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  1. The only way to recover.
  2. But I can’t recover it.
  3. You rest and recover, Jo.
  4. Fluff the rice and recover.
  5. You were lucky to recover.

  6. They can help you recover.
  7. Your body can recover and.
  8. We just want you to recover.
  9. It will recover faster there.
  10. I shan’t recover this time.
  11. Greg was the first to recover.
  12. It took him months to recover.
  13. Haven was the first to recover.
  14. Is he beginning to recover?
  15. But this takes time to recover.

  16. You will quickly recover this.
  17. You might still need to recover.
  18. They never fully recover after.
  19. Two days later, he will recover.
  20. I was one of the few to recover.
  21. I'll recover in a minute or two.
  22. I could not soon recover myself.
  23. It's hard to recover your full.
  24. No way to recover what was in it.
  25. And poised to recover the Key.

  26. Shall I recover of this disease?
  27. You should stay and recover here.
  28. Christine was the first to recover.
  29. I, too, shall recover my strength.
  30. She could not yet recover herself.
  31. Janet was the first one to recover.
  32. My job is to recover the flotsam.
  33. Shall recover his spirits, I trust.
  34. The doctors think she will recover.
  35. How can I help you recover?
  36. Physically, he will recover soon.
  37. That army could not recover anywhere.
  38. How did you recover so fast?
  39. But first we need to recover Roidon.
  40. Then appearing to recover somewhat.
  41. We will send a ship to recover them.
  42. He could not at once recover himself.
  43. The company slowly starts to recover.
  44. LanCoste is injured but will recover.
  45. It took her several minutes to recover.
  46. That's why I need you to recover, to.
  47. Alta Sha said, Nucleus will recover.
  48. The land should be able to recover now.
  49. He may recover from the present attack.
  50. We have only to recover a lost manhood.
  51. It took a few minutes for me to recover.
  52. He can even recover from deadly attacks.
  53. If I would ever recover my self-respect.
  54. In the meantime, Fantine did not recover.
  55. We should have tried to recover them.
  56. Shall we recover our cargo ship?
  57. Given his age, he should recover quickly.
  58. When I first started to really recover I.
  59. Would it recover by earnings? No one knew.
  60. I didn’t expect you to recover so fast.
  61. You need this machine to help you recover.
  62. He will recover his senses in a few hours.
  63. At last he seemed to recover his strength.
  64. William said: And he would recover?
  65. Patient voices granted him time to recover.
  66. But be quick before he has time to recover.
  67. Then he was trying to recover the statuette.
  68. The survivors scarcely had time to recover.
  69. He squinted, trying to recover his bearings.
  70. He only hoped that Long Bushi would recover.
  71. From that moment on, Ranger began to recover.
  72. He made an attempt to recover the situation.
  73. But we can’t possibly recover the meaning.
  74. To recover, startled, we've stubbed our toes.
  75. She had managed to recover slightly, but we.
  76. Selene was beginning to recover consciousness.
  77. It took me a while to recover from this event.
  78. He should have been able to recover that ship.
  79. It is hoped he will recover in the fresher air.
  80. And she could even recover from it! Moreover.
  81. Before he could recover I got to the bookcase.
  82. It took a long time for him to recover from it.
  83. I had to find a way to recover that jade.
  84. Bill Conway was the first to recover his voice.
  85. Weylyn dispatched Hroc and Frisa to recover it.
  86. You need to recover from what you have overcome.
