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Regaining in a sentence

Regaining her strength.
for regaining your powers.
Regaining control of the.
slowly regaining his composure.
for the regaining of his balance.
Nicole was regaining her equanimity.
He was now regaining consciousness.

"Yes," he said, regaining his tongue.
She was regaining her poise swiftly.
Regaining the control room, he spoke.
before regaining control of his mount.
started regaining his interest in life.
regaining of a body would set them free.
He shook his head, regaining his bearings.
He hung on for a time, regaining his breath.
chance of regaining the Master’s attention.
"Thanks, Mr Buntline," he said, regaining his.
He was slowly regaining the use of his muscles.
We felt that she was regaining her life in God.
after regaining his freedom, was irreconcilable.
Without you, we have no hope of regaining them.
small bits of magic, slowly regaining his powers.
By then, Jim Rourke was regaining consciousness.
They had no hope of the boy regaining his hearing.
Whatever, she said, now regaining her senses.
How’s Evver? She asked regaining her focus.
Hey you, she said, regaining some of her voice.
In regaining his footing, he at first refused to move.
dethroned but always succeeded in regaining thescepter.
regaining their lost strength and secretly on the move.
"What?" the old man blurted out, before regaining some.
He regained his.
She regained her.
IT had regained.
As he regained control.
Lorry regained the blind.
The Rabbi regained control.
Then she regained her cool.
He regained control of his.
people regained the peaceful.
Keith regained his composure.
And he regained his composure.
She quickly regained her feet.
Regained those, and then some.
Chunt regained her senses and.
The Furies regained their balance.
who at once regained his own form.
quickly regained my consciousness.
Suddenly I regained consciousness.
Then he regained his composure,.
He regained consciousness slowly.
regained his usual calmness though.
regained its normal size and shape.
he seemed to have regained control.
Joey regained himself and stood up.
He quickly regained his composure.
aback but quickly regained control.
her face had regained her calmness.
Lezura regained her composer easily.
Tynice never regained consciousness.
If he regains it, your valour.
Even if the convicted regains.
Gregory regains his composure, if only briefly.
wanting to learn painting before he regains his eyesight.
For a split second, Anthony looks shocked, but he quickly regains his cool demeanor.
As he regains his composure Brandy thinks, I have, and I always will wait for you.
"Well," said the other voice, "we'll find out more if and when he regains consciousness.
there is no doubt in his mind that, as soon as he regains his top form, he will investigate and.
After the violent, killing frost, it may be years before the emerald isle regains its legendary green.
He is deeply Linked with the elf Nemia right now, as you can tell, even as he regains his full strength.
Tell him when he regains consciousness that there are more than enough witches here to light a few bulbs.
Darren regains consciousness as he fights for breath; Lewis's foot on his neck feels hard and rough and he cannot move it.
Lewis laughs and starts coughing, when he regains his breath he looks Suzy in the eyes; I cannot stop for me, let alone anyone else.
At this stage the crims are below, about done, when Vatavai regains consciousness, takes stock of the situation and smashes his way out.
Unless he recovers quickly and regains condition we won’t have much chance, Ulbrickson had griped to the Associated Press a week before.
But all that has been wrought by those who wield the Three will turn to their undoing, and their minds and hearts will become revealed to Sauron, if he regains the One.
This is promptly reversed and taken in the opposite direction, before the opening market sentiment regains control and brings the market back to the opening price once more.
But both alike erred, from failing to grasp the truth which would have reconciled them—that man has lost the hope of life eternal under the law, and regains it by the grace of God in redemption.
When he had so unexpectedly encountered Jean Valjean on the banks of the Seine, there had been in him something of the wolf which regains his grip on his prey, and of the dog who finds his master again.
McCarty regain the.
As soon as I regain.
to regain his bearings.
regain his feet quickly.
regain his former power.
lawn to regain the steps.
Scrabbling to regain my.
I needed to regain control.
As Samara began to regain.
He would his sanity regain.
staggered to regain balance.
trying to regain his breath.
Do you wish him to regain.
struggled to regain composure.
regain the fat and then some!.
As the lights began to regain.
David tried to regain his poise.
embankment, and regain the road.
She had to regain control over.
Within months I began to regain.
regain their original free spirit.
You need to find ways to regain.
meant to never regain their pride.
regain control, and then continued.
She will not regain consciousness.
Before the guard could regain his.
the belief they would regain heaven.
She wanted to regain his confidence.
You need to regain your strength.
To face it, I have to regain control.
And whenever it managed to regain a.

Synonyms for regaining

regaining restitution restoration return