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Rift in a sentence

The rift hurt them both.
Rift in the lute I think.
The Rift hovered before her.
He has been inside the Rift.
As a result of this rift, in.
He was the last to enter the rift.
A rift has opened up unlike before.

Joshua opened a rift in the curtains.
Electric bolts writhed from the rift.
Nor is this rift a persisting relic.
It was quite a lovely area, the Rift.
In five miles we saw no rift or break.
There is also a rift between Shugden.
Her rift with Claire had been a choice.
But the rift was not closing that easily.
The candidate will repair a rift in the team.
The odd trio of heroes stood together at the Rift.
He sneered at Imorbis, and then headed into the Rift.
Pippa’s…going to the Rift Camp, you said?
Morning found the Rift camp enveloped in an odd haze.
You never did finish your initiation and enter the rift.
The mystery of the great rift on Mars comes from the.
The rift between Shiva and Sati was more than he could.
The rift hewed by the Dire Queen is broken, Loki said.
Richie rift in the lute alone sat: Goulding, Collis, Ward.
Food and wine were ferried into the rift for celebration.
It's this horning in that's caused the rift in the family.
The rift in the coalition was the beginning of an atomic.
Once they entered the Rift, there would be nowhere to hide.
He sat at the base of the Rift with his legs and hands crossed.
Adros would follow the man to the Rift on Alana’s word alone.
A pair of gargantuan, clawed hands gripped the sides of the rift.
It was not difficult, for the rift was at this point only some.
The cut of the Rift Valley was slit from the inside of the earth.
And this time it was coming from the endless depths of the Rift.
It was during one of her holidays that Nocturna incanted The Rift.
He just remains trapped in the rift and cannot die by blade or age.
A wide, oval-shaped rift appeared in the air, limned with red light.
Raising Hell’s Bane in one meaty hand, he pointed it to the Rift.
The affair has caused a rift within RCMP ranks, with some officers.

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Mickey Kevin very slowly rifted a handful of lace bathroom curtain.
They held that the heavens were immutable (didn’t change), the celestial bodies were spheres (smooth, not pocked, mountainous, rifted or spotted), and the earth not only didn’t move, it was located at the center of the universe.
The sea was turbulent during the permeation of the spatial rifts.
The spatial rifts created by the Summoners in Arkadia captured me.
Mexico’s own history has been fraught with rifts and convulsions.
On hands and knees, Amaranthe crossed the room, probing at promising rifts.
The spatial rifts of the Dire Queen, Ankharet, caught us in this Plane.
The random, spatial rifts that appeared throughout Gaea trapped us here.
Deep rifts where the material had been shredded and tufts of padding protruded.
There is no specific time when there are dimensional rifts, Murbella replied.
I fear that Ankharet herself does not understand the risk in opening rifts to other Planes.
These pictures showed rifts or riverbeds that suggested water once flowed on the red planet.
We’ve had quite a struggle with the results of the rifts created by the Dire Queen and her cohorts.
My fellow Captains and I were on our way to lead a fishing expedition when rifts surrounded us in the open sea.
The Human was beginning to catch on, because at some point he must have experience one of the dimensional rifts on his planet.
A dull wrack was drifting slowly across the sky, and a star or two twinkled dimly here and there through the rifts of the clouds.
This kind of thing can create long standing rifts in a family, difficulty between relatives who formerly got along well together.
He had known for some time that magical combat was flaring on the land and sensed the strange rifts hewn by Ankharet’s experimental sorcery.
It was said that one might wander days and nights together through its intricate tangle of rifts and chasms, and never find the end of the cave; and that he might go down, and down, and still down, into the earth, and it was just the same—labyrinth under labyrinth, and no end to any of them.

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