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Ride in a sentence | ride example sentences

  1. The ride to the St.
  2. Have to ride it out.
  3. I needed a new ride.
  4. Then he can ride it.
  5. You must ride on me.

  6. But a ride and a half.
  7. To ride with him to.
  9. This is my ride back.
  10. I need a ride home.
  11. The elevator ride up 0.
  12. To ride with the tide.
  13. On the ride over to St.
  14. It was too long a ride.
  15. I can ride and wield.

  16. The ride home felt long.
  17. Not such a smooth ride.
  18. Dan refuses him a ride.
  19. The ride was a quiet one.
  20. The ride back was silent.
  21. It was a long, hot ride.
  22. None ride here save by.
  23. The more you ride, the.
  24. Yes, we must ride up.
  25. He loved to ride up there.

  26. You can't ride that far.
  27. It’s why you can ride.
  28. I’ll give you a ride.
  29. Just in need of a ride.
  30. I ride my fathers horse.
  31. I’m along for the ride.
  32. On the ride back in the.
  33. We've got to ride it out.
  34. That was quite a ride.
  35. She was enjoying the ride.
  36. The Ride of the Rohirrim.
  37. It was a quite a ride back.
  38. Face forwards and ride on.
  39. Did she ride the horse?'.
  40. Their ride was in silence.
  41. They started to ride away.
  42. That's how they ride in.
  43. As expected the ride was.
  44. The flea could also ride.
  45. I always ride in the front.
  46. My ride ended years ago.
  47. He is in life for the ride.
  48. You guys still ride horses.
  49. He paid to ride on the boat.
  50. Its a quick and quiet ride.
  51. And this ride is hours long.
  52. He needs to ride with us.
  53. I thanked Toby for the ride.
  54. Wanna go for a ride?
  55. We had better ride hard.
  56. It was a very pleasant ride.
  57. He’ll need a ride to the.
  58. Later they hitch a ride on.
  59. I’ll ride home with Danny.
  60. The ride went on, regardless.
  61. He never had to ride a train.
  62. Life is a rollercoaster ride.
  63. Saddle up and enjoy the ride.
  64. Guess father had his own ride.
  65. He likes to ride in the train.
  66. The train ride was difficult.
  67. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
  68. Democracy is not a free ride.
  69. He will ride from there with.
  70. It was their ride out of here.
  71. But I have not had a ride yet.
  72. As such you can ride the wave.
  73. Most of the car ride to Mel-.
  74. But the ride isn’t too long.
  75. He did ride home in a hrududu.
  76. The sea is a bad road to ride.
  77. Need a ride into town?
  78. We are suppose to ride these.
  79. Clouds ride west over the city.
  80. Susan, Tom and I used to ride.
  81. That’s a long way to ride.
  82. We ride an elevator to Floor 10.
  83. I didn't need a ride thank you.
  84. Now if only I could ride him.
  85. It was a short and smooth ride.
  86. People used to ride that thing.
  87. He said, I’ll ride with you.
  88. This ride was totally different.
  89. Maybe a four-hour ride by horse.
  90. But what about the ride?
  91. They had his money and his ride.
  92. Man, that was a ride and a half.
  93. We ride an elevator to my floor.
  94. How could a zephyr ride an ass?
  95. I was simply along for the ride.
  96. This was the ride of their lives.
  97. No one else could ride Ixion.
  98. All of them could ride in the van.
  99. She wanted Peg to ride behind her.
  100. Sunday I got a ride to the Market.
  1. Riding in the jeep he.
  2. They ate it while riding.
  3. He was riding by himself.
  4. But Karit kept on riding.
  5. A fur lined riding cloak.
  6. The boys were all riding.
  7. I should be riding the air.
  8. Please I'm only riding here.
  9. Riding a crude early bicycle.
