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    1. Having recently had a very good MRI scan [and surviving over two

    2. "If it does any sophisticated skin capacitance readings or anything but the most cursory retinal scan, this android won't pass

    3. "I'll take a scan," the virual Ava said

    4. Like a walkie-talkie, you know? Scan the frequency but it's such a narrow band and such a low range, you would have to be pretty close

    5. Because she was looking at the limb of the world with the main scope, she could see a fifty mile wide swath of land at once, and could scan fifty miles in each direction with some fine adjustments to the scope positioning

    6. "That cherub doesn't show up as additional fan-out on your scan?"

    7. A small crowd of children and idle onlookers has gathered on the quay to watch the boat as it prepares to sail; I scan their faces wondering if any of them know who I am, half looking for the men who chased me through the streets of Ercolano

    8. As I told the others, go to the heights and scan the skies

    9. This scan is a map, a web

    10. Alessandra jumped into the lagoon to rinse out the orange dust from her hair and to scan the beach from the water

    11. 'Fascinating,' Dr Multani said only one word as he held up Mi's MRI scan

    12. Scan the impactor first, then the Chinese ship and then your research targets

    13. Great-aunt Edith showed Annie how to scan photographs and store them as images on the computer, using a collection of her very own black and white artistic poses from her early days in the glamour business, images which would now be considered at best cute but in most cases just as period pieces

    14. "The odds of us coming within scan range of the Pink Dawn are less than one in a billion

    15. “When can he scan the bogie?” Kelvin asked

    16. He hoped it was some breakthrough that had allowed him to scan Curitiba

    17. “Its scan date property is 2383, is all I can tell you

    18. I push my way through the swing doors and scan the crowd in the bar, oh, there’s Kerry waving frantically

    19. I scan the shelves … (don’t think about it, Sarah) what about Notting Hill? Nice love story you can cry over

    20. what am I going to wear tonight? Mentally, I scan my wardrobe

    21. around Brent with a scan of some kind

    22. I scan through some of the letters …

    23. The doctor orders a blood count, blood sugars, paracetamol and aspirin, and makes a call to arrange an immediate CT scan

    24. The nurses attending Bex prepare for her to be moved for her scan and then on to the intensive care unit, where she will be managed until her protective reflexes begin to recover

    25. By seven Bex has been wheeled back from her scan and is being introduced to intensive care

    26. He plays through the melody as I scan the notes and, as he goes into the verse the second time I hum along

    27. scan and a series of buttons next to it

    28. That wouldn’t have helped him get past the iris scan anyway,” Ninja said

    29. Agent Johnson pulled his face away from the eye pieces of the iris scan and

    30. Below the eye scan was a metal mold

    31. He listened to Myanfingaa’s list of names, watched Yhohonshu’s mind’s eye scan a sea of faces

    32. And she says that’s fine I see the label so all I have to do is scan it

    33. began to scan the horizon for a Sign

    34. What’s more, Hesper had been ordered to come outside and scan the hillside every hour

    35. The power of a good headline hooks the reader to scan your release fur-439 ther & puts you one step closer to coverage

    36. When her long range scanners were calibrated and routines set in, she did a perfunctory internal scan of the ship itself

    37. ” Her eyes took in the stores room in a single scan

    38. At that point Martin again stated that he thought that Sloan was going to try and get to Columbia by way of the Allegheny Passage and asked if Security would have a complete video scan of the trail

    39. They can provide you with a GPS scan of the trail just by having the coordinate perimeters which I would be glad to send them

    40. It will produce an actual visual scan of the trail as if you are flying over it yourself

    41. He had to scan round to find the route

    42. ‘I will need to scan your personal databanks,’ Standford said

    43. As he sat by the foggy window finishing his coffee, he picked up the weather scan for the next two days

    44. Security can’t scan to well in that kind of weather, although their heat scans could probably pick me up

    45. The main entrance had the standard security ident – an iris scan and physical profile imager

    46. After a rousing dinner with the now friendly Security team, Warlock went out to check the Skimmer and get the latest weather scan

    47. Raiya stared at the the data-log record containing this strange man’s physog profile, the scan results not matching any on file

    48. ‘How about the scan of Torbin Lyndau – the man who is so important his memory had to be removed from my head?’

