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Spare in a sentence | spare example sentences

  1. I have a spare bed.
  2. But I shall spare her.
  3. We want to spare them.
  4. You are a spare wheel.
  5. The robe was a spare.

  6. He gave me a spare key.
  7. But we have a spare key.
  8. I can spare you an hour.
  9. In his spare time, Jon.
  10. I have no time to spare.
  11. Now it's the spare room.
  12. But he did not spare her.
  13. Spend all of your spare.
  14. I’m in the spare room.
  15. Spare me the song lyrics.

  16. He would spare her waters.
  17. We will spare you're life.
  18. I have some I can spare.
  19. I wanted to spare you pain.
  20. We had a few hours to spare.
  21. He Remembers To Spare Them.
  22. I have no time to spare….
  23. But how can I spare her?
  24. Don’t spare the Xs and Os.
  25. You might at least spare me.

  26. Not like I had any to spare.
  27. I would spare you if I could.
  28. All your spare time in this.
  29. Never had the money to spare.
  30. With hardly any time to spare.
  31. Have a look in the spare room.
  32. Then came the spare parts guy.
  33. Even if we spare the boy—.
  34. The third held spare legal pads.
  35. At least spare our children.
  36. I will spare your life Alistair.
  37. Have you got a spare hairpin?
  38. Mona had not much time to spare.
  39. We made it with a metre to spare.
  40. He rolled a spare shirt into a.
  41. Do not try to spare me—now.
  42. In his spare time he started to.
  43. We have a spare room you can use.
  44. Can you spare a few minutes?
  45. Eagerly without a moment to spare.
  46. She had ass and breasts to spare.
  47. Elena: Please, spare me your lies.
  48. How many men can you spare me?'.
  49. Oh, shucks, yes, we can SPARE it.
  50. He had half an hour to spare and.
  51. You haven't got a rouble to spare.
  52. I wanted to spare your strength.
  53. To spare them is infinitely better.
  54. Let him cry aloud, and spare not.
  55. Underclothes and tights, a spare.
  56. All her friends had some to spare.
  57. Friendly folk with time to spare?
  58. She’d have some spare cardboard.
  59. Nuuke's spare sword from his pouch.
  60. But at least spare your eyes the.
  61. As I have little time to spare, Mr.
  62. In the meantime spare no pains, Mr.
  63. I hope you will spare me if you do.
  64. I have several spare valve patches.
  65. She continued being the spare tire.
  66. I was in one of the spare bedrooms.
  67. Of course we can spare someone else.
  68. But the spare parts store was closed.
  69. Edgar’s spare pistol – the big.
  70. The maid returned with the spare key.
  71. You haven’t got a rouble to spare.
  72. Tell me why I should spare you life.
  73. He was spare, small and weakly built.
  74. Anyway have a good time and spare a.
  75. Spare my patience and your time, sir.
  76. Maybe it’s the spare, he said.
  77. We have about ten minutes to spare.
  78. How spare you? cried poor Nadia.
  79. Can you spare me a few minutes, Mr.
  80. She turned away to the spare bedroom.
  81. You got that spare camera handy?
  82. My brothers will not spare you.
  83. Oh, Lord, spare him to us yet a while.
  84. Let your spare change change the world.
  85. His captors had no reason to spare him.
  86. No, we don’t have spare rooms here.
  87. There’s a spare bed in Robert's room.
  88. He assured me that he had spare clean.
  89. Do we know why Seth decided to spare.
  90. I’ll spare you if you promise to be.
  91. I started cleaning out the spare room.
  92. He had spare ammunition in every pocket.
  93. Don't spare the rod and spoil the child.
  94. Beautiful, a mechanic in her spare time.
  95. Only I wanted to spare myself even more.
  96. Good Sir! pray do not spare me! ah! ah!.
  97. But that is as much time as I can spare.
  98. I chose to spare the lives of those men.
  99. The spare key in his wallet opened and.
  100. We could spare the house, Anthony says.
  1. Be sparing with this approach.
  2. Sparing a second, she met his eyes.
  3. There’d be no sparing being stung.
  4. Chapter 15) ABOUT SPARING AND MORE.
  5. Sparing a moment in tribute, Kifter continued.
