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Center in a sentence | center example sentences

  1. It is in the center.
  2. On the top center of.
  3. In the center of the.
  4. I have no other center.
  5. The center leads to love.

  6. In the center of these.
  7. Mark the center of the.
  8. Man is a thinking center.
  9. The Center Of Being, Inc.
  10. She was the center of my.
  11. World Trade Center and 9/ll.
  12. Standing in the center of.
  13. Bake in the center of the.
  14. In the center of the bare.
  15. It is the ends and center.

  16. You know, at the center.
  17. In the center of the room.
  18. He loves to be the center.
  19. In the center of the open.
  20. The chapel is at the center.
  21. Ben straddles my center then.
  22. Oneness is near your center.
  23. I drove to the center of town.
  24. I feel that I can center my.
  25. It is the center of existence.

  26. Also called the "center" or.
  27. But front and center of the.
  28. Up at the community center.
  29. The center is accredited in.
  30. In the center of this was a.
  31. Center for the Arts at Ithaca.
  32. Dan is at the center crying.
  33. The center of the opposition.
  34. We headed to the Center first.
  35. Business Center of New Hilfurt.
  36. I’m the center of their fun.
  37. The Rand Nature Center has a.
  38. And then in the center of Asia.
  39. In its center grows a huge tree.
  40. They took us to the center tent.
  41. Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
  42. That knocked him off his center.
  43. To the Center, he shouts.
  44. In its center was a taller log.
  45. Steady on the center then you.
  46. In the center there was a lake.
  47. It’s the center of the world.
  48. Visualize being in the center.
  49. He met me at the command center.
  50. Center of the new bowl position.
  51. As we move to the center there.
  52. She was the center of attention.
  53. Eaton Center to have a nice meal.
  54. Mayank dropped it on the center.
  55. Neil was standing at the center.
  56. I was in Soon Gut’s Care Center.
  57. The command center needed to be.
  58. Center for Consumer Freedom, The.
  59. In the center of the oval office.
  60. Further south was the city center.
  61. Center on your breathing as the.
  62. I looked around the center a bit.
  63. I use one with a removable center.
  64. From the center and nourishing….
  65. When the trio reached the center.
  66. Samuel Walker, front and center.
  67. Center is immune to disappearance.
  68. Center, is only three minutes away.
  69. Bill drove into the center of town.
  70. History Center in Tompkins County.
  71. In the center of them was a human.
  72. Looking for a day-care center to.
  73. Fathom the center of hopelessness.
  74. It’s smack in the center of.
  75. Marco are interred, in the center.
  76. Just remain in the center, watching.
  77. The arbor is the center of the reel.
  78. Center it just above my sports bra.
  79. Time to step up to the center ring.
  80. The center provides all stages of.
  81. They met in the center of the lobby.
  82. There is a warm mass at the center.
  83. Come join us at the medical center.
  84. Today the Medical center is named.
  85. There was a swastika in the center.
  86. Aum, in the center, was unblemished.
  87. There were many people in the center.
  88. National Center for Fathering (The).
  89. Center for Fathers & Families (The).
  90. According to The Center for Public.
  91. The center of the room was a large.
  92. Jerusalem is the center of the world.
  93. He built a watchtower in the center.
  94. It is our knowledge and fact center.
  95. Our apartment was in the city center.
  96. The Harrington Cancer Center offers.
  97. Not in an appendage, but the center.
  98. You stray away from your own center.
  99. The center is lost in the sway of a.
  100. The business that is the center of.

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