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    1. Her son's back was still stinging red with the edges of his new art screaming out pain

    2. lashing decks with rain and stinging salt

    3. stinging though the air may be on choking sulphur

    4. cause stinging, redness and irritation

    5. my ears stinging on wind chill,

    6. I stared back at him, my eyes stinging from his haze of alcoholic breath

    7. ‘No worse than stinging weed

    8. The sun beat down on my stinging forehead and from somewhere nearby I thought I saw Alexis wave but then he swam from view

    9. ' It was good to laugh with the locals and sure enough, after spreading the stuff over my soreness, the stinging faded and the throbbing disappeared

    10. Tom was attacking a dense patch of stinging nettles with a sickle,

    11. retained its fresh stinging bite

    12. His head fills with thick black smoke and everything solid starts to turn to sand, swirling around him in a stinging, biting storm

    13. Sunbeams light up the ceiling; she rubs her hands over her forearms as though to wipe away the stinging, reassured by the firmness of the flesh she can feel, fine lines of scabs all that remains of the wounds

    14. The tears in her eyes are like chlorine now, smarting and stinging

    15. their hoods and stinging their eyes and noses as they

    16. Some time later, Andrew woke up, his head stinging

    17. have Parkinson’s disease and that by stinging yourself with bees you don’t have

    18. The wind had dropped to a stinging 40 kilometres per hour

    19. No matter his predicament, the chant was still stinging to hear

    20. And all the while, the Sea God’s anger lashed our sails with stinging spume

    21. Eyes stinging, he shook with simultaneous rage and despair, sick at heart that no one had been able to save the child or any of the others

    22. She stared off into the water, eyes stinging

    23. “Let me guess…” Maro shut his eyes as he rubbed his forehead, vainly trying to stave off fresh, stinging pain of his own

    24. Even though she had long known of his very steadfast moral convictions, especially concerning thieves, assassins, daedra worshippers and other “undesirables”, she was not fully prepared for his stinging reproach now

    25. And there was a vague stinging in her eyes which she did her best to ignore as she spoke

    26. shooting the other Altmer a stinging glance

    27. He felt warm blood on his face, heard the stinging of swords and axes, but he would not be held back

    28. Annoyance turning to the inevitable stinging pain, then distracted even from that by the wonder of what was caught in the periphery of his vision

    29. His throat was stinging and his head was light

    30. The stinging brought tears to his eyes but he persevered

    31. He stared at the bed covers, trying not to let tears fall from his stinging eyes

    32. ‘Yeah, I understand that,’ Gerrid snapped, as the stinging blossomed throughout his legs

    33. Raven covered his face, not wanting to see, his heart pounding, his mind screaming, eyes stinging with salty tears

    34. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, probably equal to a stinging insect with a very nasty sting

    35. He wrapped his hands around the mug and felt the stinging warmth of it

    36. As he walked, Op14 felt the stinging heat of their smothering presence

    37. It was stinging up my arm like white phosphorous

    38. The spray spat into their faces, stinging and cold, but the boat was on an even keel and moved ever onward, slower but onward all the same

    39. There was soon more sport on hand, for a buzzing hum and a stinging sensation on the cheek localised the swampy haunt of the tsetse fly, which fortunately had not worried us much on the upward march, and had left one or two donkeys that travelled with the force unmolested

    40. Alex felt tears stinging his eyes and the old familiar anger rising

    41. Dawn stood in the middle of the large hall, head bowed, tears stinging her eyes, water gathering in a puddle at her feet

    42. Tiny splinters of wood peppered his cheek like stinging bees

    43. As he struggled his way out on to the top of the Dawn, he was met with pounding waves and stinging rain, almost loosing his grip as he fought to dog the hatch closed

    44. Sheena felt tears stinging her eyes and wanted nothing more than to hold the dying man in her arms to ease his pain, but knew that was impossible

    45. The stinging retort hurt Brock but he kept silent as Grey continued

    46. They'd learnt very quickly that a challenging stare was usually met with a stinging blow or a bruising bite

    47. Brightness ran from the encounter, tears stinging her eyes, determined never again to allow any badger the opportunity of hurting her that way again

    48. The stench that engulfed Soffen as they entered the sett made her gag and it was some time before she could see through the tears stinging her eyes

    49. Striking upwards, his muscles straining with the effort, Thesa reached the surface, gasping for breath, the numbing coldness of the water sucking the air from his lungs and stinging his eyes

    50. The two men slapped a high-five so hard that they both simultaneously shook their respective hands to react to the stinging sensation that came with every well-delivered high-five

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    Synonyms for "stinging"

    sting stinging cutting edged biting sharp bitter severe rigourous nipping

    "stinging" definitions

    a kind of pain; something as sudden and painful as being stung

    (of speech) harsh or hurtful in tone or character