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  1. This will help spoil any.
  2. Even Death can't spoil it.
  3. My parents didn't spoil me.
  4. Why did he spoil it?
  5. I didn’t want to spoil it.

  6. Hurry, the food will spoil.
  7. No need to spoil the servants.
  8. It’s where he dumped his spoil.
  9. You cannot spoil someone with love.
  10. It would spoil with the curdling.
  11. A bad decision can spoil the life.
  12. And the canned pears do not spoil.
  13. Hurry in work spoil the work badly.
  14. Don’t spoil this, whatever it is.
  15. Wouldn’t that spoil the surprise?

  16. Spoil their day? He? That finished it.
  17. I don't want to spoil a nice evening.
  18. Jo would find us out, and spoil it all.
  19. Nothing could spoil my joy on that day.
  20. You spoil the priestly office of Christ.
  21. This could spoil the fun for your child.
  22. She was a fantasy I was afraid to spoil.
  23. Don't spare the rod and spoil the child.
  24. Some spoil it while others die of thirst.
  25. Oh, I can’t spoil it ahead of time.

  26. We weren’t going to spoil his chances.
  27. That would spoil it! This is perfect now.
  28. Deep sleeper, ain't he? You'll spoil him.
  29. There was no need to spoil the celebration.
  30. I call you with good news and you spoil it.
  31. There isn't anything to spoil for Chrissake.
  32. Thy hand shall rescue from the spoil of time.
  33. All the kids adore him and spoil him rotten.
  34. But wouldnt that spoil our friendship?
  35. You’d only laugh and spoil the Invasion.
  36. C) Inspect highwall, spoil and pit conditions.
  37. It isn't that I'd spoil it for you or anything.
  38. The last thing I wanted to do was to spoil our.
  39. I didn’t mean to spoil it, he said softly.
  40. Don’t hurry and spoil the situation any further.
  41. And Odin coming to spoil his schemes is so normal.
  42. There would be no spoil taken of this city either.
  43. She worried that they would spoil two sets of games.
  44. It was almost a shame to move and spoil the moment.
  45. The land mass of Texas is rich in recoverable spoil.
  46. Otherwise he is going to spoil everything for me.
  47. Also, Hed had four adults to spoil Him all His life.
  48. And to his sister she said, I believe you spoil him.
  49. Nothing, I’m sure, could spoil this moment for him.
  50. You really know how to spoil a party you know that.
  51. I hope that last night didn’t spoil our relationship.
  52. But then, sir, we are rich enough of this last spoil.
  53. Mariam was a loving mother though she did not spoil him.
  54. That’s one way to spoil the moment, he muttered.
  55. I often wonder why people are all in league to spoil me.
  56. Perhaps I spoil her, but really that seems the best plan.
  57. Yet such minor inconvenience couldn't spoil Atlai's mood.
  58. Especially anybody he thinks helped spoil his little plan.
  59. It would spoil with the curdling of the milk-like substance.
  60. She was far to amused by his appearance to spoil the moment.
  61. Once you sever it, it becomes a spoil of war, she said.
  62. Bluebell, you always have to spoil my fun, but grudgingly.
  63. Cass has an idea, but he does not want to spoil the surprise.
  64. Tough for a kid to grow up with no grandparents to spoil her.
  65. I forgot it, but I want it done though it will spoil my looks.
  66. You spoil her, Ilyá, she added, turning to her husband.
  67. Twelve decades on why let a fact spoil a story was the saying.
  68. Something that will not easily spoil in this heat and moisture.
  69. The point is that it is "the little foxes that spoil the vines".
  70. And spoil the surprise? Petrarca responded, still laughing.
  71. The local wine was rough, but the evening was too short to spoil.
  72. What would your mistress say? 'Too many Hunters spoil the scent.
  73. They won't spoil his cottage, they would only be there one hour.
  74. But he didn't want to spoil his chance at speaking with the girl.
  75. Pappi, a Pappi who was about to spoil his record of not failing a.
  76. One may spoil the corn, but one could never change it to buckwheat.
  77. But Cervantes was too true an artist to spoil his work in this way.
  78. Throw the box away in a few months, when the garlic begins to spoil.
  79. Where have you been all this time?’ You mustn’t spoil 906 of 967.
  80. It's in their eyes: take me, it said, favor me, spoil me away forever.
  81. The only thing is— it might break or spoil anything inside the box.
  82. Media and various opposition parties left no chance to spoil his name.
  83. Are her parents crazy? Why do they want to spoil her future? Mr.
