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  1. So they can subjugate you.
  2. Fox is going to subjugate the forest by force.
  3. And once you control someone, then you need to subjugate someone else.
  4. Zulimistan wants to subjugate entire world and do which ever she likes…?
  5. She said, When kings enter a city, they devastate it, and subjugate its dignified people.

  6. They act as though they’re some higher race with every right to subjugate us mere humans.
  7. Elena and Elijah fought along their legions and in the end managed to subjugate those opposing them.
  8. The three faiths of Abraham serve as a three-pronged (three pillars) grand deception to delude and subjugate.
  9. Whites praised Europeans highly for dividing and occupying Africa to subjugate its people in order to civilize them.
  10. But I could not subjugate all of them; my friend was not at all like them either, he was, in fact, a rare exception.
  11. Our so-called leaders speak / With words they try to jail you / To subjugate the meek / But it’s the rhetoric of failure.
  12. It is because ego in you now feels threatened and wants to derail your efforts to subjugate and transform it into pure love.
  13. Brythunia was reduced in a series of whirlwind wars, and preparations were made to subjugate the ancient rival at last—Nemedia.
  14. But that the employment of violence at the present time does not subjugate either of them, that we know from protracted experience.
  15. It will subjugate our conflicts and competitions, if we're unable and or unwilling to do so, if they threaten its survival or goals.

  16. It is possible by means of violence to destroy such nations and such men, as is indeed done, but it is impossible to subjugate them.
  17. God is above all a merciful and loving father, and nowhere does He give the mandate that we can mistreat animals or subjugate others; quite the opposite.
  18. He yearned to clasp, embrace, absorb, subjugate in unquestioned possession this treasure, whose tyranny had weighed upon his mind, his actions, his very sleep.
  19. I figured you purchased me out of spite—that you wanted to subjugate me to your will; not to spend all that hard earned drig and then turn me loose, Krodus said, drying off.
  20. It was not only until Abel directed the water from the spring next to the fortress inside the castle that the titans and the gorgons were able to advance and subjugate those inside.
  21. This new cult is spreading across our land like a plague and the people do not know how to withstand the dark power that it employs to captivate and subjugate them to its evil purposes.
  22. And, how about Germany? Had it not been for the United States, France would be speaking German today… When have Russia and China gone to the United Nations in their military excursions to subjugate other nations?
  23. He was a simple and devoted soul; but when he devoted himself to me entirely I began to hate him immediately and repulsed him—as though all I needed him for was to win a victory over him, to subjugate him and nothing else.
  24. As he walked towards his home and his waiting supper he contemplated the flawed nature of men that causes them to attempt to subjugate not only servants and strangers, but also their presumed loved ones such as wives and children.
  25. To subjugate these men to Christianity, there is but one, the only way,—the Christian public opinion, which can be established among these men only by means of the true Christian teaching, confirmed by a true, Christian example of life.

  26. After conquering the Alani between the Don and Volga rivers in what is now Russia, they moved west and crossed over the Don to subjugate the Ostrogoths before turning south in 395 to cross the Caucasus Mountains and raid Armenia and part of Syria.
  27. The young man has that same cornered animal smell that Billy tried to wash away in the shower, something maleficent, somewhere between terror and desperate fury, only this stranger seems to be able to control of his emotions, to subjugate the primal.
  28. You know it when, directly after those sufferings, without rest, without interruption, you undertake another series of labours and sufferings,—those of nursing; for the sake of which you subjugate to your feeling, and renounce, the strongest human necessity,—that of sleep, which, according to the saying, is sweeter than father and mother.
  29. To subjugate to Christianity all the wild people outside the Christian world,—all the Zulus, Manchurians, and Chinese, whom many consider to be wild,—and the savages within the Christian world, there is one, only one means,—the dissemination among these nations of a Christian public opinion, which is established only through a Christian life, Christian acts, Christian examples.
  30. Where, sir, could we attack France? Where are her colonies into which we could carry our arms? Where could we subjugate her provinces? Where are her ships?—where her commerce? Where could we have carried on against her any of the operations of war? Would the chivalry of gentlemen on the other side of the House have suggested an invasion of France? An honorable gentleman from New York, (Mr.
