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Turn in a sentence

I turn the TV off.
I turn to face him.
I turn up my noise.
I turn to my mother.
As Anna has her turn.
Then it was my turn.
I turn to walk away.

Then it was her turn.
It was her turn to.
Now it was her turn.
With a turn of his.
I did my pivot turn.
Where I turn to waste.
Then, it was my turn.
This in turn may be.
I can turn a windmill.
It was my turn to nod.
He did not turn back.
As stars turn to dust.
No family to turn to.
As he made the turn.
I turn off the screen.
As you turn to leave.
TURN back to chapter 6.
To turn off the switch.
I'll just turn up then.
And now it's your turn.
It was my turn to grin.
Finally it was my turn.
Turn the pump back on.
Turn out on cake rake.
And turn on the water.
She did not turn away.
He heard the TV turn on.
It was his turn to cook.
Come on Rex, your turn.
Now it was Chloe's turn.
Let's turn now to Asia.
He started to turn away.
Now we turn to you.
Turning to me she said.
The turning of a page.
I was turning into a.
This is turning to God.
Turning to Flint he said.
That was a turning point.
This was a turning point.
There is no turning back.
There was no turning back.
Yes, he is turning aside.
The sky was turning dark.
Turning Down the Heat in.
By turning the knob on a.
That was the turning point.
I would be turning twenty.
Her face was turning blue.
I began turning the handle.
Oh, she said in turning.
The other half is turning.
This would be the turning.
Turning, he walked to the.
My mind was turning to mush.
Ironic: I was turning into.
On turning the channel, he.
Harry Wills turning down a.
She was turning into dust!.
Turning towards it he scowls.
That means we're turning too.
The pages are turning for me.
Did she survive the turning?
His stomach turning a little.
Turning, she saw Una Meredith.
Loose canons turning the job.
I swear she was turning green.
The dread locks turning point.
Turning Waist & Pushing Palm.
Turning, he could see a face.
His lips are turning blue.
Turning again to the court he.
He turned up at L.
So I turned the key.
He turned on the TV.
I turned to look her.
He turned to face her.
So I turned him away.
She turned a few pages.
It had turned out to.
At the door, Cal turned.
Lyra turned to face him.
Then he turned on his.
He turned to walk away.
He turned to me saying.
He turned on the cold.
Uncle Carl turned to me.
I turned over the cover.
He turned his face away.
We turned to look at Ish.
She turned off the water.
She turned to me saying.
He turned and faced her.
Altaf turned back to her.
She turned and faced him.
When she turned on the.
It turned out that she.
She then turned to Gina.
I turned back to Savannah.
Nico then turned to Ryan.
The big kid turned around.
Robbie turned to face me.
Reese turned to Kay again.
He turned away from his.
He turned back to face me.
He turned to look at Kay.
She turned away from them.
Then he’d turned on her.
He turned to us and said.
I turned to Ted and said.
He turned and walked away.
He turned to Ryato again.
Then he turns to Ms.
As it turns out, no.
Then he turns to me.
He turns to face me.
It turns out I was.
She turns her head up.
Her head turns a bit.
He turns to the nurse.
Turns out I was wrong.
He turns off the radio.
He turns and faces me.
He turns off his light.
He turns to look at me.
Aaron turns to face me.
He turns on the smile.
It turns out it just.
Which turns out to be.
Lonna turns to the side.
He turns the page again.
She turns her head away.
He turns and walks to.
He turns and storms out.
He turns and walks away.
He turns to greet my mom.
She turns and storms off.
John turns his head away.
He nods and turns around.
Waves as she turns to go.
This turns out to be a.
Yet life has its turns.
Then she turns to Vince.
He turns to the painting.
He turns to face his car.
If a deal turns into a.
And it turns to passion.
Turns out, some of the.
It turns out, I did not.
Tomas turns on the light.

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