  84. I didn't want to spoil your happiness! Mitya faltered blissfully.
  85. Even the surrounding cacophony cannot spoil the serenity of the moment.
  86. Don’t spoil the surprise, he says and asks me to open my mouth.
  87. That's good! I wish all the girls would leave, and spoil his old school.
  88. Don’t spoil the story, Elk! I don’t want to know how it comes out.
  89. Only if it doesn’t spoil my appetite, because that would be a shame.
  90. Everyone is trying to sell the fruits of their harvest before they spoil.
  91. There should not be any space left as the wines would spoil with the air.
  92. This was his moment, and no petty Commander would be allowed to spoil it.
  93. Transported to the Indies, his live blood would not spoil like bottled ale.
  94. She would think it more serious than it is, and it would spoil her evening.
  95. This is the portion of those who spoil us, and the lot of those who rob us.
  96. He was terrified that he would spoil their opportunity to capture these men.
  97. N) Do not work between machines and the highwall or spoil bank where it may.
  98. Our good friend John is with us and has promised he will not spoil the party.
  99. We're good friends and I'm not sure I want to potentially spoil what we have.
  100. You have most generously responded to my wishes up to this time, do not spoil.
  1. Spoiling a child takes time.
  2. Don't go spoiling the game.
  3. Spoiling nice fish, scorching it.
  4. You are spoiling these people.
  5. Darren’s absence was spoiling the.
  6. Anyway, you're spoiling the atmosphere.
  7. Spoiling a horse is the leading cause of.
  8. Then thank you for not spoiling my surprise.
  9. The spoiling of children in America is normal.
  10. Give me the honor of spoiling you this summer.
  11. She laughed and said, You’re spoiling my fun.
  12. It wasn’t like he was spoiling the boy to no end.
  13. Davey said: Mother, you’re spoiling the wedding.
  14. Steve’s response was, You’re spoiling the fun.
  15. Getting it in the neck for spoiling Sunday lunch is one thing.
  16. He did not understand that spoiling a child is not always good.
  17. But mamma was near spoiling all, a day or two later, by saying—.
  18. So this atomic center too would perish without spoiling atmosphere.
  19. Who would want to harm me because I’m spoiling the love of my.
  20. Chill sugar, you’re the party-pooper that’s spoiling the fun.
  21. He was a gift from God to her that she would never tire of spoiling.
  22. It was true then, and she had the fatal gift of spoiling all she touched.
  23. They may be forced by fear of spoiling their careers in school or business.
  24. I am always afraid of spoiling a great Thought or Idea by my absurd manner.
  25. They’re probably spoiling by now with the electricity off, said Bryce.
  26. There is the tourist industry of course which is spoiling our lovely islands.
  27. He is always striving after something heroic and spoiling it all over trifles.
  28. You are always spoiling things, the elder man interrupted, with vexation.
  29. This significant character flaw was spoiling in the whole rest of his attributes.
  30. The only danger you need to worry about is spoiling those doughnuts, said Mrs.
  31. You go to a graveyard, find a body, but don’t report it, spoiling whatever game is up.
  32. She loved him, and thought that by uniting herself to him she would be spoiling his life.
  33. She felt bad for spoiling his evening, but did enjoy being lulled to sleep by the oldies.
  34. Almost for the first time in her life she had the pleasure of giving up to a man, of spoiling him.
  35. And she adores them because she can’t stop spoiling them with her famous chocolate chip cookies.
  36. The best part was seeing the expression on the buyers’ faces and not breaking up and spoiling the fun.
  37. And he went on, spoiling it beyond repair: There's nothing like a husband, you know, at the tail-end of life.
  38. More than once he had vexed his father by spoiling his own career, and he laughed at distinctions of all kinds.
  39. This symmetry was evidently the work of an artist well inured to the business of spoiling the human physiognomy.
  40. At last the Tsar was displeased, and with good reason ; a rock, a regular rock standing in the street, spoiling it.
  41. Only, now and then, Michael popped in his thoughts spoiling things and was instantly expelled with well-chosen expletives.
  42. Then, at the moment, the access ban effectively ruled out any chance of his spoiling that computer tape so Plan B was gone.
