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Recommendation in a sentence

(This is my recommendation.
My recommendation is, with the.
Here would be my recommendation:.
His recommendation must have been.
Recommendation is not the word, Mr.
I promised a recommendation for the.
She rejected the recommendation of.

He offered this as a recommendation.
He wants a different recommendation.
His final recommendation said this:.
On the officer's recommendation, he.
advertising than through recommendation.
00 based on a newsletter recommendation.
That recommendation usually makes most.
were so lucky to have this recommendation.
Arayus huffed at this last recommendation.
A recommendation that I would give to.
recommendation, I was hurled to the carpet.
But I do have one recommendation, Captain.
That was the final recommendation of the.
recommendation to join the ranks of the Heroes.
he had to admit, the recommendation made sense.
was only a recommendation by the crown attorney.
Because, your recommendation is outstanding.
with a recommendation that this was a good book.
The recommendation made on the on 5/21/92 was:.
recommendation that it be given a thorough trial.
I remembered his recommendation during our fight.
happy to accept this recommendation on face value.
Who gets a recommendation for the next rounds of.
The recommendation of servings of both fruits and.

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passport recommendation testimonial