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Rivet in a sentence | rivet example sentences

  1. He ordered the blacksmith to rivet securely iron shackles on my feet.
  2. The Hag is gone, apparently chasing the sound of the rivet hitting stone.
  3. I explored the walls with my hands, searching for a seam, a crack, or a rivet.
  4. Somewhere on the ship is a rivet that emits a noise when in the influence of a.
  5. In the third chapter Amos uses a different method to rivet his hearers on what he is.

  6. When our visitor had disappeared Sherlock Holmes's movements were such as to rivet our attention.
  7. When our visitor had disappeared, Sherlock Holmes's movements were such as to rivet our attention.
  8. A circular rivet had been driven in with a screw to both overlap the nail and to hold it in place.
  9. Without it I’m not sure I would have been able to stop myself from plunging down to join the rivet.
  10. Every nail driven should be as another rivet in the machine of the universe, you carrying on the work.
  11. The under officer cried out again as he agitated his stick, but the second rivet snapped like the first.
  12. Saw me putting a rivet into McGuire’s head when all's I was doing was putting him out of his misery.
  13. The best of Holbein's portrait drawings give one the impression of having been seen in one of these flashes and rivet the attention in consequence.
  14. The super heating of the steel casing plates had already strained the rivet heads almost to breaking point, and the extra pressure tipped it over the edge.
  15. Since the previous evening she had attached herself to Charles by those links of happiness which bind soul to soul; from henceforth suffering was to rivet them.

  16. Shall we then believe the one and not the other? Shall we frown and look big at England, while, with timid and abject submission, we crouch at the feet of France, and quietly rivet the chains prepared for us? Mr.
  17. Along the way, he and Sir Dustyn Olyvyr had invented entirely new construction techniques … and modified those techniques on the fly as still newer and better capabilities—like the rivet guns—became available.
  18. The clangor of old-fashioned hammers and new-model pneumatic rivet guns was deafening, but it was scarcely the only sound assaulting his ears as he stood at dockside and gazed at the mammoth ship floating against the thick fenders.
  19. You've done a fine job, Monsieur, haven't you? You've fallen deep in love with a mortal who'll never yield to you, only succeeding in driving a true rivet into her heart which her innocent husband won't fail to detect sooner or later.
  20. How many faces in a crowd are passed indifferently—there is no vitality in the impression they make on our mind; but suddenly a face will rivet our attention, and although it is gone in a flash, the memory of the impression will remain for some time.
  21. Though he took the shield off me and looked at it long and deep, his dark eyes taking in every shape and rivet and line, every movement of the goddess, her white dress floating around her in a mist, her long white hair, and he looked at me, stunned maybe, as all the time he could not say anything….
  22. President, when we look over the whole world known to us; when we particularly cast our eyes over that part of it with which we have the most intimate relations; when we see the rapid strides which despotism is making over the whole human race; when we observe the various and powerful means now in use to rivet its immovable dominion upon mankind; when we reflect that the Constitution of the United States now affords the only practical experiment upon the republican principle, and the only and last hope for the preservation and extension of the liberties of man; is it wonderful or alarming, that we should feel and express some partiality and even veneration for an instrument of so peculiar a character? or should even endeavor to teach others to venerate, to cherish, to support it? An instrument, whose provisions at least exempt us from the general scene of despotism, and may eventually extend their blessings to the whole human race? Or if, in dwelling upon the wisdom and importance of its provisions, we might pass over some possible defects from scrutinizing them with an hypercritical eye, might not the omission be indulged without producing animadversion or censure? Sir, we all venerate the republican principle.
  1. It was always a riveting show.
  2. And what made this palace so riveting was, it glittered and sparkled.
  3. The dome had been made by riveting huge curved steel plates together.
  4. All forms of intensity and passion are riveting, fascinating, envied.
  5. Scott and Jeff found the conversation riveting, especially after a hash.
  6. The women (Riveting Rosies) were a big part of the behemoth that produced in.
  7. Hadaen eyed her and stepped back, riveting his gaze back out to the open land.
  8. When I arrived, she was standing by the tomato bin with those same pale, riveting eyes.
  9. Next, the public was treated to a riveting story about how an undercover (covert) agent of the CIA had been outed.
  10. When combined with everything else you’ve developed, poise and manners create an aura that’s riveting to behold.
  11. The trial record he had just finished for the third time had been tedious in nearly all respects, except when it was riveting.
  12. Riveting his eyes through the rear view mirror on the alley entrance, he hastily planned to grab for the rifle the instant she came into view.
