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    1. Sharp objects, fireworks etc

    2. Tom could feel the first impact and then hear a sharp snap as he hit the ground a second time

    3. The pain in her leg began to surface as sharp needles escaping from her leg

    4. “I can’t believe how sharp you keep this thing,” Nancy commented as she kept her eyes locked on Scar

    5. The sharp glint of light reflecting off a school bus stabbed at his eyes

    6. that yet carried diamond sharp edges

    7. Luckily it lowered its eyes and the incident passed with nothing more than sharp intakes of breath from the humans around

    8. Theo returned to his car, pulled out swiftly and with some sharp revs disappeared around the corner under the glare of Garda Thicke

    9. ‘Looks as though you have scraped the door on something sharp

    10. Probably a sharp tool of some sort … screwdriver, chisel or something like that, I reckon

    11. He felt a sharp nip and realised that he was being

    12. down from the ceiling, thick fronds and razor sharp leaves cut and smothered his

    13. BOOM! The airplane hits a sharp bumb and some of the cargo shifts

    14. He’s alive, but his ankle is badly broken, a sharp edge of bone protrudes from the joint

    15. He looks at Khalid, looks at John, grins, then whacks John on the side of the head with a sharp, upward thrust of his AK-47

    16. Strapped under each arm he carried ornate forged steel blades, ceremonial daggers, razor sharp, designed for surgical accuracy

    17. Oliver takes a big hit with the sharp machete handle on the

    18. head of young love, strangles him with a sharp knife shouting

    19. The pitch of Marat’s voice was sharp and angular, cutting through the thick prison

    20. He delighted in nudging me in the side as he helped me back from the shower, as though he were a five-year-old boy prodding a caged animal with a sharp stick

    21. I had experimented during the day by nicking my finger on one of sharp corners of the camp bed frame, but I never did master writing in blood

    22. All thru it the crew sat and watched, the men of the council all had their pistols out and kept an especially sharp eye out for whispering among the rank and file

    23. This was the last wide bay on Center Lake, wide enough so the far shore was detectable only as Kortrax began to contact the horizon and those with sharp eyes could see that sun and reflection didn't quite meet

    24. Beyond the hedge and the ubiquitous, unforgiving, waist-high nettles, chunks of ballast gravel, sharp and stained, emited a slight haze of heat, baking the old timber sleepers laid a hundred years ago, counting off the miles between Blue Anchor and Watchett

    25. Closing her eyes, fighting against the sharp disinfectant smell of the hospital, she forced herself to picture the interior of the bus … nauseating diesel fumes … a dingy, well used fabric covering the seats, chipped and faded paint on the accoutrements of metal … or was it plastic? She found it hard to tell sometimes … she heard again the chatter and laughter of the young people as they swayed along the aisle towards the door as the vehicle approached the bus stop

    26. Suddenly Elden felt a sharp pain in his leg and fell to the ground

    27. The scurrying of sharp little claws on flagstones was a reminder of life and the slightest feather touch of frayed rags on his bare legs was a breath of civilisation, a small memento of his humanity

    28. The sharp retort of metalled boot heels struck out at the early morning stillness, announcing the arrival of Danton and his scowling, out of breath companion to every inmate as they bore down on the door at the end of the corridor like cannon balls, casting their grotesquely elongated shadows across the floor and up the walls

    29. Holding out her arm to allow it to perch, and moving the bag holding the bread safely out of reach of the avian’s sharp beak, she carefully detached the message and sent the bird on its way

    30. bow wave through the heat, paying out sharp

    31. on stairs, all that sharp hands could ever do

    32. A sharp intake of breath, and her whole body trembled, a low moan escaped

    33. Alan looked up from where he was carving a very sharp point on Luray's theirops spear while she prowled for berries and inglethors

    34. There was a sharp intake of breath, “Oh my, he’s beautiful!

    35. ‘And who told you that?’ he asked, a sharp curiosity breaking through his assumed man-about-town manner

    36. ’ He replied succinctly, reinforcing my opinion that he has a razor sharp mind

    37. I test the blade of one with my finger – it is seriously sharp! There are two empty pouches … I know where those went

    38. and the promise of sharp, serrated canines,

    39. It put a twinkle in my heart and a rhythm in my eye, and gave the village a sharp focus

    40. Just then I heard a sharp squeak coming from somewhere close by

    41. He was a man about my own age, not tall, perhaps five six, but thickset, strong and sharp

    42. The evening’s background sounds of bird song and bees buzzing their way from flower head to flower head were cut in two by the sharp retort of bone breaking on hard cement

    43. Her sharp intake of breath told him that she was taken by surprise, but she smiled at him shyly as she blushed

    44. have a rather sharp edge that most do not even know how to posses

    45. "So you let me go there alone so you could play with one of Alan's cherubs?" She said it nice and calmly but it still had the sound of cold, sharp, steel

    46. Their jowls retracted displaying a row of razor sharp teeth; they took a step and their claws suddenly appeared over their paws

    47. He knew he couldn't be as sharp as he should be, especially in the all-important social aspects of this presentation

    48. ‘What is it?’ My voice sharp as I realise this is more than just tiredness

    49. Ultimately, facing the reality of time’s drip southwards, and the sharp scythe wielded by the grim reaper of domesticated animals, the couple found solace in their passionate love for one another

    50. Is there something wrong?’ Sally asked her voice sharp

    1. I held my breath in fear that to breathe I would impale my throat on the sharped stone point held pressed to my throat by one warrior of but several which had appeared seemingly out of nowhere

    1. Sharping their sense, their ears, towards his murmuring, half-caught words:

    1. All their dinnerware, both flats and sharps, was made from alloys

    2. Any more flats or sharps were out of his territory

    3. sharps box she had put the needle in

    4. Amy pondered, was it Sharps room or his sons? She nosily went about the business of inspecting the desk and its contents

    5. As Sullivan propped the receiver upright in its hook, facing into the pit, Thaniel leaned on a chord and the strings section produced a familiar tide of sharps and flats

    6. Sharps Compliance share prices started coming down from $11

    7. In one boat were two card sharps

    8. Were only 4 degrees to the octave, furnishing the instrument with 5 sharps and 4 flats, thus rendered changeable, there is little music which could not be correctly executed upon it

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    Synonyms for "sharp"

    sharp astute shrewd crisp abrupt precipitous shrill acute discriminating incisive keen knifelike penetrating penetrative piercing sharp-worded tart acuate needlelike acutely sharply distinct clear visible marked definite obvious explicit audible pointed spiked peaked barbed spiny prickly biting cutting shooting sharpened intense fierce violent distressing excruciating agonizing painful sore acrid bitter caustic acid alert eager observant attentive vigilant awake watchful lively brisk energetic active quick bright discerning intelligent dishonest deceitful cheating unscrupulous underhanded sly artful crafty

    "sharp" definitions

    a musical notation indicating one half step higher than the note named

    a long thin sewing needle with a sharp point

    (of something seen or heard) clearly defined

    ending in a sharp point

    having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence


    having or emitting a high-pitched and sharp tone or tones

    extremely steep

    keenly and painfully felt; as if caused by a sharp edge or point

    having or made by a thin edge or sharp point; suitable for cutting or piercing

    (of a musical note) raised in pitch by one chromatic semitone

    very sudden and in great amount or degree

    quick and forceful

    changing suddenly in direction and degree