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Damn in a sentence

Damn fool that I am.
The damn dog was a.
Damn it to the stars.
He looks so damn hot.
Such a damn big field.
Damn good gin that was.
Damn it, I’m not a.

Damn, he was so smooth.
This was so damn cool.
That was for damn sure.
Damn it, no, please no.
Damn his taco was good.
Talk to me, damn it.
Damn it! What a pity!.
He was a damn sexy kid.
Damn, and it hurts too.
Damn, Texas is one big.
Damn, he loved that boy.
It was my damn roommate.
Play a damn good chess.
She was always so damn.
Damn! He could be such.
I have rights, damn it!.
Well, go on, damn it.
It was damn good whiskey.
You were a damn good cop.
The whole damn set, gone.
It was so damn beautiful.
Damn! he said to himself.
Damn, the move again! Mrs.
Damn did it backfire on.
I loved that damn museum.
Damn she told me good man.
Damn, Mark said to himself.
Oh, damn it! he said.
It’s all too damn weird.
Damn! Jack was on his way.
You were all damn lucky.
Damn, she hated that look.
That was damn awesome sex.
It did sound pretty damning.
It was very damning testimony.
The list of evils is long and damning.
It was the details that were so damning.
It all painted a pretty damning picture.
Evander showed no reaction to the damning.
Ralph was pleased: it was damning testimony.
The observation was based on simple, damning logic.
The evidence against him was circumstantial, but damning.
Still, the Raymond territoriality charge is a damning one.
The sudden damning synthesised voice that came from out of.
Indeed, as evidence went it could not have been more damning.
And do their dandiest to make sure it is more damning than theirs.
But here is the damning irony and hypocrisy, and criminality of Science.
The tap and bug hadn’t yet come up with anything damning except for Mrs.
Such words could be very damning if ever read by the queen’s opposition.
She probably would’ve preferred that I let him die instead of damning him.
Reverend Mason’s eyes widened at such a damning accusation to a man of the cloth.
This is the main reason, why they amass a damning record of each living generation.
And with that damning proclamation, she turned on her heel and marched up the stairs.
In Canada, Melissa Miller had coordinated the publication of the damning information.
She cast a fierce, damning look back at them, her hands over her belly protectively.
The Patriarch had since then been damning Laplante to Hell on every occasion he had.
The damning proof exists in the Congress statutes of records in his own bank statements.
A truly damning, completely insane, probably-doomed-to-fail—and also horrible—thought.
Worse by far, Dory knew of the rumor concerning Trask, albeit not the most damning version.
Coming on the top of such a damning series of events, it was at least a most suspicious remark.
And would ye be damning the entire race for those mingering bastards at Prima? The first ma arse.
I swore in whispers as I moved, damning to hell the bastards who had brought me to this state and place.
Like the photographs taken by the Nazi war criminals, this piece of evidence was too eloquent and damning.
Philemon said: Most damning of all, my lord bishop, is the final witness, a close member of the accused.
The damning testimony from Rayna and the resulting confession to his wife of his infidelity had sealed his fate.
He seems on the edge of blurting all the time—as if his lungs are bursting with words about me, damning words.
Even more damning, the wines were actually both white wine—the red wine had been colored with food coloring.
He felt that they were damning him with faint praise, but George assured him that it was a very great compliment indeed.
But her sometimes damning curiosity got the better of her when she noticed a folded note upon the nightstand by the cot.
On a psychologically damning play, Paul laid down the second bunt of the inning, exactly the same place Chance had earlier.
Sebastian Akers shakes his head, as if he’s hearing this testimony for the first time and can’t believe how damning it is.
Letting out a pungent swear in Yiddish, Eli then grabbed the cover letter and read it: it was short, concise and also damning.
The Father in heaven never conceived of such crass injustice as damning a mortal soul because of the evildoing of his ancestors.
It was so damned cold.
Or damned close to it.
She damned him for it.
A damned good one, too.
He was too damned nice.
But, I was for damned.
He was too damned old.
Just fix the damned leg.
He’d be damned if Dr.
It was just too damned.
It was that damned Laino.
We see the damned house.
Damned if I ask her again.
Even the damned can learn.
But it would be a damned lie.
It's a damned long distance.
The march of the damned to.
Or be damned in the attempt.
Curse his damned petty soul.
They fixed the damned thing.
The damned fools ate it up!.
That damned horse of yours.
I was so damned proud of her.
To which they have damned me.
No wonder, he was so damned.
We had this damned long rally.
Betty had a damned good brain.
God could have fairly damned.
It was damned well about time.
I’ll be damned, he said.
Again, I hit the damned bracket.
Key to the whole damned puzzle.
I just felt so damned grateful.
The damned fools! Jamie thought.
Jacob said, Big guns be damned.
I am damned here for eternity.
This situation was damned stupid.
You’re a damned poor manager.
I haven't learned a damned thing.
Getting damned cold, Nadir noted.
Murder is the sentence that damns the soul to this city of evil.
This automatically implicates and damns all their once-living relatives.
Even Pauline Kael, the feared film critic of the New Yorker, would praise her with faint damns, as she did when writing about Niagara.
If the flag represents the country not as ideal, but as present reality, then why isn't it appropriate to say 'Fuck the flag and God damn the country that damns others.

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