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Sharp in a sentence | sharp example sentences

  1. Use a sharp new blade.
  2. She felt a sharp pang.
  3. She made a sharp u-.
  5. There was a sharp hiss.

  6. The C sharp only tone.
  7. He made a sharp left.
  8. The sharp edge of the.
  9. There was a sharp crack.
  10. She stifled a sharp cry.
  11. RA being C sharp light.
  12. Not so sharp now, Jimmy.
  13. Which places a C sharp.
  14. It was jagged and sharp.
  15. Her mind was sharp today.

  16. He sent her a sharp look.
  17. At nine sharp, I saw Mrs.
  18. Face stung by sharp gale.
  19. He drew in a sharp breath.
  20. Lets start with Pix Sharp.
  21. It tasted sharp & bitter.
  22. He gave me a sharp glance.
  23. A sharp rock caught the.
  24. One radio is the C sharp.
  25. Are the C sharp movement.

  26. God's C sharp is Mother.
  27. It is a sharp discordant.
  28. I take in a sharp breath.
  29. His mind was as sharp as.
  30. His sharp eyes take it in.
  31. Sharp as needles they are.
  32. A sharp sting on his chest.
  33. The battle was a sharp one.
  34. The pikes were very sharp.
  35. Then he made a sharp right.
  36. Jaggers was sharp with her.
  37. Her clear sharp eyes were.
  38. It was a long, sharp knife.
  39. The Sharp Wit of a Warrior.
  40. With a sharp knife, cut 3.
  41. She had sharp nose and eyes.
  42. Her tone was sharp, bitter.
  43. A sharp rap at the window.
  44. But her mind is still sharp.
  45. The mind is sharp and clear.
  46. At eight sharp, nobody came.
  47. Then he felt another sharp.
  48. Cristian took a sharp breath.
  49. Of your C sharp spirit-being.
  50. Evelyn Sharp: (1919 – 1944).
  51. The clear markings of sharp.
  52. Tammas gave her a sharp look.
  53. Tsarevich took a sharp inhale.
  54. There was a sharp crackling.
  55. But his mind was still sharp.
  56. Her voice was rich yet sharp.
  57. You look pretty sharp to me.
  58. Sharp knocked on Ken’s door.
  59. He put a sharp eye on Pjodarr.
  60. There are sharp, cutting words.
  61. Here is a sharp stroke or two.
  62. Then he heard a sudden sharp.
  63. Her little teeth looked sharp.
  64. Eyes as sharp as chips of ice.
  65. With teeth as sharp as razors.
  66. This young man is sharp as a.
  67. Maybe some sharp rookie might.
  68. The sharp slap pierces my ears.
  69. See what a sharp nose he has!.
  70. Her voice was sharp with anger.
  71. These rocks have sharp edges.
  72. Which are the natural C sharp.
  73. The sharp steel skidded along.
  74. She could hear a sharp inhale.
  75. Of God's C sharp (Happy Valley.
  76. With his razor sharp talons he.
  77. They are hard working and sharp.
  78. The pain was still sharp as he.
  79. Sharp daggers entered his spine.
  80. Always armed with a sharp razor.
  81. But I was sharp in times gone by.
  82. You follow Jane on a sharp left.
  83. He was sharp and missed nothing.
  84. She felt a sharp cold sensation.
  85. She drew a sharp surprised breath.
  86. She gave him a quick, sharp shove.
  87. There was a sharp echo around him.
  88. The sharp pain within me subsides.
  89. Her voice was metallic and sharp.
  90. And keep a sharp eye on that.
  91. There were some sharp loud shots.
  92. I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen.
  93. Her sharp toys are her affection.
  94. The contrast was sharp and clear.
  95. I awoke to a sharp and cold breeze.
  96. Mac was in a sharp downward spiral.
  97. And he was a very sharp young man.
  98. Then a sharp clanging sound shot.
  99. Use of really sharp cutters with.
  100. There was a sharp rap on the door.
  1. Sharping their sense, their ears, towards his murmuring, half-caught words:.
  1. I held my breath in fear that to breathe I would impale my throat on the sharped stone point held pressed to my throat by one warrior of but several which had appeared seemingly out of nowhere.
  1. In one boat were two card sharps.
  2. Any more flats or sharps were out of his territory.
  3. Sharps Compliance share prices started coming down from $11.
  4. All their dinnerware, both flats and sharps, was made from alloys.
  5. Amy pondered, was it Sharps room or his sons? She nosily went about the business of inspecting the desk and its contents.
  6. As Sullivan propped the receiver upright in its hook, facing into the pit, Thaniel leaned on a chord and the strings section produced a familiar tide of sharps and flats.
  7. Were only 4 degrees to the octave, furnishing the instrument with 5 sharps and 4 flats, thus rendered changeable, there is little music which could not be correctly executed upon it.

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