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Bless in a sentence | bless example sentences

  1. He used to bless me.
  2. He wants to bless me.
  3. Forgive me and bless me.
  4. God will bless all who.
  5. May God bless him always.

  6. May God bless her soul.
  7. God has promised to bless.
  8. They will bless you, beta.
  9. God bless the digital age.
  10. That will bless your heart.
  11. God bless you and keep you.
  12. Bless you! He won't do that.
  13. Keep in touch and God bless.
  14. Bless me in great abundance.
  15. Thank you all and God bless.

  16. May God bless you always.
  17. And, bless me! here they are.
  18. Bless you - live by his word.
  19. Thank you all, and God bless.
  20. God bless them, the darlings.
  21. God bless you, my children.
  22. Bless you the Lord, O my soul.
  23. That in blessing I will bless.
  24. We are blessed to bless others.
  25. God bless you and the Pioneers.

  26. Bless their substance Lord and.
  27. Bless you Jesse for everything.
  28. And I will bless her, and give.
  29. God sent His Son to bless the.
  30. He says: Oh God, bless me truly.
  31. Thank you and God bless you all.
  32. You're special today, God bless.
  33. Pray that the Lord may bless us.
  34. We must learn to bless, in the.
  35. I was going to bless my husband.
  36. Bless you Sanguine, you divine.
  37. And I will bless them that bless.
  38. God bless you Henry Livingson.
  39. Bless our efforts with the rich.
  40. I bless your computer, my child.
  41. Bless you, child! Mother told me.
  42. Bless! Her face has gone all pink.
  43. He said: God bless you, my son.
  44. Will we sing, and bless this place.
  45. Bless you, darling, he cried.
  46. God bless them, he continued.
  47. God bless the surgeons and nurses.
  48. I will bless the Lord at all times.
  49. God bless and pass the WORD on to.
  50. Thankyou once again and God Bless!.
  51. Bless their vigorous little bodies.
  52. Bless me, it seems the elephant.
  53. To everything it presents the bless.
  54. Here you are! God bless you!.
  55. O God bless you, God forgive you!.
  56. Bless me! But it is most remarkable.
  57. The Lord intends to bless His people.
  58. Their benediction empty as they bless.
  59. That you still bless us to come unite.
  60. He had a wife who could bless any life.
  61. The "Bless me" was startled out of Mr.
  62. Bless you, child, I wouldn't tell on.
  63. I bless the day that you came to be.
  64. He asked the person to bless him, and.
  65. Mother loved me dearly, bless her soul.
  66. God was the witness, God did it bless;.
  67. When you bless the poor with your love.
  68. Living a Life while searching a bless -.
  69. Yes, I will bless her, and she will be.
  70. Here's old Bill Barley, bless your eyes.
  71. Thank you for everything, and bless you.
  72. But bless me, please, for I have sinned.
  73. I do not blame the law, but I bless God.
  74. When he came to bless his own household.
  75. God save the King, and bless this union.
  76. He does not bless the work of evil-doers.
  77. God Bless that woman, he silently thought.
  78. Lord, bless us, and we are blessed indeed.
  79. Bless, O Lord this food that it may be an.
  80. Bless them with good health and happiness.
  81. Bless me! there’s Dent and Lynn in the.
  82. Then David returned to bless his household.
  83. It is indeed precious, to have God bless.
  84. May the Lord bless the Church in the world.
  85. And I know He will bless – He always does.
  86. The Lord will bless you upon the earth (Ps.
  87. And bless Nicki and Todd, wherever they are.