  87. Jeffrey was the first to recover from the shock.
  88. Johan was, understandably, the first to recover.
  89. He blinked again, then seemed to recover himself.
  90. It remains problematical whether we can recover.
  91. Have a little rest, and try to recover yourself.
  92. Others believe that you can never fully recover.
  93. This procedure will help Rose to recover quicker.
  94. A losing proposition that Henry could not recover.
  95. A trader can recover, using the principles of AA.
  96. Twice he stumbled, but managed to recover himself.
  97. The man spoke before she had a chance to recover.
  98. The victims can't Break Free or recover just by.
  99. As I gradually recover, he sits down, watching me.
  100. It took Karla a moment to recover, then she nodded.
  1. I just was recovering from.
  2. The other recovering drug addicts.
  3. Lima was still recovering at the.
  4. He went to work recovering papers.
  5. Not for this recovering alcoholic.
  6. The thought of recovering his GTO.
  7. We are recovering their car but it.
  8. No, I said, recovering my wits.
  9. We all followed; Niels, recovering.
  10. Richard, still recovering from his.
  11. Believe me, when you are recovering.
  12. I believe you are already recovering.
  13. No, Sir, Tammas said, recovering.
  14. Sure, where else would a recovering.
  15. They spent two days recovering in the.
  16. He’s back in the canteen recovering.
  17. While recovering, I had the pleasure of.
  18. Oh yes, he said, recovering quickly.
  19. They stared at him, Trask recovering first.
  20. Nangong Ping was still recovering from shock.
  21. Vincy, easily recovering her cheerful smile.
  22. I’m recovering nicely, he assured me.
  23. A recovering alcoholic can never drink again.
  24. I have been recovering slowly for a month now.
  25. Now, he had two cats, and a recovering young.
  26. Note: patient here recovering from forehead cut.
  27. Cassidy orgasmed and lay on her back recovering.
  28. Gary was shifting in his seat, still recovering.
  29. Ed is still recovering from the stab I gave him.
  30. He is recovering well now and glad to be alive.
  31. Recovering, That’s the way to talk! We’l.
  32. He's recovering a lot quicker than I had expected.
  33. I spent the last week recovering from back problems.
  34. Andzja took care of Pola who was slowly recovering.
  35. You are in the infirmary, recovering from the crash.
  36. I was recovering from the flu and did not want to.
  37. Though I was still recovering from a second divorce.
  38. Tables are usually used in recovering the plaintext.
  39. He knew there would be no recovering from this wound.
  40. Already the ape-men were recovering from their panic.
  41. Davis, recovering her feet, waved him back furiously.
  42. The rest of our gang is still recovering from the trip.
  43. Recovering from her shock, Katya went on the offensive.
  44. Look, I’m still recovering, so I’m pretty tired.
  45. While recovering in the garage, I detected the scent of.
  46. LA County, still recovering from the humiliation of the O.
  47. While she is recovering you cannot expect too much of her.
  48. He ended up miraculously recovering and walking out of the.
  49. She was still recovering from the scare from the day before.
  50. At least she is alive, the Fife said, still recovering.
  51. When I first began this process of recovering memories and.
  52. The wrong recovering ruins the positive effect from fasting.
  53. After recovering from the shock of a non-functioning compu-.
  54. Recovering from fasting should last as much as the fasting.
  55. Recovering it promptly, he too took a good long whiff, both.
  56. Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors.