  10. No more riding lessons, John.
  11. Or his Cardnagy riding chaps.
  12. He was riding a horse he was.
  13. Riding a star to Heaven's gate.
  14. Bukowski came riding onto the L.
  15. Riding on a new horse, he went.
  16. I saw you riding this morning.
  17. You will be riding one handed.
  18. I’ll go back to riding Maester.
  19. My recent riding experience al-.
  20. He is out riding near the river.
  21. Adam was riding with me in my car.
  22. There’s a lot riding on that.
  23. But she was not riding her bicycle.
  24. If you are in search of a riding.
  25. On the side it reads, Red Riding.
  26. Riding a horse should be the same.
  27. I’m not riding with him!.
  28. Joy riding was a fantastic thrill.
  29. Little Red Riding Hood 166 to them.
  30. Shouldn’t we be riding faster?
  31. So another negative of riding the.
  32. This certainly was not riding camp.
  33. There were always kids riding old.
  34. He had a lot riding on its success.
  35. Who currently is riding the horse.
  36. If you are riding incorrectly you.
  37. See what those niggas are riding in.
  38. Next is what I call, Brand Riding.
  39. It is riding the storms of your soul.
  40. He claimed Pete, there, was riding.
  41. A lot is riding on this Water Dragon.
  42. He was riding hard trying to escape.
  43. A lot was riding on how well she did.
  44. This is known as riding the waves.
  45. We have been riding the winning horse.
  46. He’s the one who was out riding.
  47. That idiot was riding the wrong way.
  48. Here are the keys! Good riding!.
  49. For the modern horse, riding is where.
  50. It had been another weary day of riding.
  51. We were supposed to be riding horses.
  52. I was only riding along with what you.
  53. Val interpreted for him, riding with him.
  54. Tell me about the horseback riding club.
  55. William is riding, is our fastest horse.
  56. Tan riding pants with a matching corset.
  57. Dyslexia had paused, tension riding her.
  58. I should be riding home with Richard.
  59. You feel up to riding all that way?
  60. They are almost here and are riding fast.
  61. Mother said you’d go riding with me.
  62. But by then the sergeant who was riding.
  63. It was never easy riding a horse bareback.
  64. I had a love of riding I got from my dad.
  65. In a wave, and I was riding this wave.
  66. Delmons are riding without eye protection.
  67. But what they really enjoyed was riding.
  68. Her long wings outspread, riding upward.
  69. There's quite a lot of money riding on it.
  70. You’re riding with me in the police car.
  71. I've hardly had a riding lesson in my life.
  72. When I wake, we’re riding on cobblestone.
  73. Merthin went with her, riding a black cob.
  74. Lets say you have a fear of riding down a.
  75. Inside, there were a set, of riding boots.
  76. Besides, why would Pete have been riding.
  77. Excluded are, for instance, riding horses.
  78. There could be a lot riding on the outcome.
  79. The man’s watchcap was riding up in back.
  80. Cosmicblasto was riding hard down the hill.
  81. While riding the horse of virtuous actions.
  82. He still had a hefty commission riding on.
  83. We piled into the car with me riding solo.
  84. Imagine a chariot owner riding in a chariot.
  85. He hadn't even changed to his riding cloths.
  86. You’re riding in the salvage junk with me.
  87. We were riding past the town limits sign now.
  88. The first time she has mentioned her riding.
  89. It’s just like riding a horse, he said.
  90. The beauties west and angel coat is riding on.
  91. Somehow they learned what I’d be riding.
  92. She is only a pitiful shadow, riding on the.
  93. And at last, he dropped the other riding boot.
