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Standoff in a sentence

1. It was like a standoff.
2. A Mexican standoff resulted.
3. Collins faced a Mexican standoff.
4. There was an eerie standoff as the.
5. Finally the standoff had been ended.
6. They were at a standoff, and neither.
7. A Mexican standoff is what we got here.

8. It was the lamest Mexican standoff ever.
9. Continue this testosterone-driven standoff.
10. That would at least end the standoff with the.
11. The standoff with prison officials would last.
12. This standoff position was, I think, partly due to my rearing.
13. Oh, so what we have is a basic standoff situation? Kate.
14. I was hired to end a standoff, but I’ll end you for free.
15. This standoff prompted many conspiracy theories, and still does.
16. There was another standoff but the outcome was clear this time.
17. Melissa stared at him and the young couple locked into a standoff.
18. I anticipate a long standoff and the vampires would need to be fed.
19. Our problem will be dealing with the standoff between Ricky and Sam.
20. But since the great standoff in the snowfall of 1351 he had ignored her.
21. It was Susannah who ended the standoff, moving to hug her former boyfriend.
22. Curtains flap and papers rustle and the two adults have a standoff in the study.
23. He had a duty to keep Hagan safe, but he wasn’t going to lose this standoff again.
24. The standoff lasted all of one minute when Ed's nerves got the best of him and he fired.
25. She didn’t know how much longer she could face this standoff, emotionally or physically.
26. Puller’s thoughts drifted back to the standoff in the alley behind the bar in Lawton, Oklahoma.
27. Officers in riot gear were in a standoff with them, but luckily so far there had been no violence.
28. They intend to capitalize on fear by creating a standoff and possibly war between the west and the USSR.
29. Nancy clenched her fists and beat her thighs as I told her about the standoff at Oswaldo Vasquez’s house.
30. It was a standoff of sorts, and still Colin continued to stare, turning to face her again only after Ken turned away.
31. His blunt assessment didn’t endear him to me, but days later, there was a standoff in front of the madman’s house.
32. He listened attentively, then asked some very good questions ensuring that he understood the apparent standoff completely.
33. Seriously? There are over forty vampires running loose in the prison, how do you plan to end this standoff with the three of you?
34. The Republic of Texas militia committed terrorist acts long before and after the standoff, with government action usually only after the fact.
35. Still, it was dangerous to continue the East-West nuclear standoff forever, and I decided that if the Russians wouldn’t take the first step, I should.
36. They really had the Feds over a barrel for a while until, after a three month standoff, they captured Leroy and several others and put them all away for a long time.
37. They were now in a standoff, with the Anglo-Canadians unable to retake the airfield and the Germans unable to use it as long as the Canadians’ mortars were within range of it.
38. The Americans and British in the Mediterranean are still facing each other in a tense standoff, but the French just declared yesterday their support for the Americans in this crisis.
39. There had been trouble in those years until the wise from both sides had settled upon an uneasy standoff that had largely ended the injury and deaths that had been all too common before.
40. Obviously, Terence knew the game was nearly over and had barricaded himself in the suite in hopes of either negotiating a deal or ultimately winning the standoff that would surely ensue.
41. Kaitlyn winds up in the middle of this standoff, because she has the misfortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and ends up being held hostage in an elevator by the armed villain…and thus she and Nick meet and their romance unfolds from there.
42. In addition, protecting the hotel and its reputation was a major aspect of his position here, so that guests and their security were not disturbed or threatened by others; in light of this, he sincerely hoped the pending standoff could be resolved peacefully and without further incidence.
43. Maybe I should have taken some Darvoset at the same time and hoped for a standoff, something I would have preferred – in my case standing would have been a blessing! After my adventures, I heard that Cipro – the mother of all antibiotics, appropriately enough – was used against anthrax.
44. Our preliminary reports tell us that after getting fed up from an extended labor standoff between the union and the company’s owners that he was contracted to work for he decided to make a few waves of his own with this joyride of his 85 ton rock truck through this commercial district of Louisville.
45. And though a second standoff in Montana, didn’t, like the ones on Ruby Ridge and at Waco end in tragedy, nor did the Texas is a country! nuts’ little brouhaha, when Tim McVeigh got slapped with a death sentence after only 6 or 8 hours of the jury’s deliberation, all those little simmering pots boiled over.
46. When Nangong Ping saw that she had not left during this torturous standoff,.

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