    49. The light snow had melted on the ground, but according to this morning’s weather scan, a new and much larger storm was on the way

    50. “Set it to receive the ID beacon frequency and scan the local area

    1. Sarah scanned the lawn

    2. Red stepped into the basement, still clutching her four square grenades, and scanned the room, taking stock of everything that was going on

    3. He scanned his bookshelf, looking for an escape

    4. Ginger panned out to within a few miles of the residence, and scanned the rest of the morning's activity

    5. Book shelves covered three walls with doorways let into them here and there; a young woman stood apparently wrapt in the volume she was reading, a thirty-something man with a large backpack at his feet scanned the shelf above his head, neck craned, lips muttering silently as he concentrated

    6. Her eyes busily scanned the people in the vicinity, on the lookout for anything that might be threatening while Angie referred to the little map Iain had drawn for them

    7. ’ He said, handing back the authority once he had scanned it

    8. Kara picked up the paper and quickly scanned it – there were only a few lines …

    9. Alan must have heard it because his head popped out of their nest and scanned the horizon

    10. ’ She said by way of explanation as Kara scanned the catalogue in her hand

    11. She watched as he scanned the items, his eyebrows rising almost comically at times

    12. The next time the one with the tooth launcher scanned the other way, he was going for it

    13. He scanned the land that he could see while he held her, "I see calm thongas around, I know from you, that means we are safe

    14. He scanned the skies and advised it was safe for the moment

    15. Her eyes were wide as she scanned all the people

    16. Daniel scanned the entire area - nothing! My God, what kind of a blast was that Jake? There is nothing left behind, they are all gone

    17. Duncan quickly guessed that when they scanned his ship they must have scanned his computers as well

    18. Rayne turned and scanned the entire surrounding area; then she stepped forward and bowed to the assembled group, striking her chest once, as she had seen First Kai do

    19. He scanned it quickly but fairly thoroughly and wrote, 'approved as fill-in priority' and signed it

    20. Once the images were scanned the older woman copied down the details of Danny’s email and web addresses from Annie’s diary and set about the task of adapting one of her more subtle Trojan Horse viruses so that it would work specifically with Danny in mind

    21. 'Ahem, excuse me,' I said as the shopkeeper scanned Vidya up and down

    22. He scanned the room slowly and found nothing out of order

    23. As she scanned the horizon it was as if she was moving her head hundreds of miles, distant islands moved across her view much faster than closer ones

    24. Boras scanned the room quickly and saw the truth in everyone’s eyes

    25. She scanned the interior and ‘saw’ the short-wave radio set; the rifles on the wall; the crossbow; and a well stocked root cellar beneath the floor

    26. ‘I think so, I’ve only scanned through them so far but I’ll have an in-depth look at them when I’ve cleared the other stuff out of the way

    27. quickly scanned the campsite, but there was no sign

    28. Both men scanned the darkness for movement, but

    29. I squinted and scanned the

    30. Roman scanned the

    31. His eyes scanned down the page, checking his own grading one more time

    32. Once there, I scanned the crowd getting a read on the

    33. Hell I even scanned it, but only for the usual bomb

    34. eyes scanned the far end of the room and then moved toward our table

    35. scanned the crowd looking for Roman, by the time Heather was directly in front of

    36. Their trained eyes scanned the clientele, looking

    37. scanned the surrounding area carefully to ensure all was

    38. His eyes scanned the

    39. Cause if I’d taken you to the meeting wearing nothing but that —" he scanned her breast line once again "I may not have been able to insure your safety

    40. Something else caught his eye as he scanned the drawings, there was no undercroft, no classrooms, nor near enough windows to suit his own taste

    41. " she lowered them and scanned them about the room, her eyes were a glow with the truth she held

    42. red beam scanned over his eyes

    43. the top step and scanned the crowd in the stands

    44. He didn’t read, only scanned for the most relevant

    45. I turned and scanned the mass of people under the roof of the stadium;

    46. He scanned, then

    47. I followed his eyes as he scanned the landscape

    48. When the student looked at the essay exam and scanned through all of the pages, maybe 30 pages in that exam; there was not one mark on the exam

    49. Focusing on the object of his quest, he scanned the streets, searching for some kind of sign, some indication that he had reached his journey's end

    50. More circumspect as they scanned the ground before them for caltrops and any other nasty surprises that may lie in store

    1. I go in and shake hands with the man standing behind the desk while at the same time I am uncomfortably aware that he is scanning what I am wearing, leaving me with the disconcerting impression that he knows what colour my knickers are

    2. Scanning that neighborhood's watch cameras for the remainder of the night was fruitless

    3. Selecting a chair that put her back against the wall, facing into the room, Kara settled herself, from habit scanning the room for potential danger

    4. ‘That’s him!’ she whispered to Iain, waving at the man in question now busy scanning the crowds