  43. Whatever was spoken of he would bring round to the superstitiousness of old maids, or the petting and spoiling of children.
  44. After spoiling the water and setting areas of the city to fire he had spotted the dust cloud that marked the advancing enemy.
  45. I believe in the people and am always glad to give them their due, but I am not for spoiling them, that is a sine qua non.
  46. The worst part of it was that he initiated Johnny in sex at a very early age and was spoiling him by satisfying his every whim.
  47. The 3m high glazed wall at the front of the building, tilted out at the top to prevent reflections spoiling the scenery for others.
  48. Instead of making the issues of child abuse and child neglect, and especially the rampant insane pampering and spoiling of children.
  49. He thought Scumble was carrying a gun and had only intended to frighten him, but MacFife had moved, jolting the car and spoiling his aim.
  50. He had collected some two pints of water when a whitecap cracked into the raft, crested over, and slopped into the canvas, spoiling the water.
  51. I was a fellow-traveller, on the steamship, with Sparrow MacCoy, and at least I had the satisfaction of spoiling his little game for the voyage.
  52. A strong regime of criminal enforcement leaves honest business people free to compete, while preventing a few bad apples from spoiling the barrel.
  53. Mother saw it just as clearly as I did, but she went on spoiling him all the same, for he had such a way with him that you could refuse him nothing.
  54. It was a most pleasant silence, even if not complete, because women were always spoiling it by complaining of some little pressure or lack of pressure.
  55. The light bomb load capacity of the Japanese planes, combined with the spoiling effect of the fire from the guns, helped limit the damages to the airfield.
  56. All that day it seemed to her as though she were acting in a theater with actors cleverer than she, and that her bad acting was spoiling the whole performance.
  57. English wool, cannot be even so mixed with Spanish wool, as to enter into the composition without spoiling and degrading, in some degree, the fabric of the cloth.
  58. On prime-time television, we journalists appreciated Smriti’s willingness for a fiery joust—she always came to shows well prepared and spoiling for a good fight.
  59. It wasn't until it appeared they were coming directly toward her that she turned and faced them thus spoiling their surprise and setting a whole series of events into motion.
  60. In all he had painted and repainted he saw faults that hurt his eyes, coming from want of care in taking off the wrappings— faults he could not correct now without spoiling the whole.
  61. Now Joshua the lads are here to relax and they don’t need you spoiling their night with a load tittle tattle that you’ve read in the papers or heard from your cronies at the bar.
  62. And besides, if she tells Mamma’ (Sonya looked upon the countess as her mother and called her so) ‘that I am spoiling Nicholas’ career and am heartless and ungrateful, while truly.
  63. And besides, if she tells Mamma (Sónya looked upon the countess as her mother and called her so) that I am spoiling Nicholas’ career and am heartless and ungrateful, while truly.
  64. As the height of luxury, Meg put out some of her sewing, and then found time hang so heavily that she fell to snipping and spoiling her clothes in her attempts to furbish them up àla Moffat.
  65. They also think that these fears tend to the spoiling of their faith, when, alas, for them, poor men that they are, they have none at all! and therefore they harden their hearts against them.
  66. That was when I learned that, in America, you don't reveal the ending of the movie, and if you do, you will be scorned and made to apologize profusely for having committed the sin of Spoiling the End.
  67. The old prince said that if he was ill it was only because of Princess Mary: that she purposely worried and irritated him, and that by indulgence and silly talk she was spoiling little Prince Nicholas.
  68. When a former political aide of Advani, Sudheendra Kulkarni, went on television calling Modi a ‘dictator’, it only seemed to confirm the belief that the Advani ‘camp’ had been spoiling for a fight.
  69. Who knew but what it wasn't her real nature to snap? And she only hadn't till now because all the flattery, and all the spoiling, and all the being fussed over, had been like a hand laid over her mouth--.
  70. Meanwhile, the non-vegan mothers and fathers of these geniuses wondered how to keep meat in the freezer from spoiling as well as how to preserve the dryness of their basements without a functioning sump pump.
  71. Instead, humans have trained their brains just like they have trained their brats… by spoiling them with indulgences when they need discipline, and disciplining them when they need freedom, love and acceptance most.
  72. The Doctor was a pleasant sight too, looking on at them, and telling Miss Pross how she spoilt Lucie, in accents and with eyes that had as much spoiling in them as Miss Pross had, and would have had more if it were possible.
