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Scan в предложении (на )

  1. Shen did a quick scan.
  2. The can change into scan.
  3. This scan is a map, a web.
  4. He’s taking a CAT scan.
  5. Narmond in the CT scan room.

  6. Repeat the scan and search.
  7. The family trip for the scan.
  8. They need to do a CAT scan.
  9. Still unable to scan the.
  10. His eyes scan the paper again.
  11. Order them to scan again!‖.
  12. I didn’t bother to scan the.
  13. Saikia could not scan our room.
  14. It's my night to scan the hills.
  15. I decided to scan the area again.

  16. It’s time to begin the scan.
  17. The CAT scan showed no signs of.
  18. We are unable to scan the ship.
  19. I quickly scan the room for Tori.
  20. I was also nervous about the scan.
  21. It was the supposed 10 weeks scan.
  22. They were required to scan their I.
  23. You scan the walk up for Emmy Lee.
  24. Waits for the results of the scan.
  25. I scan them in as OCD or document.

  26. Wilx did another scan of the planet.
  27. Apparently, he wanted to scan the.
  28. Nonetheless, he had passed the scan.
  29. I turned around to do a quick scan.
  30. The scan length is neither affected.
  31. Below the eye scan was a metal mold.
  32. They scan around the moon very fast.
  33. Her initial scan was a disappointment.
  34. Select the Scan Programs radio button.
  35. His mother would scan over his copies.
  36. I scan through some of the letters ….
  37. He had to scan round to find the route.
  38. CT scan to be carried out on May 6, 2004.
  39. Can you scan the vessel nearest to us.
  40. How? He turned to scan the ceiling for a.
  41. I switched on my antenna to scan her aura.
  42. I got nothin’ on visual and no scan.
  43. Scan the area for the stalker’s presence.
  44. I scan the horizon with my binoculars and.
  45. I conducted an abbreviated scan of the area.
  46. Her scan of missing persons in the Shawnee.
  47. One moment, please, while I perform a scan.
  48. However, his scan produces nothing on file.
  49. A quick scan of the dates and she finds it.
  50. They began an intensive scan of the system.
  51. A chime signaled when the scan was complete.
  52. I had to scan the entire area from left to.
  53. Make sure you scan the debris thoroughly.
  54. I scan my ID at the gate and enter the Bridge.
  55. It was too difficult to scan several at once.
  56. No way to tell yet without some kind of scan.
  57. Nothing on heat scan, except for you guys.
  58. They said the CAT scan came back negative.
  59. But why? Did you read it or just scan it?
  60. Scan for targets with four or less life forms.
  61. He pointed to the scan, then back to the X-ray.
  62. They have the scan tools and other up-to-date.
  63. Sarah had had a scan but nothing had shown up.
  64. D’ata paused to scan the horizon behind them.
  65. When can he scan the bogie? Kelvin asked.
  66. She shuddered again and then began to scan the.
  67. The main virtual scan of the chamber required.
  68. So off we went with the kids on tow for the scan.
  69. You said you were going to scan them all for me.
  70. He didn’t have to scan it to know it was dead.
  71. STUS stood for Synaptic Temporal Uniformity Scan.
  72. Robert allowed his gaze to scan the entire room.
  73. How to comprehend easily? Scan the chapter first.
  74. A pause ensued as the UPS performed another scan.
  75. Need a CAT scan first, then see the lung doctor.
  76. Once the scan was complete, he keyed in the code.
  77. These algorithms scan the market for such setups.
  78. You see, the scan is both cellular and macular.
  79. I am in the process of trying to scan thousands.
  80. Other tests and scan reports showed normal health.
  81. Potential customers tend to scan rather than read.
  82. I walk in and scan the classroom for a spot to sit.
  83. A copy was returned but before I could even scan.
  84. I scan the rooftop out of habit as I slowly approach.
  85. When the scan is done, some statistics are displayed.
  86. It was drawing close to the time of the 12-week scan.
  87. I think it was called a nuchal translucency scan to.
  88. Jaden gets three of the nanoscanners to scan the moon.
  89. I open my eyes and scan the room looking for a phone.
  90. Anson, are you telling me you still can’t scan that.
  91. As soon as I turned to scan the interior of the RBC I.
  92. We went privately and it was around £100 for the scan.
  93. The scan showed that not all the placenta had come out.
