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Rick in a sentence

1. Rick wants to hurt you.
2. Rick stared down at her.
3. Rick handed her his phone.
4. Rick looked at me wildly.
5. Rick had holstered his gun.
6. Rick will take it to the.
7. The Story of Rick and Dave.

8. Stone stared at Rick LaRose.
9. Rick watched me bag my bison.
10. Rick read more breaking news.
11. I needed to be here for Rick.
12. Rick felt shame wash over him.
13. Rick kissed her on the cheek.
14. This is Officer Rick Stacey.
15. Rick handed him another box.
16. Rick was very good at his job.
17. Rick was seated ahead of Malik.
18. But Rick didn’t let me die.
19. Rick was my fathers play thing.
20. Rick would pick the best one.
21. Come on Rick, it's your turn.
22. Rick also slept, but not quietly.
23. I saw that Rick shielded Sandra.
24. That’s what Rick told me later.
25. Hallo Lorna, its Rick speaking.
26. Mike Cooper, Rick Emerson, Brian.
27. I have a key, Rick replied.
28. Rick was having problems with anger.
29. A panting ache ran through the rick.
30. D and Rick our friendship blossomed.
31. Rick hates that dog - he hates the.
32. Rick and Mike walked into the store.
33. What the hell? complained Rick.
34. Rick didn’t have a response to that.
35. Rick shuffled through the cards again.
36. I was on the other line with Rick.
37. Claire could call Rick Butler for help.
38. Rick was closing the gap between them.
39. His name was Rick and hers was Sandra.
40. Rick wasn't so good at this technique.
41. A zombie grabbed Rick, Sandra pulled.
42. Rick picked up where Chandler left off.
43. Look at the professor and Rick Shadlow.
44. Rick began to eat Susan out on the bed.
45. Rick saw her looking around and said:.
46. And I was particularly worried for Rick.
47. I'm starving, Rick said he was making.
48. But Rick had taken it as an ethnic slur.
49. Very nice, said Rick after a while.
50. From educators: Professor Rick Wright, Jr.
51. It was Rick he was right he had found me.
52. Rick handed him a small jeweler’s box.
53. All Rick had done was call Sutter a moron.
54. Rick and Dee loved watching horror movies.
55. Rick LaPoint has years of experience with.
56. Might have been better if they had, Rick.
57. D once and for all and that ended with Rick.
58. Rick prefers functioning while smoking pot.
59. We could hear Carmody say Rick again.
60. Asia followed Rick and me back to Chandler.
61. Rick finally turns around and says, Shit.
62. Rick pushed the jar of moths closer to Malik.
63. And I was more worried about Rick than before.
64. Rick LaRose is going to come to see you.
65. I’m pressing charges, he said to Rick.
66. After we cleared the Heart-Wall, Rick could.
67. If only I had gone searching for Rick sooner.
68. You already told us that, Rick countered.
69. Rick couldn’t believe what he’d just heard.
70. This is the story of two friends, Rick and Dave.
71. Lydia nodded, though her mind was still on Rick.
72. Rick introduced them and Felicity said coldly:.
73. Finally Rick captured a moth within cupped hands.
74. Dan looked at the jar and shook his head at Rick.
75. Aaron tells Rick about Colleen and her family.
76. Rick knew about the forthcoming exams too, but.
77. Rick Butts saw an increase of $107,000 in sales.
78. Rick warned, The moth wants to hear you say it.
79. My relationship with Rick was the same as always.
80. Give it another minute or two, Rick said.
81. Rick clasped his hands together so hard they hurt.
82. Chandler and Rick welcomed them with opened arms.
83. Little Rick was excited about the task but he 11.
84. Rick did appear to enjoy himself a bit much though.
85. Yes, Rick gave me a demonstration the other day.
86. God’s not watching over you, Rick informed.
87. Rick took out a white box from the rear of the boat.
88. Finally, Rick returned and sank into an easy chair.
89. Rick ignored his request and coughed into his hands.
90. It was as if anything that had connected Rick to G.
91. I was no longer haunted by the dreams of Rick or G.
92. Should she turn around and go back? Rick loved Lydia.
93. Just put that in your buttonhole, Rick said.
94. Good luck with that, Rick said, standing up.
95. There was no way Rick was getting out of this alive.
96. Chandler and Rick looked at each other in amazement.
97. I think I killed it this time, Rick said loudly.
98. I’m sorry, Rick teased, I can’t hear you.
99. Rick came back late in the afternoon, tired and dusty.
100. Rick gets out and opens the double doors at the back.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

