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Darn in a sentence

Darn those big, blue eyes.
In fact it was darn good.
Darn it! Hey, this harness.
Athena was pretty darn smart.
Pretty darn good, thanks to you.
Darn it, she was not wearing her.
How that darn gun went off after.

I can’t see a darn thing in here.
Kill the darn thing! shouted Tom.
This tastes darn good—might cure me.
All the pilot does is fly the darn thing.
Darn thing busted on me couple weeks ago.
That darn dog has gone too far this time.
Because he's so darn shy and modest and all.
Well darn, that was one I hadn’t thought of.
It’s a darn good thing I ate Unseelie flesh.
Darn it! Damien jumped at the sound of her name.
Now they have their invented good excuse… darn.
That’s what we’re all in this for, darn it!.
Oh darn I wanted Todd to pick us up in two days.
Let’s see if we can selectively kill this… Darn.
And all the old grannies want to tame her, darn them.
Whoever was calling could darn well wait until morning.
Oh why that darn, dastardly hooded monk, Rob said.
Blackjack darn near tumbled out of the sky, he was so tired.
He was actually the sheriff of the whole darn county, King.
It would have perfect if I hadn’t knocked the darn lid off.
Darn! What about calling Kasumi at her restaurant? No, not yet.
Pins---not that all the Gold guys are worth a darn, as some of.
Thanks Scientists! But that means they’ll die too… darn it.
Lauren Ainsworth might have made a pretty darn good NASCAR racer.
Making you look pretty darn good at what you do in the process!.
Nevertheless, I went along with it and won the darn thing! What a.
I hated it when she bought the no name brand, it was too darn salty.
Figured it was the least I could do, be part of the whole darn thing.
And finally, there is the thought that Darn it! I earned this money.
Now, not every seat in the room had the glare problem, but I knew darn.
But her thoughts were, Darn, darn, darn, DARN! There goes my savings plan.
Yep, these scum haven’t learned a darn thing from the Thalidomide.
Darn it all, I was crying again and viciously I wiped at the stupid tears.
This is similar to darning your clothes.
She lowered her glasses and continued darning socks.
Betty Flanders's darning needles are safe too and her garnet brooch.
Darning, button-hole making and hem-stitching were taught in one class.
The German gentlemen embroider, I know, but darning hose is another thing and not so pretty.
Tridden's voice rose and fell, and a darning needle sewed along the air, stitching, restitching designs both golden and invisible.
When she finished darning the socks, she tossed everything into the sewing basket in no particular order, gave instructions in the kitchen for supper, and went to the bedroom.
She is present at the reading, darning socks and ancient sheets with her carefully kept fingers, and she treats me absolutely as though I were attached to her household as governess.
You may tell Miss Smith that I forgot to make a memorandum of the darning needles, but she shall have some papers sent in next week; and she is not, on any account, to give out more than one at a time to each pupil: if they have more, they are apt to be careless and lose them.
The latter in itself was enough to attract attention to him, for the uniforms of the rode a wild black stallion, and wore clothes which were always the height of style and soldiers were dingy and worn now and the civilians, even when turned out in their best, showed skillful patching and darning.
They had to be sold again at a grievous loss, and the family fled from Berlin and the faces of their acquaintances, faces crooked with the effort to sympathize when what they really wanted to do, says Vicki, was to smile, and came t this cheap place where they can sit in obscurity darning up the holes in their damaged fortunes.
Not seeable, but too darned audible.
Well I'll be darned, said the lady.
Darned fool men with their maggoty ideas.
That darned Kate! the mayor complained.
But we're a darned sight better than we were.
I hate a young girl who’s too darned knowing.
I darned near got bitten by a rat, more than once.
I couldn’t help but admit how darned cute she was.
I’ll be darned, Bill said with a little laugh.
And my apartment was a darned cute place, I have to say.
So he darned well ought scrupulously clean and fastidious.
She is wearing cheap clothes with holes that have been darned.
With your first rehab you are darned lucky to turn a profit at all.
They don’t need no darned bank because their businesses generate cash.
I tell him not to, but those darned kids, they come through here anyway.
We were too darned dumb to notice! So long, Douglas Spaulding, to you!.
It’s darned clever, if you ask me said the Chief, prodding his chop.
I had no idea how much the darned thing cost until the shopkeeper told me.
She raises her arm and flashes that darned cuff at me that I really wish I had.
Sometimes that's all he wears, and I've told him I think it's darned rude!.
The first thing to do is confirm that McGillicuddy read the darned news accurately.
She was ashamed of the very patches and darned places of which she had been so proud at home.
Still, the sight of a couple of bombs under my wings must have appeared pretty darned convincing.
These odd trees made darned fine clubs, in his estimation, and he had uprooted the next one he had found.
Then, with a strange light in his eyes, he said, "Won't the captain be darned wild when he hears about it?"—P.
You understand how it is? I was going to serve the best darned hot dogs there, with chili and onions and orange juice.
The only ones who never made it here to heaven are those who froze their brain and put it in that gol darned atom slicer.
Laughing as he replaced the cover, he wondered how the man could eat so many of the darned pies and not get sick of them.
They were focusing more on those issues at the paper lately, precisely because Brubaker just seemed so darned incompetent.
That’s darned interesting to an investor, wouldn’t you say? I checked out the company’s numbers and recommended Hilfiger to friends in spring 1993.
A caticornered rent in the skirt had been darned with scarlet tracing cotton and the hem had been let down, showing a bright strip of unfaded pink around the skirt.
Little wonder, that both women were surprised when their friend’s bouquet landed directly on top of their barely outstretched hands, and looked at it in some consternation because neither one had wanted the darned thing.
So, why are most humans so darned preoccupied with bodies? Even though their religions hold that the body is nothing but a receptacle for the soul, which lives on forever (for some, in a better place) after its host’s demise, many of the most religious among us seem to put more emphasis on doing things with the remains, rather than accepting the loss of direct communication with the spirit.
He was wearing Zach's old red one with the hundred darns.
So I have got his things in order, and knit heels into two pairs of the socks, for they were boggled out of shape with his queer darns.
Then she unfolded her napkin as if to examine the darns, and she really thought of applying herself to this work, counting the threads in the linen.
Just as with the maid she had felt not exactly ashamed, but embarrassed at her darns, so she felt with him not exactly ashamed, but embarrassed at herself.
Only think, in order to buy a spelling-book so that I could go to school he was obliged to sell the only coat he had to wear—a coat that, between patches and darns, was not fit to be seen.

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