  94. They hadn't had time to scan her with a body analyzer.
  95. I had to scan you, surface only, when we connected.
  96. Get it out and scan this wall will you, urged Jo.
  97. Thereafter we’ll scan the area to find a good place.
  98. I didnt scan the area right before the charge and leap.
  99. The woman appeared with the scan in a matter of moments.
  100. A few minutes later the scan was complete and everyone.
  1. It was scanning the forest.
  2. He was scanning me with it.
  3. After scanning the area we.
  4. Sylvia paused, scanning the bar.
  5. After scanning the area to make.
  6. I did some internal scanning too.
  7. The scanning part was instinctive.
  8. He squinted, scanning the perimeter.
  9. Scanning the area around, Tony saw.
  10. Scanning the text messages of each.
  11. From either a 3-D scanning technique.
  12. I put my eye near the sight, scanning.
  13. He twisted his neck, scanning the room.
  14. Don’t hesitate in scanning the room.
  15. I whirled around, scanning the throng.
  16. Merely by scanning its outer skin key.
  17. He glances up, eyes scanning the street.
  18. I sat there, scanning up and down the block.
  19. Scanning the vast hall, Aerith could tell.
  20. Moments later, they were scanning their new.
  21. They peered out of the bushes, scanning the.
  22. Brevard? he asked, scanning the audience.
  24. Scanning the area back and forth with their.
  25. Adams moved over to the team scanning the comm.
  26. Anyway, he was too busy scanning her backside.
  27. Scanning the electronics, he noticed a panel.
  28. We saw a light scanning Arnold’s restaurant.
  29. I put my eye near the sight, scanning.
  30. Scanning curiously around the room, he did not.
  31. He was walking now, his torch scanning the facade.
  32. Ranieer was scanning the room so I helped him out.
  33. He began quickly scanning the pages of the book.
  34. Absolutely, Clayton agreed, scanning the list.
  35. Pioneer 6A comes closer, still scanning the area.
  36. They sat diligently staring and scanning the dials.
  37. She hunched in Thaniel’s coat, scanning the crowd.
  38. We have helicopters scanning the explosion site.
  39. Scanning the paragraphs, his gaze caught on a phrase.
  40. I'm scanning all the time, Kurisko acknowledges.
  41. We found a new chamber while we were scanning the.
  42. I hardly noticed; I was scanning for Coombs’s face.
  43. The rats whirled around, their eyes scanning the area.
  44. The underground scanning followed a spiral grid system.
  45. Her eyes went to the top, scanning the brim of the DFC.
  46. He swam around, his eyes scanning the moonlit surface.
  47. My eyes never stopped scanning, always on the lookout.
  48. We stood over the control panel; feverishly scanning it.
  49. Besides, this idea of scanning for trouble was a farce.
  50. Good question, thought Libby, scanning the lane with a.
  51. I thought maybe you’d been scanning me while I slept.
  52. I did a full 360 degree turn, scanning the area in the.
  53. As I was scanning the basement interior over and over I.
  54. I began scanning them from the left, she was not there.
  55. Coombs hung on the platform, scanning in both directions.
  56. While he was scanning the documents, Sam interrupted him.
  57. Owen was just about to switch on his scanning equipment.
  58. I hid behind each hut, scanning the village with caution.
  59. Roman backed up to the fence, scanning the parking lot.
  60. He began scanning over the breakdown of ship‘s sections.
  61. Scanning the area, I judged the city had a population of.
  62. This is why scanning is best left for experienced traders.
  63. Well, Walt said scanning the growing traffic on the.
  64. Afraid to miss an opportunity, they buy scanning software.
  65. Her amber eyes looked up and down, scanning for a mistake.
  66. She did a double take, scanning the ramshackle collection.
  67. What happened? I said, scanning the ground anxiously.
  68. He stood scanning the party with severe and vigilant eyes.
  69. I cautiously approached the abandoned house, scanning the.
  70. Jeff was scanning her body again, and she gritted her teeth.
  71. After scanning the area I realized that I was in a hallway.
  72. Mount, this team carried both virtual scanning cameras and.
  73. I carried both hand grenade bags to the park, scanning the.
  74. Thenardier resumed, scanning his phrase after the manner of.
