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Sacrifice in a sentence | sacrifice example sentences

  1. To sacrifice is to put.
  2. It was a clean sacrifice.
  3. She was to be a sacrifice.
  4. Was he a sacrifice to Tor?
  5. With a small sacrifice in.

  6. And the sacrifice is life;.
  7. This type of sacrifice is.
  8. And he had to sacrifice her.
  9. It is the sacrifice of self.
  10. He decided to sacrifice Moses.
  11. She could make that sacrifice.
  12. To have to sacrifice his seed!.
  13. The sacrifice of the innocent.
  14. She chose to sacrifice for him.
  15. We sacrifice life for property.

  16. It was the day of his sacrifice.
  17. By your toil, love and sacrifice.
  18. Have you shared that sacrifice?
  19. And the sacrifice for liberty.
  20. I admit he has made a sacrifice.
  21. But I won't accept the sacrifice.
  22. Her sacrifice, then, was useless.
  23. Knight's sacrifice had given her.
  24. The sacrifice would have to wait.
  25. This breed liked their sacrifice.

  26. Yagna in Sanskrit means sacrifice.
  27. And we think he made a sacrifice.
  28. The truth deserves the sacrifice.
  29. A teacher need not sacrifice her.
  30. Oblation: An offering; a sacrifice.
  31. I suspect the sacrifice was human.
  32. The sacrifice of the wicked is an.
  33. This is not a sacrifice, for what.
  34. She would make the great sacrifice.
  35. Could you understand the sacrifice.
  36. That was a true sacrifice for me.
  37. The price is the sacrifice of love.
  38. God Himself accepts the sacrifice?
  39. Isaac’s sacrifice was a proof of.
  40. But you will not sacrifice yourself.
  41. It was the reward tor her sacrifice.
  42. We will have a human sacrifice!.
  43. Bloody sacrifice in temples of death.
  44. Lovern’s sacrifice was not in vain.
  45. His sacrifice spared her that horror.
  46. He desires mercy more than sacrifice.
  47. Every profit taken a sacrifice given.
  48. But you have to accept the sacrifice.
  49. It's called being a living sacrifice.
  50. I just dreamed about the sacrifice.
  51. The person requesting the sacrifice.
  53. He had made the sacrifice of his life.
  54. America stands because of our sacrifice.
  55. There can be no life without sacrifice.
  56. And those who will bring the sacrifice.
  57. Who are these coming to the sacrifice?
  58. I needed to thank her for her sacrifice.
  59. The Bible tells us that this sacrifice.
  60. In other words, sacrifice of desire is.
  61. We could sacrifice a few old blankets.
  62. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make.
