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    1. A circular rivet had been driven in with a screw to both overlap the nail and to hold it in place

    2. In the third chapter Amos uses a different method to rivet his hearers on what he is

    3. The super heating of the steel casing plates had already strained the rivet heads almost to breaking point, and the extra pressure tipped it over the edge

    4. I explored the walls with my hands, searching for a seam, a crack, or a rivet

    5. “Somewhere on the ship is a rivet that emits a noise when in the influence of a

    6. ‘Even that minor attraction has a name to rivet upon, but this unique happening would remain a nameless memory,’ he sighed at that time

    7. are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British

    8. cabin was lined with steel and it felt as if a rivet had punctured his

    9. “Saw me putting a rivet into McGuire’s head when all's I was doing was putting him out of his misery

    10. Though he took the shield off me and looked at it long and deep, his dark eyes taking in every shape and rivet and line, every movement of the goddess, her white dress floating around her in a mist, her long white hair, and he looked at me, stunned maybe, as all the time he could not say anything…

    1. His eyes were riveted to the scene on the balcony and the sight of her moved him so deeply that it took great strength to keep his control

    2. Angry, loud, male voices riveted her brain, holding her suspended in place, with the mighty tongue-lashing taking place

    3. Nebuchadnezzar stood riveted to one spot, his arms at his sides

    4. The cats' eyes were riveted to them as they soon vanished from view

    5. As the black overcoat was removed, all eyes in the room were riveted to Cupid’s magnificent wings

    6. By travelling so very young, by spending in the most frivolous dissipation the most previous years of his life, at a distance from the inspection and controul of his parents and relations, every useful habit, which the earlier parts of his education might have had some tendency to form in him, instead of being riveted and confirmed, is almost

    7. His attention was riveted on her as he altered his course to stop at the table in front of her

    8. His eyes were riveted on Rita’s face which spoke of a thousand promises with the slow flutter of her long black lashes

    9. I remained riveted to the spot

    10. The professor stood riveted

    1. story had become so riveting that none of us wanted to sleep

    2. The guards were constantly yielding up these stories, riveting for their stark terror which would then circulate through the office until Sinclair show up again to loosen the resolve of the next headstrong individual, and there’d be a new rumor

    3. Riveting his eyes through the rear view mirror on the alley entrance, he hastily planned to grab for the rifle the instant she came into view

    4. Next, the public was treated to a riveting story about how an undercover (covert) agent of the CIA had been outed

    5. The women (Riveting Rosies) were a big part of the behemoth that produced in

    6. Straightening against the back of his chair and riveting Nick with a serene gaze, “In nineteen and feefty, Almozt zirty yearce ago,” He said it as though he expected the question and he pointed his finger upward as he said it

    7. And what made this palace so riveting was, it glittered and sparkled

    8. Captain Van Boskerck illuminated the honored motto and secured its place in naval history with his riveting lyrics and music (Krietemeyer, The Coast Guardsman"s Manual, pp

    9. The dome had been made by riveting huge curved steel plates together

    10. When combined with everything else you’ve developed, poise and manners create an aura that’s riveting to behold

    1. iron forged, heavy with rivets of rain,

    2. Not that there was anything much to see, just grey and white panels and rivets, not even any flashing symbols

    3. edges with rivets, very quaint, even the wood

    4. The edges cut into her hands, and her boots slipped off the smooth metal rivets

    5. Then place rivets in the front and in the

    6. Several of the solid oak trunks that made up the gate doors had been shattered, dislodged with their rivets sheared off, giving just enough space for some of the smaller creatures to swarm through and face the blades of the exhausted Tanarian garrison

    7. leather seat cushions with shiny brass rivets

    8. The stainless steel surface of the vessel was smooth apart from the rivets that held the steel plates together

    9. The ladder rested against the dome at a point just above the central band of rivets that encircled the dome

    10. The lines of rivets were the only blemishes on an otherwise entirely smooth, shiny outer surface

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    Synonyms for "rivet"

    rivet stud center centre concentrate focus pore capture absorb catch occupy engage arrest secure

    "rivet" definitions

    ornament consisting of a circular rounded protuberance (as on a vault or shield or belt)

    heavy pin having a head at one end and the other end being hammered flat after being passed through holes in the pieces that are fastened together

    direct one's attention on something

    fasten with a rivet or rivets

    hold (someone's attention)