  31. Indeed, how can we subjugate by force the nations whose whole education, all whose traditions, even religious teaching, leads them to see the highest virtue in a struggle with their enslavers and in striving after liberty? And how are we forcibly to eradicate crimes in the midst of our societies, when what by the governments are considered to be crimes are considered to be virtues by public opinion.
  32. I was in torture, especially because I was sure that toward me she had no other feeling than of perpetual irritation, sometimes interrupted by the customary sensuality, and that this man,—thanks to his external elegance and his novelty, and, above all, thanks to his unquestionably remarkable talent, thanks to the attraction exercised under the influence of music, thanks to the impression that music produces upon nervous natures,—this man would not only please, but would inevitably, and without difficulty, subjugate and conquer her, and do with her as he liked.
  33. And all this they did in the name of their greedy white-male God! In the name of Christianity, in the name of their white-male religion, and in the name of white-male capitalism, these rich Christian pigs tried to obliterate every other race, every other culture, every other religion, every other living creature! These rich greedy Christian fascist Nazi-scum pigs tried to exploit and subjugate everyone and everything! Death to all Christian rapists! Death to all Christian fascists! Death to all Christian mass murderers! Death to all Christian Nazi scum! Death to all rich greedy Christian capitalist exploiters!.
  1. And as long as I was happy, he was happy, and had no need for subjugating others.
  2. Well where the Christian crusades failed, the Western enterprise succeeded in subjugating the Musalmans!.
  3. Now we were subjugating ourselves to an absurdly strict regime, and without the slightest complaint, as we were the ones imposing it.
  4. As it is possible to increase the means for the slaughter of men, so it is possible to increase the means for subjugating the men of the social concept of life.
  5. The Roman Pope was strongly persuaded to stay in Avignon, and the French monarch influenced the church greatly, controlling their finances and subjugating papal officials with charges of heresy almost indiscriminately.
  6. Once I would have thought what was taking place in Ryodan’s office was no more than what it appeared to be: an Unseelie of the royal caste subjugating a human, getting drunk on the pleasure they siphon from our souls.
  7. My respectable auditors! I am not here to tell you falsehoods of the great difficulties that I have overcome in understanding and subjugating this mammifer, whilst he was grazing at liberty amongst the mountains in the plains of the torrid zone.
  8. A man need but understand that the aim of his life is the fulfilment of God's law, in order that this law, taking for him the place of all other laws and subjugating him to itself, by this very subjugation may deprive all the human laws in his eyes of all their obligatoriness and oppression.
  9. These physically strong young men thus hypnotized (and at the present time, with the general conscription system, all young men answer to this description), supplied with murderous weapons, ever obedient to the authority of the government, and ready at its command to commit any violence whatsoever, constitute the fourth and the principal means for subjugating men.