  73. The coffee was never really made, but spluttered over every one, and boiled away, doing just what was required of it—that is, providing much cause for much noise and laughter, and spoiling a costly rug and the baroness’s.
  74. The coffee was never really made, but spluttered over every one, and boiled away, doing just what was required of it—that is, providing much cause for much noise and laughter, and spoiling a costly rug and the baroness's gown.
  75. A fellow’s afraid of everything; of being arrested himself and entangling others, and of spoiling the whole business, and then he gets locked up, and all responsibility is at an end, and he can rest; he can just sit and smoke.
  76. Ignoring half-buried shards of glittering green and bronze beer bottles and the one road that sliced its way along the hills behind, I could easily imagine this was the "once was"—and I no human thing that would end up spoiling it all.
  77. Here was a repetition, only how much worse--fancy spoiling his Christmas--of her conduct in Cornwall when she insisted on going away from that nice little house where they were all so comfortably established, and taking Lucy up to London.
  78. Stebelkov makes out that this Zhibyelsky is spoiling everything ; he has stolen something, public money I believe, but means to steal something more and then to emigrate ; so he wants eight thousand, not a penny less, to help him on his way.
  79. Never you try to bamboozle me into that! A hundred a year to the salary and church once a month--but no spoiling good heathens to make poor Christians! Why, girl, they wouldn't be fit for heaven or hell--clean spoiled for either place--clean spoiled.
  80. In her voice there was a virginal freshness, an unconsciousness of her own powers, and an as yet untrained velvety softness, which so mingled with her lack of art in singing that it seemed as if nothing in that voice could be altered without spoiling it.
  81. But mothers, sisters, and friends may help to make the crop a small one, and keep many tares from spoiling the harvest, by believing, and showing that they believe, in the possibility of loyalty to the virtues which make men manliest in good women's eyes.
  82. She turned slowly on the green lawn near the shady street, gazing all about with new eyes, her nostrils moving as if she breathed the actual air and this the first morn of the lovely Garden and she with no intention of spoiling the game by biting the apple….
  83. The drama would be there, to emphasize to her his point about the inconvenience she had put him through, and not to mention spoiling his perfect looks! He would make it quick, out of respect for such a close member of his family, pretty decent of him actually!.
  84. Of course I stopped them, for that was not right, but all the village heard of it, and how I caught it for spoiling the children! Everyone discovered now that the little ones had taken to being fond of Marie, and their parents were terribly alarmed; but Marie was so happy.
  85. He was that absent-minded crank, a grand seigneur husband who was in no one’s way, and far from spoiling the high tone and general impression of the drawing room, he served, by the contrast he presented to her, as an advantageous background to his elegant and tactful wife.
  86. He thought no more of the shower spoiling the race course, but was rejoicing now that—thanks to the rain—he would be sure to find her at home and alone, as he knew that Alexey Alexandrovitch, who had lately returned from a foreign watering place, had not moved from Petersburg.
  87. Yes, she was a poisonous weed; a baleful, fatal thing, not fit for great undertakings, not fit for a noble life, too foolish to depart successfully from the lines laid down for her by other people; wickedly careless; shamefully shortsighted; spoiling, ruining, everything she touched.
  88. SAP COIN always wanted to become fatherly (it is the SAP way) but he avoided them quite wisely for the Rhodesians raided Zambia a few times during their Bush War and many of those men were by now in the South African Special Forces Regiment with immeasurable more fire power and spoiling to have another go.
  89. They followed Prince Dolgorukov out into the corridor and met- coming out of the door of the Emperor’s room by which Dolgorukov had entered- a short man in civilian clothes with a clever face and sharply projecting jaw which, without spoiling his face, gave him a peculiar vivacity and shiftiness of expression.
  90. They followed Prince Dolgorúkov out into the corridor and met—coming out of the door of the Emperor’s room by which Dolgorúkov had entered—a short man in civilian clothes with a clever face and sharply projecting jaw which, without spoiling his face, gave him a peculiar vivacity and shiftiness of expression.
  91. Once more, the military rule of not spoiling the dead or offering arms at the temples; the moderation in the pursuit of enemies; the importance attached to the physical well-being of the citizens; the use of warfare for the sake of defence rather than of aggression--are features probably suggested by the spirit and practice of Sparta.