  6. Maybe he thinks he’s sparing me further pain.
  7. They are sparing only a tithe of their strength.
  8. She is sparing in giving away information about herself.
  9. He thanked the Lord repeatedly for sparing Becky's life.
  10. What I hadn’t considered was that sparing us could've.
  11. Yes, they will do nicely and thanks for sparing me the time.
  12. The soldiers began to realize that Son was sparing their lives.
  13. Remorse tied innards in knots for not sparing his wife and child.
  14. I rushed back to the city, not sparing the spur to my poor horse.
  15. I may be more sparing with mention of my gang rape in the future.
  16. Sparing slowly at first it was as if it was a game they were playing.
  17. He thought of sparing the disabled alien but Halven flashed through.
  18. Osric and Kena were in the centre of the yard sparing with each other.
  19. Simon recounted his story, sparing nothing, including his own feelings.
  20. So be very sparing with your tone values when modelling the different parts.
  21. My communication with Heathcliff's family shall be as sparing as his with mine.
  22. Our Major knew all about it, and hated the two Lomofs, sparing them no vexation.
  23. In spite of himself he told everything he knew, sparing neither them nor himself.
  24. Thankfully, little Steve was sleeping in his safety seat, sparing her more stress.
  25. He addressed Ursempyre, sparing him only a small flick of the wrist towards him:.
  26. That seems to me all the more reason for sparing her, said the prince timidly.
  27. He persecuted a group of them, slaughtering their sons, while sparing their daughters.
  28. Luckily, this time his would-be worshipper moved on, sparing Alec further humiliation.
  29. Nor have I been at all sparing of historical whale research, when it has seemed needed.
  30. He then eased her hips upwards as he removed her clothes quickly, barely sparing a second.
  31. Joshua 11:11 They total y destroyed them, not sparing anything that breathed (nshahmuh).
  32. Scott followed after a moment, sparing a brief smile of gratitude back at Varion and Dixon.
  33. Nothing master, but I can get inside unsuspected and open the gates sparing you the unnecessary.
  34. The daughter he had trained for years, sparing no pains, to be a helpful, efficient, Christian woman.
  35. The mirror, mercifully, was steamed over, sparing him the shock of his white skin and countable ribs.
  36. What a peaceful, serene face he has, mother ! Thank you, mother, for not sparing expense over his coffin.
  37. I DESCRIBE all these scenes without sparing myself, in order to recall it clearly and revive the impression.
  38. He worked with great intensity without sparing himself, and he was respected for this, but no one liked him.
  39. Sparing Tannon these morsels of wisdom may have merciful but she needed to know them for her own protection.
  40. Prayer does not require spending money but only sparing time for thinking about him or to sing in his praise.
  41. Isn’t that enough?’ Claudius sighed and decided he was sick of sparing the feelings of well-meaning whiteys.
  42. He destroyed all the churches in Tana expect one, and he asked three thousand dinars as the price for sparing that.
  43. So by sparing, in a friendly manner with protection, you can relate it, to that same, similar or deferent, real fight.
  44. Early in the sparing Hast had caught her with an unexpected move and almost had her on the mat before she got out of it.
  45. Not a Shot hath been fir’d—for Lancelot (as I now learn) takes the greatest Pride in sparing the Lives of his Victims.
  46. Bill nearly remarked on how misplaced this consideration about sparing the lives of Japanese pilots was but shut his mouth in time.
  47. The bald man administered twenty lashes to her back, not sparing his strength, before stopping for a moment and going to face her.
  48. Catching my breath and sparing a glance out to the other passengers, I clocked the watch on my neighbour's wrist: seven forty five.
  49. Cowboys, Indians, and Yankee aristocrats volunteered for the Rough Riders, sparing the military the need to train for horse and rifle.
