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Stated in a sentence

And it is stated by.
I stated in the first.
The ad stated that 81.
I calmly stated my case.
He stated, I guess 181.
It is stated in Genesis.
There it was stated that.

It should be stated here.
That was her stated belief.
He stated to walk off again.
As stated in a recent (Nov.
As stated before, it takes.
Obama has stated that what.
And for the reason I stated.
Bruce stated in his barely.
The benefits as stated are.
She merely stated the facts.
He also stated that he was.
Then we stated to move again.
And, as it was stated, they.
Google's Amit Singal stated:.
I’m sorry, he stated.
While it is not stated, the.
I’m sorry, Dan stated.
If, Tammas stated calmly.
And as previously stated,.
Chamber of Commerce stated,.
Edison stated definitively,.
I'm only stating a fact.
I’m only stating a fact.
I am just stating facts.
He was simply stating a fact.
Padraig said stating the obvious.
He said, ”No,” stating that.
I am not only stating that for women.
Shiva, as though merely stating a fact.
I am just stating a matter of fact.
Chinese officials stating their interest.
By incorrectly stating that this person.
Stating publicly his move to Lulu gives.
You do have a gift for stating the obvious.
I was merely stating a fact well known to her.
Next is obviously stating your Web site domain.
Julis, you have a way of stating the obvious.
He seems to be stating that Shamir is immortal.
He sets the girls down while stating, I know.
Perhaps there was truth in what she was stating.
She refused to see a psychiatrist stating that.
Stating the intention positively, in such a way.
I felt stupid stating my reasons in bullet points.
Which I’m not, I say, stating the obvious.
I am merely stating that you are not yet lord abbot.
They did this by stating all prisoners of War being.
The military responded by stating that Langridge was.
She didn't win any points with Andrew on stating that.
Are you stating that [the pool owners], before August.
As long as there was no direct statements stating he.
She was not bragging, but stating a fact as she saw it.
Power Coaching believes in stating the end result, but.
He was very rudely interrupted by this man stating his.
What do you mean by stating it will be too late?
But he loves her, Emily said, stating the obvious.
She was stating a fact to move the conversation forward.
He looked at me as if he were stating an understood fact.
Through the door, said Freddy, stating the obvious.
For example if one of your affirmations is stating that.
But in stating this fact, you must then ask yourself if.
Who's full of themselves Lever?! I'm just stating a fact.
All kinds of states of.
The United States Navy, n.
To me they are states of.
A report of the UN states.
The Bible states you need.
States, in a daily briefing.
Of different states of mind.
In the United States alone.
In the United States Senate.
Elizabeth was in the States.
Yes, in the United States.
Canada and the United States.
In the United States, the U.
States and five outside the U.
In the United States, where.
In the United States, it is.
However, he never states at.
Confederate States of America.
The United States and other.
In states where this is not.
England and the United States.
New York State, United States.
In the United States we have.
In those states, burglary is:.
Not a problem, he states.
I just flew in from the States.
For the states to afford this.
So is half the United States.
United States who need a safe,.
In those states with freezes,.

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In the state of is.
In a state of bliss.
It is not a new state.
It was the state New.
For this state of shame.
This state now has big.
It’s in quite a state.
First State Bank in 1912.
The state of Avichi is.
The power of the state:.
The state of Alaska has.
Normal State is not verbal.
He’s a ward of the state.
Orland in a state of shock.
Was this the final state?
Each state jumped on this.
Whatever state I am in, I.
M: Love is a state of being.
M: Nor can the waking state.
This state was not a fun one.
Q: Is love a state of mind?
I state my reputation on it.
What is his state of mind?
Mine is not a state of mind.
The rest of this state was.
Dollars for a state of mind.
We exited the state that day.
Happiness is a state of mind.
The State will get more time.
Conviction is a mental state.
State of New Mexico, and the.
CoolWater was about to state.
It is the only natural state.
I am in a good state of mind.
He lasted in that state for.
Thought is a state of energy.
Pamela was still in a state.
Political Basis of the State.
This may be our current state.

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