  92. Here was I, the most harmless of women, engaged in the most harmless of little expeditions, asking and wanting nothing but to be left alone; a person so obscure as to be, one would think, altogether out of the reach of the blind Fury with the accursèd shears; a person with a plan so mild and humble that I was ashamed of the childishness of the Fate that could waste its energies spoiling it.
  93. Not long after they arrived, a reporter sauntered up to Shorty Hunt and mentioned that the impression in the California shell house was that the Washington boys seemed to think they were awfully tough, that they seemed always to be spoiling for a fight, that if they couldn’t pick a fight with someone else they’d pick a fight with themselves, but that California would be happy to save them the trouble.
  94. He would rise from his bed – in the squatter huts spoiling hillsides and rooftops, in the architecturally contrived bee-hive cubicles unflatteringly called resettlement estates that sprawled like fungi, in flats and apartments and in luxurious townhouses partly concealed by the urban mass of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon – and dress suitably for the prevailing climate and then battle his way to his place of employment.
  95. Should any little accidental disappointment of the appetite occur, such as the spoiling of a meal, the under or the over dressing of a dish, the incident ought not to be neutralised by replacing with something more delicate the comfort lost, thus pampering the body and obviating the aim of this institution; it ought to be improved to the spiritual edification of the pupils, by encouraging them to evince fortitude under temporary privation.
  96. That he had been spoiling his childhood,.
  97. He rose from his seat, and walked to the window, apparently from not knowing what to do; took up a pair of scissors that lay there, and while spoiling both them and their sheath by cutting the latter to pieces as he spoke, said, in a hurried voice,.
