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    1. Petr felt Huff jump out of his hood and scamper

    2. Petr tried to scamper away but got stuck in the roots

    3. From here he found he was able to scamper up and up to where fewer and fewer trunks reached

    4. One of his principle activities centered on the hunting of small animals like mice, rats, and rabbits along with a variety of insects that naively and foolishly chose to scamper about on the forest floor during the very wee hours of the morning

    5. are also skittish creatures, and every time I approached the herd, they would become frightened and scamper away

    6. He repositioned the skins and settled his pack on the rock; he sat down to rest as he watched the sheep scamper and graze peacefully

    7. Stopping to watch a squirrel scamper up and down a tree trunk, Jesse tilted her head

    8. They charged outward from their tightly-locked ring and skewered six more of the goblins, causing the riderless Lykanthros to scamper to the deep woods in confusion

    9. It noticed him, but it was too late to flee, scamper, and shoot away

    10. The rodents scamper away into the same cracks along the walls that the bugs did

    1. he scampered around the heavens,

    2. They were dotted with outcroppings over which goats scampered and cattle grazed

    3. his rage, scampered off in all directions without

    4. scampered toward the men, as Petr, Matt and

    5. When it came to Tom’s turn, he scampered rapidly up the steps,

    6. She scampered up the stairs to the

    7. Heather scampered down the hallway to her room, shutting and locking

    8. sun came out and Heather and I scampered down the river bank and found Roman

    9. The man scampered over and pulled a pile of clothes from behind the altar

    10. The children scampered on without a word, but eyeing the brooding trees as they clutched each others arms and hands

    1. Guzkat was already scampering

    2. Most often they would then be seen to be falling over themselves or scampering off in a frightened, zigzagging, chaotic getaway, with the shock of a huge and sudden adrenaline release causing them to lose total control of their wits and any semblance of rational behavior

    3. Exhaustion and great hunger forced them to dis-regard the lingering dangers evident in the scampering shadows and shuffles in the gloom

    4. But both froze in their tracks when the rumbles they had heard earlier grew louder and were joined by a chorus of scampering feet

    5. Senta rolled her eyes, “Or it could be these 'cats' scampering around us wherever we're going

    6. in the darkness below, scampering around with

    7. 4 missed fire through defective pricking; but in the second round each gun sent a shell hurling against the blockhouse, and the enemy could be seen scampering to cover

    8. Dawn shuddered at the scampering above her head, looking up at the white ceiling

    9. That view was supported by a scampering he was quite certain he could hear: doubtless the noise of claws on lino

    10. Yes, there had been a scampering noise

    1. When he tires of watching, he scampers back upstairs, returning at the precise time she finishes

    2. Too bad I don’t have smelly farts,” she scampers away into the covers

    3. Jerry submissively scampers to his boss and stands by her

    4. Loki scampers up from where he’d been huddled on the ground

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    Synonyms for "scamper"

    scamper scramble scurry scuttle skitter race hasten hurry make haste dash run sprint

    "scamper" definitions

    rushing about hastily in an undignified way

    to move about or proceed hurriedly