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    1. They heard the crackle of a broken stick, and then the skitter of a rock tumbling down the slope

    2. See the black material skitter across the street

    3. Reese dodged further to the right, letting the sword skitter down his own sword’s length, whipping the tip around to spin toward Jack’s ear

    4. A young boy around ten years old followed her out then sat on the porch with his head glumly lowered as he watched the ants skitter about at his feet

    5. The rats in the walls squeaked loud enough to my ears that I thought it deafening and when a brash pair appeared out of a crack in the wall to skitter past my feet, I lunged so swiftly that I caught both

    6. remaining pebble Jo threw ahead of her and heard it skitter

    7. He slapped the surface with the flat of his sword a couple of times causing the bugs to skitter away from the turmoil

    8. There is not a rough within the diamonds within the sky, as between the trees they skitter back and forth removing any and all debris that can be seen

    9. Isabel lunged for her, throwing her to the ground and causing the staff to skitter away

    10. At times it would skitter ahead, scan something of interest, then wait for Erin to catch up

    1. Small ripples on the lake brought warm sensations as they skittered across them

    2. The bottle spun off the tray and skittered across the floor of my cell, coming to rest against the back wall by the slops bucket

    3. Even as the thought skittered through my feeble mind, even though I instinctively understood that having fresh clothes meant investment in my life as a hostage by my captors, still I relished the simple aromas of washed cotton

    4. Without warning, something skittered in the undergrowth nearby, making him jump horribly, swinging the torch about in a desperate attempt to see what it was

    5. His hooves were never still; they skittered with excitement

    6. Before long they could sense Mercer’s bitter glance and they skittered into the shadows

    7. Other than Joseph and me, the only movement seemed to be insects as they skittered across the tawny earth to vanish into small patches of dried grass

    8. Light feathery clouds skittered across the sky obscuring the sun, then uncovering it rapidly

    9. Maldynado skittered aside, but not before Sicarius tapped him on the ribs with his saber

    10. She skittered back and bumped into the wall

    1. As she did so, she caught a skittering form out of the corner of her eye

    2. ” He took a deep breath and looked around at our home, the vegetables and flowers I"d planted, the birds skittering in and out of the branches of the tree that was here long before either of us was born

    3. But when its snout faced directly towards us, there was heard a skittering noise

    4. Chandio fell forward onto his face, his flick-knife skittering across the floor

    5. I saw the shadow there, but over it was a hunger that sent my pulse skittering out of control

    6. Skittering away from her, he stared at the cane and raven before hugging his arms to himself, as if trying to contain his fear

    7. I listened and didn’t hear the tiny skittering of their bodies in the walls or under the floor

    8. The long digit that entered him brushed a place within him that sent starlight skittering across his vision, pleasure searing through him, making his body arch as feeling that was both foreign and remembered seized him

    9. immediately, the animals were roused from their sleep, and were animated into a raucous bouncing chorus of yelps and yips and yaps and the skittering of claws upon the boards of their kennel

    10. There were white sailed yachts skittering across the ruffled waters on the brisk breeze nearer the shore, while, on the other side of the launch, further out, a small float plane left a creamy wake as it took off from the watery runway, marked out with orange buoys

    1. His glance slides to the Lost One and then just as quickly skitters away

    2. His heart skitters in his chest and his throat turns dry

    3. skitters to a stop within inches of my face

    4. Sound skitters and reverberates, and unless one is a highly skilled hunter, it’s difficult to secure the target in one’s crosshairs by noise alone

    5. The fourth stone explodes from the blur of motion, skitters across the floor, sliding toward that fourth corner, sliding …

    6. Anybody can git the skitters

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    Synonyms for "skitter"

    skitter skim skip scamper scurry scuttle

    "skitter" definitions

    to move about or proceed hurriedly

    glide easily along a surface

    cause to skip over a surface

    twitch the hook of a fishing line through or along the surface of water