  88. Merry! How they have grown! Bless me! But I.
  89. Call their names in your heart and bless them.
  90. Ahoy! Bless your eyes, here's old Bill Barley.
  91. He does that with you, too? Bless his heart.
  92. God bless you, there you are there [Thank you.
  93. Bless my dad that he can come to know you now.
  94. May the Lord bless the peoples of all Nations.
  95. You never know how your testimony will bless.
  96. Caressingly I’ll bless all men and things -.
  97. Pray sincerely, that God will bless them in a.
  99. Thou wouldst bless what we now bless, and that.
  100. Thou shalt bless the crown of the year with Thy.
  1. In need of a blessing.
  2. It is truly a blessing.
  3. It is a blessing that.
  4. The smile was a blessing.
  5. Blessing of a New House.
  6. It was a special blessing.
  7. Blessing of Children - Mk.
  8. Pray for the blessing of.
  9. The blessing of the Lord.
  10. With the blessing of his.
  11. For them it is a blessing.
  12. It was a blessing that Dr.
  13. Think of it as a blessing.
  14. A blessing in the old way.
  15. The Blessing Of The Spirit.
  16. The Blessing of the Spirit.
  17. The blessing of Christ is.
  18. Blessing of a Water Supply.
  19. This is a place of blessing.
  20. It is the blessing of the.
  21. Blessing of the Spirit - Gal.
  22. A blessing from the heavens.
  23. As soon as the blessing comes.
  24. Be blessed and be a blessing.
  25. Patience & the Blessing - Heb.
  26. This is the greatest blessing.
  27. The power of the blessing is.
  28. The cold water was a blessing.
  29. It will be a special blessing.
  30. And that is blessing enough!.
  31. The blessing of the Lord has.
  32. The blessing of the Lord had.
  33. That in blessing I will bless.
  34. Blessing of Cheese and Butter.
  35. The blessing has power; it is.
  36. Idols and the Loss of Blessing.
  37. Thomas viewed it as a blessing.
  38. What a blessing that was to me.
  39. Unmask and receive my blessing.
  40. Blessing Others With Our Words.
  41. There; my blessing with thee!.
  42. But , accept as their blessing.
  43. But we both need your blessing.
  44. He is the Blessing to the world.
  45. What is the greatest blessing?
  46. The blessing of giving charity.
  47. Yep and got his blessing too.
  48. The power of God’s blessing.
  49. Emotions are a mixed blessing.
  50. Blessing on the Next Generation.
  51. The blessing will be increased.
  52. Since the blessing of the Lord.
  53. And his is the greatest blessing.
  54. The power of the blessing will.
  55. Blessing for the Sprouting Seed.
  56. Blessing the Bread and the Wine.
  57. The blessing of the Lord comes.
  58. This news is truly a blessing.
  59. Death was indeed a blessing for.
  60. Blessing in the Beatitudes - Matt.
  61. The blessing of the Spirit will.
  62. Yet through it all the blessing.
  63. Prayer – The blessing of peace.
  64. Prayer brings the blessing of God.
  65. It would be a wonderful blessing.
  66. The blessing of belief and piety.
  67. You have my blessing and my love.
  68. Your father gave me his blessing.
  69. God’s blessing into their lives.
  70. Blessing In The Midst Of Trouble.
  71. They can experience the blessing.
  72. There was one blessing at Zentsuji.
  73. This is an unexpected blessing.
  74. God is the only source of blessing.
  75. Always blessing me with His grace.
  76. The Blessing Of The Lord Upon The.
  77. In The Blessing I had sent to them.
  78. God will restore His blessing in.
  79. That donkey sure is a blessing.
  80. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.