  50. But if I did, you know, there's a thing I should require now, just without sparing you the least bit more—oh, not a scrap, come!—.
  51. The point is: the undead used BOTH top élites in power to orchestrate the mass genocide of Germans while sparing the Jews from slaughter.
  52. As they entered Napoleon took each of them aside and revealed his project, sparing neither arguments nor expressions of confidence and affection.
  53. When on low-carb diets whey can function as an alternate source of energy, sparing hard-earned muscle protein and glutamine stores within the body.
  54. He went to see her often, and drank in her words as though they were life-giving water, though she gave it to him only in painfully sparing drops.
  55. At first to furnish the house, which she did, tastefully and sparing no expense and then supposedly to take care of her husbands business affairs.
  56. The Breton took voracious bites of the meat, sparing little time to chew and swallowing with such speed that it worried the Imperial man all the more.
  57. Gilbert in person he said and I blushed sparing Jesse a disapproving look for having bored his uncle with stories about me, he just shrugged smiling.
  58. Their riches or poverty depend upon the abundant or sparing supplies which those two capitals can afford to the stock reserved for immediate consumption.
  59. I had not glimpsed their faces then; and I was grateful that their ruined countenances were pressed into the sofa cushions, sparing me the sight of them now.
  60. Steering his vehicle with subtlety, calculating ground speed solely from the engine noise frequency and never sparing a look at the speedometer he took action.
  61. Consequently he valued honesty above everything and was fanatically devoted to his convictions; he was gloomy, proud, easily moved to wrath, and sparing of words.
  62. That small group of men whom I tried to limn with loving care, but sparing none of their weaknesses, was characterised by a friendly reviewer as a lot of engaging ruffians.
  63. What about my things?’ I asked and he sighed Leave them, everything of yours is back at the estate, he said and I folded my arms, sparing him a ‘are you kidding me?’ look.
  64. It was worth seeing and hearing how he could sometimes, not sparing himself, consequently with pluck, almost with heroism, dispose of one of his patrons who had infuriated him to madness.
  65. An idea, a flash, crossed Marius' mind; this was the expedient of which he was in search, the solution of that frightful problem which was torturing him, of sparing the assassin and saving the victim.
  66. Having obtained help of God, we continue hitherto, monuments of sparing mercy, and witnesses for thee that thou art gracious, that thou art God and not man; for therefore it is that we are not cut off.
  67. Moses said to his people, Remember God's blessings upon you, as He delivered you from the people of Pharaoh, who inflicted on you terrible suffering, slaughtering your sons while sparing your daughters.
  68. He wasn’t hoping on actually hitting anything, but he was sure these guys would instinctively duck when they heard the shots, sparing him a precious couple of seconds to make a more or less safe passage.
  69. There is here a sort of delicacy of the divine justice, hesitating to let loose upon the illustrious usurper the formidable historian, sparing Caesar Tacitus, and according extenuating circumstances to genius.
  70. Depravity in such a place, depravity of the last aspirations, depravity of sodden and rotten corpses—and not even sparing the last moments of consciousness! Those moments have been granted, vouchsafed to them, and.
  71. On the evening of 10th February, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, cabled General Wavell, the British commander in the region, stating: There must be no thought of saving the troops or sparing the population.
  72. I hasten to observe here, as briefly as possible, that though Varvara Petrovna had become, it was said, excessively careful and even stingy, yet sometimes she was not sparing of money, especially for benevolent objects.
  73. They were sparing of the Heat-Ray that night, either because they had but a limited supply of material for its production or because they did not wish to destroy the country but only to crush and overawe the opposition they had aroused.
  74. Besides this, he knew with certainty that such actions were restricted to the devils of humanity and their brothers of the jinn-kind whom they support in their error, sparing no effort to cause harm to others and make them imagine false fancies.
  75. Their bedroom used to be up here until about five years ago, when Sherri complained it was too big—a way of sparing his feelings—and they had movers come in and take everything downstairs to the smaller room where a son or daughter would have slept.
