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Repay in a sentence

1. I could never repay you.
2. Thus We repay the guilty.
3. We will repay all by the.
4. He wanted to repay it me.
5. I will one day repay you in.
6. Thus We repay the wrongdoers.
7. It's time to repay some debts.

8. It did not repay her entirely.
9. How can we ever repay you?
10. At least we were able to repay.
11. I have failed to repay my debts.
12. I thought I’d repay the favor.
13. Those are debts I can never repay.
14. And you can repay me in chocolate.
15. Nice to be able to repay the favour.
16. I shall find a way to repay my debt.
17. And this is how you repay her?
18. The owner could not repay and the bank.
19. Of course you have to repay the favour.
20. There is no way I can repay my debt to Him.
21. She’d have to repay that money some time.
22. I know I still owe you, and I will repay.
23. Many consumers struggle to repay their debts.
24. I might have repaid it and didn't repay it.
25. I know I am saying this but I have to repay him.
26. Now is your chance to repay me that kindness.
27. I have nothing with which to repay you, Harry.
28. With some acrobatic maneuvering I tried to repay.
29. This is how you repay the trust which we have.
30. His first act was to repay all the loans he owed.
31. She knew that she should repay her debts to the.
32. He will repay, he will give, and he is a new man.
33. Anointed interest, and promise to repay the loan.
34. In truth, I could never repay her fully for this.
35. I will owe more than I can ever repay after trial.
36. We haven't even begun to repay the favor we owe you.
37. Helga would repay the widow with American coffee and.
38. He asked how he could repay me as I do not charge for.
39. For the Lord is a God of recompense, He will fully repay.
40. She said she had a debt to repay and insisted on helping.
41. But Onassis no longer had sufficient income to repay the.
42. Thanks a million, Tejas, I don’t know how to repay you.
43. We may not be able to fully repay what you have provided.
44. Out of which forty thousand will be used to repay our loans.
45. Will you repay me, then, what you borrowed in the argument?
46. Changing it means that one would not have to repay the debt.
47. That God may repay each soul according to what it has earned.
48. She has done so much for me I would repay her ten times over.
49. And this is how I repay him! But dont think too badly of me.
50. When you use other people's money, you repay it, with interest.
51. Is this the way you repay me for my hospitality, stated Mr.
52. As I cannot hope to repay you is the greatest regret in my life.
53. Their payment for the work enables them to repay the micro-loan.
54. He will repay them for what they have done for us, rest assured.
55. I would make the thief’s estate responsible to repay the losses.
56. Hey, if I can turn you on, you’re going to have to repay the.
57. Then he’d repay Gwog; something he had absolutely no problem with.
58. But no expression of thanks could repay them fully for such devotion.
59. It also leaves the potential for them to repay society for that loss.
60. Are you prepared to take a chance that will repay you for the rest of.
61. This was his chance to help out Sorren and repay him for his teaching.
62. Then when the prince marries her, he'll repay me all the money he owes.
63. It’s the least I could do to repay you for watching over the house.
64. These women are not in a position to repay the loan taken from any bank.
65. And how did I repay them? Married a woman and a year later got a divorce.
66. Ulbrickson figured he needed to repay the debt by making good on his word.
67. And by-and-by, I hope, you may be in circumstances gradually to repay me.
68. And when they had nothing with which to repay, he freely forgave them both.
69. He’d only have to repay Gorrin about seven hundred thousand for the loan.
70. So, on Doomsday He will repay them and reward each according to his actions.
71. If he advances the tax, therefore, the buyer must generally repay it to him.
72. Such spirals begin when there is a sudden rush to sell assets to repay loans.
73. They will want to be sure that they can repay if the borrower were to default.
74. Yes, because you also know that you could never repay Jesus for his sacrifice.
75. I have heard percentages as high as 70% of income is being used to repay debts.
76. We would recommend that if you choose this option that you would repay the debt.
77. I suspect that Dmitriy is offering this information to Matt McLeod to repay an.
78. Escrow account :A trust account held in the borrower's name to repay obligations.
79. Sect would retreat! Pinger, I afraid you will never be able to repay her for this.
80. She said, After, I can never repay you, and I did find out that he was working.
81. First of all I had at once to repay what I had borrowed the day before from Simonov.
82. These portraits by Watts will repay the closest study by the student of portraiture.
83. At some point, the trader will have to repay the domestic currency that he borrowed.
84. You are thus leaving some energy in reserve with which to repay the deposit account.
85. I invited him for dinner, my treat actually, because I wanted to repay his kindness.
86. But I was afraid to let go of her and her husband, even knowing I could never repay.
87. If my acts and thoughts in life were mostly evil, my I will have to repay me this evil.
88. What shall I do with a people such as this?! Shall I not repay?! For they have surely.
89. It is best not to ask any questions and repay us by forgetting the route immediately.
90. I repay my friends, Christian, you and various others who have helped me over the years.
91. Here I am, a self confessed thief, and your only reaction is to offer to repay the money.
92. Yes, because a man like me would expect you to repay me, He said with sharp sarcasm.
93. Then she told John that he must always remember those who did this to her and repay them.
94. Ally wants to shed ResCap's mortgage liabilities as it seeks to repay government bailouts.
95. It's the nature of credit; whenever you borrow, you must repay more than was loaned you.
96. Now freed, Dolly stands and rubs her rope burned skin and asks, How can I repay you?
97. To repay it, though, they would need to up their income, along the lines laid down by the AAA.
98. He had ended up with no diamond mine and a debt of £5,000 he would now never be able to repay.
99. He who has compassion on the poor lends to the lord, and he will repay him for his good deed.
100. Most had been cured of horrible diseases by Jesus and felt they could not do enough to repay Him.
1. I’m still repaying the loan.
2. Repaying your debt should be the main priority.
3. It would be Guy's way of repaying us for all the trouble he's caused.
4. Don't get too stressed out if you have trouble when you're repaying your loans.
5. He had just finished repaying the bank loan and our finances were turning around.
6. When asked what of repaying evil with kindness? Confucius replied, Then what are you.
7. The scheme is set to help those borrowers feel some ease in repaying monthly student loan dues.
8. I'm paying a debt; don't shout so! I'm repaying a debt, said Pavel Pavlovitch, giggling and winking.
9. But repaying loan amounts for a number of years (average about 10 years) could be a daunting task to most.
10. Occasionally she would help Cynthia cook or clean the apartment, repaying her for her generous hospitality.
11. The only way the Roman Empire kept control of its territories was by repaying murder with ten times more murder.
12. In that way he could, in one year, go a good way towards repaying the ninety pounds of which he had deprived Mrs.
13. I wondered if Cuauhtzin was repaying me for all the times I left him behind with Tetl, but I suppose he really wasn’t that human.
14. Due to karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations; suffering is repaying a karmic debt, and thus nobody can casually.
15. If you were to renounce this patronage and these favors, I suppose you would do so with some faint hope of one day repaying what you have already had.
16. Swiss Re is repaying Berkshire ahead of schedule after profit almost doubled in the third quarter and the reinsurer accumulated excess capital of $10 billion by the end of June.
17. Loans and bank cards should only be used when absolutely necessary to pay for an education, as these tend to have higher interest levels and require that you start repaying them right away.
18. Amy smiled and was mollified at once, saying with a maternal air, Women should learn to be agreeable, particularly poor ones, for they have no other way of repaying the kindnesses they receive.
19. The profits of manufacturing stock, therefore, are not, like the rent of land, a neat produce which remains after completely repaying the whole expense which must be laid out in order to obtain them.
20. When the boat races ended, my siblings took it into their misguided heads to help me renovate the attic as a means of repaying me for my hospitality in letting them camp out here during the hydroplane races.
21. The little wretch had done her utmost to hurt her cousin's sensitive though uncultivated feelings, and a physical argument was the only mode he had of balancing the account, and repaying its effects on the inflictor.
22. The little wretch had done her utmost to hurt her cousin’s sensitive though uncultivated feelings, and a physical argument was the only mode he had of balancing the account, and repaying its effects on the inflictor.
23. Just as she had once helped him by casting him forth, so could he now help her, repaying the debt he owed her by presenting her, at what appeared to be, so much had she aged, almost the eleventh hour, with the prospect of salvation.
24. The led cows, hastily brought in and tethered to anything that would hold them, were looking stupidly on, or lying down chewing the cud of nothing particularly repaying their trouble, which they had picked up in their interrupted saunter.
25. And besides, hard though it was for the mother to bear the dread of illness, the illnesses themselves, and the grief of seeing signs of evil propensities in her children—the children themselves were even now repaying her in small joys for her sufferings.
26. For accepting the love of the righteous together with the impossibility of repaying it, by this submissiveness and the effect of this humility, they will attain at last, as it were, to a certain semblance of that active love which they scorned in life, to something like its outward expression.
27. And men who can be morally 'moved with fear’ will more certainly be reached by the warning of an irremediable wrath to come,—which is nothing less than the consuming fire of Deity, visiting with destruction its implacable adversaries, and 'so repaying the sinner to his face,’—than by any unauthorized representations.
28. And when he was arrested at Mokroe he cried out—I know, I was told it—that he considered it the most disgraceful act of his life that when he had the means of repaying Katerina Ivanovna half (half, note!) what he owed her, he yet could not bring himself to repay the money and preferred to remain a thief in her eyes rather than part with it.
29. The committee therefore ought to be instructed to inquire into the propriety of repaying to the several contributors in the various States the direct tax, collected from them, unless there be something so admirable, so lovely, so worthy of encouragement in insurrection, that those concerned in it have peculiar claims to encouragement by Government.
30. There was an enjoyment in accepting their simple kindness, and in repaying it by a consideration— a scrupulous regard to their feelings—to which they were not, perhaps, at all times accustomed, and which both charmed and benefited them; because, while it elevated them in their own eyes, it made them emulous to merit the deferential treatment they received.
31. I got her news from time to time from mutual friends and in turn learnt of her marriage, the birth of a baby girl, then that her marriage was in trouble, that her husband was violent and maltreated her, that there were complications in the family because Fannys father lent a large sum of money to the husband and the business went broke, that they divorced and he disappeared without repaying the debt.
1. The loan has to be repaid.
2. Fortune the poet had repaid.
3. A debt needed to be repaid.
4. When I've just repaid the debt:.
5. It is a debt that must be repaid.
6. And this is how she had repaid me.
7. He who does good is repaid in kind.
8. An obligation that cannot be repaid.
9. How have you repaid me? he went on.
10. You must be repaid for all of your help.
11. What! From his helpless Creature be repaid.
12. I might have repaid it and didn't repay it.
13. And asked; why have you repaid evil for good?
14. Jennings, I had repaid with ungrateful contempt.
15. But you have not repaid the sum I lent you before.
16. You are only being repaid for what you used to do.
17. And you will be repaid only for what you used to do.
18. But oh, how I repaid you with laughter and with scorn.
19. So, please don't use a grant that has to be repaid to.
20. Whoever commits a sin will be repaid only with its like.
21. Instead of solutions though, people are repaid with more.
22. Have the unbelievers been repaid for what they used to do?
23. For a debt security, face value is the amount repaid to the.
24. They have been repaid many fold and a million lives saved.
25. Will they be repaid except according to what they used to do?
26. Let this house be the first repaid, my son, and respect this man.
27. I would have repaid the favor by helping you shop for clothes.
28. Credit is a loan that a property owner secures that can be repaid.
29. Lenders want, above all, to be repaid so that their interest rates.
30. That is debt that has a lower chance of being repaid with interest.
31. Will not the unbelievers have been repaid for what they did?
32. Similarly, you must check how the different loans have to be repaid.
33. Those who commit sins will be repaid for what they used to perpetrate.
34. Elves and, if that’s the case, any double cross will be repaid tenfold.
35. She repaid this sally with a smile, which transformed her pallid features.
36. The bridge tolls are just a way of guaranteeing that the loan is repaid.
37. They repaid me in the same way, and did not conceal their aversion for me.
38. She had spared neither trouble nor expense and this was how she was repaid.
39. How badly I have repaid the Falcon! He has saved my life, and I killed him.
40. You saved my life and this is how you are repaid, Ket said, clucking and.
41. To show their true Christian spirit , they repaid those who had saved them from.
42. It was these that gave weight to his load and most repaid his efforts in the bush.
43. Some years later the bonds were repaid in full, including all the accrued interest.
44. You will not be able to access any further credit until your debts have been repaid.
45. Suppose the townspeople built a bridge, and were repaid out of the penny tolls?
46. When this happens, the lender is not impressed because he needs to have his money repaid.
47. If you treat others with the same kindness I showed you, then the debt is repaid tenfold.
48. I come to tell you that you have sufficiently repaid your debt, and that from this moment I.
49. In this way the debt will be repaid, the covenant will be kept, and the Kingdom will be reborn.
50. Borrowed money has to be repaid and the interest is due whether the company is making a profit or not.
51. Yes, that would show all the badgers in Boddaert's Realm that treachery would be repaid a thousand-fold.
52. The investment will be fully repaid in a year’s time, but I do need further investment on top of the $1.
53. I told him many things that he would never have found out by himself; but he never repaid me in like kind.
54. God created the heavens and the earth with justice, so that every soul will be repaid for what it has earned.
55. Then Legolas repaid his promise to Gimli and went with him to the Glittering Caves; and when they returned he.
56. This comports with our thesis, both for corporations and governments, that in the aggregate debt is never repaid.
57. We will have to finance it, as we financed the original cost of building the bridge, and be repaid out of penny tolls.
58. In this way, the people of the village are invited home and the obligation to those that kept their Promise is repaid.
59. Equity – share capital – is never likely to be repaid and dividends are paid only when the company can afford them.
60. Great ability was repaid by greater rewards and power; the incentives drove him onwards to his present peak of success.
61. Secured debt must still be repaid in full, but unsecured will have to be satisfied with a ten cents in the dollar amount.
62. Is that what’s motivating Caleb now? Should I really allow him to die so that he feels like his debt to me is repaid?
63. Then He repaid you with sorrow upon sorrow, so that you would not grieve over what you missed, or for what afflicted you.
64. All the lies she’d told about the check being in the mail, the rent money being at work, loans that would soon be repaid.
65. Within four years every debt had been repaid, and Peter had gone to Moscow and returned thence in a new jacket and tarantass.
66. Principal: The amount of money borrowed to buy your house or the amount of the loan that has not yet been repaid to the lender.
67. Brooke would have felt repaid for a much greater sacrifice than the trifling one of time and comfort which he was about to take.
68. The jails are almost empty as minor offenses are repaid as fines or community service and serious offenses are dealt with severely.
69. I was to be repaid for my hypnotic magic act, though I did not immediately guess at this, with stones, rocks, and old razor blades.
70. The jails were almost empty as minor offenses were repaid as fines or community service and serious offenses were dealt with severely.
71. I just want you to be certain that you do this because it’s what you want to do, not because you have to repay a debt that can never be repaid.
72. The principal balance (sometimes called the outstanding or unpaid principal balance) is the amount owed on the loan minus the amount you've repaid.
73. You can conservatively expect your money to be repaid in a year; every year after that will be pure profit, less any taxes you might be liable for.
74. Both brother and sister were unstinting in teaching him the art and secrets of the trade and my father repaid them with hard work and canine devotion.
75. But if I can be the means of restraining the publicity of the business, of limiting the exhibition, of concentrating our folly, I shall be well repaid.
76. Today you are being repaid with the torment of shame for having said about God other than the truth, and for being too proud to accept His revelations.
77. After shaking hands with Dorothea, he bowed as slightly as possible to Ladislaw, who repaid the slightness exactly, and then going towards Dorothea, said—.
78. Thus, the arrogant oppressor received his punishment and was repaid for his wrongdoing and evil intentions towards that virtuous girl and her innocent young siblings.
79. Tracker made Huntress sentient and Huntress repaid the favor by bringing Tracker and the rest of the ships in the squadron up to speed on the latest research and development.
80. This is deeper water than the previous three books I have mentioned, but the reader will be repaid for his effort to navigate in and out of its many historical bays and inlets.
81. Catherine evinced a child's annoyance at this neglect; repaid it with contempt, and thus enlisted my informant among her enemies, as securely as if she had done her some great wrong.
82. Catherine evinced a child’s annoyance at this neglect; repaid it with contempt, and thus enlisted my informant among her enemies, as securely as if she had done her some great wrong.
83. For three months you lingered on the brink of death, but Henri and I took care of you each and every day until all your debts were repaid to the church and government’s satisfaction.
84. The prices of these securities are depressed; the current interest payments are halted although perhaps accruing; and there is uncertainty about when and whether the principal will be repaid.
85. Since they did not retain the mortgage loans they originated in their own investment portfolios, they had little incentive to make sure such loans could be serviced and repaid by the borrowers.
86. In fact, the historical data used to estimate the chances of the mortgage loans being repaid showed that even low-quality borrowers, the so-called subprime borrowers, had good repayment records.
87. Amy tried to please, and succeeded, for she was grateful for the many pleasures he gave her, and repaid him with the little services to which womanly women know how to lend an indescribable charm.
88. The government advances the expense of establishing the different offices, and of buying or hiring the necessary horses or carriages, and is repaid, with a large profit, by the duties upon what is carried.
89. A week ago I’d have repaid those critics with a few well-placed bruises, but we’ve since sworn the vow of justice, so now I must be contest with silencing them with a decisive victory in this challenge.
90. The true road to personal improvement is not miraculous; it is slow and calls for a great deal of perseverance, but it is indeed possible to progress along this road, and your effort will be amply repaid.
91. Clearly everyone wanted to be repaid for loans they had made to the federal government, and this law allowed the federal government to pay Union debts while essentially declaring Confederate debts nonpayable.
92. I alluded to the advantages I had derived in my first rawness and ignorance from his society, and I confessed that I feared I had but ill repaid them, and that he might have done better without me and my expectations.
93. We don’t recommend this approach except as a last resort, since you are reducing the amount of money that can compound in your account until the loan is repaid, but it’s better than taking the money out altogether.
94. Through the kindness of the Admiralty (which, let me confess here in a white sheet, I repaid by the basest ingratitude) I was permitted during the war to renew my contact with the British seamen of the merchant service.
95. The expense which is properly laid out upon a fixed capital of any kind, is always repaid with great profit, and increases the annual produce by a much greater value than that of the support which such improvements require.
96. Proceeds from a liquidation will be distributed to claimants and parties in interest in accordance with the rule of absolute priority; that is, a senior class is to be repaid in full before anything is paid to a junior class.
97. The anger that is unleashed within the I is so immense that the only possible way for it to feel it has been repaid is by demanding the destruction of its aggressor, rather than by satisfying the need that was left unsatisfied.
98. She laughed and joked and almost but not quite coquetted with a one- At supper Melanie surprised them all by forcing herself out of her timidity and being eyed soldier who gladly repaid her efforts with extravagant gallantries.
99. The carriage stopped at the left side of the portico, two men presented themselves at the carriage-window; the one was Ali, who, smiling with an expression of the most sincere joy, seemed amply repaid by a mere look from Monte Cristo.
100. Needless to say, Allen returned to New Orleans just as soon as it was possible, and his faith in the city’s restoration was repaid in time, but seeing him become a performing, touring musician for a while was a remarkable transition to behold.
1. I try my best, and this is how she repays me.
2. He always repays them with his personal pretty compliment.
3. Health is reasonable this month but still repays watching.
4. Next line Mr Tom Tong repays $5,000 leaving $39,000 left to pay.
5. Valjean repays this kindness to the Bishop by stealing some silverware.
6. You should therefore ask God to bless them, for He is the Best One, Who rewards and repays charity with charity.
7. The town repays this supply, by sending back a part of the manufactured produce to the inhabitants of the country.
8. Such a believer will also begin to admonish people to be merciful, clarifying that Al’lah loves those who are merciful and that He repays charity with charity.
9. The improved dexterity of a workman may be considered in the same light as a machine or instrument of trade which facilitates and abridges labour, and which, though it costs a certain expense, repays that expense with a profit.
10. Unless its price repays to him the maintenance which he advances to himself, as well as the materials, tools, and wages, which he advances to his workmen, it evidently does not repay to him the whole expense which he lays out upon it.

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