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Quell in a sentence

I stared at Quell and waited.
Quell murmured, He is near.
Quell gathered us to him again.
Quell says Time is its weapon.
Quell, you go with Redleigh.
And those? Why? said Quell.
Quell wrote invisibly on the air.

Quell, you catch his thoughts.
Quell, what happened, I asked.
And yet Quell would not look at him.
The captain sensed Quell drawing near.
There is our captain, said Quell.
And Redleigh? Quell, what of him?
I have said too much, said Quell.
Alexis and Kayla sat by Quell and Levi.
Now to quell the fighting in Sri Lanka.
But only quell the hunger of the heart.
But no feeling could quell Fred's alarm.
He put up his hand to quell the applause.
Gah! cried Quell, as if possessed.
Quell shook his fists at the unseen stars.
Malcolm breathed deeply to quell his nausea.
Quell, thank God for you in the days ahead.
The crew ran to their stations, all but Quell.
Space says otherwise, said Quell, calmly.
Quell shut his yes and cocked his strange head.
To immortalize hatred that nothing can quell!.
And I saw that Quell had donned his black suit.
Oh, Quell, it’s Ishmael here! Your friend.
And Quell asked, Ah, but what is nature?
No, no! Quell yelled, and fell to his knees.
It did not however, quell his adventurous streak.
It would take much, his love of this game to quell.
And Quell reached out a hand as if his mind had fled.
Ten thousand times a million years, said Quell.
Quell: Nigga where you at cause we in front her house.
This should help to quell any fears right off the bat.
The sound of the music caused the sleeping Quell to stir.
He would not be able to quell his apprehension otherwise.
But by that time, mightn’t it be too late, Quell?
Dorian cast her a quelling look.
Quelling the urge to fill the silence that followed, his.
Delphi sent him a quelling look, then put on a smile and posed for the shot.
Quelling the urge to fill the silence that followed, his attention shifted back to Moses and his brother Aaron.
Lamond DeBourbon, a knight of substantial means, paid her ransom, thus quelling the disparity between the sides.
The smell of steamed rice and spices created a satisfying aroma that alone did wonders for quelling their voracious appetites.
He was not bold, I say; and after that one quelling glance from the young saint's eyes did not dare speak again for a long while.
When he did remember, he sat up suddenly, and then fell back, writhing in agony and quelling the nausea that threatened to erupt.
Countless millions of years of Darwinian evolution did not fail him; the primal instinct to survive came to the fore and, quelling his panic, took control.
If these Qualinesti Elves share a common cause with us then I should have little difficulty in convincing them to send a delegation of their kin to aid us in quelling the Guild of Assassins.
I had command at Portland, and at the fort near Boston, and while in commission, I was employed in quelling a meeting or insurrection among the soldiery, and during my continuance in office I gave general satisfaction.
The latter, sure of quelling the tempest when the waves became too violent, allowed them to rise to a certain pitch that he might be revenged on the importunate Andrea, and besides it would afford him some recreation during the long day.
As he seated himself and took his first bite, enjoying the feeling of the food quelling his hunger, his moment of quasi-rest during which his mind was focused only on his meal and temporarily free of contemplation of complex theories was abruptly interrupted by the entrance of Captain Higgins.
Or be quelled by the hazy mist.
Impotent rage quelled what little fear was.
He quelled the small pang of anxiety at her words.
But it had to be done, and he quelled his conscience.
She quelled the gnawing in her stomach with a small strip.
The mind-cane flared up but Simon quelled it with a glance.
A wave of inexplicable anger washed over me, which I immediately quelled.
Thus certain questions remained unanswered, anxiety not entirely quelled.
But the riots swelled with little planning and were quelled with little injury.
The contradictory-connectedness of the appearance-object relationship can be quelled by.
Louie knew that they couldn’t survive for long without food, but he quelled the thought.
Catherine quelled her lamentations also, took a seat opposite, and looked solemnly into the fire.
Locke tried to be angrier with his partner, but the prospect of a meeting with Hamilton quelled it.
It was the second time within days that she’d been called special and she quelled her annoyance at it.
He looked at her then and some part of Maria’s soul quelled at the sight of the intensity in his eyes.
His mother gasped and his father took one step forward but the frown on the taller man’s face quelled any action he might have taken.
When the ruckus had quelled to a relatively mild squawking of radios, milling FBI agents and curious onlookers, Mitch was brought to his feet.
It was spring; as the days lengthened, young men murmured, talked more than they should and every now and again riots would need to be quelled.
Discipline prevailed: in five minutes the confused throng was resolved into order, and comparative silence quelled the Babel clamour of tongues.
Normally, my meals were collected from plasma centers, which quelled my hunger to a point, but it still wasn’t nearly as satisfying as warm blood.
On Thursday her anxiety was quelled when he came to the front window that she had already opened, carrying a white envelope in his outstretched hand.
These and a thousand other fragments flitted through my mind as the sun crawled up the ladder of the hours and misery was quelled by the promise of the sea.
His noble spirit will not be quelled until he either slays or is slain; or until he hears the voice of the shepherd, that is, reason, bidding his dog bark no more.
Love, little by little, was quelled by absence; regret stifled beneath habit; and this incendiary light that had empurpled her pale sky was overspread and faded by degrees.
The oppressing sight, and especially the stifling atmosphere, quelled even his energy, and he went from cell to cell, saying nothing but All right to the inspector’s remarks about what prisoners there were in each cell.
When I first looked into his face, I perceived that he had got intelligence of the catastrophe; and a foolish notion struck me that his heart was quelled and he prayed, because his lips moved and his gaze was bent on the ground.
The torn, split, wounded girl cries, struggles, invokes me to her rescue, and endeavours to get from under the young savage, or shake him off, but alas! in vain: her breath, might as soon have strength to have quelled his rough assault, or put him out of his course.
His form was of the same strong and stalwart contour as ever: his port was still erect, his hair was still raven black; nor were his features altered or sunk: not in one year’s space, by any sorrow, could his athletic strength be quelled or his vigorous prime blighted.
The enormous cost of building huge highways made no economic sense except as a military defense plan to make sure the Federal; Govt could transport its troops anywhere quickly if by some stretch of the imagination there happened to be an uprising which needed to be quelled.
Mr Peevie, said I, when we were cozily seated by ourselves in his little back parlour—the mistress having set out the gardevin and tumblers, and the lass brought in the hot water—I do not think, Mr Peevie, that in all my experience, and I am now both an old man and an old magistrate, that I ever saw any thing better managed than the manner in which ye quelled the hobleshow this morning, and therefore we maun hae a little more of your balsamic advice, to make a’ heal among us again; and now that I think o’t, how has it happent that ye hae never been a bailie? I’m sure it’s due both to your character and circumstance that ye should take upon you a portion of the burden of the town honours.
Ralph quells the bubble of laughter that rises to his throat and lies with the aplomb of a true Tregannon and Overlord.

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