  10. The job of completely subjugating and dominating the individual was almost done,.
  1. He subjugated her; she almost feared him.
  2. The crusaders and colonialists massacred and subjugated.
  3. It further proves that the Vatican has subjugated entire.
  4. God did not say that we are to be miserable and subjugated.
  5. Many peoples abroad are subjugated by the abuse of authority.
  6. Subjugated peasants! They are still living in Tsarist Russia.
  7. In what manner had Enjolras subjugated him? By his ideas? No.
  8. Nations have never subjugated other nations by violence alone.
  9. That elephant was later subjugated to Krueger’s sex toy/wife.
  10. He then turned on those allies and brutally subjugated them, too.
  11. A whole order of unexpected facts had cropped up and subjugated him.
  12. Subjugated by her powerful personal presence, Lake became serious again.
  13. He was wicked of his own right, and his mercenaries subjugated all others.
  14. Winners honored their favorite God by imposing him on the newly subjugated.
  15. Then God satisfied him and He subjugated certain numbers of the jinn-kind to him.
  16. His diary indicated that colonialist governments subjugated my grandfather as well.
  17. Of course, the second, was a subjugated people, first by the Czars, then by their very.
  18. The author also documents the bad effect on the economy of the populations so subjugated.
  19. They swept over and subjugated Brythunia, and devastated southern Hyperborea, and Corinthia.
  20. If there were no State and government authority, nations would be subjugated by their neighbors.
  21. During the colonial expansions of the previous two centuries, Europe and the USA subjugated the.
  22. Africa and other native peoples in subjugated lands and the deception and delusion of most others.
  23. They subjugated the northern-most black kingdoms, and built a vast southern empire, which they called Egypt.
  24. They had wars before, but it never happened so as an entire species was completely subjugated by one of their own.
  25. Golyadkin had not time to open his mouth before all of them were subjugated, body and soul, by the wicked, sham Mr.
  26. When the social environment comformicates them in fear, they are subjugated to propaganda's psychological terrorism.
  27. She liked to be in control too much to allow herself to be subjugated like that and besides she had no interest in men.
  28. I no longer wandered through the convict prison like a lost soul, and no longer allowed myself to be subjugated by my anxiety.
  29. It is not possible to make consistent money fighting the market, so ego must be subjugated to the realities of the marketplace.
  30. I began it always with hatred and ended it with moral subjugation, and afterwards I never knew what to do with the subjugated object.
  31. They depend on the story of our master Solomon, about when the jinns were subjugated to him, and on the interpolated story of the two angels.
  32. The best confirmation of this is found in the condition of the labouring classes of our time, who in reality are nothing but subjugated people.
  33. Thus it was Al’lah who rendered the jinns devoted to him, and it was not he himself (pth) who subjugated them by magic, as they dishonestly pretended.
  34. An irate Hitler retaliated; Britain, despite her hopeless situation, and still showing no willingness to come to terms, would be invaded and subjugated.
  35. As for the story invented about our master Solomon in which it is said that the jinns had been subjugated to him by use of magic, it is untrue and baseless.
  36. Such was the sympathy of Nature—that wild, heathen Nature of the forest, never subjugated by human law, nor illumined by higher truth—with the bliss of.
  37. But these savages within and without Christian society, who are such a terror to us, have never been subjugated by violence, and are not subjugated by it now.
  38. It would simply become subjugated to the level 4 imperatives of independence and recognition once Caroline completed her transition to that level of awareness.
  39. And it is this pride got home—because that neighbor would call to report what of ancestry from which an oppressed or subjugated people he or she saw that child do.
  40. If a nation which subjugated another was on a lower level of civilization, it has never happened that it succeeded in introducing its organization of life by violence.
  41. How then could you believe that your Provider, Who created this entire uniVerse and subjugated everything in it for your service, could leave you alone or forsake you?
  42. As for Lance she found a stronger sense of self preservation—the guilt of the deeds of all those days passed now subjugated by rational thoughts, allowing his grief to fade.
  43. They were denounced as evil pirates in the Anzarin cities, where they were called Wind Raiders, but in reality the Wind Riders became a source of hope for all subjugated Anzarins.
  44. The United States of America cannot deport Jewish refugees to a country in which they will be placed in camps, subjugated and, quite possibly, exterminated, Brown said sharply.
  45. But scarcely had they completed their degradation of Koth, when they were overrun by the Hyrkanians, and found themselves subjugated by sterner masters than the Hyborians had ever been.
  46. An army has suffered defeat, and at once a people loses its rights in proportion to the severity of the reverse, and if its army suffers a complete defeat the nation is quite subjugated.
  47. Mamma was an abject slave to their caprices, but Papa was not so easily subjugated, and occasionally afflicted his tender spouse by an attempt at paternal discipline with his obstreperous son.
  48. Argos, Zingara, Ophir, Zamora and the Shemite countries were treated as subjugated provinces, which was especially galling to the proud Zingarans, who often revolted, despite savage retaliations.
  49. If a nation, crushed by force, is subjugated or close to subjugation, it is so only through public opinion, and by no means through violence, which, on the contrary, provokes the nation more and more.