  63. The sacrifice is great, the rewards are.
  64. Still it was not a plan without sacrifice.
  65. The world of sacrifice has come to an end.
  66. And for that I would gladly sacrifice all.
  67. They sacrifice in this way so that their.
  68. It was the cost of the sacrifice he made.
  69. And We redeemed him with a great sacrifice.
  70. What will you sacrifice to make it happen?
  71. God chose to sacrifice an animal and gave.
  72. They live lives of hard work and sacrifice.
  73. He would not sacrifice his freedom and he.
  74. The sacrifice of Christ was in the end of.
  75. It was an award of Shah Bano’s sacrifice.
  76. There should be genuine love and sacrifice.
  77. Though it goes unnoticed it is a sacrifice.
  78. It is only a minimal sacrifice on your part.
  79. He must sacrifice himself for their welfare.
  80. That old woman watching the human sacrifice.
  81. So lets go back to that living sacrifice idea.
  82. Offer thyself willingly as a sacrifice for me.
  83. I knew that it was a sacrifice I had to make.
  84. An emolliated sacrifice to the Belmarsh boys.
  85. The sheriff was supposed to sacrifice himself.
  86. The Eucharist is also an expiatory sacrifice.
  87. She saw tragedy, sorrow, and sacrifice ahead.
  88. The purer the sacrifice, the quicker the rise.
  89. Sacrifice wrongly directed is still sacrifice.
  90. How can we sacrifice ourselves for the truth.
  91. The only sacrifice God is interested in is a.
  92. Houston was willing to sacrifice a meal or two.
  93. The sacrifice is great, the rewards are great.
  94. They sacrifice upon the tops of the mountains.
  95. Sacrifice the lies; never be afraid to ask why.
  96. Being a single parent is double the sacrifice.
  97. How much more of a noble sacrifice could you.
  98. The sacrifice by Shalako had been pointless!.
  99. If he did not sacrifice himself, how would he.
  100. The flight from duty is the sacrifice of truth.
  1. He did not mind sacrificing a.
  2. Sacrificing pieces when he had to.
  3. Sacrificing goats, I think it was.
  4. But it would mean sacrificing your memory.
  5. Sacrificing the Zhukov and her crew would.
  6. It was, in a way, noble and self sacrificing.
  7. She was gone, sacrificing herself to save him.
  8. I can love you without sacrificing my love for Suzanne.
  9. You would be sacrificing your loyal subjects uselessly.
  10. This is called sacrificing the small to save the great.
  11. Sacrificing themselves for something greater than they are.
  12. I could not dream of sacrificing it in this offhand fashion.
  13. Shamir noted, You are sacrificing Christians in the Coliseum.
  14. The alternative was sacrificing himself at the Games, and that.
  15. Sacrificing children? I can’t believe he’d even consider it.
  16. Sacrificing the best genetic examples of each breed in captivity.
  17. But Christian ministers are not sacrificing priests, and cannot be.
  18. I believe in helping others, even if it means sacrificing yourself.
  19. So, true giving consists in sacrificing out of faith, with no holds.
  20. There was no sense sacrificing the rest of that squadron, he thought.
  21. The disadvantage is that you will be sacrificing flexibility in the rod.
  22. It was a look she preferred: professional without sacrificing sensuality.
  23. Of course, that was probably very insufficient for sacrificing her sight.
  24. God knows, I would prefer sacrificing the whole, so that it would obtain me.
  25. Darling, you are burying yourself in your job and sacrificing your identity.
  26. Then I go to visit Borís—a man who is sacrificing his life for truth's sake.
  27. He was not fact of sacrificing in itself afforded him a new and joyous sensation.
  28. He had chosen his family over his country, sacrificing himself for their welfare.
  29. No! Ned and Conseil, my two gallant friends, were sacrificing themselves to save me.
  30. By sacrificing quality an investor can obtain a higher income return from his bonds.
  31. The second option relating to sacrificing profit for resources is through e-zine ads.
  32. Not only that, he is now bent on sacrificing the innocent wife and his mother as well.
  33. If a new convert had been sacrificing meat to an idol, and then eating the meat, this.
  34. But there is a conspicuous absence of New Testament proof that he is a sacrificing priest.
  35. Valjean reformed his life by serving others, sacrificing much for the well-being of Cosette.
  36. I may be sacrificing my life for all this, but I absolutely refused to sacrifice my dignity.
  37. These programs give you complete control over your bitcoins without sacrificing convenience.
  38. And that he will do anything to protect his faction, even if it means sacrificing the Divergent.
  39. Stealthily he moved his pieces forward and snapped hers up without sacrificing more than a knight.
  40. Otherwise, I would default to my usual position of sacrificing my own needs for the sake of others.
  41. Having some soy chips can be an effective way to add protein to your diet without sacrificing taste.
  42. Knowing that made him no happier about sacrificing forty percent of Thunderer’s firepower, though.
  43. If we so need money, we have to keep sacrificing the poor to keep it alive, how aztec is that?
  44. Sacrificing himself, he saved the Chinese entourage and the other dignitaries trapped in the basement.
  45. At that point, they have become so deluded as to think that sacrificing themselves and others in war.
  46. But do you realize the futility of sacrificing your subjects in a vain attempt to regain your crown?'.
  47. To Lydgate it seemed that he had been spending month after month in sacrificing more than half of his.
  48. USA and all nations deceive and delude their subjects into sacrificing their lives and the lives of the.
  49. He determined to try to ingratiate himself with Hunter and appease his wrath by sacrificing someone else.
  50. Rumor hadn’t been confirmed yet, but it appeared that Deanna may have saved her by sacrificing herself.
  51. And we thank you for that, Sam said pointedly, understanding what Gabby was sacrificing to help them.
  52. The time of gullible fools sacrificing themselves and being sacrificed onto the altars of the undead is OVER.
  53. Only by sacrificing most of my own defenses could I breach his, and so it was a short and gory struggle indeed.
  54. Oddly enough, they usually held off sacrificing a child until most disasters would have ended naturally anyway.
  55. The concept of sacrificing something important to the gods or to spirits is common in religions around the world.
  56. Those who died bravely without complaint and with sacrificing regard for others did not lose their lives in vain.
  57. So did he in Bethel, sacrificing to the calves that he had made, and he placed in Bethel the priests of the high.
  58. Values abound and we believe we can broaden and diversify the portfolio without sacrificing future rates of return.
  59. The method of sacrificing the basilisk was unique—enough to cause fits of madness in animal lovers and vegetarians.
  60. In my humble opinion, leaving those 4,000 soldiers ashore would be tantamount to sacrificing them for no good purpose.
