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Dose in a sentence

It was a double dose.
Yes, she has had a good dose.
A bigger dose of ‘What if….
We gave her a very small dose.
Thanks for that dose of reality.
A minimum dose will be plenty.
Take a full dose of one teaspoon.
Give her a minimum dose of this.
The dose of estrogen was sufficient.
Changing the medicine or dose will.
It’s the dose that makes a poison.
Testing for an ordered dose response.
But won’t I need another dose?
She applied a healthy dose of matte No.
In a massive dose, I could destroy her.
And they have covered all five dose.
My second dose came at about four-thirty.
That last dose of Morphine should keep.
Keller, please administer the third dose.
The fatal dose of alcohol is often very.
Willis dose so in exceptional cases only.
It was the second dose they had given her.
After we increase the dose, they are fine.
This lower dose was just as effective at.
Ay go in dose parn; maype ha'll chase me.
She gave me the dose and the spell together.
I hope you don’t come back with a dose.
You have now attained the semi-lethal dose.
The dose of the drug administered and the.
Then a heavy dose of Pavulon would be added.
I simply needed my daily dose of excitement.
Some members of the group began to dose off.
They need a dose of silicone, she said.
What if the Kassikan had changed the dose?
Just as I'm about to dose off Scott comes in.
You have given her a very heavy dose of opium.
Our sexual expression brings a dose of reality.
And clearly it's the dose that makes a poison.

The problem with dosing liquid.
The dosing system can be automated.
Dosing with kalkwasser can raise the.
This dosing is achieved after an upward.
Yohimbine HCl in its full dosing in Drop.
I wouldn't recommend dosing iodine without using a test kit.
Each of these calcium dosing options have their own pros and cons.
Dosing the tank with an antibiotic will kill off the infestation.
The third is that dosing a tank with antibiotics is a good way to.
For more information on dosing calcium, please read Saltwater Supplements.
You can then begin dosing the clear kalkwasser at a very slow rate, such as 1.
Dosing with Kalkwasser is an easy way to keep these levels where they need to be.
Saltwater reef keepers have utilized a carbon dosing regimen called vodka dosing for years.
He was still in his chair next morning dosing off, when he heard footsteps passing his door.
Primarily for saltwater aquariums, a Calcium test kit is important to use when dosing calcium in.
It was bearable, but she missed having that luxury of just going into her handbag, and dosing herself with tablets to take away that numbing pain.
One day Tom was in the act of dosing the crack when his aunt's yellow cat came along, purring, eyeing the teaspoon avariciously, and begging for a taste.
Niacin inhibits the breakdown of certain anticonvulsants, namely primidone and carbamazepine, which could alter the dosing requirement for these medications.
Who will be able of handling the energy (dosing it in time and not burning it quickly), professionalism (to be consolidated through slow learning) and concentration (stopping to think).
Individual dosing pumps adjusted the chemical levels automatically under the control of one of the main computers linked directly to the automatic analysers sampling the life giving solution.
How will you know how much is too much or not enough when you're dosing these supplements? If you wind up with a tank packed full of corals you will probably have to dose kalkwasser or use a buffer and calcium additive of some sort to meet the needs of.
Eve dosed the large oak door.
Probably still in bed, dosed up on painkillers.
The second syringe is primed and dosed in his jacket pocket.
The ingredients are max dosed with one caveat, Yohimbine HCl.
The pickup crew got eaten alive, they dosed themselves with Raid.
That evening, when Circe dosed us with the tonic, it had no effect on me.
The med computer in his escape pod dosed him with some sort of painkiller, I explained.
What if we gave the press the whole story? That children had been dosed with untested pills to give them superpowers.
She had awoken the lion in Olamayiani and she sincerely hoped that he would find his way to his youngest wife before it dosed off again.
She could have dosed his ale at any dinner time, but she would not be able to take advantage of its effects out in the fields in the middle of the day.
Austin and I had a blissful night as usual until early hours of the next day when we dosed off holding each other in a manner reminiscent of our honeymoon era.
One and all, Mammy dosed them, never waiting to ask foolish questions about the state of their organs and, one and all, they drank her doses meekly and with wry faces, black hands holding medicine spoons.
A video window popped up on my display, showing my father’s unconscious form from the shoulders up, and I winced as the pod dosed him with a cocktail of painkillers via a needle gun mounted on one of its many robotic arms.
He complimented Charly on supper—spaghetti with meatballs and lima beans, and homemade garlic bread consisting of sliced white with the crusts trimmed—buttered and heavily dosed with garlic salt, and toasted in the broiler.
Barnes let you go to-day, having an appreciation of the privileges due to the dosed, and you took a cushion and a rug--active, weren't you--and there you lay the whole blessed day, the sun warm on your body, enfolded in freshness, thinking of nothing but calm things.
Don Quixote, then, having risen to his feet, trembling from head to foot like a man dosed with mercury, said in a hurried, agitated voice, The place I am in, the presence in which I stand, and the respect I have and always have had for the profession to which your worship belongs, hold and bind the hands of my just indignation; and as well for these reasons as because I know, as everyone knows, that a gownsman's weapon is the same as a woman's, the tongue, I will with mine engage in equal combat with your worship, from whom one might have expected good advice instead of foul abuse.
He had a few doses of.
It is like repeated doses of.
In large doses it is a laxative.
Abel when the doses of opium must cease.
For me, that was best done in small doses.
Such large doses of vitamin A should only.
Her teeth yellowed from the thick doses of.
Homeopathic doses perhaps are the strongest.
She needs iron, high doses on a daily basis.
It releases low doses of hormones in a woman.
Molted chickens are given high doses of antibiotics.
Some animals, like sheep, can tolerate large doses.
Higher doses have been used in the following cases:.
Byron began to get offers for other films in daily doses.
It’s important for men to have their daily doses of.
Large doses of oxygen allow the body to heal itself faster.
Other studies have used doses as high as 2,000-6,000 mg per day.
Thanks to massive doses of caffeine, Zamos (whose name rhymes with.
High doses of fish oil can increase insulin resistance in diabetics.
However, high doses of Niacin in various forms can damage the liver.
To keep them tranquil, she doses them with a tonic made from poppies.
In concentrated doses, I could override her system and manipulate her.
He spends most of the time on my past medicines and their exact doses.
However, the total intake of these drugs is elevated with higher doses.
So practice stepping outside of it every once in a while in small doses.
Art was something you took in Sunday doses, mixed with religion, perhaps.
Several studies have shown that daily doses of extract of butterbur root.
My skin can absorb small doses of water? Tylin said, dropping her hand.
Unlike many other illicit drugs, however, LSD seems to appear in weaker doses.
Equity had to be increased relatively regularly and in relatively major doses.
How are you doing with the medications, are you taking all of your doses?
Psyllium supplementation has been shown to be safe when taken at recommended doses.
In small doses, at an early start, both mother and father can provide daily cues to.
But if it is two or three thousand the punishment is divided into two or three doses.
He just got confused and took too many doses of the painkiller the doctor had him on.
Preliminary Chinese research has found that high doses (12 grams per day) of the herb.
The treatment involves a series of micro-injections of small doses of active nutrients.
The BEIR V report is true and stresses long-term exposure to low doses of radiation is.
Be aware that doses over 80 mg may interfere with anticonvulsant therapy in epileptics.
Abdominal cramps and transient diarrhea have been reported at doses of 15-40 gms per day.

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