  94. It’s not the only thing riding on my answer.
  95. Riding in the course of His duties seems to.
  96. Avery had gone riding and would be back soon.
  97. Suddenly we saw an officer riding to meet us.
  98. She was walking instead of riding her bicycle.
  99. They went slowly, riding now upon the highway.
  100. Fershiyn chose her seat, riding unequivocally.
  1. How far have you ridden?
  2. When Randy had ridden out to.
  3. I had ridden very far already.
  4. We could have ridden with Hedy.
  5. Izz had ridden sensibly and calmly.
  6. David had ridden a few times before.
  7. Even a horse that has been ridden.
  8. In the beginning, they had ridden.
  9. Corey’s face was ridden with pain.
  10. I should have ridden with the troops.
  11. He had ridden on an imaginary dragon.
  12. Tom had never ridden any horse but Bess.
  13. He had ridden his way off into dreamland.
  14. The whole place was filthy and fly ridden.
  15. Tarleton had ridden home from the surrender.
  16. Unless of course, you had ridden on a Dragon.
  17. The health care for common man is ridden with.
  18. They were starving, thirsty, and disease ridden.
  19. Yanking down her tank top, where it had ridden up.
  20. Without thought, Joshua had ridden straight ahead.
  21. Not to mention that I’ve never ridden on a horse.
  22. In the meantime, having never ridden on the Great.
  23. I’ve ridden every back road there is around here.
  24. He turned in the direction that the Naga had ridden.
  25. Olenin had already ridden off to bathe in the Terek.
  26. Todd is still looking at me with his pain ridden face.
  27. If she had not ridden so headlong she must have shrieked.
  28. Exceptional horses that are ridden by tenacious jockeys.
  29. Sati looked in the direction that the Naga had ridden off.
  30. He chuckled and rested his hands on his jeans ridden hips.
  31. When he was ridden, he just did what he was forced to do.
  32. They must have ridden at least twenty giant waves that day.
  33. You have ridden through the night, and the morning wears.
  34. He had ridden into Zamboula from the desert a week before.
  35. In the beginning, they had ridden over the stone causeway.
  36. I’d ridden thousands of miles in a squad car with Jacobi.
  37. She could just as easily have ridden with one of the others.
  38. A panicked and sweat ridden Derek had barely made it to his.
  39. She’d ridden in a vehicle with Ivanna sitting next to her.
  40. The religious fanatics had ridden off on the mountain bikes.
  41. He had himself ridden to Lowick village that he might look.
  42. We changed horses and sent the one we had ridden to the rear.
  43. Braden and Callum had ridden hard with Lovern from the seaside.
  44. You’ve never ridden a camel, then, have you? Tammas asked.
  45. Do nothing: This is the way we have always ridden dead horses.
  46. Aaron had chosen one of the guards that had ridden with Moshe, to.
  47. One of the horsemen burning the wagons had ridden up behind her and.
  48. Andore had felt it too, had ridden on the pure pleasure of the earth.
  49. When he’d ridden roughshod over her reasons for not being with him.
  50. Ser Argrave and Ser Glendon had ridden to opposite ends of the lists.
  51. It is not the first time I have ridden in the servants’ car, Mr.
  52. He was very tired, for though they had ridden slowly, they had ridden.
  53. All of you appear tired and have ridden hard on the trail to get here.
  54. Music, the nephew said, that must be heard, rides that must be ridden.
  55. Ralph had changed since that day in 1339 when he had ridden off to war.
  56. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never ridden back there, he said as he.