  57. My boss was still in the hospital recovering when it happened.
  58. Regenc 4’s spirit was slightly injured, but he is recovering.
  59. He was still recovering from a concussion and a broken 209.
  60. Recovering alcoholics struggle to stay sober, one day at a time.
  61. He slept then, recovering still from his battle with Gilgamesh.
  62. While most of his crew were recovering from the disorientation.
  63. All of the operating company’s earnings are recovering nicely.
  64. She was much older than I was and was recovering from a divorce.
  65. Does he really have no possibility of recovering, Doctor?’’.
  66. He thought these recovering alcoholics would be an easy touch.
  67. Breathed in a lot of fumes from the fire, but she’s recovering.
  68. In a word, he had already succeeded in recovering from his terror.
  69. The one-year wife is recovering and happy having a week ago borne.
  70. You’re going to learn a few things about resting and recovering.
  71. Another person with courage is a self-proclaimed recovering liberal.
  72. Recovering, he presently said: I haven't seen poor Fanny for years.
  73. Just recovering from the stress of combat, each in their own way.
  74. After recovering from each wound, he’d returned to the battlefield.
  75. I read it in the newspaper while I was recovering at the hospital.
  76. And in as much as the real estate market is recovering from the real.
  77. Even so, Ned Land hasn't given up all hope of recovering his freedom.
  78. Recovering himself, he hastily removed his pipe, but it was too late.
  79. Eugene started slowly recovering, massaging his suffering extremities.
  80. Brian Carter was recovering slowly and had gone back to work part-time.
  81. It's just that I'm practically just recovering from a very serious--.
  82. He’d spent a couple of weeks recovering in Chunt’s house being fed.
  83. Because she’s at our house, recovering, said Rani in a firm tone.
  84. Aparicio had left the unit and was recovering well on Monday following.
  85. I am looking for the room where the two assault victims are recovering.
  86. Laid up in bed for three weeks, recovering after Sophie tried to kill me.
  87. Bev then said, You asked about recovering a downed spaceship of theirs.
  88. However, you should listen for the answer as you are recovering.
  89. I’m wondering if he’s still recovering from the effects of the stake.
  90. And so my function became recovering whatever I could from the millions.
  91. With tremendous leaps and bounds the horse was recovering his lost ground.
  92. She punches me in the ribs and I stumble to the side, recovering my breath.
  93. I did a lot of research as I was recovering and still stick to making sure.
  94. I turned to Samuel, who was still recovering from all the physical exertion.
  95. Musafir was still recovering from the shock of nearly being run over twice.
  96. Recovering quickly from the attack, Silence kicked the gun out of his hand.
  97. But, recovering their wits quickly, they jumped out of the car ecstatically.
  98. I did not care to spend more money in a hopeless attempt at recovering them.
  99. The lion in black tossed his mane and stood tall once again, recovering his.
  100. We had five killed and five wounded, as per list: the wounded are recovering.
  1. A year later, I recovered.
  2. Yet after all I recovered.
  3. Then he recovered his wrath.
  4. But he soon recovered and said.
  5. He recovered from his thoughts.
  6. She never recovered her glory.
  7. But he soon recovered himself.
  8. Rudolph recovered enough to say.
  9. It was she who recovered first.
  10. I hadn’t recovered from the.
  11. You look well recovered Fern.
  12. He recovered from his sickness.
  13. Repton had recovered and was at.
  14. Half the money's been recovered.
  15. It was ages before she recovered.
  16. We were given the recovered items.
  17. Then Sam recovered from the shock.
  18. It's called The Recovered Memory.
  19. Langdon has recovered her husband.
  20. The next few days I recovered fast.
  21. Misty recovered from her arching.
  22. I don’t think Dad ever recovered.
  23. That is how I recovered so quickly.
  24. There he recovered his normal size.
  25. By the time I recovered enough to.
  26. We have recovered most of the cash.
  27. When he’d recovered he looked up.
  28. Margaret had recovered her composure.
  29. But, when he had recovered from his.
  30. At the same time, he also recovered.
  31. He recovered himself almost instantly.
  32. Earl Roland has recovered his wits.
  33. Elowen recovered some of her strength.
  34. They had already recovered a set of.
  35. I still hadn’t recovered from The.
  36. Their bodies have not been recovered.
  37. By now he had recovered his composure.
  38. Not fully recovered from Rainer’s.
  39. She did recovered with the treatment.
  40. The ladies recovered themselves first.
  41. Happily she had recovered by that time.
  42. Grady’s death never really recovered.
  43. I have recovered, reconstructed, and.