  75. After scanning the area again, I tossed the scraps into the.
  76. The additional scanning and sensor data is filtering now.
  77. It was then that I realized that I didn’t have a scanning.
  78. After scanning the interior of the cloud and seeing nothing.
  79. He raced after them, eyes scanning left and right as he ran.
  80. We also have Chance in orbit and they’re scanning for him.
  81. The Ploughman sat by the fire, his eyes scanning the heavens.
  82. Scanning the terrain, I see more silos to the north and west.
  83. Alric walked up the stairs, slowly scanning the entire castle.
  84. Eva stood next to her, scanning the faces of those around her.
  85. Liam stood on the church steps scanning the crowd in hopes of.
  86. His scanning appeared to be done out of fear and apprehension.
  87. Kay shook her head in frustration, her eyes scanning the scene.
  88. She turned to gaze out the window again, scanning the horizon.
  89. There was no use trying to read, she kept scanning the crowd.
  90. Cloud crept warily out of the corridor, scanning the room for.
  91. Eye was scanning the building following the human-shape things.
  92. After scanning the area, he removed the keys from the ignition.
  93. I’m sure Dale would be able to find a way of scanning it in.
  94. A short time later, Alex was scanning the full profiles in his.
  95. Ethan walked around and around the planet, scanning up and down.
  96. Morinda stopped in her tracks and turned her head scanning the.
  97. CT scanning uses X-rays in similar way to that of a normal X-ray.
  98. He went and stood before me, scanning my face, trying to read me.
  99. They often begin by scanning for stocks that fit their criteria.
  100. She had been scanning the distance, but she now dropped on me a.
  1. I scanned the entire area.
  2. I scanned the area to my.
  3. He scanned the area then.
  4. He then scanned the walls.
  5. The car scanned his prints.
  6. The photo will be scanned.
  7. My eyes scanned the cavern.
  8. Emily scanned the first room.
  9. Jaron eyes scanned the crowd.
  10. She slowly scanned the room.
  11. He quickly scanned her body.
  12. I scanned the area, taking.
  13. I squinted and scanned the.
  14. I scanned the Retreat House.
  15. He scanned the Fox Den floor.
  16. He scanned her face and body.
  17. I scanned the area and then.
  18. As he scanned the crowd, he.
  19. I scanned the area, spotted.
  20. I got up then scanned the area.
  21. He scanned the pages for help.
  22. I scanned the jungle around us.
  23. He scanned the grass next to.
  24. She scanned the room for clues.
  25. Penny’s eyes scanned the room.
  26. I scanned the surrounding wal s.
  27. Jonah scanned the note, nodding.
  28. I scanned the area just in case.
  29. I scanned the roof area intently.
  30. I scanned but it got me nowhere.
  31. The bot cashier scanned the tag.
  32. He immediately fed the scanned.
  33. She scanned her intelligence team.
  34. She scanned the surrounding area.
  35. I scanned the yellow pages of my.
  36. They both scanned the file names.
  37. Sadie scanned the crowd anxiously.
  38. Danny scanned the cityscape for.
  39. Sadie scanned the area with alarm.
  40. I scanned every part of his body.
  41. A maid her suitor shrewdly scanned.
  42. I scanned through my calculations.
  43. I scanned the area, detecting no.
  44. And scanned in silence its content.
  45. Wash scanned the crowd impassively.
  46. We then scanned the results sheet.
  47. We scanned the area and saw nobody.
  48. He scanned the open area and saw.
  49. Seko scanned the room and then said.
  50. Michael got up and scanned the room.
  51. Her eyes scanned him, Then leave.
  52. Anderson scanned it, Yes, but Mr.
  53. He scanned the area and found them.
  54. Swann turned and scanned behind him.
  55. It’s beacon scanned the buildings.
  56. She watched as his eye scanned her.
  57. Michael scanned through the chapters.
  58. He scanned up and down the outside.
  59. I paused for a moment, scanned the.
  60. Instinctively, his eyes scanned the.
  61. Conan scanned them and shook his head.
  62. Gwenda scanned their faces fearfully.
  63. She opened the door and scanned the.
  64. I quickly scanned the room around me.
  65. He quickly scanned the room for them.
  66. My eyes scanned the rest of my crowd.
  67. He scanned the instruments once again.
  68. She scanned the various objects laid.
  69. He scanned the room to see if he saw.
  70. He scanned the list of questions again.
