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Regaining in a sentence

He was now regaining consciousness.
Nicole was regaining her equanimity.
She was regaining her poise swiftly.
Regaining the control room, he spoke.
He shook his head, regaining his bearings.
He hung on for a time, regaining his breath.
Without you, we have no hope of regaining them.

We felt that she was regaining her life in God.
He was slowly regaining the use of his muscles.
By then, Jim Rourke was regaining consciousness.
They had no hope of the boy regaining his hearing.
Whatever, she said, now regaining her senses.
How’s Evver? She asked regaining her focus.
Hey you, she said, regaining some of her voice.
In regaining his footing, he at first refused to move.
Yes, the judge stated regaining focus on the case.
Remembering the Mother Source, Regaining Women's Powers.
Regaining his composure he said, I thought you left.
Indra staggered a few steps prior to regaining composure.
He was not regaining consciousness, nor was he brain dead.
On the Mount itself the Security officers were regaining.
He had died two days later never regaining consciousness.
I think he is regaining conscious, my nightmare said.
Now it was their turn to dream of regaining their homeland.
He's rapidly regaining flesh since he lost his better half.
The Barachan, regaining his wind, grinned at the panting crew.
I gave some good ones to that Mandy after regaining conscious.
Tell us the whole story, Rachel said regaining her calm.
As it got back up, it staggered before regaining its balance.
He’s rapidly regaining flesh since he lost his better half.
Way too close, and he gripped the wheel hard, regaining control.
She was regaining the assurance that Abdullah tried to snuff out.
I’m sorry, Harold, Alex said, regaining his composure and.
Everyone has enough to bear in his own grief!’ And regaining his.
I had it shaved off, he explained, slowly regaining his breath.
Regaining his feet, he forced her along in the direction of the river.
Regaining his balance, he took off down the center aisle, pushing his.
Brownie hit the guard rail and bounced off it before regaining control.
Finally regaining some composure, she looked down into the eyes of Jack.
Regaining his balance, Em reached up and started stroking the cat's neck.
Then she regained her cool.
He regained control of his.
I suddenly regained my sight.
And he regained his composure.
She quickly regained her feet.
Regained those, and then some.
Chunt regained her senses and.
The Furies regained their balance.
He quickly regained his composure.
Joey regained himself and stood up.
Lezura regained her composer easily.
Pougatcheff regained his good humor.
After medical treatment I regained.
I stepped back, my composure regained.
Joey had soon regained full awareness.
He regained consciousness and moaned.
The Leader had regained his composure.
Thomas regained some of his composure.
When Mei Yinxue had regained conscious.
In a moment he had regained composure.
Flannery quickly regained his balance.
The girl never regained consciousness.
Mia Doulton has regained consciousness.
It rose; and night regained it's place.
He had only regained consciousness at M.
Pierre regained consciousness and sat up.
The other men had regained their footing.
Moreover you have regained your freedom.
Mercer blinked and regained his balance.
No, he hasn’t regained consciousness.
Some weight is dropped and then regained.
A few seconds later, he regained control.
She regained her calm and pleaded with him.
She soon regained her normal cheery poise.
When both women had regained control, Abby.
He had regained consciousness that morning.
His voice had regained a strange composure.
Maileena coughed as she regained her breath.
Before Vinny regained consciousness, Alvin.
His composure regained, he cleared his throat.
If he regains it, your valour.
Even if the convicted regains.
Gregory regains his composure, if only briefly.
For a split second, Anthony looks shocked, but he quickly regains his cool demeanor.
As he regains his composure Brandy thinks, I have, and I always will wait for you.
After the violent, killing frost, it may be years before the emerald isle regains its legendary green.
He is deeply Linked with the elf Nemia right now, as you can tell, even as he regains his full strength.
Tell him when he regains consciousness that there are more than enough witches here to light a few bulbs.
If—er—when he regains consciousness—you might tell him that his father, Bishop Chalmers, is waiting to see him.
Darren regains consciousness as he fights for breath; Lewis's foot on his neck feels hard and rough and he cannot move it.
Lewis laughs and starts coughing, when he regains his breath he looks Suzy in the eyes; I cannot stop for me, let alone anyone else.
At this stage the crims are below, about done, when Vatavai regains consciousness, takes stock of the situation and smashes his way out.
Unless he recovers quickly and regains condition we won’t have much chance, Ulbrickson had griped to the Associated Press a week before.
But all that has been wrought by those who wield the Three will turn to their undoing, and their minds and hearts will become revealed to Sauron, if he regains the One.
This is promptly reversed and taken in the opposite direction, before the opening market sentiment regains control and brings the market back to the opening price once more.
But both alike erred, from failing to grasp the truth which would have reconciled them—that man has lost the hope of life eternal under the law, and regains it by the grace of God in redemption.
When he had so unexpectedly encountered Jean Valjean on the banks of the Seine, there had been in him something of the wolf which regains his grip on his prey, and of the dog who finds his master again.

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As soon as I regain.
I needed to regain control.
As Samara began to regain.
He would his sanity regain.
Do you wish him to regain.
David tried to regain his poise.
As the lights began to regain.
She had to regain control over.
Within months I began to regain.
You need to find ways to regain.
She will not regain consciousness.
Before the guard could regain his.
You need to regain your strength.
She wanted to regain his confidence.
To face it, I have to regain control.
That hope is man’s means to regain.
And whenever it managed to regain a.
He would try to regain the initiative.
His plea helped her to regain composure.
Maybe it was to regain the funeral car.
A chance to regain her mental composure.
He watched her regain control of herself.
All she needs is for you to regain your.
Rosy paused to regain control of herself.
Before she could regain control, she was.
The agile Thoroughbred managed to regain.
In this way he hoped to regain his energy.
Luke will need time to regain his strength.
Moshe regain control of the quivering mount.
I lost a friendship that I can never regain.
I knew where I had to go to regain my sanity.
Mana stumbled and tried to regain her balance.
The soft, spring air helped her regain control.
I shook my head to try to regain concentration.
Pausing to regain his composure, he continued.
When she began to regain the normal color in.
A battle becomes necessary to regain lost beauty.
It could regain it or it could start a reversal.
Henriette seemed to regain some of her composure.
I step away, in an attempt to regain my faculties.

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