  13. At length, he paused directly in front of Heyward, and riveting his eyes upon those of the other, he said, with a lip that quivered violently:.
  14. Captain Van Boskerck illuminated the honored motto and secured its place in naval history with his riveting lyrics and music (Krietemeyer, The Coast Guardsmans Manual, pp.
  15. Straightening against the back of his chair and riveting Nick with a serene gaze, In nineteen and feefty, Almozt zirty yearce ago, He said it as though he expected the question and he pointed his finger upward as he said it.
  16. The guards were constantly yielding up these stories, riveting for their stark terror which would then circulate through the office until Sinclair show up again to loosen the resolve of the next headstrong individual, and there’d be a new rumor.
  17. Yeah, so, basically this thing's digestive system is just an intricate series of time travelling worm holes and the like that’ll send whole solar systems shootin’ diagonally, sideways, arching, skittering, riveting and spiraling through time and space.
  18. The temptation was certainly great: she was very fond of the exercise, and the gratification of riding on a fine horse, with Captain Lydgate, Sir Godwin's son, on another fine horse by her side, and of being met in this position by any one but her husband, was something as good as her dreams before marriage: moreover she was riveting the connection with the family at Quallingham, which must be a wise thing to do.
  1. Their eyes were riveted on it.
  2. I remained riveted to the spot.
  3. His eyes were riveted on Alyosha.
  4. The scene both riveted and appalled me.
  5. Beastie's eyes were riveted on the gold.
  6. I have few good memories riveted with it.
  7. I usually fell asleep but Max was riveted.
  8. As usual, every eye was riveted on his face.
  9. I ate in the car while riveted to the radio.
  10. His eyes were riveted on the Hall of Justice.
  11. Something had riveted me to where I sat and.
  12. And here we come to the image that was riveted to.
  13. She riveted those intense blue eyes directly at me.
  14. He only riveted his eyes on Ivan with insane hatred.
  15. Simon stared at the metal riveted floor of the truck.
  16. She riveted a searching gaze on her brother’s face.
  17. Stephanie had been riveted by the latest news reports.
  18. No sooner did I see that his attention was riveted on.
  19. His mind was still riveted on the dead animal in his bed.
  20. The crowd went silent, all of their gazes riveted to Aesa.
  21. All eyes in the room were now riveted on the Judge as he.
  22. The two priests stood, riveted, and then silently followed.
  23. He felt like a white explosion that had riveted her attention.
  24. As she failed to yield, he riveted near her to make her relent.
  25. Nebuchadnezzar stood riveted to one spot, his arms at his sides.
  26. Without turning around, he had a thought that riveted the class.
  27. The cats' eyes were riveted to them as they soon vanished from view.
  28. She saw the knife, but her eyes were riveted to the cockroach tattoo.
  29. She stared at him and saw the fear in his riveted gaze as she dressed.
  30. One day he opened a newspaper and saw a story that riveted his attention.
  31. I sat in an Irvine, California, hotel ballroom listening to Jim, riveted.
  32. After five steps I encountered an iron wall made of riveted boilerplate.
  33. She was sitting on the edge of her chair, her attention riveted upon him.
  34. Through the gauze curtain our eyes were all riveted upon the scene within.
  35. Sound glanced up for only a second, then riveted his eyes back on the screen.
  36. Star was riveted to the spot in terror, as the flash had also singed her hair.
  37. To his surprise, Baldur’s eyes are riveted at the far end of the procession.
  38. Brother Francis’ attention was riveted on the words of this enigmatic person.
  39. After I ceased there was tense silence, as all eyes were riveted upon Tal Hajus.
  40. All eyes were riveted on him, and anyone who had seating space sat down quietly.
  41. And if she doesn't wish it ? said Darya Onisimovna, hor eyes still riveted upon me.
  42. Dantes' whole attention was riveted on a man who could thus forget his own misfortunes.
  43. She did not move to meet him, but her sharp, keen eyes were simply riveted on his face.
  44. The eye of the old man was riveted upon a spot which Villefort could scarcely distinguish.
  45. Then, having riveted the eyes of his interlocutor on his own, he glanced towards the door.
  46. The audience had now become riveted to the conversation between the Galaef and this stranger.
  47. His attention was riveted on her as he altered his course to stop at the table in front of her.
  48. A half hour later, fed and packed, they stood in front of the riveted metal door of the Map Room.
  49. As the black overcoat was removed, all eyes in the room were riveted to Cupid’s magnificent wings.
  50. As unseen hands shoved him numbly across the distance that separated them, the cousins’ eyes riveted.