1. It was Ricks mother.
2. D had been Ricks life.
3. As I reach Ricks office the door was slightly ajar.
4. Seeing Ricks dead body over and over again in my mind.
5. Suddenly I come across a box file with Ricks name wrote on the side.
6. I fucking own you bitch Ricks tone in his voice changed as he spoke.
7. Iván hitched his mare, and went with the girl to haul away the ricks.
8. Sofia was Ricks Daughter and that was something I had no control over.
9. Before he could give me an answer I hear Ricks voice in the background.
10. Knowing that Ricks dead mangled body had been burnt in the fire gave me piece.
11. I could not believe what I was hearing I was now face to face with Ricks brother.
12. The longest rockets stood in ricks tied with string, or baled tightly on the shelves.
13. I manage to hide behind the door out of Ricks view in a hope that he had not seen me.
14. On Sundays he mostly lay all day on the sluice-gates, or stood against ricks and barns.
15. With no one to save you what's it going to be? Ricks voice seamed to soften as he spoke.
16. I lowed the axe down to Ricks throat in one swift moment I saw Ricks head tumble across the floor.
17. The look of horror flooded over Ricks face it was like watching a whimpering coward laid before me.
18. It was great to have that sense of power just knowing that Ricks life depended on us keeping him alive.
19. All the time I had been sat there listening I had Ricks hands on my shoulders slowly gripping tighter with each minute.
20. I use the string to tie Ricks feet together trying my hardest not to get blood upon my hands that seeped from his knee caps.
21. I make my way over to the Shelving that stood at the other side of the room and find the file with Ricks name wrote upon it.
22. Its was something I would have to think about later but for now I just sat their next to Ricks dead body with a feeling of relief.
23. That few seconds soon game to an end when I was abruptly awoken from my dream by the sound of Ricks voice bellowing in the background.
24. I take the scalpel from Jane's hands and place it up Ricks right eye and with yet another swift cut his other eye lid fell to the floor.
25. I stand to my feet and make my way over to Ricks desk there had to be some keys in here somewhere something that would help me find a way to escape.
26. I search through Ricks desk looking for anything I could use to bind his hands and feet together when I come across a pair of handcuffs and some string.
27. I will ask you again Amy what the fuck are you doing in here?' This time Ricks voice became more stern he wanted an answer and I couldn't give it to him.
28. But you have to ask yourself this can you really get close to someone who you hate? Visions of placing an axe into Ricks head filled my mind repeating over and over.
29. D for years you're only still alive because I keep you alive you will do well to remember that There was something in Ricks voice that scared me a tone I had not heard before.
30. The next few hours I just sit there in my office trying to think of a way I could get back into Ricks office but I came up with nothing it was as if my mind had just gone blank.
31. I finally found what Im looking for and make my way out of Ricks office the only thing left to do now was help whoever was still trapped within the building and to set them free.
32. It was somewhere I knew I would need to check but how without getting caught? As I make my way through the door way that leads of toward Ricks office I tread carefully in a hope that no one would hear me coming.
33. Casually, then, and with seeming indifference, the Mole turned his talk to the harvest that was being gathered in, the towering wagons and their straining teams, the growing ricks, and the large moon rising over bare acres dotted with.
34. Casually, then, and with seeming indifference, the Mole turned his talk to the harvest that was being gathered in, the towering wagons and their straining teams, the growing ricks, and the large moon rising over bare acres dotted with sheaves.
35. The old man purposely sends her far away from the others, to rake about the ricks, in order that she may not attempt to compete with them; but she does not leave off working, but continues with the same dead gloomy face as long as the others.
36. How on the instant that dear image led my imagination captive! I seemed to see once more the meadow before our house, the tall lime-trees in the garden, the clear pond where the ducks swain, the blue sky dappled with white clouds, the sweet-smelling ricks of hay.
37. And this will go on in July also, when the peasants, without obtaining sufficient sleep, reap the oats by night, lest it should fall, and the women rise gloomily to thresh out the straw for the bands to tie the sheaves; when this old woman, already utterly cramped by the labor of mowing, and the woman with child, and the young children, injure themselves overworking and over-drinking; and when neither hands, nor horses, nor carts will suffice to bring to the ricks that grain with which all men are nourished, and millions of poods [165] of which are daily required in Russia to keep people from perishing.

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