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Std in a sentence

1. I didn’t want an STD.
2. What if it’s a STD?
3. I’ll go to the STD booth later.
4. It was Sunday and cheaper STD rates.
5. Any reproductive chronic pain including STD.
6. But you weren’t worried about an STD?
7. We walked to the STD booth near Vijay Char Rasta.

8. The victim isn’t told about the STD status of.
9. Some rapists who know that they have an STD will use this.
10. It is caused by the infection of a STD somewhere in the body.
11. Everyone is saying that Cliff left because you gave him an STD.
12. You have to have your certificate, the chances of a STD is very low.
13. Gonorrhea is an STD caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonococcus that leads.
14. Does he have some kind of STD? Is that what he's so worried about? What the hell is on that paper?
15. And thanks to Reliance service that provided free STD calls free after ten at night to early morning.
16. So the implied volatility is really a 2 standard deviation approximation-- 20% up (1 std dev) and 20% down (1 std dev).
17. That means the market is assigning about a 2/3 chance (+/- 1 std dev) that the annualized return will be within that bell curve area.
18. He didn’t wear a condom! What if he has some STD? Oh, my God! What if he has AIDS? He’s probably fucked all of the diseased skanks on campus.
19. The actual number of STD infections was likely higher,.

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