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Scotch in a sentence | scotch example sentences

  1. I sipped some more Scotch.
  2. Helen pulled out the Scotch.
  3. When the bottle of scotch.
  4. They had switched to Scotch.
  5. It was not Scotch this time.

  6. That damn Scotch, he thought.
  7. Scotch was a pretty high-end.
  8. Fixed her a Scotch on the rocks.
  9. Thanks, scotch if you have it.
  10. How about the scotch whisky?
  11. He took a long gulp of his scotch.
  12. Why are you buying him scotch?
  13. This is now thirty-year old scotch.
  14. Were you in the Scotch house now?
  15. And some steaks, and some scotch.

  16. That scotch is older than I thought.
  17. Ethan drank a mouthful of the scotch.
  18. The price of Scotch wool, when, in.
  19. The scotch still sounded good though.
  20. More Scotch would not inspire an answer.
  21. Sam handed Sir Richard a shot of scotch.
  22. Shes brought you some wonderful scotch.
  23. Jack was drinking some high-priced scotch.
  24. His hand tightened on the glass of Scotch.
  25. Sir Richard poured two tumblers of scotch.

  26. Sam took the scotch from Matts shaking hand.
  27. His Scotch was delivered by a gorgeous Thai.
  28. This is a Scotch and cigarette conversation.
  29. Even more, he wished he had a double Scotch.
  30. What was this? Placing the Scotch down, he.
  31. His eyes held hers while he sipped his scotch.
  32. Steve, give me a scotch, please, he said.
  33. Now there was a scotch in his running with her.
  34. If not for the damn scotch broom, it would be me.
  35. I'm not Scotch myself, but my mother came from.
  36. Scotch, took a bowl of salted nuts and sank back.
  37. Another Scotch says you can't stop it any faster.
  38. Mia had the bottle of scotch extended towards him.
  39. At the bar she ordered a triple scotch, straight up.
  40. Terry had fixed them tall glasses, dark with Scotch.
  41. Umm, he said, pointing to her glass of Scotch.
  42. Scotch Acts with Bazdeev’s notes and explanations.
  43. Two bushels are the supposed average of Scotch salt.
  44. Court steadied himself and held his Scotch glass high.
  45. The excise duty upon Scotch salt is at present 1s:6d.
  46. For that Jaseem promised him another bottle of scotch.
  47. Well, you've just ordered a Scotch, so what's the diff.
  48. Wrote it for a lark in the Scotch house I bet anything.
  49. Reynolds took a sip of scotch and then put down the glass.
  50. When the Scotch House closed they went round to Mulligan's.
  51. Zac took a long draught of scotch straight from the bottle.
  52. He had a Budweiser, the Doc was drinking Scotch and water.
  53. Instead, he sat forward and took another sip of his scotch.
  54. At first, I thought it was too much scotch, but the power.
  55. He and I proceeded to drink that bottle of Scotch and had a.
  56. Startled, he slopped the scotch as he jerked his head around.
  57. He sipped his expensive Scotch, and leaned back in his chair.
  58. He’s into a big bottle of Scotch and i’ve cooked the.
  59. There’s wine in the fridge, vodka and scotch on the counter.
  60. Summoning all his might, Cloud lifted Scotch into the air and.
  61. How about a bottle of scotch? Is that persuasive enough?
  62. He made a double scotch on the rocks and headed for the shower.
  63. Ethan laughed despite himself and downed the rest of his scotch.
  64. He had the taste of Scotch in his mouth and was as determined.
  65. She handed him a scotch and they sat down together on the settee.
  66. As with the wine, I really loved the smell of beer and of scotch.
  67. Sipping his scotch, Martinez decided to go on with his discourse.
  68. Is that scotch? Ferris said, pointing to a crystal service.
  69. His breath was hot and heavy, and had the acute aroma of scotch.
  70. The admiral savored his scotch for a moment, then smiled at Nancy.
  71. Scotch, finding his balance, glaring furiously at the stationary.
  72. He was like the scotch in the smooth, happy machinery of the home.
  73. Finest scotch I’ve ever had in my life, the Colonel declared.
  74. He sat down at a desk with a legal pad and opened a bottle of scotch.
  75. The last had a piece of Scotch tape still clinging to the outer edge.
  76. Then I went to the bar, got a fifth of Scotch, and gave it to the girls.
  77. Scotch Whiskey of the UK, and the Champagne's sparkling wines of France.
  78. I was also serving vodka and scotch but no one seemed to have touched it.
  79. Nixon broods and sips from a glass of twenty-year-old Ballantine scotch.
  80. Elizabeth laughed and said, Oh, that’s just some old Scotch whiskey.
  81. Dirty, I'm afraid, but I’ll ask the stupid Scotch men for new clothes.
  82. In his experience, a little Scotch would knock the damp right out of you.
  83. Mac was having a scotch and soda, while Ella was sipping on a mint julep.
  84. He poured himself a glass of wine and, without asking, fixed Sam a scotch.
  85. She’d thrown back several shots of scotch, stripped and joined the orgy.
  86. Now can someone find me a scotch please! You people are worried about him.
  87. Shane sipped his fucking fancy ass Scotch again and played with his glass.
  88. Yes, scotch would be fine, Von Cruyt said over his shoulder to Eckhart.
  89. He tried to calculate what hundred year old scotch would have cost a mortal.
  90. This was the authentic Scotch Acts with Bazdéev’s notes and explanations.
  91. He barely grimaced while the scotch ran down his throat and asked tersely:.
  92. Sitting quietly at his desk with a good Scotch, he looked over to the window.
  93. The barman appeared and Clayton ordered her drink and then asked for a scotch.
  94. He handed Michael his scotch, asking, Why are you telling me all this?
  95. The hours went by, I had another scotch and soda, before switching to soda pop.
  96. The two men nursed their scotch as the PM told the governor general about his.
  97. Refill? he asked sarcastically, waving the bottle of scotch at his brother.
  98. Max was just dropping this off, I said, showing her the bottle of scotch.
  99. He ordered a bottle of scotch and went to the back to sit in his familiar seat.
  100. Richard tossed back the last of his scotch and set his empty tumbler on the bar.
  1. George sank back into his chair as the impact of this disclosure seeped through his scotched consciousness.
  2. They are crushed fast… so the idea of even raising your head and protesting about anything is scotched before any momentum of resistance can begin.
  3. How neatly Melanie had scotched the scandal, keeping Scarlett at her side all through the dreadful evening! People had been a bit cool, somewhat bewildered, but they had been polite.
  4. All the potential improvements and betterments due to the rise in human intelligence were scotched and negated and reversed by the manipulations and violations of the undead at key positions: in the centralized shitpile of civilization.
  5. The undead scotched that as quickly as they could by the infernal horror of mass manufacturing machines of war as quickly as they could: by the insane fervor of nation building and empire, by the insane idiotic nationalizing of people according to what fucking land they happened to live in, by making all nations enemies of each other, by using only the top echelon of the stupidest scum on earth to blunder their way into a world war which nobody wanted.
  1. He grumbled as politely as he could through the thick fog of an hour’s sleep and a pair of double scotches.
  2. He fairly raced home after work and downed a couple of Scotches in quick succession soon after he arrived there.
  3. Baba, who'd had a few scotches before dinner, was still ranting about the kite tournament, how I'd outlasted them all, how I'd come home with the last kite.
  4. Truth be told she was probably a little tipsy having supped one too many medicinal Scotches from one of her neighbours’ hip flasks when she said, They’re absolute scoundrels.
  5. Scotches from one of her neighbours’ hip flasks when she said,.

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