  76. NOTE: Be quick, to move, even in circumstances, that should slow you down, this is accomplished, not by rushing, but by patience, in the art, of participation, in learning the art of fighting, by constantly, sparing, but I mention again, where Protective gear.
  77. Grant's part of the favour, that Fanny, who found herself expected to speak, could only say that she was very much obliged to her aunt Bertram for sparing her, and that she was endeavouring to put her aunt's evening work in such a state as to prevent her being missed.
  78. Miss, if the poor lady had suffered so intensely before her little child was born, that she came to the determination of sparing the poor child the inheritance of any part of the agony she had known the pains of, by rearing her in the belief that her father was dead--.
  79. As the defenders of a barricade are always obliged to be sparing of their ammunition, and as the assailants know this, the assailants combine their arrangements with a sort of irritating leisure, expose themselves to fire prematurely, though in appearance more than in reality, and take their ease.
  80. Before his eyes he had the sublime summit of abnegation, the highest possible pitch of virtue; the innocence which pardons men their faults, and which expiates in their stead; servitude submitted to, torture accepted, punishment claimed by souls which have not sinned, for the sake of sparing it to.
  81. Similar self sacrifice was exhibited by military and civilian personnel at the Pentagon, where casualties numbered in the hundreds, and in the Pennsylvania country side where brave airline passengers attacked the terrorists who commandeered their aircraft, and forced the plane into the ground, sparing the nations capital.
  82. When practicing, if you have no sparing partner, use your imagination, by shadow boxing, with no rules, or regulations, and imagine, you are actually, fighting someone, this will, be reality, only through your, imagination, but it will not be in reality, in someones imagination, and a real fight, could be deferent, then yours, or someone elses, or anyones, imagination.
  83. Knowing Ostafyev’s weak spot and surmising that after his brief, unavoidable absence he would probably be greedier than ever for tips, our hero made up his mind not to be sparing of them, and immediately darted up the steps, and then into the entry after him, called to him and, with a mysterious are, drew him aside into a convenient corner, behind a huge iron stove.
  84. In the course of the week after the Michaelmas term at which my second provostry ended, he was so insupportably drunk that he fell head foremost into his drum, which cost the town five-and-twenty shillings for a new one—an accident that was not without some satisfaction to me; and I trow I was not sparing in my derisive commendations on the worth of such a public officer.
  85. So why did the Germans knowing that the cause was irretrievably lost continue the unequal struggle against hopeless odds; and why did they not bring the war to a swift end thereby sparing unnecessary suffering? The answer to this question is that even at this late stage the Germans were still dominated by their dictator Adolf Hitler who demanded, and got, absolute obedience.
  86. Of what avail is it now that G realizes that doomed are men who make light of the feminine sixth sense? Poor G, how I pity him! Didn’t the old jackal reduce G to sparing his wife as a sex bowl for someone’s cum! Not even Eskimo like, is it? Where is the reciprocity, leave alone any cultural constraint? Wonder, how life can make pimps out of husbands! Well, out of fathers for that matter.
  87. The following story illustrates the path that every believer should follow, sparing no effort within the family to avoid any trouble that may lead to damaging effects on him or on his household, and employing his power of logic and thought which is a precious gift granted by Al’lah for man to employ as appropriate, in order to find solutions to any problem that may face us during our lifetime.
  88. Also, they are always painfully eager to exaggerate the merits of their sacrifice; usually constant in their love, for the reason that they would find it hard to forego the kudos of the deprivations which they endure for the object beloved; always ready to die, to prove to him or to her the entirety of their devotion; but sparing of such small daily proofs of their love as call for no special effort of self-immolation.
  89. My mother was tireless in her instruction, never wasting a moment, day and night, never sparing herself or me, or any of our workforce who had a particular skill that mother felt I should be conversant with, all this preparation so that I would be ready for the task ahead, you can imagine my surprise when, four months after starting my training, she produced my initiation cloths, such splendour, I was stunned, when had she found the time to make cloths of such splendour?
