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Strange in a sentence

1. He was a strange guy.
2. It was a strange story.
3. It is strange but true.
4. It was a strange night.
5. It was kind of strange.
6. What I saw was strange.
7. It was a strange sight.

8. It was a strange thing.
9. This is a strange place.
10. He began to feel strange.
11. That is kind of strange.
12. Ray had a strange voice.
13. STRANGE! At least if he.
14. He noted a strange grin.
15. What he felt was strange.
16. I find that most strange.
17. P noticed a strange thing.
18. This had a strange effect.
19. This strange man held me.
20. It was a strange feeling.
21. It was a strange thought.
22. A strange duck, that one.
23. A strange screen pops up.
24. Who is this strange boy?
25. It sounded strange to me.
26. That seems strange to me.
27. He was a little strange.
28. It was a strange idea to.
29. There was a strange sound.
30. Dave, it was so strange.
31. He found a strange answer.
32. A strange rash on an arm.
33. She gave me a strange look.
34. They were a strange breed.
35. This may sound strange to.
36. It is rather strange, but.
37. Yes, it was indeed strange.
38. How strange! Yet it is true.
39. God this man is so strange.
40. It was a strange sensation.
41. This man was a strange one.
42. The strange thing is when.
43. It shows up in strange ways.
44. It was a strange situation.
45. He gives me a strange look.
46. It was strange, I was both.
47. If all that sounds strange.
48. A strange turn of fate that.
49. It was too strange that he.
50. It seems strange outside now.
51. A strange hat that covered.
52. You are a strange young man.
53. Strange that I could feel it.
54. It was a strange smell, too.
55. But this was a strange game.
56. They glowed with a strange.
57. A strange anxiety seized me.
58. Ruth is not being strange.
59. We found that to be strange.
60. This case is very strange.
61. Strange lights in the skies.
62. Summers too found it strange.
63. With a strange thrill at my.
64. My mind works in strange ways.
65. It all seemed rather strange.
66. Strange, isn’t it? Now this.
67. She acted strange that night.
68. Strange that it would be here.
69. What a strange woman she was.
70. And that was so very strange.
71. Neither is the strange alien.
72. The me part was a bit strange.
73. I looked back to the strange.
74. He’s a bit of a strange guy.
75. It’s strange that I should.
76. It was rather a strange sight.
77. And another thing was strange.
78. Strange are the ways of saints.
79. What is so strange about it?
80. When I woke up, I felt strange.
81. This may seem like a strange.
82. That was strange, she thought.
83. How strange it was to witness.
84. This was a strange move, but.
85. So were not the strange ones.
86. These are strange days indeed.
87. The strange warmth soothes him.
88. This wind is blowing strange.
89. How strange all this was to her.
90. What a strange slave you are.
91. That was strange, Iago thought.
92. My rescuers were a strange lot.
93. The strange dragon saluted him.
94. It had been strange going back.
95. These magicians are so strange.
96. Now that’s a strange thing.
97. Frankly, I find it strange, Mr.
98. Strange, she thought, as if a.
99. Sarah, this is very strange.
100. My legs started to feel strange.

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