. Rayne smiled and replied that after that glowing recommendation, she was looking forward to the visit

    5. I have also,” and she reached again into her bag and produced three unsealed envelopes and three sealed but unaddressed envelopes, “included my personal letters of recommendation of their, quite extraordinary, academic command and achievement

    6. happy to accept this recommendation on face value

    7. on the recommendation of some professionals in that

    8. mentioned, many are happy to follow their recommendation

    9. First, a recommendation that is not given often enough: You should always buy only what you need at the moment to help your business succeed and grow

    10. He needed to get a proper feel for it before his recommendation was to be sent to the council

    11. Apparently Captain Martindale had given me high marks in a recommendation to The West Indies Trading Company and they wanted me to be the first mate on a trading vessel that was sailing for Brazil

    12. recommendation, use an AI to make the required modifications

    13. This time it was by recommendation of the chief medical consultant who’d treated him for injuries from some peculiar accident, citing possible psychological abnormalities (not that she could define what normal is, or look to herself as an example these days)

    14. postulated that she had tried to over-rule its recommendation, and in a fit of pique had attempted to disable it in a violent manner

    15. recommendation that you learn about the sales process

    16. flow, the street widths, the necessary curb cuts, and all that, and made a recommendation regarding the impact on the surrounding

    17. One of the best ways to enhance any Affiliate product recommendation is to add special bonus offers to the package

    18. I’m going to make a recommendation that given the importance of this case that the Federal Bureau of Investigation immediately re-examine the personnel assigned to this case in order that we can move forward and find the people responsible for the death of Tony Reilly

    19. They examined my documents along with the letter of recommendation that I received from the hospital

    20. Please take advice from your doctor in this regard – the following is just a recommendation based on experience

    21. Lincoln did approve using Bosque Redondo to hold the Navajo, on Carleton's recommendation

    22. He returned enraged that the announced shuffle of public figures included Gordon’s recommendation of the current director of the OIJ for his position, and Captain Flores’ elevation to the nation’s top police officer

    23. The Commission itself was divided and made no recommendation, although three possible deliverances were originally published

    24. They made this recommendation because if those appliances were included in mortgages, people would end up paying two or three times the appliances’ original cost in interest charges over the thirty year terms of their houses’ mortgages

    25. elected but did nothing to carry out their recommendation

    26. Tori acknowledges Marlene with a nod and scans the crowd for another recommendation

    27. “Did he say who gave him the recommendation?”

    28. ” A recommendation that I would give to

    29. The best recommendation is to keep the total number of your daily Glycemic Load to

    30. I remembered his recommendation during our fight

    31. recommendation on 14 July, 2006 that this young Canadian Forces female

    32. Unless you have already built up a relationship with this person through other social interactions, she will have no idea who you are, and no reason pay attention to you or your recommendation

    33. Blum gave me an undeserved, glowing recommendation which garnered me an interview in Franklin Park, a near NW suburb south of O’Hare

    34. someone comes up with an idea or recommendation that is in conflict

    35. George both gave me very good recommendation and supplied EB’s address so that I did not have to apply indirectly via UCLS’ placement office

    36. idea or recommendation that is in conflict with your own agenda or idea, rather than

    37. She rejected the recommendation of

    38. were so lucky to have this recommendation

    39. Recommendation 860 of the Parliamentary Assembly, found that the questions raised in

    40. the recommendation should be studied on a European basis, but not before it had

    41. Recommendation 860 on the dangers of overpopulation of domestic animals for the

    42. At the recommendation of the attorney, I was later elected first vice president at our June 1998 meeting, and my sister who was already secretary, elected second vice president

    43. Colonel Leonard Norman, following the news of Parker's imminent award recommendation with avid attention, said he appreciated the General's interest in the Lieutenant

    44. The recommendation of a peer is a strong one: “If they are impressed with you, they communicate that to their bosses,” he says

    45. with a recommendation that this was a good book

    46. Who gets a recommendation for the next rounds of

    47. But I do have one recommendation, Captain

    48. Why bother trying now? "It is my recommendation that Calvin Cross be relieved of command

    49. recommendation to use the regime’s other methods!

    50. That recommendation usually makes most parents chuckle and wonder if the person writing these recommendations has children

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    Synonyms for "recommendation"

    passport recommendation good word testimonial letter of introduction certificate commendation endorsement counsel suggestion direction proposal approbation approval

    "recommendation" definitions

    something (as a course of action) that is recommended as advisable

    something that recommends (or expresses commendation of) a person or thing as worthy or desirable

    any quality or characteristic that gains a person a favorable reception or acceptance or admission