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Certain in a sentence

1. Of that I am certain.
2. Will be in a certain.
3. She was certain of it.
4. I made certain not to.
5. He was certain it was.
6. Of that she was certain.
7. He was certain she had.

8. She was certain he was.
9. But this is not certain.
10. At certain times in the.
11. He had sensed a certain.
12. You can be certain that.
13. She was certain she could.
14. He knew this for certain.
15. I know for certain that.
16. One could not be certain.
17. Nothing is certain in war.
18. I was certain that given.
19. I had to give up certain.
20. The ‘I am’ is certain.
21. Thinking in a Certain Way.
22. And it is just as certain.
23. At a certain level, there.
24. I am not certain what time.
25. I'm certain that he was a.
26. As is the case in certain.
27. And only certain types of.
28. I was certain that he was.
29. One thing was certain, we.
30. But it is certain that it.
31. Of one thing she was certain.
32. In following the Certain Way.
33. Karen made certain that my.
34. I am certain that it is him.
35. I’m quite certain of that.
36. I’m certain he would be.
37. Of that, you can be certain.
38. Make certain that your cat.
39. A certain swagger about them.
40. I’m pretty certain of that.
41. I was certain that it was he.
42. Yes, of that she was certain.
43. I was almost certain they'd.
44. There is a certain degree of.
45. Yes, Im certain that I can.
46. What about in a certain time?
47. He was certain she would come.
48. He's no Ghuli, that's certain.
49. Some swore by a certain brand.
50. Death is so quick, so certain.
51. I found out for certain that.
52. I’m certain that my mother.
53. As soon as I was certain that.
54. I’m pretty certain it’s a.
55. It was concluded that certain.
56. It gives you a certain command.
57. She knew one thing for certain.
58. They are attracted to certain.
59. But only on certain conditions.
60. We can never be certain about.
61. She was certain that whatever.
62. That much he seemed certain of.
63. Taxes above a certain level—.
64. Certain lines cannot be crossed.
65. I was certain that, provided I.
66. He wanted to make certain Jill.
67. I was certain that he’d love.
68. Because it is certain that, at.
69. However, it is certain that the.
70. However, one point is certain.
71. He came to a certain place, and.
72. He was certain now that the two.
73. But of one thing she was certain.
74. In the first case, at a certain.
75. Only certain people handled hits.
76. But he needed to know for certain.
77. But before then he had a certain.
78. This is a certain road to victory.
79. AND, you can be certain that the.
80. Nor, I’m certain, does she care.
81. To a certain extent, this is true.
82. A certain clink of glass on steel.
83. If there are certain things that.
84. And I’m certain that under the.
85. He was almost for certain it had.
86. M, I was certain that the premier.
87. I’m certain, in my heart, that.
88. And it's pretty certain he hasn't.
89. You have accepted a certain theory.
90. When she was certain that he was.
91. His death was imminent and certain.
92. I’m pretty certain of it, anyway.
93. I was now absolutely certain that.
94. He didn’t have a certain way he.
95. You are lost, that much is certain.
96. Are there certain things that are.
97. The Hollow widened at one certain.
98. He felt certain that his brothers.
99. A second one is that I´m certain.
100. But war with Mexico is not certain.

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