  1. He was spoiled to the.
  2. He was always a spoiled.
  3. But she always spoiled you.
  4. Kind of spoiled the moment.
  5. You are opposite of spoiled.
  6. The result is a spoiled child.
  7. But it is fun being spoiled a.
  8. We spoiled children never wrote.
  9. He was a spoiled little bunion.
  10. They were spoiled things, really.
  11. It is the spoiled child thinking.
  12. Maybe we spoiled her too much.
  13. The spoiled children never wrote.
  14. Nothing but a rich, spoiled snob.
  15. It spoiled her for other airlines.
  16. The guards had spoiled it for her.
  17. They’ve spoiled the Well and I.
  18. Her mouth was spoiled with triumph.
  19. It may be that he has spoiled his.
  20. I nearly spoiled her by indulgence.
  21. They’re nothing but spoiled brats.
  22. He said spoiled meat is like poison.
  23. As if my day wasn’t spoiled enough.
  24. That witch has spoiled everything.
  25. With some spoiled ski students, you.
  26. But with that one nothing is spoiled.
  27. Aidan really spoiled me on this trip.
  28. I always knew you were a spoiled brat.
  29. They’re spoiled and we’re spoiled.
  30. Brooke, and spoiled the scene for him.
  31. But there are some spoiled students.
  32. This has spoiled everything backwards.
  33. Who spoiled her, then? Ah, who indeed?
  34. It was no longer the spoiled kid, not.
  35. In truth, I was so spoiled in my late.
  36. I felt as though I had spoiled the pages.
  37. And although his triumph was spoiled by.
  38. Yes, Brumvack had spoiled them, all right.
  39. This is the ranting of a spoiled child.
  40. They are generally spoiled by overcooking.
  41. This rather spoiled the general good humor.
  42. He had spoiled their beautiful comradeship.
  43. Telling them would have spoiled everything.
  44. You are nothing more than a spoiled child.
  45. Spoiled children have a similar attachment.
  46. All of the food I had purchased had spoiled.
  47. This is one of the ways that I was spoiled:.
  48. We’re so spoiled, we who live in the West!.
  49. Isn't that what spoiled owners want to do?
  50. She spoiled her daughter to a point where she.
  51. Like a spoiled food, his behavior became rotten.
  52. Being spoiled for a good cause doesn’t count.
  53. Most of them are not interested in spoiled goods.
  54. I spoiled all of their fun, by pulling the shades.
  55. But I was stupid and impatient and spoiled it all.
  56. The permanent marking had spoiled over the years.
  57. They function like the spoiled child, stated above.
  58. Perhaps unwillingly I spoiled my father’s party.
  59. Her constant chatter, however, spoiled the moment.
  60. I don't allow it; I won't have my premises spoiled.
  61. My recent travels, I fear, have spoiled me for that.
  62. I certainly wasn’t spoiled, I’m glad I wasn’t.
  63. It was a shame she spoiled it by being so irritating.
  64. Charlie wasn’t going to have his excitement spoiled.
  65. Now, a few days ago, everything was suddenly spoiled.
  66. He took me shopping and completely spoiled me rotten.
  67. He thinks I'm asking because I'm some spoiled Princess.
  68. That knocked Boshnikoff off balance and spoiled his aim.
  69. Even at lunch, a series of sour notes had spoiled things.
  70. That's a foolish wish, unless you have spoiled your life.
  71. Emry was Marna’s darling, and as spoiled as I had been.
  72. I was worried he would be spoiled, but it didn’t happen.
  73. If you had all their privileges: you would be spoiled too.
  74. Their parents were very rich and spoiled their kids rotten.
  75. He had a huge grin on his face, like the spoiled kid he was.
  76. I wanted you to see her, but they have spoiled her entirely.
  77. Ah, yes, it was just after this that you spoiled everything.
  78. Woodstock got, and they treated those votes as spoiled bal-.
  79. He’s been spoiled his whole life, and that’s the problem.
  80. Although he was a preschooler, he behaved like a spoiled baby.
  81. He rarely ate in the commissary; his glance spoiled the food.
  82. Jemma was just relieved that Adriana wasn’t a spoiled brat.
  83. A pair of spoiled, spiteful children - they have that in common.
  84. He was twenty then, an only son, spoiled by his adoring family.
  85. The rich were privileged and spoiled enough to afford hypocrisy.
  86. Botulinum toxin is the same agent produced by spoiled food that.
  87. He's my child, and I won't have his temper spoiled by indulgence.
  88. You’re turning them into spoiled brats, Perry had said.
  89. She was probably thinking that Celeste was a spoiled trophy wife.
  90. When a business enters into personal life then life gets spoiled.
  91. Chica herself had spoiled her appetite by killing a careless robin.
  92. A grand vision, spoiled by unwise words, and an over active tongue.
  93. Consumers have fallen in love with being sick, spoiled and stupid.
  94. Was that finished now? Had he spoiled things? I climbed the stair.
  95. The case was spoiled in the Criminal Court, said the advocate.
  96. Being the only child and spoiled equipped her to live a lavish, at.
  97. I thought that it had probably spoiled, and wanted to throw it away.
  98. When very young, he was pampered and petted; he was a spoiled child.
  99. And watch as they act like stupid, spoiled, destructive, fat idiots.
  100. As for the wench, she was now spoiled, at least for my servant; and.
  1. He spoils me too much.
  2. Spoils slung at her back.
  3. Kent, The Spoils of War, p.
  4. But his mealy-mouth spoils all.
  5. She spoils the crap out of him.
  6. Drug addict spoils money & power.
  7. Spoils the taste of good coffee.
  8. Ah, but those were the spoils of victory.
  9. Drug addict spoils his life deliberately.
  10. Spolia opimia, Legate; the spoils of war.
  11. Yes, but one bad apple spoils the rest.
  12. Unto the earth surrenders all its spoils;.
  13. If it gets into the infusion it spoils it.
  14. To the swift of mind indeed go the spoils!.
  15. In the search game the top few win the spoils.
  16. Females are the spoils and exist to gratify him.
  17. Spoils that insisting and suggestive modern thrust.
  18. Soundly ravaged the city, won the spoils of victory.
  19. Thing like that spoils the effect of a night for her.
  20. She is part of the spoils of the king, the chosen one.