  90. But Edmund, delighted with her having such an happiness offered, and ascertaining with half a look, and half a sentence, that she had no objection but on her aunt's account, could not imagine that his mother would make any difficulty of sparing her, and therefore gave his decided open advice that the invitation should be accepted; and though Fanny would not venture, even on his encouragement, to such a flight of audacious independence, it was soon settled, that if nothing were heard to the contrary, Mrs.
  91. But Edmund, delighted with her having such an happiness offered, and ascertaining with half a look, and half a sentence, that she had no objection but on her aunt’s account, could not imagine that his mother would make any difficulty of sparing her, and therefore gave his decided open advice that the invitation should be accepted; and though Fanny would not venture, even on his encouragement, to such a flight of audacious independence, it was soon settled, that if nothing were heard to the contrary, Mrs.
  92. Eased, however, and relieved by one discharge, he now applied himself to sooth, encourage, and to put me into humour and patience to bear his next attempt, which he began to prepare and gather force for, from all the incentives of the touch and sight which he could think of, by examining every individual part of my whole body, which he declared his satisfaction with, in raptures of applause, kisses universally imprinted, and sparing no part of me, in all the eagerest wantonness of feeling, seeing, and toying.
  93. There is a lot of things you can do, as I stress this point, over again, this the above and below are just guidance, the idea is not to get hit, while you hit, at the closest target, for it doesnt matter, what you do, except that what you do, will get you out of that mess, but to be effective, you need to constantly practice, the martial arts, and add what is yours, that will work, like when sparing with friends, safely, with protective gear, with the exception, you don't hurt each other, but learn from each other, and self, and in prayer, to TRUE GOD, for better guidance.
  94. He answered, that which is unexpected, which comes suddenly and unforeseen; and though he answered like a pagan, and one without the knowledge of the true God, yet, as far as sparing our feelings is concerned, he was right; for suppose you are killed in the first engagement or skirmish, whether by a cannon ball or blown up by mine, what matters it? It is only dying, and all is over; and according to Terence, a soldier shows better dead in battle, than alive and safe in flight; and the good soldier wins fame in proportion as he is obedient to his captains and those in command over him.
  95. Like with your sparing, opponent, train strength verses strength, Then switch around, with your sparing partner, to one use strength points, the other week points, and the again visa versa, until you can teach each other the art of fighting, yet when I express that in writing, as learning the art of fighting, it is just a expression, because the full art can not be learnt, by anyone, it can only become a experience, to each students, so as to equip each student, better and better, so as to relate it, to a real fight, and use proper requirements, which could, be same, or similar, or different, to each experience, in each fight.
  96. Many people, believe, that when sparing, with opponent, is that you got, to do your best, to win, this is not the case, in learning, what you should, be doing, is that, only when you are a beginner, thus: learning, but when you can beat, your opponent, because, of experience, you should not, try to beat him, with your strengths, but rather, use your weaknesses, against his strengths, so as to use your weaknesses, to be perfected, so as to one day, beat him with your weaknesses, thus teaching your weaknesses to become your strengths thus; you are there to learn, so as you learn, to use your weaknesses, but in actual real combat, you should, use your strengths, against, your opponents weaknesses.
  97. The Biscayan was so bewildered that he was unable to answer a word, and it would have gone hard with him, so blind was Don Quixote, had not the ladies in the coach, who had hitherto been watching the combat in great terror, hastened to where he stood and implored him with earnest entreaties to grant them the great grace and favour of sparing their squire's life; to which Don Quixote replied with much gravity and dignity, In truth, fair ladies, I am well content to do what ye ask of me; but it must be on one condition and understanding, which is that this knight promise me to go to the village of El Toboso, and on my behalf present himself before the peerless lady Dulcinea, that she deal with him as shall be most pleasing to her.