  50. Common Social Sense of collective caring, if these two primary and evolutionarily necessary senses are subjugated to and comformed by the modern common sense of competition and social sense of conquest.
  51. And hundreds of millions more oppressed and subjugated in the religious faith-based pursuit of a socialist utopia: the ultimate 'perfection' of man and society through scientific progress and social reengineering.
  52. So it was with humans, when by way of personal, religious and social attitudes, the father subjugated mother and child and ceased to protect, more often being what the other parts of the equation needed protection from.
  53. In saying that without the power of state the evil men would rule over the good, they take it for granted that the good are precisely those who at the present time have power, and the bad the same who are now subjugated.
  54. If ever any of the nations conquered by force have been really subjugated, or even nearly so, it has always been by the action of public opinion, and never by violence, which only tends to drive a people to further rebellion.
  55. But, when the British navy shall have effected what the armies of other nations from time immemorial have done—when it shall have subjugated whole continents—then will I agree in the superior power of naval over military force.
  56. The reforming of reality by the Big Lie warps our limbic interface to be easily subjugated to others' interpretations of not only the perception, but also the experience of what reality is and, more dictatorially, what it should be.
  57. But if the Egyptians subjugated the Jews, the Persians the Egyptians, the Macedonians the Persians, the Romans the Greeks, the barbarians the Romans, is it possible that all those who have subjugated were better than those whom they subjugated?
  58. It’s the irony of history that these very peoples, subjugated by the Arabs to the detriment of their gods, had furthered the cause of Islam with the swords of their own, of course, fired by their ambition and fuelled by the newfound religious zeal.
  59. If a nation which subjugated another stood on a lower stage of development, there was always repeated the phenomenon that it did not introduce its structure of life by means of violence, but, on the contrary, always submitted to the structure of life which existed in the conquered nation.
  60. So, if the Great Creator has put for this universe 'with all its creatures' a law and a system to be followed and not to be broken; if this Great Creator has employed this universe and subjugated it for this man; is it possible or believable that this man who is the noblest of the creatures has no law or statute to follow?
  61. The Social Democrats as a party had success in Europe early after World War I because after that horrifying war the people willingly accepted that party’s directions of rebuilding the infrastructure of their European countries and subjugated themselves to the governmental support of the poor, similar to Roosevelt’s New Deal.
  62. Isn’t that so, Sir…? Commander? What would our fate be then? They will surely destroy our most holy sanctuaries without any human or moral deterrent and by that we will most certainly be subjugated to degradation that you will not, as you will – at that time – pack your bags and leave for your own country, safe and sound, leaving us to face our horrible fate at the hands of the occupying forces.
  63. It substantially denies all intercourse with Great Britain and her colonies, by excluding from our ports British vessels of every description, and the products and manufactures of that nation of every kind, and to whomsoever they belong; while at the same time, every possible indulgence is granted to France—her vessels, armed and unarmed, her products and those of the nations which she has subjugated, find no restraint from us.
  64. Although the above decrees partake of municipal as well as external regulation, yet the French Emperor, foreseeing that Great Britain would not relinquish the ground taken while the continental system, so hostile to her commercial interests, was continued, and yielding for a moment, as is supposed, to the groans of subjugated States, stipulated by the above letter for a relinquishment of his system by an entire repeal of those decrees.
  65. The chosen operative, of course, complied with the rules of the Temporal Directive: he was not from the time of Earth's crisis, and his role did not allow him to effect a [noticeable] change in the predicted time-line; his apparent mission was merely to assist a captive (Gerrid Lytum, former employee of the Darangi via the Nine committee) who had been subjugated within an artificial reality of his own creation by an oppressive Artificial Intelligence.
