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Slowly in a sentence

I slowly shook my head.
He slowly picked it up.
I slowly nodded my head.
I slowly stared at him.
Close by it he slowly.
The Boy Who Ate Slowly.
Slowly, she takes me in.

Hap slowly read the memo.
Zoe shook her head slowly.
He shakes his head slowly.
He nodded his head slowly.
The Cat is moving slowly.
Slowly he shook his head.
He began to back up slowly.
She slowly shook her head.
She shook her head, slowly.
Joey shook his head slowly.
It slowly rose to set on.
She shook her head slowly.
Still, I moved on, slowly.
Slowly at first, then it.
Ken shook his head slowly.
Slowly, go with me on this.
Yise shook her head slowly.
Add the white wine slowly.
He turned his head slowly.
The king was slowly dying.
My vision came back slowly.
Simmer slowly for 3 hours.
Slowly he raised his head.
Slowly the others fell in.
He slowly began to read it.
He slowly opened his eyes.
He stood slowly to his feet.
Slowly he pried the window.
Which slowly turns to dust.
Donna slowly shook her head.
He walked slowly towards me.
They walked slowly to the.
Jaden slowly opens his eyes.

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