  61. As stated earlier, these people had to survive by killing and sacrificing the animals to survive the harsher climates.
  62. She had achieved her "pathetic scene" without sacrificing ROBERT RAY, and she kept a watchful eye on Diana as she read it.
  63. Hitler was a monstrously inverted Jesus, sacrificing his life and denying himself so that (Aryan) humanity should benefit.
  64. Jesus thought that by sacrificing himself for the people, he would avoid causing the deaths of many of the people he loved.
  65. He opened it on the 25th at $140! Sacrificing accuracy for expediency, he admitted to making $25,000 for his trading account.
  66. These were the guys who were later credited with, ‘cheerfully,’ sacrificing their lives for the upper-class establishment.
  67. Sacrificing ourselves in such an attempt will serve little purpose other than to help us preserve our honor with a noble death.
  68. She had lied twice in succession, one after the other, without hesitation, promptly, as a person does when sacrificing herself.
  69. Since the others did not have saddles, they rode bareback with rope halters Timmy made by sacrificing his good calf roping rope.
  70. They steadfastly refused to give up and were determined to keep going even if it meant sacrificing twenty million Japanese lives.
  71. The practice of sacrificing human victims to a god is revolting to modern minds, but was fairly commonplace in the ancient world.
  72. The biggest 'crime' is not sacrificing your life's efforts to a bunch of looting beggars you'll never have the misfortune to meet.
  73. Yes you are! That’s the whole point! I wanted to save you, and if saving you meant sacrificing myself, then I was willing to do that.
  74. He was not occupied with the question of what to sacrifice for; the fact of sacrificing in itself afforded him a new and joyous sensation.
  75. I don’t mind sacrificing myself for my country or I would never have come here in the first place and as it is I don’t have long anyway.
  76. With what? Pierre could not say, and he did not try to determine for whom and for what he felt such particular delight in sacrificing everything.
  77. But we are told that the enterprising merchant is deprived of an opportunity—of what? Of ruining himself and sacrificing the industry of others.
  78. They surely had killed many others, perhaps including some of the children that the cult was so fond of sacrificing on their bloodstained altars.
  79. A great number of Jews use the excuse of the Temple being destroyed by the Romans to resist sacrificing animals to that old wrathful mythical being.
  80. Mosaic allows you to span any application across multiple displays or projectors from a single workstation without sacrificing performance or power.
  81. They were advancing slowly but steadily, sacrificing speed for protection and the ability to withstand almost any attack against them with impunity.
  82. Sacrificing your love, your marriage, your friends, the community that raised you, the values you were taught… all for the curse of upward mobility.
  83. As Jesus told the Pharisees, God considered justice, mercy and faithfulness much more important than tithing, sacrificing and being right before others.
  84. In this book, Field lays out the guidelines for putting social responsibility, both corporate and individual, into practice without sacrificing profits.
  85. Perhaps the colonel was wrong to accept these conditions, but he submitted to them, thinking that he was doing right and sacrificing no one but himself.
  86. That, perhaps, it was best for me; I had less to regret in sacrificing a friendship, feelings, hopes which must, at any rate, have been torn from me now.
  87. This was the first encounter by terrorists with American civilians determined to take them out, even if it meant sacrificing their own lives (Flight 93).
  88. It is believed that the commander of the battalion knew the forces against them were overwhelming yet continued with the attack, sacrificing most of his men.
  89. You put the words into my mouth, equating abortion to the ancient pagan practice of sacrificing the children, conceived by ritual temple prostitution, to Molech.
  90. The sin of sacrificing everything you have for your fucking upward mobility…Sacrificing your children’s health and happiness, sacrificing your own happiness.
  91. He said: It is like a firstborn son: you spend your life working for him, sacrificing everything for him, and at the moment of truth he does just as he pleases.
  92. The product looks perfect in look and use after sacrificing time and money in magnitudes to give the money intended to and more accurate with regard to earth damage.
  93. It was only a matter of time before her beauty would start to fade, and she would then strip bare and walk into the Forest, sacrificing herself to the waiting trees.
  94. Charity: The sacrificing love of Christ that a Christian has toward God; a Christ like disposition of heart that inclines one Christian to think favorably on another.