  21. The claim that the animals shot by foreigners spoils the.
  22. Hint: never, ever, EVER have a position that spoils your sleep.
  23. It's where these scavengers crate their spoils ready for distribution.
  24. A big smile burst upon his face as he danced off with the spoils of war.
  25. This is inappropriate and spoils the entire effect of the presentation.
  26. Not only at our utter triumph, but with the spoils that they’d found.
  27. Does he claim her as spoils? the dwarf captain asked the old slave.
  28. This eventually spoils the union by making it a conquest of one by the other.
  29. Trophies and other spoils of war is a Klingon custom that I would like to.
  30. Of course, inevitably, there’s a bear who comes along and spoils the campsite.
  31. A pile of money and snacks grew between them, spoils in their ongoing card game.
  32. Then that spoils everything that went before and I have to write it all over again.
  33. Clearly, whether or not the spoils can readily be compensated for is a significant.
  34. They made their home and sat on the green and shared out what was left of the spoils.
  35. The son learns that women are the spoils and, by extension, that all women are his to.
  36. Your patrol killed these bandits: you divide the spoils among the men of your patrol.
  37. But Jackson did the exact same practice once elected, even calling it the Spoils System.
  38. Gunnar shares all of his spoils with me, so when the time comes, I’m going to….
  39. And if any actor's really good, you can always tell he knows he's good, and that spoils it.
  40. The enterprise and valor of our maritime brethren will participate in the spoils of capture.
  41. With swelling chest he narrated the glories of his adventure and exhibited the spoils of conquest.
  42. Once that is complete, may I take the rest of Bergendal’s spoils with me? the scar-faced man asked.
  43. He and his brother have already divvied up the spoils and he has been allotted the girl with haystack hair.
  44. During the Philistines quest to collect the spoils of war, they came across the bodies of Saul and his sons.
  45. You occupy peace by deoccupying the weapons, games, language and spoils of war's practices and privileges.
  46. A wide trophy cabinet displayed silver plates, gold cups, being the spoils of a long and successful campaign.
  47. She would escape or hang rather than share in what was left of her spoils in another failed bribe for his silence.
  48. This changed initially when there appeared to be hope of a swift Axis victory and considerable spoils to be gained.
  49. Just as today: American Robber Baron Corporations invade their own land to conquer it and abscond with their spoils.
  50. A famine and pestilence was substituted for the bayonet, and the spoils of the devoted city glutted the hands of rapine.
  51. This shouldn’t happen to any consultant because it really spoils that person, especially on their very first interview.
  52. The dragons of both fear and apprehension, once slayed; it was their turn to swim in the spoils and gold of said victory.
  53. When at last Chagres was reached, they were exhausted; nevertheless, the following day was set for the division of spoils.
  54. Niles Weiss was lucky enough to be born into a world of wealth and privilege, and he enjoyed all the spoils of his station.
  55. Both guys had wallets in their hip pockets, with about a hundred dollars between them, which Reacher took as spoils of war.
  56. You have a good many little gifts and virtues, but there is no need of parading them, for conceit spoils the finest genius.
  57. They did this by finally extending the rights of vassal-ship of the lower classes and letting them in on some of the spoils.
  58. The rule of force reigned; may the strongest one win, may the strongest one survive, may the strongest one enjoy the spoils.
  59. Sabbath, when they had given part of the spoils to the crippled, and the widows, and orphans, the residue they divided among.
  60. This is a vast improvement over the old spoils systems, in which government jobs were rewards for political supporters.
  61. Decidedly not; it spoils the flavor not only of chicken and turkey, but of any prime joint of meat to bake it in a covered pan.
  62. We have seen the spoils of war The Fuhrer deposited around the world in his foresight, a foresight that has led to our success.
  63. Thrown out food because too much was purchased or it spoils because at time of purchase it was not as fresh as it could have been.
  64. Bosora; and when he had won the city, he killed all the males with the edge of the sword, and took all their spoils, and burned the.
  65. It would participate or it wouldn’t share in the spoils (the oil pipeline to the Gulf in Iraq for international access and control).
  66. Maspha; and after he had assaulted it he took and killed all the males in it, and received the spoils of it and and burnt it with fire.
  67. Father John had already dragged Seth out to the entry point into the room and away from his spoils, about which he was none too happy.
  68. Soon he will have to think about retiring to a life of leisure and enjoying his spoils and grandchildren, Zarko replied respectfully.
  69. I have hidden away some gold and silver in a secret compartment in the cellar, which I collected over the years from the spoils of war.
  70. They thought it was a beastly shame that those other bandits should be always raiding the town and getting clear away with such rich spoils.
  71. Miracles, signs, and wonders ravage the enemy’s camp and release the spoils of war (the souls of men) into the hands of the children of God.
  72. They scrabble over hamburger papers that gust up the building fronts, carry their spoils back to the Public Library lions a few long blocks away.
  73. He wondered if the barn might have any amongst its spoils, and wandered down the slope, searching out a route for his truck when he went for the table.
  74. I have seen their heads piled to make a pyramid in the great square in Python when the kings returned from the west with their spoils and naked captives.
  75. The fact that they had carried the flag to victory so often in the past without obtaining any of the spoils, did not seem to damp their ardour in the least.