  57. Not a real one, but I have ridden a holographic camel, Tammas said.
  58. Like Crystal’s father, they had ridden into the woods and disappeared.
  59. He may have ridden with Ser Arlan once, but that was years and years ago.
  60. The camels could be ridden by children and the figs could be eaten by all.
  61. If he had seen the cannons earlier he would not have ridden up the street.
  62. I had the brown I had ridden south to Cadwy, a good horse, quiet and safe.
  63. Scarlett was recalling with contempt the terror which had ridden her that.
  64. We have, as I hoped only a handful of weeks back, ridden out a market cycle.
  65. The Queen Elizabeth deployed the two convoy escorts that had ridden with her.
  66. We sought you at Bard’s Inn but the patrons told us you had ridden here.
  67. In the headlights, her skirt had ridden up and he could see her white thighs.
  68. She struggled to remember the last time she’d ridden in a stretch limousine.
  69. Four horsemen had ridden into sight, close to the bottom of the steep incline.
  70. Minutes later, he paid for a grease ridden Cornish pasty and took a hefty bite.
  71. In the morning he will be gone, his rage ridden out, but we will still be here.
  72. The only entrance or exit was that narrow defile through which they had ridden.
  73. I’ve ridden those trails with Yise, Alistair interjected, They’re.
  74. We made her stop: she'd fain have ridden forwards, afeard you should be uneasy.
  75. When they had all ridden by, Denísov touched his horse and rode down the hill.
  76. She had consciously ridden northeast to avoid him and Alaric finding her again.
  77. He’d ridden a bike with half-flat tires to work and walked the same bike home.
  78. Yes, he’s the werewolf that Noah saved my life from, the flea ridden bugger.
  79. We made her stop: she’d fain have ridden forwards, afeard you should be uneasy.
  80. She had ridden a horse most of the way here, but she would be walking into the city.
  81. Poor horse was in terrible pain and they wondered why he didn’t want to be ridden.
  82. Christina promptly broached the subject of why her dad hadn’t ridden home with her.
  83. European colonization of the world was based upon the superiority of the ridden horse.
  84. After awhile his mouth would start looking like a horse that had been ridden too hard.
  85. Law has ridden through, it has been taught with bayonets, and interpreted with ruin.
  86. Extend widely! said Prince Andrew with an angry snort, when they had ridden past.
  87. So Foulques had ridden through the town and to the abbey, which he was now approaching.
  88. They had grown up together in the valley, played, wrestled, and ridden horses together.
  89. It meant he would have ridden hard, and it was surely because of him that she now lived.
  90. Now, over minor insignificant things you lose your temper and become ridden with tension.
  91. He’d even been humming, he now remembered—humming!—as he’d ridden up to meet her.
  92. It was ridden over a 100-m (328-ft) course at Montecchio Emilia, Italy, on 24 March 2012.
  93. In 1926, as a result of a bet, he is said to have ridden his horse into the Bedford Hotel.
  94. He had ridden as fast as could but it did not look like he would be able to save Dominique.
  95. Robin was a much bigger horse than she had ridden before, and she was rather afraid of him.
  96. I would have ridden home without seeing his daughter had she not met me by the prison door.
  97. The massacre at Campaspe and Hutton's blood ridden retreat to Melbourne, took me by surprise.
  98. By the time the ferry docked, the two horses and riders at the top of the bluff had ridden on.
  99. Ernesto was delirious but someone had already ridden toward the city for a disease specialist.
  100. It was almost midnight when the entourage entered the precinct: they had ridden by torchlight.
  1. As she rides her horse.
  2. But Jomer King now rides in.
  3. He always rides a red bicycle.
  4. That rides the glorious cherubim.
  5. Catching rides to the outskirts.
  6. Break long car rides into segments.
  7. He went on some of the rides twice.
  8. It just rides with the waves, but.
  9. He rides in a VA van to the airport.
  10. The sailboat rides on the ocean waves.
  11. They were sweet, sleek rides and—.
  12. Can you give them rides, too?
  13. He would go on walks and rides with us.
  14. They were apparently going on more rides.
  15. The rides of fun, back to being… undone.
  16. Now, I do believe that our rides are here.
  17. The rides here will stay as it is, though.
  18. Willie rides down the road towards the gate.
  19. Yasmela rides with us to watch the battle.
  20. What a shame, they'll miss those free rides.