  95. Making the effort for Hallowe’en without sacrificing style, Hunter was wearing a tasteful black suit with a long black cloak and a white mask covering half his face.
  96. To refuse permission to the 8th Army to evacuate Korea in these conditions is tantamount to sacrificing all these men and women for nothing, you damn jackass!’’.
  97. Are we willing to sacrifice for ours? The sacrificing of the ease of fast food for the good nutrition of home cooking pays off in long life, but the payoff takes time.
  98. Should she blame herself for sacrificing her own ambitions for the King’s needs, or him for letting her? No doubt it had been the right decision, at least financially.
  99. No human mother could have shown more unselfish and sacrificing devotion than did this poor, wild brute for the little orphaned waif whom fate had thrown into her keeping.
  100. Having a long time horizon gives certain investors a natural edge in harvesting liquidity premia; they get rewarded for sacrificing liquidity that they simply do not need.
  1. She was to be sacrificed!.
  2. When the child is sacrificed.
  3. Jebusite, then he sacrificed there.
  4. Sacrificed a lot for her education.
  5. I even sacrificed a drip of brandy.
  6. I’ve sacrificed so much for them.
  7. Something is sacrificed to diction.
  8. She sacrificed everything for Jenks.
  9. I sacrificed nothing Garcia said.
  10. Esyth had sacrificed herself for them all.
  11. Anything's better than being sacrificed.
  12. Cherry had sacrificed herself to save his.
  13. Kira could just as easily have sacrificed you.
  14. The animal is sacrificed in the most barbaric.
  15. He sacrificed himself to our father to save me.
  16. He sacrificed a sheep and offered incense at a.
  17. But she’ll be sacrificed as soon as the sun.
  18. I’ve sacrificed enough of myself to the state.
  19. In many instances, the closeness was sacrificed.
  20. The Son loved the Father, He sacrificed His life.
  21. No one should be sentenced to be sacrificed this.
  22. They often sacrificed newborn infants to the gods.
  23. For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.
  24. On this day yet another infant would be sacrificed.
  25. Spiritually sacrificed to the ancestors of the Well.
  26. You have sacrificed all of that to live here with me.
  27. We among the nine mil have sacrificed all in the name.
  28. This one instance will show how he sacrificed himself.
  29. To attain it and retain it, they sacrificed everything.
  30. She sacrificed herself so that I would learn the truth.
  31. Al had sacrificed so much to restore the House of Life.
  32. I’m the one he sacrificed himself for, Jada says.
  33. They'd sacrificed so much to give me a decent education.
  34. Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto.
  35. A girl my age had sacrificed herself to save her friends.
  36. He happens to be the one that’s sacrificed for the men.
  37. Through the years, I loved, cared and sacrificed for them.
  38. Ronald Sanders was not murdered per se, he was sacrificed.
  39. In the bloody political struggles of his day he sacrificed.
  40. Core principles cannot be sacrificed under any circumstances.
  41. She sacrificed her life for us, and her loss is felt deeply.
  42. He sacrificed a life, and we now have this everlasting bond.
  43. What did they actually worship? A dead killed, sacrificed God.
  44. I think he’d have sacrificed me, I think that was the plan.
  45. The family that she had sacrificed so much for had turned on.
  46. The Father loved, and He released His Son, sacrificed His Son.
  47. She lay to be sacrificed for him because she loved him so much.
  48. She had sacrificed herself for him because she believed in him.
  49. Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit acts of.