  81. Talk about an unexpected blessing.
  82. The ability to write is a blessing.
  83. God was the source of the blessing.
  84. A perfect blessing fills the heart.
  85. The blessing of the Lord will be.
  86. It is a blessing so great that it.
  87. God has promised His blessing; we.
  88. Faith obtains the blessing of the.
  89. Will fill with largest blessing.
  90. It is an affliction and a blessing.
  91. The blessing of the Lord is still.
  92. The blessing of the Lord upon the.
  93. The Blessing of Children Together.
  94. The Path Of Blessing In The Psalms.
  95. Blessing say: 2x2 is not 4, it is 10.
  96. Blessing on the Next Generation - Is.
  97. The Blessing Of The Lord And Prayer.
  98. The blessing of the Lord in all of.
  99. The blessing of His Spirit will be.
  100. One less witch is a blessing to.
  1. I am blessed to have.
  2. I am blessed to work.
  3. I was blessed with it.
  4. Yes, he will be blessed.
  5. I'm blessed in my mind.
  6. So what is the blessed.
  7. I feel so very blessed.
  8. I'm blessed in my body.
  9. I was blessed to watch.
  10. So who is blessed with.
  11. Blessed be his holy name.
  12. The I man blessed today.
  13. I’m blessed to be rich.
  14. In the end, I was blessed.
  15. I'm blessed in my family.
  16. I love the Blessed Mother.
  17. He was not blessed with.
  18. You are blessed of women.
  19. Was born this blessed day.
  20. They took a blessed life.
  21. The "blessed day" wore on.
  22. I thought what a blessed.
  23. You have a blessed day.
  24. This is blessed as it is.
  25. I have been blessed with.
  26. As he blessed 777 of 967.
  27. They were blessed in all.
  28. That area is blessed with.
  29. Blessed are they who mourn.
  30. I'm blessed in my marriage.
  31. Be blessed and Happy 2009!.
  32. A life that is blessed of.
  33. That blessed island of the.
  34. We have been blessed with.
  35. She blessed Rosa or cursed.
  36. And the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  37. Blessed be the God of truth.
  38. Therefore I blessed this Mr.
  39. My blessed Destiny, it comes.
  40. For all of blessed infinity.
  41. This sadhana is very blessed.
  42. He has blessed our cause.
  43. Blessed are they that mourn:.
  45. Be blessed and be a blessing.
  46. He blessed and sanctified it.
  47. I blessed that watch divine!.
  48. The children who are blessed.
  49. Again, Allah had blessed him.
  50. Most of all, he felt blessed.
  51. You are the Son of the blessed.
  52. Blessed by the Moon’s Blush.
  53. What a blessed 50th birthday.
  54. Blessed are ye that weep now:.
  55. And he blessed her with a past.
  56. We are blessed to bless others.
  57. In going by he had blessed us.
  58. Kingship 101: Blessed are the.
  59. In a reality that is blessed.
  60. Blessed are the pure of heart.
  61. Blessed is the man whose sin.
  62. When you are blessed with an.
  63. We were blessed with children.
  64. With newly blessed divine wine.
  65. Blessed be the name of The Lord.
  66. Second, I am blessed with the.
  67. He was blessed with prescience.
  68. In the end you will be blessed.
  69. Esau's hands: so he blessed him.
  70. Blessed are the pure in heart:.
  71. I have been blessed with many.
  72. Blessed are you among women!.
  73. Blessed are the poor in spirit.
  74. Have a great day and be blessed.
  75. And We blessed Moses and Aaron.
  76. For God has blessed me with you.
  77. Blessed in the Wilderness - Deut.
  78. Blessed are the gentle of heart.
  79. Blessed be his most sacred heart.
  80. He blessed him above the others.
  81. We are either blessed or cursed.
  82. Once again the Earth is blessed.
  83. Blessed are the poor in spirit:.
  84. Thanks in advance and be blessed.
  85. Again each in turn blessed John.
  86. Blessed are ye that hunger now:.
  87. You are now the blessed of Yahweh.
  88. Or that it were her blessed doom.
  89. By their blessed memory we must.
  90. This was a blessed time of peace.
  91. Blessed and fortunate are those.
  92. We are blessed to help them stand.
  93. He is truly blessed by God now.
  94. The blessed island of fortunes.
  95. Blessed is the Born of this Time.
  96. Blessed be the name of The Lord!.
  97. Blessed is the man who makes you.
  98. I‘ve always been blessed with a.
  99. While I have been blessed with a.
  100. My mother blessed me with prayers.
  1. He blesses God.
  2. When He blesses you, He.
  3. Love blesses the unfortunate.
  4. Which blesses all us for a while….
  5. Blesses all my self and all that stuff.
  6. I hope this blesses you the way it does.
  7. Love gives silence and blesses his blessed.
  8. The Creator blesses us and sustains life.
  9. She always blesses me whenever I pray to her.
  10. He blesses the people in silence and passes on.
  11. I hope it blesses you as it did me - Kristina.
  12. Whether He blesses or curses He is forever righteous.
  13. Therefore, God out of His love He blesses us and out of.
  14. Indeed they are beautiful, but the Creator blesses nature.
  15. Blessed are you, Yahweh, who blesses his people Israel with peace.