  51. After all, it would seem, from what he'd said, that his single glance had been one long, riveted stare.
  52. The dying man's eyes were all the time riveted on the door, through which he hoped succor would arrive.
  53. He’d gathered himself during my speech, and his smirk was back, as if it had been riveted to his face.
  54. Kirk was now staring at the Primagnon in disbelief, his attention riveted to the Leader’s arresting eyes.
  55. The Indian gravely raised his paddle, and pointed in the direction in which his own steady look was riveted.
  56. Its gas tank had flames painted on it, and a shotgun holster riveted to either side, complete with shotguns.
  57. After about twenty minutes, Joan Stanley regretfully got up from the sofa, her eyes still riveted on the screen.
  58. The woman stood up, dazzling the entire restaurant who had been riveted to the celebrity couple's conversation.
  59. The Indians riveted their eyes on the rocks, and listened with an attention that seemed to turn them into stone.
  60. He wanted to check out Mister Wu’s reaction but his eyes were riveted on the persona of David the Illusionist.
  61. Sutton heard rather than saw the attack from the side, his attention riveted on the drama at the head of the column.
  62. Lebeziatnikov, at the notes lying on the table and then again at Pyotr Petrovitch and her eyes remained riveted on him.
  63. She remained thus for a quarter of an hour, her eyes riveted on the door, motionless and apparently holding her breath.
  64. Meanwhile, my father’s attention was seemingly riveted by the sight of a fly trapped in the soft varnish of his bench.
  65. Here Sam Parkhill had flung up this riveted aluminum structure, garish with white light, trembling with jukebox melody.
  66. Here Sam Parkhill had flung up this riveted aluminum structure, garish with white light, trembling with juke-box melody.
  67. Angry, loud, male voices riveted her brain, holding her suspended in place, with the mighty tongue-lashing taking place.
  68. Natasha, motionless on her knees (she was unable to stir), with frightened eyes riveted on him, was restraining her sobs.
  69. His eyes were riveted on Rita’s face which spoke of a thousand promises with the slow flutter of her long black lashes.
  70. The man, whose eyes had been riveted to Herminia’s well-exposed cleavage, nevertheless noticed their appraising stares.
  71. At the moment, however, we had no thought for the old chest, for our eyes were riveted upon that which crouched beside it.
  72. Natásha, motionless on her knees (she was unable to stir), with frightened eyes riveted on him, was restraining her sobs.
  73. He only knew that he was riveted to his chair, and that his face, in spite of his inward horror, would wear a pleased smile.
  74. Greg’s tender smile, which he riveted directly in front of the old woman’s weary eyes, conveyed much more than mere words.
  75. Stalingrad had become a matter of personal prestige which riveted his attention, much to the joy of the Russian general staff.
  76. To her right she noticed a boat overturned and broken, but it was the burning house before her that her gaze was soon riveted on.
  77. But with all their eyes again riveted upon the swart Fedallah and his crew, the inmates of the other boats obeyed not the command.
  78. Pulp fiction was in its heyday and 30 million readers were regularly riveted by the larger-than-life tales of master storyteller L.
  79. It might have been ten minutes (it seemed an age) that the sisters had stood riveted to one spot, horror-stricken and nearly helpless.
  80. My hand was firmly entwined with Brandon’s but my gaze couldn’t help but be riveted on the passing streets and buildings of New York.
  81. Danglars' riveted attention, Eugenie's composure, and the light and sprightly manner in which the baroness treated this important affair.
  82. The jacket was embossed, with silver clasps and small metal plates riveted down either side of the breast, engraved with entwined animals.
  83. His eyes were riveted to the scene on the balcony and the sight of her moved him so deeply that it took great strength to keep his control.
  84. The plain teaching of the Old Testament on this subject is endorsed by Jesus and His apostles; its truth is therefore, as it were, riveted.
  85. In half a second, I held a shimmering bronze sword with a double-edged blade, a leather-wrapped grip, and a flat hilt riveted with gold studs.
  86. Here Haidee cast a significant glance at Monte Cristo, whose eyes had been riveted on her countenance during the whole course of her narrative.
  87. The tar vessel being riveted to the cover, holes are made through its sides, near to the cover, to allow the steam to pass in, and act on its surface.
  88. Their attention riveted on the pianos, Joel and Falcon crossed over to the alcove, so they could better see and examine the instruments in awed reverence.
  89. On the table, as if forgotten by Lazarus, lay his livid blue hand, and all eyes were riveted upon it, as though expecting the desired answer from that hand.
