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Draw in a sentence

will be a draw.
When you draw.
I draw back.
ended in a draw.
'A draw is fine.
'Pray for a draw.
Luck of the draw.

Now you draw up.
money in one draw.
out to draw water.
They all draw a.
It helps to draw.
Draw near to the.
I did not draw it.
I wish I could draw.
did not draw closer.
As he would draw it.
Draw up the blind.
Draw the line there.
It wouldn’t draw.
draw the short stick.
Pluck and draw fowl.
But I’ll draw him.
draw in his fragrance.
draw us closer to Him.
I‘ll draw you a map.
I can draw on that.
what he was drawing.
drawing the babe in.
Drawing his blade.
In the drawing in.
was drawing to close.
Morning was drawing.
On the Drawing Board.
is drawing to a close.
I checked my drawing.
Inside was a drawing.
with my drawing table.
The time is drawing.
I will be drawing.
But on drawing nearer.
Night was drawing near.
Drawing on the Kelvan.
With a chalked drawing.
and composite drawing.
drawing attention to us.
seat in the drawing room.
He is drawing attention.
The time is drawing near.
in drawing her out on a.
drawing closer and closer.
"What were you drawing?".
Study of drawing, the, 80.
I had drawn.
A hand drawn.
Both guns drawn.
drawn in the past.
The tea was drawn.
drawn to the work.
the drawn out "a".
And it was drawn.
of deep drawn airs.
Cheques drawn or.
drawn near to hers.
I was drawn to it.
He was drawn into.
drawn and quiet life.
She had drawn blood.
He noted her drawn.
Drawn to Annie, who.
Lines had been drawn.
She was drawn to him.
his fists drawn tight.
had drawn first blood.
He has drawn world-.
Drawn to his Light,.
had drawn them and why.
She was drawn to the.
They seemed drawn to.
You were drawn to him.
The line is drawn, Mrs.
Are all drawn in stone.
I had my M9 drawn and.
depicted in my drawn 59.
It draws you in.
Draws the ability.
Brett draws me close.
draws out her beauty.
draws the most moths.
his coming draws near.
The night draws down.
The end draws near.
As the end draws near,.
that draws me secretly.
Mama says it draws in-.
He almost draws his gun.
The circuit draws only.
draws nigh (Luke 21:38).
draws nigh [Luke 21:38].
draws one to the beauty.
But the hour draws near.
The spec says it draws 44.
She draws only fifteen feet.
And draws itself to its love.
It draws one to the mater-.
It draws men to covetousness.
Aragorn? His time draws near.
That portrait draws you in.
The dialogue draws to its close.
He draws the chair to stand.
The end of the month draws near.
"What, the man who draws them?".
I drew it.
As it drew.
He drew back.
He drew out.
He drew away.
This drew a.
Then he drew.
As they drew.
Jay drew his.
This was Drew.
Still my Drew.
He then drew.
He drew it up.
She drew away.
She drew back.
They all drew.
Bael drew his.
as it drew near.
And Rose drew.
It drew closer.
The trees drew.
A few men drew.
Garcia drew his.
Padraig drew me.
They drew nearer.
He drew himself.
When he drew it.