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Squelch in a sentence

1. Our boots squelch.
2. This fancy Charly badly wanted to squelch.
3. This could squelch your project completely.
4. His message to Secretary Welles was to squelch any idea.
5. Remember that we should never try to squelch and crush any.
6. She turned back at the queasy sounds of crunch and squelch.
7. Then she stumbled into the living room to squelch the noise coming from the radio.

8. The hem of her dress drips; her shoes squelch out water; to both sides rise sheer walls.
9. So much so that even the animal blood wasn’t enough to squelch her hunger for human blood.
10. Abraham have tried to squelch and confuse the knowledge of reincarnation for the last 2000 years.
11. Philip nodded, his mind foggy with negative thoughts he’d been trying to squelch for the past week.
12. Warren Peace from completing his bid to pacify Afghanistan and squelch any plans to pacify the rest of the Muslim world.
13. Then there came a panting, snorting sound, and heavy footfalls mingled with the squelch of sodden turf and shallow puddles.
14. Very little, Inspector, Lady Jane answered with authority as if to squelch the topic as she cast a grim look towards him.
15. Their noses twitched at the putrid aroma of rotting cells and as they walked further in they felt a soft squelch of matter under their feet.
16. Shivering under my blanket, I squelch after him, my boots slipping and sliding on the boggy ground to where Berndt is standing, similarly wrapped up.
17. Spock and Stu ran and caught hold of Nick’s thrashing legs and held on firmly as the old cow carried on running and with a pop and a squelch, Nick was free.
18. He tells me that I should do all I can to squelch out this progressive element that has practically destroyed the Church and I wanted to tell Father Theophane that.
19. The four with whom the Elf had attached herself emerged from the bowels of the lower decks onto the ship's main promenade and the Elf had to squelch a yelp of surprise.
20. Even though the subject loomed in the back of his own mind, Feltus gazed at him sternly and without amusement, so as to squelch any further discussion of that matter once and for all.
21. The scars tempted him to gain excessive power to squelch the sense of vulnerability—power that wasn’t necessarily healing, such as prestige, adoration, and more excesses of money than he already had.
22. There were several of them passed out on the landings when he came in, and you could just tell from the liquid squelch beneath the feet and the spiritual reek of their snores that there had been many, many more here in the course of the night, doing what Angels do.
23. Though hoping to avoid any involvement, Lord Ashburn felt himself and Lady Jane being helplessly drawn into the sordid affair; it should be rather difficult not to say something given his staunch attitude towards proper conduct, but he would try tremendously to squelch his yearning to help the poor woman from her predicament.
24. Trying to squelch the torment, he sank deeper into the parch-ments and eluded the innocent flattery of that aunt who was poisoning his nights with a flow of tribulation, but the more he avoided her the more the anxiety with which he waited for her stony laughter, her howls of a happy cat, and her songs of gratitude, agonizing in love at all hours and in the most unlikely parts of the house.
25. I noticed myself cultivating a sort of nostalgia for the present, developing the reflex to squelch pointless self-talk and simply notice whatever was going on around me: a blast of hot halitosis from a subway vent as I walked to work, the carpet of suburban lights seen from a landing airplane, rippling water reflecting sine waves of light onto the side of a boat while I was shooting a story in Virginia Beach.
1. It is squelching in my boots.
2. She hit her breaks hard, squelching them.
3. She made squelching noises as she walked.
4. There was a loud squelching of mud as he.
5. It was the squelching sound that really freaked him out.
6. Other than the faint squelching of Cloud’s boots against the.
7. His shoes were squelching with pig slurry and his socks ruined.
8. Then they head back down the alley, her shoes squelching as she goes.
9. Five minutes later, the damp stairs are again squelching beneath his Chucks.
10. There followed a loud squelching sound and his feet sank as if in quicksand.
11. A few, she said, squelching the familiar tug of homesickness before it sidetracked her.
12. Jaume did not close his ears to the squelching and shrieking as he rode the morion right over them, but he didn’t look down.
13. In my blinding shoes, which were squelching beneath me, and my large-brimmed straw hat, I certainly felt like I was from space.
14. The constant, squelching, dragging mud made them all clumsy – even Wolfe and Santi, though they managed it better than any of the students.
15. Her arms were still pinioned, so she could not use her hands to protect herself, and she fell flat, bruising her chest, her face squelching into the ooze.
16. Another of the men came towards her and she plunged her dagger to the hilt in his midriff, she twisted it and pulled, it came free with a squelching sound and blood poured from the wound.