  66. Christianity Destroys the State—But Which is Most Necessary: Christianity or the State?—There are Some who Assert the Necessity of a State Organization, and Others who Deny it, both Arguing from same First Principles—Neither Contention can be Proved by Abstract Argument—The Question must be Decided by the Stage in the Development of Conscience of Each Man, which will either Prevent or Allow him to Support a Government Organization—Recognition of the Futility and Immorality of Supporting a State Organization Contrary to Christian Principles will Decide the Question for Every Man, in Spite of any Action on Part of the State—Argument of those who Defend the Government, that it is a Form of Social Life, Needed to Protect the Good from the Wicked, till all Nations and all Members of each Nation have Become Christians—The Most Wicked are Always those in Power—The whole History of Humanity is the History of the Forcible Appropriation of Power by the Wicked and their Oppression of the Good—The Recognition by Governments of the Necessity of Opposing Evil by Force is Equivalent to Suicide on their Part—The Abolition of State-violence cannot Increase the Sum Total of Acts of Violence—The Suppression of the Use of Force is not only Possible, but is even Taking Place before Our Eyes—But it will Never be Suppressed by the Violence of Government, but through Men who have Attained Power by Evidence Recognizing its Emptiness and Becoming Better and Less Capable of Using Force—Individual Men and also Whole Nations Pass Through this Process—By this Means Christianity is Diffused Through Consciousness of Men, not only in Spite of Use of Violence by Government, but even Through its Action, and therefore the Suppression is not to be Dreaded, but is Brought About by the National Progress of Life—Objection of those who Defend State Organization that Universal Adoption of Christianity is hardly Likely to be Realized at any Time—The General Adoption of the Truths of Christianity is being Brought About not only by the Gradual and Inward Means, that is, by Knowledge of the Truth, Prophetic Insight, and Recognition of the Emptiness of Power, and Renunciation of it by Individuals, but also by Another External Means, the Acceptance of a New Truth by Whole Masses of Men on a Lower Level of Development Through Simple Confidence in their Leaders—When a Certain Stage in the Diffusion of a Truth has been Reached, a Public Opinion is Created which Impels a Whole Mass of Men, formerly Antagonistic to the New Truth, to Accept it—And therefore all Men may Quickly be Brought to Renounce the use of Violence when once a Christian Public Opinion is Established—The Conviction of Force being Necessary Hinders the Establishment of a Christian Public Opinion—The Use of Violence Leads Men to Distrust the Spiritual Force which is the Only Force by which they Advance—Neither Nations nor Individuals have been really Subjugated by Force, but only by Public Opinion, which no Force can Resist—Savage Nations and Savage Men can only be Subdued by the Diffusion of a Christian Standard among them, while actually Christian Nations in order to Subdue them do all they can to Destroy a Christian Standard—These Fruitless Attempts to Civilize Savages Cannot be Adduced as Proofs that Men Cannot be Subdued by Christianity—Violence by Corrupting Public Opinion, only Hinders the Social Organization from being What it Ought to Be—And by the Use of Violence being Suppressed, a Christian Public Opinion would be Established—Whatever might be the Result of the Suppression of Use of Force, this Unknown Future could not be Worse than the Present Condition, and so there is no Need to Dread it—To Attain Knowledge of the Unknown, and to Move Toward it, is the Essence of Life.
  1. It subjugates the individual to the interests of the state.
  2. No city has had that domination which sometimes derides those whom it subjugates.
  3. Strange as may be the historical account of how some king or emperor, having quarreled with another, collects an army, fights his enemy’s army, gains a victory by killing three, five, or ten thousand men, and subjugates a kingdom and an entire nation of several millions, all the facts of history (as far as we know it) confirm the truth of the statement that the greater or lesser success of one army against another is the cause, or at least an essential indication, of an increase or decrease in the strength of the nation- even though it is unintelligible why the defeat of an army- a hundredth part of a nation- should oblige that whole nation to submit.
  4. Strange as may be the historical account of how some king or emperor, having quarreled with another, collects an army, fights his enemy’s army, gains a victory by killing three, five, or ten thousand men, and subjugates a kingdom and an entire nation of several millions, all the facts of history (as far as we know it) confirm the truth of the statement that the greater or lesser success of one army against another is the cause, or at least an essential indication, of an increase or decrease in the strength of the nation—even though it is unintelligible why the defeat of an army—a hundredth part of a nation—should oblige that whole nation to submit.

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