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Direction in a sentence

Turn to YOU for direction.
He pointed in my direction.
Heads turn in my direction.
I need love and direction.
But in the same direction.
I looked in the direction.
The direction you are going.

I could glimpse a direction.
The direction would be so.
I looked the other direction.
Seven nodded in his direction.
The wind will shift direction.
In the direction of whatever.
I had no direction with work.
Both peered in that direction.
They ran off in that direction.
The arm swung in his direction.
He’s looking in my direction.
Show in which direction to leap.
I stomped off in that direction.
They were walking my direction.
A need for a direction in life.
A third pointed in my direction.
Abia is in the wrong direction.
History moved in one direction.
The ship goes in that direction.
She nodded in Zia’s direction.
Amanda looked in that direction.
The direction of 0 degrees is up.
Keep going in that direction.
They turned in each direction,.

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