  98. Sometimes I have not been successful in my purpose, sometimes I have, supporting it upon the shoulders of the truth; which truth is so clear that I can almost say I have with my own eyes seen Amadis of Gaul, who was a man of lofty stature, fair complexion, with a handsome though black beard, of a countenance between gentle and stern in expression, sparing of words, slow to anger, and quick to put it away from him; and as I have depicted Amadis, so I could, I think, portray and describe all the knights-errant that are in all the histories in the world; for by the perception I have that they were what their histories describe, and by the deeds they did and the dispositions they displayed, it is possible, with the aid of sound philosophy, to deduce their features, complexion, and stature.
  1. For her to be spared.
  2. No expense had been spared.
  3. At least he was spared that.
  4. Among the spared ones, the.
  5. Susan could never be spared.
  6. I have been spared that test.
  7. I have spared you so far at.
  8. We were spared a direct hit.
  9. I was spared the humiliation.
  10. Leave all that can be spared.
  11. Gandalf spared them one more.
  12. I had been spared for a reason.
  13. Why should your life be spared.
  14. Though They Opposed Us I Spared.
  15. I have spared you those details.
  16. But the escaped slave spared him.
  17. He spared neither rank nor caste.
  18. It was her faith that spared her.
  19. But they had spared little Caitlin.
  20. Only you, are spared from all this.
  21. Then I have been spared the trouble.
  22. She spared him by offering her hand.
  23. For if God spared not angels when.
  24. His sacrifice spared her that horror.
  25. Again, the land of Goshen was spared.
  26. Alice wondered why he had been spared.
  27. You will care for the spared ones, too.
  28. I would have been spared this argument.
  29. The White Herons were spared from harm.
  30. Ruth was spared this indignity at last.
  31. Your house seems to have been spared.
  32. Only the highest altitudes were spared.
  33. And he apparently spared no expense for.
  34. Realizing this, he spared a glance at Scott.
  35. But always, always, Ashley would be spared.
  36. So much emotional upset is spared that way.
  37. She knew the newspapers hadn’t spared her.
  38. Margot, on the other hand, had been spared.
  39. As the Amorites were spared until ‗their.
  40. He spared a glance at her, but said nothing.
  41. But on the Commander's whim, he was spared.
  42. At least the woman could be spared that much.
  43. Two years later, my life was spared yet again.
  44. They are spared the horrors of this place.
  45. At least the dog had been spared, she thought.
  46. Well, he was spared knowing what he had missed.
  47. I spared her a thank you smile and I rushed out.
  48. Richard had spared no expense in securing them.
  49. Kornilov spared his life because of the picture.
  50. Reza spared no time and interrupted their meeting.
  51. Happily, I was spared the journey and the trouble.
  52. The master answers, "Who are they to be spared?".
  53. Not one second could be spared to think about it.
  54. I would give anything to have spared you certain.
  55. Whoever is spared on that Day-He had mercy on him.
  56. Nancy, girl, I had hoped that you would be spared.
  57. In fact, neither trouble nor cost has been spared.
  58. I have spared him once already, Zeus grumbled.
  60. Spared you and missed hearing all that? Not much.
  61. I was sure that, for some reason, I had been spared.
  62. But in the end it was the villages that were spared.
  63. I would have spared him a whole hand of mine rather.
  64. They were spared the death that befell the Egyptians.
  65. This room was spared the ravages of the thunderstorm.
  66. If you do that, you will be spared and returned home.
  67. For if God spared not angels when they sinned, but.
  68. Prayers of hope that Ritter’s life had been spared.
  69. No pains had been spared by him to make me comfortable.
  70. Egypt when He smote the Egyptians, but spared our homes.
  71. The spared ones are living memories for the Selected.
  72. The evil doctor decides who is spared and who is killed.
  73. Clearly no expense was spared on finishing details here.
  74. I have spared you embarrassment by removing the bed.
  75. Even Jesus was not spared the many problems in His life.
  76. Why was he being warned, though? Why had he been spared?
  77. Those who are evil are always spared and allowed to live.
