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    1. But a person with Alzheimer's will put things in inappropriate places—an iron in the refrigerator, a wristwatch in a sugar bowl—and will not be able to retrieve them

    2. “I wasn’t able to retrieve the Chip

    3. With the codes he was able to retrieve under the guise of a security survey for the real world, he was able to access more and more of the code and schematics of the female side

    4. But leaving that aside, the journey to Minca will take several weeks, I should think, and assuming that I retrieve that Element and return safely, I shall have a long journey across Europe to get to the last touching place … if I don’t get going on that fairly quickly, the winter will take hold and I shall not be able to go until the spring

    5. ‘No …’ he conceded ‘Also, they can’t know which order you are intending to retrieve them … the Ercolano episode may just have been them assuming you would act because the volcano was near to eruption

    6. ‘We cannot retrieve the fourth Element without using a massive guard – you agree?’ he replied

    7. ‘Then let’s fool the Antis into believing that we have all four Elements and, once they have been convinced, we can find a reason for Lintze to visit the area and retrieve the Element safely

    8. To my utter amazement, he goes on to say that Joris’ last mission was to guard me on my quest to retrieve the last of the Elements, emphasising that without Joris’s protection, the task would have failed – he also manages to suggest that Joris had a hand in the retrieval of the other Elements without actually saying so – but I’m not going to quibble over that

    9. ’ He said sadly, ‘You are the only person who can retrieve the Elements either from this side of the point or from Earth

    10. actually possible to retrieve information from the

    1. They had just retrieved the Super Chip from the United Order, they should be celebrating!

    2. The guard retrieved the tray from the mattress and put it outside in the corridor

    3. I glance at the Element briefly by the glow of the lightstones … I’ve not looked at it properly since I retrieved it

    4. at this notes that he had retrieved from his pocket

    5. As you experienced when you retrieved your tawstones, the memories were locked away safely

    6. In which case, they may not know that we have retrieved the other one already

    7. ‘So it’s not as urgent that the fourth one is retrieved as soon as possible

    8. ‘No … it’s not as urgent, though it has to be retrieved

    9. There is a collective gasp at the statement that the Elements have been retrieved from Earth, followed by a susurration of whispers as those present chew over the news, not to mention a certain amount of nudging and nodding in my direction as people identify me

    10. Keeping my eyes down, I mull over the statement … the last Element? What is he talking about? I haven’t retrieved the last one yet … He goes on to describe how we were pursued by Antis, escaping through Joris’ skill, though stopping short of mentioning that Joris actually killed two men and completely skirting over the actual cause of Joris’ death

    1. He sits up at the edge of the bed and retrieves a half bottle of supermarket scotch from the bedside table

    2. She retrieves a new thermometer, Jaden opens his mouth and she places it under his tongue

    3. As I begin to flick through its yellowed pages, he stops me and retrieves the book

    4. Sniffing authentication traffic and cracks the hashes it retrieves

    5. The 45 enlisted personnel and seven-officer complement on the Sundew was scheduled for winter leave, but some of the crew would stand available for SAR missions on the ice (Kucera, “Coast Guard Retrieves the Buoys…,” 1983)

    6. Dippa retrieves the roll of black plastic rubbish sacks from where they had rolled under the table and peels one off

    7. Shutting the window behind him he goes to the back door and unlocks it, stepping outside he retrieves his large rucksack and steps back inside the flat and shuts the door

    8. � Putting the ram in the corner Curly Pete retrieves his jacket and gives it a shake; �Back to Steve's place, we'll beat him up there

    9. He retrieves the body of his accomplice and leaves

    10. Lewis retrieves his jacket from the kitchen and they leave together

    1. They then went about the school retrieving all their possessions and packing their bags

    2. Retrieving his journal, Duncan took time to immediately write down his first impressions on everything

    3. White Feathers's supply of ice blocks was nearly exhausted before the last week of August, which prompted discussion of an alternative plan to the tedium of retrieving the blocks from beneath their scattered holding buoys in the lake

    4. Chris could not think of anything else they would need so he and Fletcher set about retrieving thirty or so of the plastic tubs and then they carried them all back to seating area two, soon discovering that they were awkward things to carry

    5. I should imagine now that they will pass the information onto the Intelligence lot to see what they make of it and I will tell you something else it’s a good job we stopped those Turks earlier on from retrieving them

    6. busy gathering up the check and retrieving her coat

    7. Retrieving a fresh thigh length wrap from the closet he held it up coaxing her to come and put it on

    8. task of retrieving her arrows

    9. These utilize strategic resources like breaking down complex problems into parts, making comparisons, retrieving memories, and relying on progressively more intricate mental models of the world and our own minds

    10. I put in my “virtual browser” request, the task of retrieving all the events where I did stuff that I was not supposed to do and all the ones I didn’t do that I was supposed to do

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    Synonyms for "retrieve"

    call back call up recall recollect remember retrieve think find recover regain glean reap obtain collect gather earn pick up

    "retrieve" definitions

    get or find back; recover the use of

    go for and bring back

    run after, pick up, and bring to the master

    recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection