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Repay in a sentence

She planned to repay.
I can’t repay you.
debt he needed to repay.
I could never repay you.
Thus We repay the guilty.
cleanse his sins, repay me.
We will repay all by the.

Thus We repay the wrongdoers.
I will one day repay you in.
repay you, you have but to ask.
It did not repay her entirely.
repay the managers faith in me.
the gates of heaven repay her.
It's time to repay some debts.
How can we ever repay you?.
At least we were able to repay.
I thought I’d repay the favor.
I have failed to repay my debts.
Those are debts I can never repay.
And you can repay me in chocolate.
repay his impertinence with interest.
Nice to be able to repay the favour.
'We will repay it - later,' Ish said.
I shall find a way to repay my debt.
To repay them for the Marches toured,.
And this is how you repay her?.
wanted to repay the dishonourable lender.
Of course you have to repay the favour.
The owner could not repay and the bank.
She’d have to repay that money some time.
I’m still repaying the loan.
repaying the loan with interest.
really have no way of repaying your debts.
Repaying your debt should be the main priority.
repaying the loan or with intent to defraud the lender.
their business and a commitment to repaying their debts.
before by men who had every intention of repaying their.
start repaying them on schedule and that you repay them on.
have higher interest rates and require that you start repaying.
low, but in the long term repaying this type of loan can improve.
It would be Guy's way of repaying us for all the trouble he's caused.
Don't get too stressed out if you have trouble when you're repaying your loans.
He had just finished repaying the bank loan and our finances were turning around.
When asked what of repaying evil with kindness? Confucius replied, Then what are you.
The scheme is set to help those borrowers feel some ease in repaying monthly student loan dues.
But repaying loan amounts for a number of years (average about 10 years) could be a daunting task to most.
Occasionally she would help Cynthia cook or clean the apartment, repaying her for her generous hospitality.
The only way the Roman Empire kept control of its territories was by repaying murder with ten times more murder.
In that way he could, in one year, go a good way towards repaying the ninety pounds of which he had deprived Mrs.
‘’Very good news indeed, Captain: we just started repaying big time the Chinese for their attacks on us in Korea.
I wondered if Cuauhtzin was repaying me for all the times I left him behind with Tetl, but I suppose he really wasn’t that human.
Due to karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations; suffering is repaying a karmic debt, and thus nobody can casually.
If you were to renounce this patronage and these favors, I suppose you would do so with some faint hope of one day repaying what you have already had.
Swiss Re is repaying Berkshire ahead of schedule after profit almost doubled in the third quarter and the reinsurer accumulated excess capital of $10 billion by the end of June.
Loans and bank cards should only be used when absolutely necessary to pay for an education, as these tend to have higher interest levels and require that you start repaying them right away.
Amy smiled and was mollified at once, saying with a maternal air, Women should learn to be agreeable, particularly poor ones, for they have no other way of repaying the kindnesses they receive.
The profits of manufacturing stock, therefore, are not, like the rent of land, a neat produce which remains after completely repaying the whole expense which must be laid out in order to obtain them.
When the boat races ended, my siblings took it into their misguided heads to help me renovate the attic as a means of repaying me for my hospitality in letting them camp out here during the hydroplane races.
The little wretch had done her utmost to hurt her cousin's sensitive though uncultivated feelings, and a physical argument was the only mode he had of balancing the account, and repaying its effects on the inflictor.
The little wretch had done her utmost to hurt her cousin’s sensitive though uncultivated feelings, and a physical argument was the only mode he had of balancing the account, and repaying its effects on the inflictor.
Just as she had once helped him by casting him forth, so could he now help her, repaying the debt he owed her by presenting her, at what appeared to be, so much had she aged, almost the eleventh hour, with the prospect of salvation.
My debt is repaid.
how they have repaid me.
The loan has to be repaid.
A debt needed to be repaid.
When I've just repaid the debt:.
It is a debt that must be repaid.
with goodness you have me repaid,.
He who does good is repaid in kind.
And this is how she had repaid me.
An obligation that cannot be repaid.
Marcus has repaid you in spades.
About $270,000 of that had been repaid.
You must be repaid for all of your help.
What! From his helpless Creature be repaid.
Marcus has repaid you in tit-for-tat spades.
And asked; why have you repaid evil for good?.
only touch those that don’t need to be repaid.
Jennings, I had repaid with ungrateful contempt.
You are only being repaid for what you used to do.
And you will be repaid only for what you used to do.
But oh, how I repaid you with laughter and with scorn.
So, please don't use a grant that has to be repaid to.
Whoever commits a sin will be repaid only with its like.
repaid in full for what he (or she) has earned, and none.
repaid on demand by the house of Thomson & French of Rome.
Instead of solutions though, people are repaid with more.
while I – I confess – have repaid you with wickedness,.
Have the unbelievers been repaid for what they used to do?.
I try my best, and this is how she repays me.
He always repays them with his personal pretty compliment.
Health is reasonable this month but still repays watching.
Next line Mr Tom Tong repays $5,000 leaving $39,000 left to pay.
12 There is one who buys much for a little, and repays it sevenfold.
Valjean repays this kindness to the Bishop by stealing some silverware.
21 The wicked borrows, and repays not again, but the righteous shows mercy, and gives.
You should therefore ask God to bless them, for He is the Best One, Who rewards and repays charity with charity.
The town repays this supply, by sending back a part of the manufactured produce to the inhabitants of the country.
10 and repays those who hate him to their face to destroy them: He will not be slack to him who hates him, He will repay him to his face.
Such a believer will also begin to admonish people to be merciful, clarifying that Al’lah loves those who are merciful and that He repays charity with charity.
The improved dexterity of a workman may be considered in the same light as a machine or instrument of trade which facilitates and abridges labour, and which, though it costs a certain expense, repays that expense with a profit.
Unless its price repays to him the maintenance which he advances to himself, as well as the materials, tools, and wages, which he advances to his workmen, it evidently does not repay to him the whole expense which he lays out upon it.

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rejoin repay retort return riposte refund requite reward