  44. The woman recovered and shook her head.
  45. Of less than 90 days I recovered the.
  46. Lemonte recovered from the shock and.
  47. Callas recovered over the next few days.
  48. His vehicle was recovered at that time.
  49. The more she slept and recovered, the.
  50. Now he'd recovered his balance, Danny.
  51. From this, too, she presently recovered.
  52. I never recovered it but I got over it.
  53. The major recovered his self-possession.
  54. He soon recovered however and continued.
  55. He fully recovered in 6 seconds at most.
  56. We are, as soon as you have recovered.
  57. The ill-used child had fully recovered.
  58. Ed had recovered nicely from his accident.
  59. Marshall recovered but never forgave him.
  60. Thus the pond recovered the greater part.
  61. Rosemary recovered quickly in the country.
  62. His personal effects were never recovered.
  63. Then the Cockney recovered from the shock.
  64. Sokolof, a recovered heart attack patient.
  65. June was taken aback but recovered quickly.
  66. She recovered somewhat and sat down again.
  67. The man recovered his animation as he ate.
  68. Your servant seems to have quite recovered.
  69. When he recovered himself he drew me to him.
  70. Hades sent her when you recovered his helm.
  71. The never to be recovered cassette had some.
  72. I think I may have recovered my sanity here.
  73. She slowly recovered her composure and added.
  74. None of their stolen money is ever recovered.
  75. He recovered his thoughts and coldly laughed.
  76. Adriano recovered his mental clarity, when.
  77. The other soldier recovered immediately and.
  78. He looked around her office as he recovered.
  79. Balashev recovered himself and began to speak.
  80. Recovered now, Nerissa unwrapped the blanket.
  81. I’m pretty much recovered from the bombing.
  82. He had recovered himself, and lifted his head.
  83. Nope, we still haven’t recovered the source.
  84. He stumbled and tripped but recovered quickly.
  85. The other soldier recovered instantly calling.
  86. The patient did well and recovered completely.
  87. I did so from time to time until he recovered.
  88. Balashëv recovered himself and began to speak.
  89. Though badly wounded, she’d fully recovered.
  90. So I recovered from the mess and started again.
  91. We just recovered this from the crime scene.
  92. We recovered what we could, the rest is debris.
  93. When she recovered, her father was by her side.
  94. I take it the weapon hasn’t been recovered.
  95. Tar quickly recovered and started to choke Stu.
  96. He recovered quickly, a sneer twisting his face.
  97. When he recovered consciousness, he was thirsty.
  98. Ish's captor had recovered from the groin attack.
  99. Maldynado should have recovered better though.
  100. I'm glad to see that you have recovered quickly.
  1. As the economy recovers, U.
  2. If he recovers, you mean.
  3. In this story, Isis recovers and.
  4. He recovers quickly, Jaume thought.
  5. I will pray that she recovers fully.
  6. I just have to wait until he recovers.
  7. Dairy Crest recovers in the following hours.
  8. If he recovers it, then he will command them.
  9. Audrey has her tubes tied, as she recovers at St.
  10. He seems to be off his stroke, but he recovers fast.
  11. He stumbles on the steps, recovers, plunges into gloom.
  12. D) Willie recovers and runs down the outside of the pit.
  13. Once the pound recovers, those traders will sell it for.
  14. I will be personally taking care of her until she recovers.
  15. Willie recovers quickly but the Roadrunner is in really bad.
  16. My species normally recovers from depression faster than this.
  17. Your Majesty Sultan wants Ananda Puteri to stay here until she recovers.
  18. Did I just say that? His mouth drops open slightly, but he recovers quickly.
  19. There is little evidence regarding how, and to what extent, the brain recovers.
  20. And when he recovers Gods help you if you truly haven't repented of what you did.
  21. He recovers his wits a few minutes later, and we wander around the show some more.
  22. We can do nothing with poor Madam Mina for a few moments till she recovers herself.
  23. C: The average recovers after a series of winning days, but there may still be problems.
  24. Sometimes, we don’t know why, a patient spontaneously recovers from this condition.
  25. It’s a good idea Fletcher, but there’s no way I can carry her until my arm recovers.
  26. It recovers and reevaluates the triggers and switches off all the ones that are not dangerous.
  27. She gapes at me, but eventually recovers herself and resumes her original line of questioning.
  28. Even if the market recovers and reaches a new high, bulls feel more skittish and bears become bolder.
  29. For example, the Dow plummets 3% in the morning but then recovers later in the day and closes higher.
  30. Finally, a burst in the opposite direction completely recovers the previous three days’ price action.
