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Restoration in a sentence

1. Feel the unity of restoration.
3. K is the restoration coefficie.
4. You guys will need the restoration.
5. God is always aimed at restoration.
6. There will also be restoration and.
7. There is still a restoration coming.
8. The restoration work began in earnest.
9. Chairman of the Restoration Committee.
10. The restoration of the Latin initial.
11. For I am The Restoration, The Only Way.
12. For He is The Image and The Restoration.
13. The relocation, and restoration of the.
14. For another restoration of the roof cf.
15. Baker National Forest restoration project.
16. Such a restoration is called resurrection.
17. It was her restoration and her recognition.
18. Impulses are linked to restoration of death.
19. The means of restoration are less important.
20. Even in Tibet itself, where restoration of.
21. However, restoration cannot always take place.
22. Stoll: The Beau Monde at the Restoration.
23. We hear repeated calls for the restoration of.
24. I had seen pictures of the restoration process.
25. They can perform acts of healing and restoration.
26. Then some cleaning and restoration of this room.
27. The magnanimity of the Lord is in restoration and.
28. So Ezekiel 36 tells of the restoration of Israel.
29. God’s promise of restoration still applies today:.
30. I am going to bring about a restoration of Hong Kong.
31. This is the same as the Palatal Restoration Procedure.
32. The blessing of revival and restoration will come as.
33. The restoration of the boats proceeded without incident.
34. He was fighting for the restoration of his dying faith.
35. In 1814 and during the early years of the Restoration, M.
36. The year 1823 was what the Restoration called the epoch.
37. But what I’ve said wasn’t aimed at restoration either.
38. In 2003, we performed restoration on the equestrian statue.
39. The restoration of Israel will result in life from the dead.
40. That is why He longs to bring restoration in relationships.
41. Basics of soil restoration is to restore the natural balance.
42. There is one other scenario where restoration is not possible.
43. We passed several of our friends helping with the restoration.
44. The restoration of the Church and Israel takes place in the.
45. The restoration of the Kingdom begins with prayer, but it then.
46. God will bring the restoration of His blessing and power if we.
47. It must not be forgotten that this passed under the Restoration.
48. We don't call 'em that anymore; now they're Restoration Centers.
49. The restoration of the tabernacle of David is the coming of Jesus.
50. We can begin to be a part of the restoration of Israel by praying.
51. Alleman: Matrimonial Laws and the Materials of Restoration Comedy.
52. Restoration just happened to occur alongside a community practice.
53. The restoration of Israel is one of the major end-times events and.
54. The fever of restoration finally brought her to the forgotten rooms.
55. And yet, there is hope for restoration and revival, if we will truly.
56. Thatcher’s first priority was the restoration of the British economy.
57. Sterling Credit Restoration can help get your credit get back in shape.
58. The internet could very well be an ideal vehicle for karmic restoration.
59. The blueprint continues to full restoration and increasing restoration.
60. Throughout His whole life, Jesus showed one huge pattern of restoration.
61. Third time any animal is picked up it goes into the Restoration Room.
62. The restoration of the house itself was complete, down to the barn-red.
63. So the dry bones of chapter 37 can be the restoration of Israel AND the.
64. This is one of your missions, to bring about the Restoration; as they.
65. It may still take weeks for complete restoration of power to those areas.
66. Is it aimed at forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration? No, it is not.
67. The restoration of my family life is now a myth and there is no home coming.
68. Presumably this clinical improvement is the result of restoration of proper.
69. Heaven is the state of living in full union with Christ under his restoration.
70. So while their more immediate restoration as a nation is no doubt part of the.
71. It was closed for restoration from 1985 to 1999 but today is fully operational.
72. At the same time, the Chinese announced that they would permit a restoration in.
73. Popularity Trends of The Keyword - Photo Restoration Along With Search Volume in.
74. I believe recompense by these traitors should follow restoration of the democracy.
75. And, you have returned the dead to life, including the restoration of our souls.
76. The reign of the shoguns—warlords—was followed by the restoration of the Emperor.
77. Another thing not anticipated was the restoration of the system back into the network.
78. From time to time we run a deliverance course, and a restoration course with Pastor Lyn.
79. True, but some day they do them justice; and supposing a second restoration, you would.
80. I return to the period of the restoration of peace between the United States and France.
81. In fine, photo restoration is the process of pinpointing those damaged areas of an image.
82. The Congress of Vienna made the treaties in 1815, and Europe called this the Restoration.
83. Lewis testified before Congress on restoration of wetlands and ways to prevent oil spills.
84. He then prophesied about a restoration, and every one of those things historically happened.
85. It is the realization of one’s native form, the restoration of one’s integrity of being.
86. This is NOT a condition for forgiveness (we should always forgive), but it is for restoration.
87. When both are allowing the work of God to have its way, this will not only lead to restoration.
88. Its halting restoration was assisted through meager contributions from neighbors in the Hood.
89. Wright, The Last Stand of Chinese Conservatism: The T’ung-Chih Restoration, 1862-1874, 2nd ed.
90. I have presented a large number of good ideas for the restoration of the US and global economies.
91. We begin to desire the restoration of the spirit of goodwill, kindness, and love among one another.
92. We should be aimed at restoration, but since you are one with your spouse, both need to do the same.
93. A disaster recovery option is a means of expediting the restoration process in this type of scenario.
94. To begin the restoration of the neighborhood, the group noticed some empty plots of land in the area.
95. This blueprint is also the one God wants us to use for the restoration of our relationships with people.
96. Made a peer at the Restoration, I served through the first campaign under the orders of Marshal Bourmont.
97. It’s as if the two halves are aligned at last, and oriented, as most hive-minds are, toward restoration.
98. They were hot; some sweet cider was brought out, and they drank together to madame's complete restoration.
99. We may gamble on its restoration, counting on the possibility that the Plague shall return within our time.
100. During a powerful time of revival and restoration the Lord was working through believers called Anabaptists.

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