    5. Standing at the side of the road, apparently scanning up and down for a break in the traffic, she tried to identify who it was she was reacting to

    6. As she neared the corner, she went wide, eyes scanning ahead and spotted the men, standing together to one side of the walkway … ostensibly talking animatedly … no, one of them’s glanced to see if I’m coming … They paid her no attention as she neared them – she didn’t expect them to

    7. By now the remainder of the crew had heard it and were scanning the sky

    8. Still he set the scope to scanning it and the programs to running on it

    9. ’ Joris hissed, his eyes scanning the woodland behind us

    10. ’ He said gently, his eyes scanning my face

    11. She noticed he would look around the room every now and then, as though he were scanning for someone

    12. 'Five coloured ones,' she said, scanning the cards, her eyes asking 'so?'

    13. 'Life is much more than a superficial scanning mechanism called “consciousness”

    14. “It was a Brazilian company that did the scanning application for the hospital my mother died in

    15. ’ I said, scanning the pages

    16. watch, with teams of spotters with powerful binoculars scanning the

    17. Deprived of their focal point, her eyes dropped to the shingle by her feet, idly scanning the ground up rocks littering the shore

    18. whom was patiently scanning the shore opposite with binoculars

    19. “Agent Johnson,” Roman said with exhaustion, scanning the cemetery for

    20. looked around at the passengers, scanning for anything out of the ordinary

    21. They sat there, not saying a word, scanning the cafeteria every so often,

    22. "Nothing" Emma responded abruptly, realizing she was scanning the area

    23. his hand in another analysis scanning mold

    24. Anyway, he was too busy scanning her backside

    25. " She continued on, scanning the large room

    26. Freddy Flowers stood twenty feet above them on the bleachers, scanning

    27. Scanning the abandoned street for a pay phone, she suddenly recalled that she didn't have any money

    28. Scanning the area, she discovered the room that had once held her glass china hutch had disappeared

    29. Roman backed up to the fence, scanning the parking lot

    30. Nearing a small rectangular building of stone she paused, scanning the path behind her from beneath a pair of long black eyelashes before ducking within the building's crack riddled walls

    31. of his eye he could see Pierre and Pippi scanning the

    32. "Where?" he cried out his eyes desperately scanning the forest

    33. Their blue eyes constantly scanning their surrounds, rifles held ready

    34. Briefly scanning the walls for signs of weakness, they continued on, Alec kept his curses to himself, gritting them between his teeth

    35. I began scanning them from the left, she was not there

    36. Penelope hurriedly searched for any sign of the outpost, quickly scanning the structures

    37. Ravena comforted, “Those 'smudges' in the scanning data are well within tolerances

    38. “The additional scanning and sensor data is filtering now

    39. The invisible Huntress backed away from the little cluster of ships and once beyond the Naud's limited scanning range, reeled them the rest of the way into the reception bay

    40. “Anyway,” Reia tried to explain, “while we were so intent on finding out what he was looking for, by scanning his papers

    41. I did some internal scanning too

    42. ” Dena pulled up the long-range scanning data on the main screen

    43. And since your scanning equipment failed to pick up his physog there is no way I can proceed with this investigation

    44. This was in the planet he’d visited for an architecture project, which was really only a publicity thing since the same results could have been achieved simply by doing the work from home, experiencing a simulation of Eludi-4 based on a probe’s detailed scanning

    45. But as he was scanning round in her room the thought occurred to her that she hadn’t bothered to tidy up before leaving that morning in a hurry for work

    46. One thing they still allowed Torbin was a remote interface with the scanning probes, which were now very near to the region where the wormhole exit had collapsed

    47. I stopped scanning the terrain for a moment and looked down into the village square where the well was situated

    48. I went back to scanning the terrain for any sign of an attack or patrol activity but there was nothing at all happening I looked out over the flat dusty empty terrain noticing that outside the village the ground looked well cultivated once again I looked back down to see what was happening at the well

    49. Nevertheless she tried to summon him, sending out strong thoughts while Heigener primed his scanning device

    50. She was sure if this craft had been been designed for a human pilot – rather than handed over, as it seemed, in a hurried way from his alien friend – it would be scanning her in a

    1. Dave scans the flat, hot horizon

    2. He wished there was some way he could come out of the ship and into her head and show her the thermal scans and get her off this act

    3. Perhaps he should have printed hard copies of the thermal scans

    4. I see him gulp as he scans through the contents

    5. The man scans the paper and hands it back with a smile

    6. He turns to the pages covering North Devon and scans the map, familiarising himself with place names and road numbers

    7. He scans the pages for any

    8. This time however, with Ravena's internal ship's scans as a viable inventory of the Guild supplied arsenal, the Elf herself made the specific request of Deni for those very modules---much to Deni's chagrin