  90. Sonia sat down, looked about her--at Lebeziatnikov, at the notes lying on the table and then again at Pyotr Petrovitch and her eyes remained riveted on him.
  91. But tonight Owen was not to read of those things, for as soon as he opened the paper his attention was riveted by the staring headline of one of the principal columns:.
  92. Thomas reached in and pulled apart the curtains of ivy, then stared blankly at a square of metal riveted to the stone with words stamped across it in big capital letters.
  93. You will drink water, you will eat black bread, you will sleep on a plank with a fetter whose cold touch you will feel on your flesh all night long, riveted to your limbs.
  94. The nation is riveted by his Morning in America commercials, which paint a patriotic picture of a country rising from the shambles Reagan inherited from Jimmy Carter.
  95. The bus driver, mouth hanging open skirted around James’ car and drove off – all eyes on the bus were riveted upon James and Marianne…someone whistled!…a few even clapped!.
  96. Cosette returned to what the Thenardier called "her kennel," and her large eyes, which were riveted on the traveller, began to take on an expression such as they had never worn before.
  97. Raskolnikoff, who until then had been riveted to the landing with fright, was at length able to shake off his torpor, and hastily reentered the apartment, closing the door behind him.
  98. He met everywhere, with eyes riveted on his own, heads erect and nostrils expanded, as if each individual present felt himself able and willing, singly, to redress the wrongs of his race.
  99. With a bound I was on the steps of the platform beside Than Kosis, and as he stood riveted with surprise I brought my long-sword down upon the golden chain that would have bound Dejah Thoris to another.
  100. But there are two things in which I have not succeeded; in breaking the thread that holds me fixed, riveted and sealed here by the heart, or in silencing some one who speaks softly to me when I am alone.
  1. Onward he drove, watching the rivets in.
  2. Then place rivets in the front and in the.
  3. There are cracks in the wings and some of the rivets.
  4. From what I could see, driven in with metal rivets.
  5. The edges cut into her hands, and her boots slipped off the smooth metal rivets.
  6. I can pry the rivets out but my spear is useless for cutting the manacles off his arms.
  7. The lines of rivets were the only blemishes on an otherwise entirely smooth, shiny outer surface.
  8. The ladder rested against the dome at a point just above the central band of rivets that encircled the dome.
  9. Where the cylinder bolts to the hull, the holes were temporarily filled with imitation rivets of hard rubber.
  10. Not that there was anything much to see, just grey and white panels and rivets, not even any flashing symbols.
  11. The stainless steel surface of the vessel was smooth apart from the rivets that held the steel plates together.
  12. This, coupled with the enormous surge of pressure, sheered the heads off the rivets holding the casing together.
  13. Packaging: Almost a quarter of aluminum is used to create aluminum wrap and foil, along with beverage cans and rivets.
  14. The most awkward and least intelligent convict can saw through them, or break the rivets by hammering at them with a stone.
  15. Those who had no hatchets made use of thick sticks to push beneath the rivets, and thus in due time and in artistic fashion, they got them out.
  16. The fuselage creaked and shuddered, the engines roared, and Midge watched in horror as one or two of the rivets that held the hand-rail in place, snapped off.
  17. The sleepers had never been removed, and the rails, fishplates and rivets were all ready, for we had taken them from a siding on the abandoned portion of the line.
  18. He listened quietly to what the convicts had to say, declared that the task he gave them was to get off four rivets unbroken, and to demolish a good part of the barque.
  19. He could hear the teeth grinding screeches of the metal sheets that formed the dome as they stretched and strained against the rivets to contain the heat and pressure inside.
  20. The task was a considerable one, but, good heavens! how the convicts now went to work! Where now was their idleness, their want of skill? The hatchets soon began to dance, and soon the rivets were sprung.
  21. Its plating can't give way; it's self–adhering and not dependent on the tightness of its rivets; and due to the perfect union of its materials, the solidarity of its construction allows it to defy the most violent.
  22. It is a combination of lines that instantly rivets the attention, and has probably a more powerful effect upon the mind—quite apart from anything symbolised by it—than any other simple combinations that could have been devised.
  23. Despite these alarms, I had become inconsolable when I saw a television news item about the scrapping of steam locomotives, with hammers and torches tearing out the rivets and cutting up the belly of a boiler to be thrown into the smelting furnace.
  24. Several of the solid oak trunks that made up the gate doors had been shattered, dislodged with their rivets sheared off, giving just enough space for some of the smaller creatures to swarm through and face the blades of the exhausted Tanarian garrison.

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