  78. Noirtier is spared, because nothing is expected from him.
  79. She spared a fleeting wistful thought for the naughty red.
  80. Tony spared no expense; he got the best available in the.
  81. They were spared from it! The chef couldn’t produce.
  82. Annamaria tells me that she has spared him those memories.
  83. Abraham interceded that they might be spared, but used no.
  84. She spared me the trouble of considering, by dismissing me.
  85. We know no pains have been spared to vilify the Government.
  86. Instead of destroying the Stronghold – he spared the King.
  87. They spared no effort in infliction of atrocities on Muslims.
  88. No one would be spared a role in this horrendous theatre of.
  89. Thankfully he was spared the media circus for the most part.
  90. Even the level-headed can't be spared from the spiral of.
  91. He was again relieved and grateful that she’d been spared.
  92. My father was told that even my brothers would not be spared.
  93. Which at the least spared his breath and his captors’ ears.
  94. Whelps and dams of murderous foes whom none But we had spared.
  95. He had beaten Alex Cross’s grandmother, but had spared her.
  96. I promise if my daughter is spared, she will not offend again.
  97. The less sensitive slower types of electronics had been spared.
  98. But God blessed us, and spared us the agony of the Fiery Winds.
  99. No expense had been spared in the building of this throne hall.
  100. This Scott was able to tell when he spared a glance at the man.
  1. The lion who spares it.
  2. You may need the spares.
  3. He’s got a ton of spares.
  4. I already radioed for the spares.
  5. Getting spares was a big problem.
  6. Some of us do have spares, you know.
  7. Forty-two, counting spares and hacks.
  8. If he only does away with grief and spares.
  9. You never knew when spares would come in useful.
  10. The process of evolution spares no one and nothing.
  11. There are two spares with programming instructions for Reuben.
  12. The enemy is wicked and he spares no expense in his desire to.
  13. But his life is charmed, or fate spares him for some other end.
  14. The spares for maintenance of fire tender must be kept in stock.
  15. We however need to fly in some vital spares from the Philippines.
  16. I used them in my report but kept the spares to give to the boys.
  17. Gritting his teeth he started to pick his way through the spares.
  18. If you have the time, you should try to practice covering your spares more.
  19. They have spares for the sensor arrays and the cargo containers can be jettisoned.
  21. Passed the Mobil station and Alfi Street with the auto spares and greasy, pavements.
  22. We will need at most 200 sets of individual weapons for our agents, plus a few spares.
  23. So Kipling Bangura had been given some of these old wrecks, and had used them for spares.
  24. I didn’t leave with anybody, and I don’t see any of Billy’s spares hanging around.
  25. The Slave Trade, therefore, spares many Lives, and great Numbers of Useful Persons are kept in being.
  26. We're covering it with maintenance spares of the older type, but that's only good for the very short term.
  27. At least, we could more easily appropriate spares, and especially spare wheels of which the Casspir had two.
  28. This is one who supports and aids the devil, and spares no effort in bringing about the destruction of others.
  29. As for the nations of this time, they will be ruined by a scorching fire which leaves nothing and spares no one.
  30. At Needles he drove into a service station, checked the worn tires for air, checked the spares tied to the back.
  31. Caesar is great, Tacitus is great; God spares these two greatnesses by not allowing them to clash with one another.
  32. Hitting strikes can sometimes be attributed to luck, but spares are not, since you need to be skillful in pulling it off.
  33. He went behind the spares counter and handed Murray a small slim box, inside was a small tube, Murray still looked confused.
  34. Six of our C-142 GLOBEMASTER heavy cargo aircraft are due in at around ten this morning to load our vital spares and tools.
  35. He would throw a few of his best and most useful tools into the back of the van, with his welding torch and as many spares as he could cram in.
  36. They certainly all knew how he had needed to change his way of life, and that he now exported spares to scratch together something of a living.