  21. Big rides, long way, all the way to the beach.
  22. The crowds, the rides, the games, the stage….
  23. She rides along the trees and down to the beach.
  24. Attractions include 6 water rides, the exciting.
  25. To the pier, I heard there are some new rides.
  26. You have no reason to fear, she rides the Queen.
  27. And now this beggar rides on the winds of change.
  28. Fiona explains that there are two rides available.
  29. An environmentalist always rides a brown horse.
  30. None must know that it is not the king who rides.
  31. Why are you taking such rides as of late?
  32. He only goes for short rides through the city now.
  33. It was one of the scariest rides I’ve ever done.
  34. They say fate rides on the shoulders of untested kids.
  35. No, one is still up, but he rides back to the others.
  36. In the evening, he would come out directly, rides on.
  37. I think it’d be better if your boyfriend rides him.
  38. I’ve had smoother rides on a roller coaster!.
  39. Where's the girl in the tights wot rides the 'orses?
  40. After two quick tramway rides Martin reached the Center.
  41. I’m in the mood for rides, carnival food and walking.
  42. Sam, what kind of rides will be at the carnival?
  43. Saeed in the back seat? He never rides in the back seat.
  44. A thrill rides all the way into the nails of her fingers.
  45. Above the keyboard rides a smaller, lighter keyboard, a.
  46. Neither of us rides MARTA anymore, but we still keep in.
  47. On this run, she rides facing uphill while I face downhill.
  48. He rides from lecture circuit, to repair site, to meetings.
  49. The staff also supervised exciting minibike rides each day.
  50. If the price falls the trader simply rides the downward trend.
  51. Money rides over everything; cheats echoes the voice of money.
  52. Rides well, eh? And how well he looks on his horse, eh?
  53. Thus, his outings with his wife were reduced to mere bus rides.
  54. I knew Sunita always rides her bicycle slowly like a snail pace.
  55. We rode some rides and got mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.
  56. If he has a passion for old fairground rides you can bet that.
  57. And the butterflies are flaunting across the rides in the Forest.
  58. You ride in one car, Emmy rides shotgun to you behind the wheel.
  59. It was on one of those rides that the twins took Daveda into a.
  60. The waters that it rides are the streams of deeds flowing.
  61. Preservation - what do you do with the rides when you own them?
  62. Thinking about the fairground rides for a moment, this is a good.
  63. Finance - these rides are expensive, how is he going to raise the.
  64. In the schoolyard the boys begged rides, and Jody smilingly agreed.
  65. Maybe it’s a theme park? With rides and stuff? Ian suggested.
  66. However hard he rides, he can scarcely get here before the morning.
  67. Every one of my guests who rides comes back raving about the scenery.
  68. There are no free rides in the market, and once again, no Holy Grails.
  69. But angry? Here's a buck, go buy ten rides on that calliope racetrack.
  70. We reach Revelation 17, and we find a woman that rides a scarlet beast.
  71. He has horses for trail rides, a tennis court, small trail bikes and.
  72. Music, the nephew said, that must be heard, rides that must be ridden.
  73. But there were no fun and games, no rides, no twisted grin, no laughing.
  74. The books never go into what happens AFTER the happy couple rides away.
  75. I’ve seen them coming in from rides together too often this last year.
  76. The sleigh rides through frozen wastes marked off with burning torches.
  77. I declined rides from my former squeezes at Motorola to prove my virtue.
  78. Kyle shook his head, She rides horses for a living, breaking them in.
  79. And you’re surprised at the way she rides, Simon, eh? said the count.
  80. Owning fairground rides is not a need - it is a strategy for filling a need.
  81. I was now the guy they came to for rides, and I gave rides to all who asked.
  82. It is full of grass and flowers, why can't they add some rides? he said.
  83. Hehl not being impressed, on this rides the entire cosmos formed by gravity.
  84. The rides in the fastest machines in the county, the cross-country runs on Mr.
  85. All night long, the Horseman rides over the mountains and cries out his fury.
  86. I thought I'd have a heart attack several times while he was on those rides.
  87. He rides an elevator down, then struts over with one hand stuffed in his pocket.
  88. Shiring rides across with twenty mounted knights, you can step out of their way.
  89. Beyond the gates, as the rides spun and twirled, my head started to do the same.