  16. It says: He blesses all people; causes the rain to come on all people.
  17. Even on super hot days, God still blesses us with a little breeze that.
  18. Florence, the faithful, God blesses you, he said, kissing her cheek.
  19. This is a compilation of personal testimonies of how God blesses when we are.
  20. For the wicked boasts of his heart's desire, and blesses the covetous, whom the LORD.
  21. Is love not the greatest virtue? She smiled softly to say, Jesse, God blesses you.
  22. He blesses us and uses us to accomplish more than we’re capable of, if we just let Him.
  23. There is a popular Greek saying, that the priest first blesses his beard and then the faithful.
  24. Warren Wiersbe once said: It never ceases to amaze me that God blesses people I disagree with.
  25. No man may seek to slay his brother while she who blesses all alike is passing among her children.
  26. God blesses those who realize their need for him, for the kingdom of heaven is given to them.
  27. He thought about the day when the Angel of the One Lord met him, blesses him and change his name to Israel.
  28. He holds out His hands to them, blesses them, and a healing virtue comes from contact with Him, even with His garments.
  29. His secrets remain with the righteous; the curse of the Lord is in the house of the wicked, but he blesses the home of the just; surely.
  30. If Allah is angry with someone, He gives him illegal sustenance, and if He is angry with him more and more, He blesses and grows this for him.
  31. How great and mighty are his overflowing influence and drawing power! True goodness is like water in that it blesses everything and harms nothing.
  32. The Pope from Rome cabled his greetings in response to a cable from the Congress, saying: 'The Sovereign Pontiff gladly and proudly blesses you with all his heart.
  33. I don't know whether you read that scripture, because the Christian thinking often goes along the line: God blesses the Christians; He doesn't bless the non-Christians.
  34. Yes, I believe that God in all his blessings, blesses us with these temptations until we have seen the glory of His power and submit to Him all of our earthly qualities.
  35. A deal of people, Miss, are for trusting all to Providence; but I say Providence will not dispense with the means, though He often blesses them when they are used discreetly.
  36. This certain and actual truth is based on noting other than the Qur'an who includes the Sun'na, the tradition, the jurisprudence and all what benefits man and blesses him here and in the hereafter.
  37. So, thank one another for being here and be thankful for what we are sharing together, and in this way we create an environment of health that blesses each of us daily with its breath of thankfulness.
  38. Grace doesn’t just relent deserved punishment, it also blesses you with the greatest gifts you could receive! (Like the inheritance of God!) Grace is also known as the manifestation of God’s life in us.
  39. Actually God is always blessing the natural life of man and of course the Spiritual life of men, God is a Spirit, Read John 4:24, So we can easily believe The Spirit of God blesses our Physical body with good health daily.
  40. So a person can speak, and the words they speak release a violent, murderous, destructive spirit against you, or they can speak different kinds of words, and release a life-giving spirit that heals, refreshes, touches and blesses you.
  41. The acre may produce two sacs, but they are enough for two years because Allah protects and blesses them, but if the acre produces twenty five sacs as we see now and there are mites in hearts like rancor and spite, then mites go to plants and moths come from everywhere.
  42. Yes, I have nothing of earthly value, but I have never been so happy, so healthy and so immensely grateful towards God, my family and friends and yes, never was I so close to God who blesses me beyond belief with treasures in heaven (and still takes care of me here on earth).
  43. The girls gave their hearts into their mother's keeping, their souls into their father's, and to both parents, who lived and labored so faithfully for them, they gave a love that grew with their growth and bound them tenderly together by the sweetest tie which blesses life and outlives death.
  44. Kawa Noj is also asked to bless children who are studying in the ladino school system: at this point in the ceremony the children come forward and the priest blesses them by touching them with candles on the head (where ideas are born) and hands (with which they write), and then he throws the candles into the fire.
  45. Emphatically this was one of those good actions that blesses him who acts and him who is acted upon; and never did well-doer glow with a warmer consciousness of having done well than I glowed as I lay on the deck of the _Bertha_ watching the sea-gulls in great comfort, and eating not only my own cherries but the Professor's as well.
  46. That blesses in the dreams,.

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