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Shucks in a sentence

Church ain't shucks to a.
Oh, shucks, yes, we can SPARE it.
Shucks, I'd never fall for that.
He smiled in an awe shucks kind of way.
Aw, shucks Mum, it was nothing, he replied.
Jim take it down? Yes! Why? For the shucks of it.
Shucks! Now you tell me how Bob Tanner done it, Huck.

You know in the movies, the aw shucks, that's what make you that guy.
Shucks, you can pray all you want to, only not in the graveyard--and don't make a game of it.
If you’re in league with the shucks who sent us here, you wouldn’t have had to worry about the Grievers hurting you—maybe it was all an act.
But shucks! Your mother won't know, and so what's the harm? All she wants is that you'll be safe; and I bet you she'd 'a' said go there if she'd 'a' thought of it.
When we got home Aunt Sally was that glad to see me she laughed and cried both, and hugged me, and give me one of them lickings of hern that don't amount to shucks, and said she'd serve Sid the same when he come.

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