  90. Donkey rides, they can take us to Firth, Slinks pointed his hand towards them.
  91. Games, theatres, candy, rides are all great, but it can only bring temporary joy.
  92. Only one long street separated the hordes from the tents and rides of the Carnival.
  93. Which is why every time he rides this train home now, he’s afraid to speak a word.
  94. Mitch suddenly rides the bike towards the Margarita and Tomas with Mike still in tow.
  95. That old nag that Lefferson rides could not have come that far in that amount of time.
  96. It is reported he is of an excellent family, however, and rides under a nom de course.
  97. Do you know of anyone in the area who takes paying customers out for trail rides?
  98. I didn’t come into town for the rides, but I did stand along Main Street on Saturday.
  99. The ship is moving faster as it rides out the compressed hydrogen’s exploding forces.
  100. Even with the fastest rides available, it’d take one to two weeks to reach the capital.
  1. I rode in the back.
  2. Sati rode up to him.
  3. And thus they rode on.
  4. It even rode in the.
  5. Who once had rode wild.
  6. I observed as we rode.
  7. I rode into the court.
  8. Tom rode to the saloon.
  9. He rode up to Kirsten.
  10. He and Finlay rode on.
  11. I rode over with a pal.
  12. He rode home in a taxi.
  13. He rode up to Kírsten.
  14. Up this path they rode.
  15. Then two boys rode past.
  16. Once he rode off with.
  17. They rode on in silence.
  18. As the Queen rode away.
  19. They rode back to the.
  20. Pierre rode up to them.
  21. Together now we rode in.
  22. Kala never rode the bus.
  23. I rode off into the Past.
  24. A she rode Rugger at a.
  25. Seconds later I rode out.
  26. He rode on to the bridge.
  27. Then they rode on, glad.
  28. I just rode to her house.
  29. She rode in her golf cart.
  30. Like he rode an ocean wave.
  31. Guard, who rode on a horse.
  32. As I rode them, I shouted.
  33. Rich barons rode on horses.
  34. On his right rode Manfredo.
  35. I rode with the victorious.
  36. We rode like hell, made St.
  37. I rode around for a while.
  38. They rode on thru Dawnsleep.
  39. On into the shadow they rode.
  40. They rode for a while longer.
  41. She rode across the river;.
  42. With these words he rode off.
  43. Out of the darkness rode men.
  44. The men rode almost silently.
  45. Junya rode the elevator all.
  46. We rode to the port together.
  47. When he finished, we rode by.
  48. They rode up the opposite hill.
  49. So it was when you rode to war.
  50. As I rode out, she called to me.
  51. She rode past the junior high.
  52. The company commanders rode up.
  53. As they rode down the hill she.
  54. I didn’t care what we rode in.
  55. Dunk rode slowly along the fence.
  56. Adam rode off into the darkness.
  57. He rode the bus to school alone.
  58. The commander rode up to his hut.
  59. Bob rode through the countryside.
  60. He rode to the keeper’s lodge.
  61. So we rode slowly on, trembling.
  62. Denisov and Petya rode up to him.
  63. If one of our hands rode by his.
  64. They rode back to town in silence.
  65. The children rode on the hay cart.
  66. Denísov and Pétya rode up to him.
  67. Prince Andrew rode up to the house.
  68. Gandalf rode forward to meet them.
  69. They rode up and started shooting.
  70. The duke and his lady rode behind.
  71. Connor greeted us when we rode in.
  72. So I rode off as quick as I could.
  73. Then he mounted and rode past her.
  74. He rode out of town without haste.
  75. Hours passed and still they rode on.
  76. They rode into town in late morning.
  77. Frank rode on, not hearing anything.
  78. Two Rivers rode in without warning.
  79. She watched Ants back as they rode.
  80. While his men rode the boat around.
  81. He rode it downtown to meet with me.
  82. The prairie changed as we rode west.
  83. They rode painted horses single file.
  84. He mounted and rode toward Semenovsk.
  85. Nostromo rode furiously in the dark.
  86. One man drove while one rode shotgun.
  87. He mounted and rode toward Semënovsk.
  88. And so they rode ahead on the highway.
  89. With these words the robber rode away.
  90. He rode on upon the whirl-away brooms.
  91. All who rode in with the Fox today.
  92. Giving his spear to another who rode.
  93. They walked and rode through Ivetarlis.
  94. And they rode off without a salutation.
  95. They rode along for a while in silence.
  96. The bikies rode out of town with Cassa.
  97. We rode the elevator in happy silence.
  98. So I rode out with him and helped him.
  99. Ratford rode at the front of the column.
  100. He rode off in the direction of Anthony.

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