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Burn in a sentence

1. It was fun to burn.
2. And leave it to burn.
3. Burn up a plant and.
4. I let the heat burn.
5. We have money to burn.
6. Not that it would burn.
7. I wanted to burn them.

8. Burn it to the ground.
9. The walls begin to burn.
10. You need not burn the.
11. They will burn it down.
12. You burn the DVD's at.
13. This part did not burn.
14. And oh how it did burn.
15. Fires burn night and day.
16. And the flames will burn.
17. He wanted to burn money.
18. Then he smelled the burn.
19. Would burn to the ground.
20. This will burn the plants.
21. The burn marks and water.
22. The grass started to burn.
24. Burn this as soon as read.
25. This man, too, bore burn.
26. But then they all burn.
27. Wiggles for rope burn marks.
28. Burn the bloody place down.
29. Jet fuel cannot burn steel.
30. A spark of truth can burn.
31. Head shot, gas, and burn.
32. To-morrow I shall burn Thee.
33. He wanted to crash and burn.
34. We will not burn your house.
35. That's about a week's burn.
36. And you can burn that dress.
37. Free to burn alive in a fire.
38. If I was him I’d burn that.
39. I don’t paint and burn it.
40. But they’ll burn ya out.
1. All of it is burning.
2. H : Hell burning with.
3. He is burning too hot.
4. The land is burning up.
5. Burning up in the smoke.
6. Many of them are burning.
7. The smell of old burning.
8. Moses and the burning bu.
9. I was burning with anger.
10. The burning of the coal.
11. Helen is burning up inside.
12. To the dark burning stars.
13. A long hot burning shower.
14. The dining car is burning.
15. My fuse is burning out.
16. The stars are all burning!.
17. Burning of the Richmond, Va.
18. I was burning up with pain.
19. That was the burning smell.
20. Out of These Burning Ashes.
21. Sorren was burning red hot.
22. It was a burning sensation.
23. The lamp above was burning.
24. Bу burning waste, іn the.
25. The sweet smell of burning.
26. We hit the burning vehicles.
27. I felt a burning on my face.
28. The fire was burning strong.
29. Also, that this Burning of.
30. On the burning Ebony ground.
31. The light from the burning.
32. A burning fever had come on.
33. I can feel my face burning.
34. But burning with the passion.
35. There was a campfire burning.
36. A wood fire was burning there.
37. Hès burning up Rose said.
38. I could only feel a burning.
39. But the fire is still burning.
40. Shame was burning in his face.
1. I am a burned out.
2. And so he was burned.
3. He burned up his book.
4. She was all burned up.
5. My tears burned my eyes.
6. In them burned a flame.
7. They were all burned up.
8. Or his shop burned down.
9. His eyes burned my soul.
10. Her eyes burned into his.
11. The flame burned so hot.
12. It will be burned again.
14. My face burned with rage.
15. They burned it in public.
16. His back burned < hatred.
17. And my hands were burned.
18. Her skin burned into his.
19. My house was burned down.
20. His eyes burned into mine.
21. This is how one is burned.
22. And the roses burned, too.
23. Her face burned with fury.
24. But, he hardly got burned.
25. Here, I've burned my coat.
26. The smell of burned flesh.
27. It burned with a blue flame.
28. The water stung and burned.
29. Her face burned with shame.
30. The fire inside him burned.
31. Still, the fire burned in.
32. The cut burned and throbbed.
33. A candle burned in a saucer.
34. She was burned and tortured.
35. You burned her with a cigar.
36. A house has burned, Marie.
37. Burned in the river of fire.
38. I heard he got burned alive.
39. Summer burned the canals dry.
40. But soon all shall be burned.
1. I was no Helen Burns.
2. So it just burns away.
3. And burns hot and wild.
4. Oh, how it burns me up.
5. Fire of love that burns.
6. Treat as for dry burns.
7. Fire burns in the land.
8. This heart burns for God.
9. Got some bad burns on my.
10. It sure burns a long time.
11. Al Burns said, Oh my word.
12. It burns in your brain now.
13. The heart within thee burns.
14. Passion burns cold and hot.
15. Well it burns coal for one.
16. Fire burns as water soothes.
17. As the underwear burns say.
18. His inner light burns bright.
19. But intensity burns both ways.
20. The fire burns in the kitchen.
21. The cutter BURNS in the water.
24. The morning air burns your eyes.
25. Fire burns there outside; now.
26. How are your burns now?’’.
27. Burns did not go to the service.
28. And it always burns itself out.
29. As I walk the streets of Burns.
30. That article still burns me.
31. Or if it is where my fire burns.
32. What are the symptoms of burns?
33. Burns with it, know what I mean.
34. On exposed skin they cause burns.
35. The light burns so great?
36. The lake that burns with fire.
37. No cigarette burns, no bone snaps.
38. Yes my soul does, burns within me.
39. It burns, but the pain feels good.
40. What happened to the burns?

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