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Certain in a sentence

Of that I am certain.
Will be in a certain.
She was certain of it.
He was certain it was.
I made certain not to.
She was certain he was.
Of that she was certain.

He was certain she had.
But this is not certain.
He had sensed a certain.
He knew this for certain.
You can be certain that.
I know for certain that.
She was certain she could.
At certain times in the.
One could not be certain.
And it is just as certain.
Nothing is certain in war.
Thinking in a Certain Way.
The ‘I am’ is certain.
I was certain that given.
I had to give up certain.
And only certain types of.
One thing was certain, we.
I am not certain what time.
At a certain level, there.
As is the case in certain.
I'm certain that he was a.
I was certain that he was.
But it is certain that it.
Karen made certain that my.
In following the Certain Way.
Of that, you can be certain.
Make certain that your cat.
I’m quite certain of that.
I am certain that it is him.
Of one thing she was certain.
I’m certain he would be.
A certain swagger about them.
I was certain that it was he.

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