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Rill in a sentence

passed through another gateway, high-arched and broad, and a rill ran out.
The first stroke already sent a rill of electricity through her skin, down her neck and into her back.
The entire house was tiled in golden marble, and the center of this room’s floor was divided by a rill.
More than half a mile was passed, before the rill rippled close around the base of an extensive and dry rock.
The whole party now proceeded, following the course of the rill, keeping anxious eyes on the regular impressions.
Hence he determined to abandon himself to the stream of feeling, and perhaps was surprised to find what an exceedingly shallow rill it was.
You'll come across a little rill trickling over moss and rocks, thinking it's pristine, but sure as anything there's some shepherd upstream who's squatted down next to it.

At length Uncas, whose activity had enabled him to achieve his portion of the task the soonest, raked the earth across the turbid little rill which ran from the spring, and diverted its course into another channel.
—Or again, note the meanderings of some purling rill as it babbles on its way, tho' quarrelling with the stony obstacles, to the tumbling waters of Neptune's blue domain, 'mid mossy banks, fanned by gentlest zephyrs, played on by the glorious sunlight or 'neath the shadows cast o'er its pensive bosom by the overarching leafage of the giants of the forest.

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Eve was rilled with a sudden fear.
Here and there it passed over other rills, running down.
Torrents of men, (sources and rills of the Northwest are you indeed.
homesteads there were with oast and garner, fold and byre, and many rills.
The piano rills through its finishing measures, and then the static wallops back.
The water cascaded, then disappeared down the sloping hillside through trees and mossy rills, a watery choir of changing volumes, sounds, and moods that brought joy and peace to my heart.
In every state of practical, busy movement, the rills of civilization, Materials here under your eye shall change their shape as if by magic, The cotton shall be pick'd almost in the very field,.
hard-hearted animal, turn, I say, those timorous owl's eyes upon these of mine that are compared to radiant stars, and thou wilt see them weeping trickling streams and rills, and tracing furrows, tracks, and paths over the fair fields of my cheeks.
Bhaer considered her the most beautiful woman living, and she found him morèJove-like than ever, though his hat-brim was quite limp with the little rills trickling thence upon his shoulders (for he held the umbrella all over Jo), and every finger of his gloves needed mending.

Synonyms for rill

rill rivulet run runnel streamlet