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Odd in a sentence | odd example sentences

  1. It was a touch odd.
  2. That was a bit odd.
  3. It was so very odd.
  4. Odd how calm I was.
  5. It was odd as hell.

  6. This was odd for her.
  7. This is so very odd.
  8. It struck him as odd.
  9. Which is kind of odd.
  10. It was odd that she.
  11. That seemed a bit odd.
  12. And as odd as it may.
  13. It seemed odd to Kate.
  14. He found it odd that.
  15. That struck me as odd.

  16. People think he is odd.
  17. It was odd being there.
  18. Now that really was odd.
  19. There is an odd silence.
  20. It was a very odd look.
  21. I knew Carl was very odd.
  22. This may seem odd, but.
  23. She gave him an odd look.
  24. That is very odd of you.
  25. There are even the odd.

  26. Sharma at that odd hour.
  27. Odd sort of weapon, too.
  28. This struck her as odd.
  29. It was an odd sensation.
  30. I did the odd spell of.
  31. It was an odd position.
  32. I did odd jobs here and.
  33. And the even and the odd.
  34. That would not be so odd.
  35. Hal gave him an odd look.
  36. It was really odd though.
  37. That seems very odd and.
  38. But that’s what so odd.
  39. He's forty odd years old.
  40. That was an odd statement.
  41. Now an odd thing happened.
  42. That was odd, to be sure.
  43. And here’s an odd thing.
  44. His pets are of odd sorts.
  45. He had been an odd person.
  46. On its face, it seems odd.
  47. Even bought the odd stone.
  48. But, it didn’t seem odd.
  49. Yes, with the odd oasis.
  50. Odd, for his kind of work.
  51. That must have been odd.
  52. He was looking really odd.
  53. What an odd man, I thought.
  54. But an odd thing happened.
  55. It was odd yet intriguing.
  56. Watch for anything … odd.
  57. It was odd but comfortable.
  58. Still, he felt the air odd.
  59. She was an odd little girl.
  60. It feels odd in my stomach.
  61. My parents help in odd ways.
  62. It was odd, the notion of.
  63. Or maybe it’s not so odd.
  64. This may seem odd to some.
  65. The question struck her odd.
  66. His behaviour was very odd.
  67. They were odd but had grit.
  68. Nothing odd about this one.
  69. Now that's the odd thing.
  70. It sounded odd, but she did.
  71. The odd thing was that the.
  72. What an odd odyssey this is.
  73. Seems an odd thing to want.
  74. What an odd name for a town.
  75. And what an odd, spoilt boy.
  76. This, they thought very odd.
  77. Anthony gave me an odd look.
  78. It touched me in an odd way.
  79. What an odd thing to study.
  80. He seems like an odd sort.
  81. But it was odd about Barbara.
  82. That just seems odd to me.
  83. The ice cracked with an odd.
  84. Here I am expected to be odd.
  85. Something struck Darek as odd.
  86. Well, this is the odd part.
  87. It is not a trick, odd one.
  88. He developed an odd sensation.
  89. Really? That’s odd to hear.
  90. Harry saw nothing odd in this.
  91. This odd arrangement made Mrs.
  92. There was something quite odd.
  93. It looked right but smelt odd.
  94. The odd chicken scrap usual-.
  95. You thought it was odd?
  96. Fairly, but it is a bit odd.
  97. It’s just odd, that’s all.
  98. I thought that was a bit odd.
  99. The tall young wizard was odd.
  100. She is quite odd in one thing.

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