  50. At one time, they sacrificed animals to propitiate angry gods.
  51. I sacrificed the super cheap seat covers and will buy some more.
  52. But sometimes good people must be sacrificed for the greater good.
  53. Slaves taken in battle were traded, not sacrificed for many years.
  54. Was burned in a sacred fire that consumed the sacrificed offering.
  55. There were other altars in the area that sacrificed to other gods.
  56. In the last 9 years she has sacrificed as much as I have suffered.
  57. My dad had sacrificed himself to become the host of Osiris last year.
  58. No other Unseelie Prince would have sacrificed himself, I snap.
  59. He sacrificed his life, so you could complete your life’s purpose.
  60. I sacrificed it to Vulcan, for it was past serving the god Terminus.
  61. Though I was sure I had sacrificed another piece of my aura to them.
  62. Leblanc would be sacrificed, and, who knows? Thenardier would escape.
  63. This is the greatest waste: life sacrificed for product and profit.
  64. They had even sacrificed Moscow to the French, as they let time go by.
  65. Green car, an ancestral crop is sacrificed for a new world convenience.
  66. If a bottle of beer had been available he would have sacrificed one of.
  67. This is the reason why the blow was aimed, and your commerce sacrificed.
  68. Pride, lust and greed have to be sacrificed in the interests of ecstasy.
  69. They were not spear-fodder, to be sacrificed for the glory of better men.
  70. But Fazlullah said, ‘On this Eid two-legged animals will be sacrificed.
  71. I sacrificed everything to redeem what belonged to Me from the beginning.
  72. I was told I had already sacrificed enough and loyally served my country.
  73. She refused to desert him and, I understand, sacrificed her life with him.
  74. Only the innocent Jews were slaughtered and sacrificed to the gods of war.
  75. Ah, yes; he told me it was you who sacrificed to the demon of speculation.
  76. But he had been in pain, and harassed, and he had sacrificed the boy to it.
  77. I knew none of this until the day Hektor sacrificed his life to save mine.
  78. Very few leaders have sacrificed receiving honor at such an important event.
  79. It may also refer to a man with nobility of purpose but sacrificed his life.
  80. He sacrificed himself in order that his son might be rich and happy some day.
  81. I had a plan, a plan to have all the things Gramma had sacrificed so much for.
  82. They told Him they’d been sacrificed for something worshiped more than they.
  83. Secondly, you sacrificed well over a hundred ships just to cover our escape.
  84. The most important thing which could be sacrificed was, usually, a human being.
  85. It is the essence of Life, why do you think the Celts sacrificed animals to me.
  86. Here, the heroic boys of Chapultepec sacrificed themselves and became a legend.
  87. Murbella sacrificed more of the Zeromuos’ size in order to recreate the foot.
  88. It enjoys the bliss of meeting its Provider after it sacrificed its meat for man.
  89. He sacrificed himself for me and what did I do? I fell in love with another man.
  90. Many mothers before her had witnessed their infants being sacrificed to the gods.
  91. But have we not sacrificed too much to this quality of vitality? Here is a lady.
  92. Afterwards, clueless priests literally sacrificed lambs to their god, during the.
  93. Ark, sacrificed sheep and oxen, which could not be told nor numbered for multitude.
  94. I would even have sacrificed my all in trying to save them in spite of themselves.
  95. I believe you sacrificed everything because you wanted to kill those Rotham ships.
  96. What sort of animal is to be offered or sacrificed, its age, and in some cases its.
  97. As I drove toward his house, my mind flooded with all the things I had sacrificed.
  98. At last, they sacrificed two officers to accompany me, which turned out to be a wise.
  99. Most, if not all of your other hobbies and interests will be sacrificed to this goal.
  100. She sacrificed herself to save us, he said miserably, Her death was my fault.
  1. The origin of human sacrifices.
  2. A god must have his sacrifices.
  3. Will animal sacrifices be restored?
  4. Many of these sacrifices were done.
  5. Sacrifices need to be made to seek.
  6. These sacrifices are outlined for us.
  7. The sacrifices were gifts to God and.
  8. Superman sacrifices a lot to be a hero.
  9. We can’t let her sacrifices go waste.
  10. Sacrifices linger to stretch the moment.
  11. Love does not war for, but sacrifices to.
  12. He is the agent who effects the sacrifices.
  13. There are sacrifices in the heavenlies just.
  14. They offered animal sacrifices in the temple.
  15. The sacrifices would pay off, he had assured.
  16. However, these sacrifices only had to do with.
  17. He specified that the sacrifices should be you.
  18. And following his crucifixion, when sacrifices.
  19. It sacrifices today at the altar of the tomorrow.
  20. His connotation of sacrifices came from Leviticus.
  21. It reinstates the Law with it's animal sacrifices.
  22. The blood sacrifices of animals could not change.
  23. Isn’t this the man who sacrifices a son for.
  24. A series of sacrifices on an accelerating schedule.
  25. The system of sacrifices and offerings were quite.
  26. Sacrifices that transformed ‘Business As Usual’.
  27. All the sacrifices will be seen, as with you little.