  37. For example, if you have become more consistent in scoring splits and spares, then you should aim for higher goals, such as hitting more strikes.
  38. Out of sympathy and respect for his followers, many of whom have family ties with the Quraysh (himself included), he spares the enemy soldiers’ lives.
  39. Yes! We should provide the French with sizeable numbers of helicopters, both attack and transport types, along with the appropriate training and spares.
  40. The latter method calls for the services of a diver, but it's preferable because it spares the polypary's tissue, leaving it with a much higher market value.
  41. Aerobic walking provides the fluid motion that spares the jarring of the knees and spine, enabling even runners with chronic knee problems to get a good workout.
  42. This structure acts as the human brain that coordinates all the activities of the body and it spares energy with collective partnership between the human being and the nature.
  43. Who wrote, 'Malt does more than Milton can, to justify God's way towards Man?' I rewrote it and added, And Freud spoils kids and spares the rod, to justify Man's ways toward God.
  44. Four of the twenty P-40Fs I mentioned earlier will go to the 6th Pursuit Squadron, along with sets of spares, while you will keep the remaining sixteen P-40s for your squadron, Captain.
  45. While I have started to move my stocks of spares, ammunition and fuel back to the rear, my planes will continue to strike at the enemy from this airfield as long as we will be able to use it.
  46. After some rummaging in a roofless outbuilding, he discovered some old, rusty tools with which he managed to exchange the two corrupted wheels for the two spares that were indeed the correct size for the bike.
  47. This poor woman walked endlessly, overwhelmed with anxiety, as the disloyal lower life spares none, and the young man in his prime will also grow old and weak, deprived of all the gifts and pleasures which once surrounded him.
  48. We thought we’d let this one go and with Geza as interpreter, we soon had a new seatbolt, chainring and, taking the opportunity, multifarious other spares we had found as hard to find as a gregarious whale on a Japanese exchange trip.
  49. Enable us to come to thee with humble boldness and confidence, as to a Father, a tender Father, who spares us as a man spares his son that serves him; and as having an advocate with the Father, who yet has told us, that the Father himself loves us.
  50. Ingrid, standing in front of her operations center complex, was watching the last C-142 loaded with her aircraft spares and specialized tools take off when her sharp vision detected in the distance a convoy of vehicles coming from the nearby town of Suwon.
  51. Only now and then did someone bang on the garage door, usually clutching a cardboard box full of broken bits and pieces, and other things which just needed a touch of paint, and even more that were beyond his skills to repair, and which got carefully taken apart for use as spares.
  52. Only that morning our hopes had been dashed at the border of broken dreams and then to add anal insult to injury, my posterioral support mechanism seditiously rent in two, but now with lard-inducing amounts of food and vital spares in hand, we were made welcome to our night’s accommodation.
  53. One of her mechanics, who had been flown in with most of her ground personnel and stocks of spares and support equipment prior to the arrival of the P-38NCs, guided her to her reserved spot, where Ingrid quickly shut down her two engines before undoing her harness and stepping out of her cockpit.
  54. As for the ammunition situation, we have only sixty tons of bombs, rockets and cannon ammunition in Da Nang, a pittance really, until the ammunition ship VESUVIUS can dock in Da Nang Monday night, in company of a combat stores ship loaded with 2,000 tons of spares and various supplies and 1,200 tons of refrigerated stores and fresh food.
  55. They first called at an electrical store and Shirl studied what computers they had in stock but she drew a blank on the model she wanted, they next called at the Super Sport shop and Murray bought two air pistols and a box of darts, then onto Radio Spares were Shirl bought a soldering iron and a roll of solder, a couple of small PC boards, transistors, and various other electronic spares, now to find the right laptop, they visited half a dozen shops before Shirl found what she wanted, it was expensive but Murray assumed Shirl knew what she wanted, because he certainly didn’t, their last purchase was at a chemist were Shirl bought hair dye, combs, scissors and a packet of thin plastic throw away gloves.
  56. He who spares his rod hates his son,.

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