  31. My father looks momentarily stricken and then recovers himself, averting his glistening eyes and nodding.
  32. Gradually, she recovers and we stand there together at the window, looking out on the lambs in the field.
  33. On April 5, the New York Times headlined on page 1: Nasdaq Recovers after a Free Fall in a Wary Market.
  34. Of course, this gives me optionality if the business does not liquidate and recovers as an ongoing business.
  35. And even as expended as she was, her power recovers quickly as well, more quickly than I ever would have guessed.
  36. With each workout, your body recovers faster, yet you’re not working at a level that makes overtraining a danger.
  37. I have just been to see Rosie with Mabel e have aid our goodbyes I do hope she recovers as she is such a trooper.
  38. Many value investors prefer to buy near the bottom of the range, hoping that the stock recovers to its previous highs.
  39. If a company loses dominant market share in a business, for example, in my experience it almost never recovers that share.
  40. A native, when ill and alone, will crawl into any nook, cover up his face and await death till he recovers or really does die.
  41. Much of the history of a great nation is slow steady improvement, set backs and then how a people recovers from those set backs.
  42. Identifying and purchasing such distressed stocks, and selling them after the company recovers, can lead to above-average gains.
  43. But when one of your children falls ill, you give all your attention and love to this sick child so that he recovers more quickly.
  44. The queen flinches, but does it so subtly that Rapunzel doesn't notice, and promptly recovers herself and clicks a piece into place.
  45. It is the memory, the awareness, of this sublime reality that slips from Arjun's mind, but he recovers it by listening devoutly to.
  46. There are in this world two beings who give a profound start,—the mother who recovers her child and the tiger who recovers his prey.
  47. The man gradually recovers there and tries to tell the woman taking the information that he was at a café when he suddenly felt sick.
  48. A tight trailing stop order to buy, which buys him back in again if the downward spike turns out to be temporary and the price recovers.
  49. He offered me his Prime Ministerial seat and that too only until he recovers back from his heart disease huh… he replied aggressively.
  50. Unless he recovers quickly and regains condition we won’t have much chance, Ulbrickson had griped to the Associated Press a week before.
  51. Just to give an example, United States define its tax shelters by any method that recovers more than $1 in tax for every $1 spent within 4 years.
  52. Once she recovers from her substantial injuries, she will be transferred to our prison and will spend the duration of her life there, she says.
  53. Earnings could pick up because of either an improvement in a firm’s industry environment (competition eases or demand recovers) or better management.
  54. Tomorrow night, at the very earliest suggested Carla, assuming she recovers at all; her appendix ruptured and she has all this pus inside her body.
  55. Also, because funds are typically widely diversified (owning a hundred or more stocks spread among many industries), in time they will always recover when the market recovers.
  56. When a sick person recovers from his illness, the radiation of the magnetic form of vital energy slowly begins and the lines of the Health Aura are brought back into order.
  57. The price falls continuously (without gaps) so that your stop order triggers at or around the price you set; but the price subsequently recovers so that you need not have sold at all.
  58. To add insult to injury in this scenario, the price recovers such that the trader need not have sold out at all, and now he holds no position from which he could benefit from the recovery.
  59. But if the company reorganizes successfully and comes out of bankruptcy, the bondholders often receive stock in the new firm, and the value of the bonds usually recovers once the company is able to pay interest again.
  60. But in either case, the needle never again, of itself, recovers the original virtue thus marred or lost; and if the binnacle compasses be affected, the same fate reaches all the others that may be in the ship; even were the lowermost one inserted into the kelson.
  61. As soon as this happens, she soon recovers from her disease and ends her pretense in order to make her family submit themselves to this magician and couple with him, becoming linked to him by their feelings of gratitude and appreciation, and consequently developing feelings of loyalty to him.
  62. I went back to my bed, lay down and thought, ‘If Grigory Vassilyevitch has been killed outright it may be a bad job for me, but if he is not killed and recovers, it will be first-rate, for then he'll bear witness that Dmitri Fyodorovitch has been here, and so he must have killed him and taken the money.

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