  71. He scanned the convention floor with.
  72. Morse scanned the remaining quatrains.
  73. He scanned the highway while he rested.
  74. He scanned the tavern, but saw neither.
  75. Huck scanned his own clothing forlornly.
  76. He scanned aft and fore and saw no-one.
  77. Jack scanned the sky, playing for time.
  78. He scanned up and down the river once.
  79. Tyler scanned the large empty warehouse.
  80. I scanned their faces and came up blank.
  81. I scanned the entire area, doing a 360.
  82. Deek scanned the other faces in the room.
  83. He scanned each until he came to a date.
  84. He scanned the empty ceiling and replied.
  85. Her eyes scanned his frame at that point.
  86. She scanned the men standing before her.
  87. She scanned the empty beach perspective.
  88. He sat and scanned the names it contained.
  89. He sat down and scanned the room quickly.
  90. I scanned the area once more just in case.
  91. Amy and Jesse scanned each other’s face.
  92. Teddy scanned the crowded conference room.
  93. Squinting, he scanned the fortress walls.
  94. On the third floor he scanned the signs.
  95. He scanned over the different paths in a.
  96. I scanned the entire area once more only.
  97. I scanned the area, in search of an escape.
  98. As his fingers scanned the opening, they.
  99. I felt bad for him as I scanned the place.
  100. Garann scanned his pad, pondering his notes.
  1. And the long range scans.
  2. The pilot scans the ground.
  3. He scans the pages for any.
  4. The computer scans the files.
  5. Xzavier scans his Symphony Tags.
  6. Dave scans the flat, hot horizon.
  7. When comparing scans from every.
  8. Her steady eye scans the four of us.
  9. He scans me, neck to foot and back up.
  10. He scans the harrowed faces of the crowd.
  11. Resonance Imaging) scans and EEG (Elec-.
  12. The scans were good quality and the with.
  13. Topo’s - topographical scans of locations.
  14. Haynes ordered new scans and tests for Olivia.
  15. The pair scans the sky for the missing vehicle.
  16. And the other should be… He scans the room.
  17. The cashier scans them and asks if I want a bag.
  18. But the scans show nothing, he protested.
  19. I see him gulp as he scans through the contents.
  20. Yes, but they don't show on normal picture scans.
  21. The island! Kitara said, adjusting her scans.
  22. How is the alien able to resist our scans?
  23. Avery scans the file, already planning his actions.
  24. Iverson scans through the image files on the screen.
  25. She scans the crowd reading the mix of expressions.
  26. The man scans the paper and hands it back with a smile.
  27. I had all those thoughts about whether the scans some.
  28. Biometric, finger prints, and retina scans, complete.
  29. According to my scans, that's where the Eryx is located.
  30. Wesley scans the room again, trying to see what she sees.
  31. I would have to conclude that my scans are inconclusive.
  32. We can’t be precise without doing active scans, which.
  33. The Alpha Team started of by taking virtual scans of the.
  34. He said eventually: ‘Actually, the scans have been wiped.
  35. He finds the appropriate document and scans it with his eyes.
  36. He scans the room and then enters with Tori and me following.
  37. But from the long distance scans Zorandi had faded from view.
  38. He scans the jet fighters and targets their missiles and guns.
  39. Finally, he scans for a wedge (similar to a triangle) pattern.
  40. Now as they wait for their guests to enter, Loki scans the hall.
  41. Perhaps he should have printed hard copies of the thermal scans.
  42. He studied the passive scans, looking for a tidy place to beam in.
  43. I have an idea, said Gupta, You two finish the scans and.
  44. OK Jo, said her father, will you be able to send the scans.
  45. Thoth has claimed this Plane and scans it now for sources of energy.
  46. Instead, he scans the boards for Chinese micro-caps and penny stocks.
  47. Eric scans the crowd for a few seconds, and then his eyes settle on me.
  48. With that done, he turns and scans the street, looking for Jerry’s car.
  49. Here are copies of her preliminary examinations and medical scans on me.
  50. We can’t penetrate it with scans, so we can’t beam you over into it.
  51. But I saw nothing in his brain scans that might suggest abnormalities.
  52. Captain, I have detected an additional twenty ships on long range scans.