  28. Why Paul? Because of our self-denials and sacrifices.
  29. We were out with Gabby performing blood sacrifices.
  30. The proper sacrifices were made and rituals observed.
  31. Does this mean the church sacrifices children? Hardly.
  32. That is the reason He sacrifices Jesus…for us - all.
  33. Is willing to make sacrifices and help anyone in need.
  34. The blood of her living sacrifices adorns these bushes.
  35. Tales of horror and blood sacrifices are spread abroad.
  36. Those who have made the great sacrifices and fulfilled.
  37. Does this mean the church sacrifices children? Not really.
  38. Our Ceremonial Sacrifices will be laid on the stone alter.
  39. After the fire is lit the head priest sacrifices a chicken.
  40. Its sacrifices would always be acceptable offered on the.
  42. Jesus ended sacrifices; Jesus was the sacrifice to end all.
  43. For these we planters are making sacrifices, and we know it.
  45. If Crug could have his virgin sacrifices, then they could too.
  46. Yes, for when the sacrifices are re-established! Unbelievable.
  47. The blood of the sacrifices only covered over the sins in the.
  48. The feast of sacrifices at Id-al-Adha goes to stone alone.
  49. Love sacrifices its individualistic wants for the communal 109.
  50. Human sacrifices decide immoral doctrine expressed through death.
  51. A woman who had laid on herself such sacrifices could well allow.
  52. To be sure, he answered, and went away laughing to the sacrifices.
  53. Garlands: The victims of heathen sacrifices were adorned with this.
  54. And lives went on between the shores of sacrifices and compromises.
  55. After all, many Americans have made much bigger sacrifices for us.
  56. In exchange, I would light the giving fires and perform sacrifices.
  57. The animal sacrifices required to sanctify the priestly garments is.
  58. If it occurs on its own, then why the sacrifices? Murphy asked.
  59. As we study the Temple system and its sacrifices, we begin to see a.
  60. These sacrifices have the capability to nullify the natural sanskars.
  61. Yes, he is one of the terrible sacrifices caused by Nicholas's ideas.
  62. A man who sacrifices his life for God is a martyr, a king of paradise.
  63. Each of the above is detailed, particularly sacrifices and offerings:-.
  64. Referring to Daniel 9, there are two reasons temple sacrifices came to.
  65. The sage who sacrifices the fruits of his action to God attains to.
  66. There many who teach that the sacrifices have been done away with.
  67. No nation ever before made such sacrifices of the present to the future.
  68. I can no longer cavalierly deny the sacrifices of those who went before.
  69. He and his allies made what must have been to them appalling sacrifices.
  71. That’s certainly doable if you make sacrifices and track your progress.
  72. According to him, there were sacrifices to Dionysus as well as to Hermes.
  73. Still I, can't approve of your not having brought sacrifices to the gods.
  74. But in those sacrifices there is a remembrance made of sins year by year.
  75. It was His people, Israel, who benefitted from these sacrifices, not the.
  76. Each and every one of the sacrifices offered at the Temple contained salt.
  77. But to be a good entertainer required sacrifices I wasn’t prepared to make.
  78. If we really want to understand the elaborately staged sacrifices and sacred.
  79. Could our tragedies all be about sacrifices that others’ souls make for us?
  80. It was in these sacrifices that he made the differences between Man and Woman.
  81. Nevertheless, we must always remember the bravery and sacrifices of those who.
  82. His sacrifices were made to ensure a high quality of life for future Americans.
  83. Two years and countless sacrifices later, the sphere had expanded to eight feet.
  84. There was the business of providing suitable animals for the various sacrifices.
  85. True mystics made sacrifices and efforts with the dedication of others who have.
  86. The Jewish religion was centered round and totally dependence on the sacrifices.
  87. Immediately, even before the temple itself was built, animal sacrifices and offer-.
  88. It demands sacrifices sure, but for those cal ed to it, a normal life would never.
  89. Learn and embrace the eternal value of making sacrifices to pioneer like Jim Elliot.
  90. Its sacrifices would always be acceptable offered on the altars by the sons of Levi.
  91. He will then offer some sacrifices to Poseidon and the god will finally be placated.
  92. A leader serves those he’s over and even if necessary sacrifices himself for them.
  93. The former covenant, (requiring animal sacrifices) in the Old Testament, is now done.
  94. In the Old Testament sacrifices, the lamb had to die to take away sins [Exodus 12:5.
  95. Men are ready for great sacrifices, but not those which the new life demands of them.
  96. After having offered these good sacrifices to Poseidon, he can return home and there.
  97. Daniel speaks of an "abomination of desolation" at a time when the regular sacrifices.
  98. Men are ready for tremendous sacrifices, but not for those which life demands of them.
  99. A woman who had laid on herself such sacrifices could well allow herself certain whims.
  100. She is the one who gave me my skills for healing and sacrifices must be made to her.

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