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Peculiar in a sentence | peculiar example sentences

  1. It was peculiar to her.
  2. The case of the peculiar cat.
  3. Boy, was I feeling peculiar.
  4. I thought that was peculiar.
  5. Gospel and its peculiar theories.

  6. That’s the only peculiar item.
  7. He has a peculiar sense of humor.
  8. A Peculiar Priest and his or her.
  9. It is the peculiar and perpetual.
  10. It was an evening of peculiar gloom.
  11. He said something peculiar about me.
  12. A peculiar laugh, deeper than usual.
  13. Five great motions are peculiar to it.
  14. Only three rings, that was peculiar.
  15. A peculiar conversation had ensued:.

  16. But Nikki seemed to have a peculiar.
  17. The light had that peculiar, almost.
  18. There's something peculiar about this.
  19. Chris was having a most peculiar dream.
  20. But the case of the earth is peculiar.
  21. It had the peculiar quality of always.
  22. There was the iridescence peculiar to.
  23. They have the peculiar flattening and.
  24. There was something peculiar about that.
  25. The Dangler gave Astray a peculiar look.

  26. Men are peculiar, the way they think.
  27. We had cuppings of a quite peculiar kind.
  28. Dogs have a peculiar way of barking at.
  29. My homicidal maniac is of a peculiar kind.
  30. However, there was something very peculiar.
  31. There was something peculiar about this man.
  32. Tarzan held a peculiar position in the tribe.
  33. My Master was a peculiar Man, Madam Fanny.
  34. It is not peculiar to the people of Hamburg.
  35. However, things were taking a peculiar turn.
  36. While he ate, he noticed the peculiar silence.
  37. It was a peculiar feeling, he thought while.
  38. This manoeuvre is peculiar to the hunted stag.
  39. The set that remained was peculiar in itself.
  40. I waved at him in a peculiar sense of relief.
  41. There was a peculiar glow and charm about him.
  42. What was peculiar was that he was still alive.
  43. The peculiar set look on his face stilled her.
  44. In the near distance were some peculiar clumps.
  45. Elsewhere the battle had taken a peculiar turn.
  46. Once I do, the effect is immediate and peculiar.
  47. It seems peculiar that the UN would have such.
  48. There were other peculiar things too in the lab.
  49. I thought the look on Craig's face was peculiar.
  50. This alone struck Raskolnikoff as very peculiar.
  51. Peculiar, tingles on his forehead added to the.
  52. A peculiar sound of silence hung over the place.
  53. Yes, but I have a peculiar taste in these matters.
  54. He looked at her with a peculiar smile on his face.
  55. I begin; but, gentlemen, this is a peculiar story.
  56. His face was peculiar; he had a unibrow, wild and.
  57. She was startled at his peculiar mixture of accents.
  58. She hidden and circuitous routes peculiar to women.
  59. He slowed, because he could hear something peculiar.
  60. Her skin shone with a luster peculiar to the people.
  61. Hence, by the way, the peculiar name of the island.
  62. But Miss Deta, the child seems peculiar for her age.
  63. Smorge was pale and had a peculiar look to his face.
  64. Then there was the peculiar dying reference to a rat.
  65. I am alluding to here are those peculiar to the city.
  66. Everybody likes it; in a peculiar kinda way, I mean.
  67. There are domestic abuse cases that are peculiar and.
  68. Along with the scent of rotting flesh was a peculiar.
  69. This peculiar sadness between them thrilled her soul.
  70. Th e prayers of this kind are of peculiar character.
  71. He had a peculiar brain with peculiar pigeon-holes!.
  72. Altogether it seems to me peculiar rather than pretty.
  73. The latter statement seemed a bit peculiar and out of.
  74. When the peculiar and hearty laughter of Hawkeye was.
  75. It is the peculiar, incommunicable name of 23 of 168.
  76. Yes, she's a regular type, and a peculiar Moscow type.
  77. We both thought there was something peculiar about her.
  78. I visited the peculiar looking Church of the Crusaders.
  79. The principal gave her a peculiar look and began to walk.
  80. The burg had a peculiar and unique history, having been.
  81. Noting peculiar about his conclusion from such premises.
  82. For the Witch, though peculiar wax, was peculiarly alive.
  83. I saw something peculiar but I have to check further.
  84. This was the one secret she kept; it was, in a peculiar.
  85. The market town of Sarlat is one of those peculiar towns.
  86. Thinking of Jemima's peculiar fate and her own, she was.
  87. But to Dorothea's feeling his words had a peculiar sting.
  88. It was of the same peculiar tint, and the same thickness.
  89. Those peculiar clumps of fog were more than clumps of fog.
  90. There was something very familiar and peculiar about this.
  91. A peculiar home, this Egypt, where I both belonged and not.
  92. The peculiar dreamlike state that suffuses the small hours.
  93. His physiognomy had never been more peculiar and startling.
  94. There was some hesitation before he chose the word peculiar.
  95. The peculiar property of truth is never to commit excesses.
  96. A peculiar and not very pleasant smell was smelt in the sea.
  97. Bug's eyes took on a peculiar shine and his face was flushed.
  98. There’s something peculiar about the shadows in this place.
  99. The peculiar thing is I felt I was revisiting a former dream.
  100. Then he focuses in on the most peculiar feature of the trees.

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