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Vd in a sentence

1. In the written form, usted can be abbreviated to Ud or Vd.
2. She noticed the letters VD printed large on the locker girl's t-shirt.
3. Ah, yes, of course it was all their fault that so many Israelites died of VD.
4. And she replied with, Maybe, I used to be the receptionist in the VD clinic.
5. Mason had recently seen a report on the VD about what little coffee production there was left in the world soon drying up.
6. When the jam kicked off again VD got ahead of Melinda and stayed there, just out of reach, taking her to her furthest extreme of speed and anger but always outpacing her.
7. Cue the pianissimo: can’t tell you what to do … not saying you can’t come with me … And what? Hoe spuds in some field? Change her name to Saffron, get passed around like VD? It was no secret what went on at a commune.

8. Save a Gandhi, even the best of the rest of yore were not averse to their fellow-beings scavenging their latrines; now I wonder why I never thought of it before, maybe, we put up with what we come to grow up with; if not, why don’t the Sikh males find the turban burdensome and the Muslim dames put up with the inhibiting burka? Whatever, the world seems to care two hoots for the plight of the sex-workers as it had been to that of the scavengers, and God knows when it would be wiser to the ills of the unlicensed prostitution, if not AIDS, it’s the VD that’s the return on investment for these pleasure-givers; why, the malady of the flesh-trade is the bane of those who bring in the wares.

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