  53. The UFO, still in autopilot, scans the side of the mountain and materials.
  54. Imaging scans which would reveal the projectile's exact path of destruction.
  55. There was one other entity that I had sensed in my scans, a network program.
  56. Star charts and planetary scans filled the displays around the conference room.
  58. But the babies are never in the right position for these scans, I was thinking.
  59. For instance, sometimes IQ testing, EEGs, CT scans, and MRIs may be administered.
  60. It was a very intensive examination and for Max, they took MRI scans and biopsies.
  61. Sir, there are eight ships that just appeared on short range scans, Bora said.
  62. Tori acknowledges Marlene with a nod and scans the crowd for another recommendation.
  63. Jurak nodded and instructed the table to begin a series of scans with the tap of a.
  64. His scans didn’t register a life, but it also didn’t tell him that she was dead.
  65. The language is strange and Grailem scans his translator memories for a similar one.
  66. On the summit we start our interminable scans with the binoculars and spotting scope.
  67. At 1:00 AM this morning our deep space probes picked up an anomaly on their scans.
  68. Katie my scans show that you next to Eleanor have the fastest reactionary reflexes.
  69. We’re going to have to run more genetic scans for anything conclusive, he said.
  70. Jack scans the land with his binoculars every 10 mins, studying the endless wilderness.
  71. I can’t be certain without running active scans, which would give our position away.
  72. He doesn’t say anything about it, just scans his badge in the door sensor to open it.
  73. The Genesis energy was almost at its critical threshold and was making scans impossible.
  74. But this hotel scans tags at every entrance, and only guests or invitees are allowed in.
  75. Jetpack automatically scans the contents of your post and determines the best card type.
  76. The various scans confirmed to his retinal projecting PDU that he was within visual range.
  77. The anchor was big and David figured it would show up strongly on the magnetometer scans.
  78. It was impervious to scans, just as the ships in the mass abductions were reported to be.
  79. She scans the area for the unknown, poised, her ears following a reflection out of place.
  80. He scans it and shakes his head shaking his fists at the sky then he passes it onto the C.
  81. Those scans revealed more diamonds and volcanic rocks embedded in the ice walls of the vent.
  82. His eye scans bloodied limbs, wounded flesh, the terrified eyes of dying men, and women, too.
  84. The problem was, the seal itself should have registered on the camera’s scans some time ago.
  85. How are you feeling? Crusher asked, updating her medical scans now that he was awake and.
  86. All done, he said and waved them through an arch, one at a time, to conduct the body scans.
  87. Mention was made of the MRI scans, but the images weren’t where they should be, in the folder.
  88. For six weeks they jumped from one place that looked promising in the satellite scans to another.
  89. The next thing they did was to hang some lights and take some general scans with their tricorders.
  90. I apologize in that both are quite old, but my scans show that it is still nutritious and unspoiled.
  91. He scans the group of transfer initiates briefly, without calculation, and says, I want the Stiff.
  92. Adjusting the sensors to detect any metal contained within the body Grailem carefully scans it again.
  93. Well, we gave Julie every test in the book—blood tests, CAT scans, we even did a bone marrow biopsy.
  94. Passive scans also reveal three possible generators, perhaps the power sources that Tam is looking for.
  95. A brain with schizophrenia has identifiable artifacts, none of which appeared on any of my brain scans.
  96. Grailem brings up the scans he made earlier of the planet and focuses on the coordinates they have given.
  97. After some time, the woman at the front lifts her head, and scans the room, her eyes shining with tears.
  98. Cenni scans the area with binoculars, and I watch the places the buck might appear through my riflescope.
  99. Elizabeth! Could we look at the scans of the industrial area to the east of the spaceport? Isaac asked.
  100. One in bondage to a nice male creature whose jaw jumps out like a cash register when he scans the Journal.

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