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Refund in a sentence

1. The total refund was $38.
2. And they will not refund it.
3. Full refund if not satisfactory.
4. Our portion of each refund was.
5. The aspect can show a nice tax refund.
6. Otherwise, your tax refund will increase.
7. If you don't, I'll refund the entire cost.

8. Then the tax refund incentive is working?
9. This alone will help reduce your refund rates.
10. With this credit, you can generate a larger refund.
11. I was told that I could get a refund provided TYM.
12. It’s too late to get a refund on the hotel room.
13. To refund that hundred pounds was no pleasant matter.
14. By the way both companies always refund in full for.
15. Greg offers me a refund for the bear - that's very fair.
16. In some cases, they can stop payment or refund your money as.
17. Mary’s Gael hoopsters) for a cash refund, without receipts.
18. They wanted a refund but I doubt that they ever received any.
19. That refund paid for our out-of-pocket expenditures on the trip.
20. She also told me Phil had rejected the option of a refund, which.
21. You might end of using most of your tax refund to pay off the loan.
1. The power of refunding money was one which had been often exercised.
2. Paul was granted permission to issue some of the new first and refunding bonds, to be held as collateral for short-term loans made by the United States government.
3. In 1920 a first and refunding mortgage was authorized by the stockholders; consequently the earlier issues have since been equally secured with bonds issued under the new mortgage.
4. Examples: A special example of importance was the large Interborough Rapid Transit Company First and Refunding 5% issue, due 1966, which was secured mainly by a lease on properties that belong to the City of New York.
5. A third kind of analytical conclusion may be illustrated by a comparison of Interborough Rapid Transit Company First and Refunding 5s with the same company’s Collateral 7% Notes, when both issues were selling at the same price (say 62) in 1933.
6. On the other hand, this company’s First and Refunding 5½s, Series B, due 1978,—a junior lien—are also guaranteed as to interest by Canadian Pacific and in accordance with the guaranty continued to receive interest after the senior lien was in default.
7. New York Edison Company First Lien and Refunding Mortgage Bonds may not be issued, except for refunding purposes, unless consolidated net earnings for a recent 12-month period have been at least 1¾ times the annual interest charges on the aggregate bonded indebtedness of the company, including those to be issued.
1. If the item sells, these fees are refunded.
2. But the remaining $1,000 would not be refunded.
3. Corey can have his questions back joyfully refunded.
4. The Muslim Arabs refunded the bloody events to the Jews.
5. At this point, about 85 percent of people will get their fees refunded.
6. It is warranted to give satisfaction, or purchase money will be refunded.
7. But if you are getting more than the tax you owe, the excess would not be refunded.
8. He might even get some of his passage refunded, not that he needed to, not that he had paid it.
9. Although much of that money will eventually be refunded by the IRS, most shareholders are unlikely to stick around to benefit from the refunds.
10. This aspect of the new law is already in effect, and the nation's health insurance companies have already refunded over $1 billion to their customers.
11. In the worse case, if a consultant did not produce after a few weeks, he would be canned and the agency just refunded whatever billing they had received.
12. If interest rates are low enough, and the credit of Southern Railway high enough, the issue could be refunded at the same 3% interest rate into a longer maturity.
13. What ends up mattering the most to what you can spend and save in your life is how much tax you have to pay rather than how much is withheld through the year or refunded in the end.
14. The expectation in all these cases was that the bank loans would be refunded by permanent financing; but in many instances such refinancing proved impossible, and receivership resulted.
15. An improvement in conditions will, of course, permit such bank loans to be refunded, but logic requires us to recognize that the improvement is prospective whereas the bank loans themselves are very real and very menacing.
1. Sorry, no refunds! Ho Ho!.
2. Tax refunds and interest thereon.
3. This is to allow time for product refunds.
4. I don’t give refunds, the Obeah man said.
5. One of the big advantages of PayPal is they don’t charge for refunds or.
6. Where refunds can be particularly confusing is when it comes to RRSP contributions.
7. They basically handle the entire financial function for me including sales, refunds and affiliates.
8. This means that if you already had your limit of refunds for the year, you won’t get a rebate now.
9. Additional growth incentives (in the form of refunds) can be granted for activities undertaken to expand to external markets.
10. After all, why not save all the paperwork and costs involved for the company and eliminate all those refunds that have to go through the mail.
11. Tax withheld is not such a difficult concept then, but it causes some problems because it's nearly invisible while refunds are highly visible.
12. Although much of that money will eventually be refunded by the IRS, most shareholders are unlikely to stick around to benefit from the refunds.
13. Although tax refunds are regularly shown as credits to surplus only, the accumulated interest received thereon sometimes appears as part of the income account, e.
14. It seems to me that many of you are paying more taxes this year (a positive as this generally shows increased income) and many will be receiving large tax refunds.
15. If the government had cut taxes, even to the point of running large deficits, we would have been far better off investing the tax refunds, than worrying about the interest cost of those deficits.
16. United States Steel’s accounting method in 1931 is at variance with its previous policy, as shown by its treatment of the large sums received in the form of income-tax refunds in the three preceding years.
17. In that case, a corporation may be able to apply the loss first to reduce current year taxes and any excess loss might be used to get quickie cash refunds from the IRS with regard to taxes paid in the prior two years.
18. First, assets are purchased at, or below (hopefully below, so that tax refunds may be obtained), their tax cost basis, so that no tax liabilities are created regardless of how low the cost basis for common stock held by principal stockholders may be.
19. The caller began the conversation by talking about the pending Congressional leader's announcement where a deal with the White House on the economic stimulus package would give most tax filers refunds of $600 to $1,200, and more if they have children.
20. Target’s assets available for liquidation consist of $23 per share in cash received from Acquirer on the sale of its assets, plus $3 per share of Target’s own cash, plus an extra $2 per share of current-year income due to tax savings, plus a two-year NOL carryback plus current year’s taxes that generates refunds of prior income taxes paid of $2 per share per year for a total of $6 per share, minus $1 per share for deal expenses.

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