17. The other horses too were frightened, and splashing through the water with their hobbled legs, and drawing their hoofs out of the thick mud with a squelching sound, they bounded out of the marsh.
18. As soon as she had squeezed her soft squelching body and its folded limbs out of the upper exit from her lair, she moved with a horrible speed, now running on her creaking legs, now making a sudden bound.
19. The expectation of snipe was so intense that to Levin the squelching sound of his own heel, as he drew it up out of the mire, seemed to be the call of a snipe, and he clutched and pressed the lock of his.
20. The fields gave way to the marshland, desolate and silent apart from the continual crying of the birds—curlews and warblers and moorhens, taking off and landing, taking off and landing again, to pluck fat moist worms from the squelching mud.
1. The tires squelched.
2. I could have squelched Mrs.
3. Moshe squelched a smile, and.
4. He squelched the panic within him.
5. Petra squelched a sneeze and then another.
6. Moshe squelched a smile, and remained silent.
7. I was the bitter voice that needed to be squelched.
8. His friend squelched along, finding the ground hard to move.
9. A familiar ache filled his heart, and he promptly squelched it.
10. The burst of citrus and the tender chicken squelched his hunger pangs.
11. An involuntary smile creased Stacey’s mouth, a grin he quickly squelched.
12. I slammed the car door and squelched my way through the rain towards the house.
13. Kumiko’s boots squelched through the thick layer of mud that coated the floor.
14. Footsteps squelched level with my head and I squinted up at Detective Inspector Grunt.
15. A wet patch of dirt squelched underfoot, and a rodent ran across Hal’s shoe and scurried away.
16. Kaitlyn was mollified, her anxieties would simply have to be squelched she thought, and that was that.
17. He was wearing his broad ringer's hat and he was soaked to the skin; his boots squelched as he climbed the steps.
18. The thought of two precious unborn children soon to be in his home finally squelched Mitch’s nagging desires for revenge.
19. A fortunate coincidence was most violence was generated by drugs, and the anti drug ingredient in PAX squelched addiction.
20. If the prison riot is squelched and everything is brought under control and back to normal, then we can proceed with our plans.
21. I squelched through swarms of midges and climbed through tall grasses and even jumped a surprising brook all without confrontation.
22. Tyres squelched through puddles onto the macadam, mud flew and splattered the panelling of the already dirty sedan, but the rain was gone.
23. This tiny bit of news however, is quietly squelched, never given any exposure, and allowed to molder in the back pages of scientific periodicals.
24. Within five minutes, the protest had been squelched, the protesters sequestered, the VIPs were rescued and the square was cleared of all human organisms.
25. But then, with my heart still pounding from the close call on the trail, I squelched the urge to bolt out into the woods where Virgil was searching for me.
26. Taxis and buses swished and squelched their way along the black road surfaces and lights began to appear behind windows, returning the drenched city to life.
27. The difference between black and white magic is that in black magic emotions are squelched (repressed) whereas in white magic emotions are felt, but not acted upon.
28. If protests were expressed in words and in writing and in printing against these mad acts, pointing out their irrationality, such protests were concealed or squelched.
29. The natural desire for children to explore and ask questions is slowly squelched until sooner or later; they become afraid of asking questions, until they no longer even think of asking questions.
30. My sneakers squelched with every step, oozing little bubbles of water and my jacket dripped water onto the carpet, leaving a trail behind me as Vera manoeuvred me into a bathroom and told me to wait there.
31. Sequoia had wanted to turn and leave because his fear was rising to terror but his quest to know could not be squelched and he stepped through the open doors with his hammering heart hailing their arrival.
32. But she persevered obstinately, and as the muddy water squelched through her broken shoes and the wind seemed trying to drag her thin jacket from her, she talked to herself as she walked, though she did not speak aloud or even move her lips.
33. The patent history of automobiles is an example of how all inventors of better, more efficient, cheaper, better quality, smarter designs and ideas: were bought-off, killed, poisoned, cheated, harassed, intimidated, squelched, threatened, sabotaged, and all of their inventions have disappeared by the hundreds… destroyed, bought up and their records coincidentally burnt or lost.
1. Crashing through the bulrushes, Darkburst pushed himself as hard as he could, his feet sucking noisily in the mud of the bank with cloying squelches.
2. The damp earth squelches noisily beneath its massive feet which are the size of baking trays; its claws are enormous, and its head is the size of a barrel.
3. When money becomes our main motivator for creating, fear and frustration or exhaustion tend to creep in which squelches our inspiration and that’s when we end up feeling disil usioned and spinning tyres moving nowhere fast.

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