  76. How do we learn peace when all we practice is winning, not compromise, victory, not treaty, the champion's spoils and not the community's shared blessing?
  77. The green canes made a refuge for numbers of small animals, and if properly taken in hand, would probably have provided some lord of the forest to add to the spoils.
  78. The Victors oftentimes look to consolidate their fortunes for their own sake rather than taking a chance that the spoils of victory might spill over to the Vanquished.
  79. So all in all as far as Egrick could see, any losses to the reckless mercenaries would not be of any major impact to the army and would leave more of the spoils for him.
  80. That was indeed another of life’s mysteries, thought Rudolph as he refocused on the comparatively meagre spoils of the Clegg empire, but one he wouldn’t mind solving.
  81. Darling, it’s a celebration for our elevated status but you understand it would not be proper to be out and about in London enjoying the spoils with so many eyes about?
  82. Who wrote, 'Malt does more than Milton can, to justify God's way towards Man?' I rewrote it and added, And Freud spoils kids and spares the rod, to justify Man's ways toward God.
  83. Finn, come into town to visit his cousin, and now ruining the occasion by his very presence! "Damn," said Nolan, "that spoils it! Now we won't be allowed to describe this adventure.
  84. The fourth head is of no consequence to anyone and it belongs to those who aren’t afraid to try! BUT to the victor goes the spoils AND in THAT good conscious you cannot truly buy.
  85. Militaries and their warcraft are another face of the Immortal War and the vehicle through which the spoils of the War for Immortality will be horded or, by their elimination, distributed.
  86. Instead he and his war party celebrate their victory by dancing all the way back to the village, carrying their spoils of war and trying to ignore the wailing and tears of the dark-skinned children.
  87. While Quran obliged him by waiving the four women ceiling for him, power, the magnet that draws women to men, fetched him nine more wives, not to speak of the slave girls that came with the spoils of war.
  88. He had also had a swollen lymph gland, four warts, and six cases of impetigo in the groin, but it would not have occurred to him or any man to think of these as diseases; they were only the spoils of war.
  89. The Israelites swarm over their enemies and annihilate them in a single blow, killing every last man old enough to carry a weapon, leaving a massive feast for the vultures, claiming the spoils of victory.
  90. In spite of such express orders from Muhammad, forty of the archers, when they sensed the ground troops were on the verge of looting the enemy camp, deserted their post amidst the battle to share the spoils.
  91. The river had stolen from the higher tracts and brought in particles to the vale all this horizontal land; and now, exhausted, aged, and attenuated, lay serpentining along through the midst of its former spoils.
  92. If in Mecca, it was the promise of the ‘Hereafter’ that attracted the faithful into the Islamic fold, in Medina, it was the spoils of war and the prospect of Paradise, which swelled the ranks of the Musalmans.
  93. The roughs had also fled at the appearance of Peterson, so that he was left in possession of the field of battle, and also of the spoils of victory in the shape of this battered hat and a most unimpeachable Christmas goose.
  94. After winning five hard games in a row, during which Sanjay was sure he had cracked an elbow, fractured his shoulder-blade and dislocated an ankle, Paul gracelessly accepted the victor’s spoils of a drink in the cafeteria.
  95. The Hatfield brothers would not be found there, that went without saying, but the element of surprise could be beneficial when discovering tools of trade, personal effects, weapons and probably ill gotten spoils of corrupt operations.
  96. But it spoils all, that at this point and crisis the author of the history leaves this battle impending, giving as excuse that he could find nothing more written about these achievements of Don Quixote than what has been already set forth.
  97. He had eaten his share of the dinner, but he hadn't really enjoyed it because he was thinking all the time about Turkish Delight—and there's nothing that spoils the taste of good ordinary food half so much as the memory of bad magic food.
  98. How many art galleries built their collections on the Nazis' spoils? How many art dealers built their fortunes on the misery - and extermination - of others? Do we still consider Nazi ideas of degeneracy to be valid when considering 'modern art'?
  99. What glory? Is it the glory of the tiger, which lifts his jaws, all foul and bloody, from the bowels of his victim, and roars for his companions of the wood to come and witness his prowess and his spoils? Such is the glory of Genghis Khan, and of Bonaparte.
  100. In the subsequent fifteen centuries since his death no one had successfully identified the location of the spoils of the Scourge of God, although it has been documented that the path of the River Don was diverted over the probable hiding place of his treasures.

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