    9. Security can’t scan to well in that kind of weather, although their heat scans could probably pick me up

    10. Topo’s - topographical scans of locations

    11. But from the long distance scans Zorandi had faded from view

    12. The various scans confirmed to his retinal projecting PDU that he was within visual range

    13. It took a few moments before he realised that the tiny vibration in his head was his comm-link; neurally implanted – deep enough to escape most scans

    14. He said eventually: ‘Actually, the scans have been wiped

    15. He scans it and shakes his head shaking his fists at the sky then he passes it onto the C

    16. Of the rock, he could see nothing, nor did the scans register anything of consequence,

    17. to be found out there, he told himself, it would eventually show up on the scans

    18. the most: that what Wethers’ had picked up on the scans was just an errant piece of debris, or that

    19. “But the scans show nothing,” he protested

    20. I assure you that the Intelligence Services are able to track your real identity behind your email address and they will do so if you use the wrong words (scanned by a computer which constantly scans for certain words)

    21. When there isn’t enough RAM resources and more space is needed, the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) scans the memory for sections that are not in use and transfers them to a swap file on the hard drive

    22. It has a feature called SmartScreen Filter that scans all the websites you browse to identify phishing scams and warns you whenever a suspicious site is detected

    23. so I’ve scheduled scans for that time slot

    24. Its real-time protection only checks files that could be infected, so that it doesn’t waste system resources, and scheduled daily scans will ensure that your computer stays healthy

    25. Infrared scans of the other buildings indicated no occupants, just the heating system which appeared to be set at a rather low temperature

    26. He scans the group of transfer initiates briefly, without calculation, and says, “I want the Stiff

    27. Her steady eye scans the four of us

    28. Tori acknowledges Marlene with a nod and scans the crowd for another recommendation

    29. Eric scans the crowd for a few seconds, and then his eyes settle on me

    30. “What else are they responsible for?” Jeanine scans her “class” the same way my teachers did in Upper Levels

    31. The injury that gave her the scar also damaged her eye—her pupil is so dilated it overwhelms her iris, and her left eye doesn’t move with the right one as she scans the Amity in front of her

    32. He doesn’t say anything about it, just scans his badge in the door sensor to open it

    33. “I always forget that you have seen far more violence than we have,” Zoe says, and she scans her card at the next security barrier we reach

    34. They had managed to stop the bleeding which was good, but scans had confirmed their suspicions, she was in a deep coma and it was uncertain how long she would remain that way, if she managed to come out of it at all after losing so much blood

    35. He scans the jet fighters and targets their missiles and guns

    36. The UFO, still in autopilot, scans the side of the mountain and materials

    37. Jetpack automatically scans the contents of your post and determines the best card type

    38. Haynes ordered new scans and tests for Olivia

    39. She must have been mildly jaundiced which suggested metastasis to her liver and sent her for CAT scans before putting her through the monthly hell (three very toxic chemicals)

    40. But the babies are never in the right position for these scans, I was thinking

    41. five scans and Baby is always in the wrong place

    42. I had all those thoughts about whether the scans some

    43. His eye scans bloodied limbs, wounded flesh, the terrified eyes of dying men, and women, too

    44. He placed the scans on his desk and continued to move his head back and forth between the films and the scan

    45. "And as we approached, the CO had us run some scans and assess the situation while trying to contact the ship

    46. So long as neuroscientists are fixated on the brain, they will never realise that the brain acts, just like a TV, basically as a receiver and tuner The scientist, who exclaims, ‘See, we have proof — the PeT scans show that the neural activity in the brain has changed,’ is missing the point

    47. Resonance Imaging) scans and EEG (Elec-

    48. No longer the tourist who scans the land for the exotic, I imagined myself to be one of the residents, a person who belonged there

    49. Avery scans the article, written two days before the show, buried on a high numbered page, about Elvis and how his followers crowd around his exit after his shows

    50. Avery scans the file, already planning his actions

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    Synonyms for "scan"

    scan cat scan read glance over rake run down skim scrutinise examine survey peruse inspect investigate study feed in input append record digitise digitize enter perform data entry

    "scan" definitions

    the act of scanning; systematic examination of a prescribed region

    an image produced by scanning

    examine minutely or intensely

    examine hastily

    make a wide, sweeping search of

    conform to a metrical pattern

    move a light beam over; in electronics, to reproduce an image

    read metrically

    obtain data from magnetic tapes or other digital sources