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Reduce in a sentence

1. Reduce stove to low heat.
2. Reduce the heat to low.
3. Then reduce heat to 325.
4. To Reduce Cost of product.
5. Reduce heat to medium low.
6. We can always reduce the.
7. This will serve to reduce.

8. Reduce your cable bill, too.
9. Reduce heat and simmer for.
10. Reduce heat to 325 degrees F.
11. Cover and reduce heat to low.
12. The UN has tried to reduce.
13. The Ability to Reduce Costs.
14. Then, reduce the total number.
15. This should help reduce waste.
16. This will in turn reduce your.
17. Reduce heat to low and cover pan.
19. Find a way to reduce your taxes.
20. Heat to boiling; reduce the heat.
21. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat.
22. Reduce, renew, re-use and recycle.
23. Reduce the heat as low as it goes.
24. This would reduce their financial.
25. Bring to a boil and reduce to half.
26. Upon adulthood reduce the feedings.
27. Has the ability to reduce its costs.
28. Then reduce to 5 capfuls per gallon.
29. Options were designed to reduce risk.
30. It may reduce the snoring since it.
31. To reduce the clutter on the slide.
32. Its time to reexamine and reduce!!!.
33. They reduce from colliding with logs.
34. This can reduce energy wasted while.
35. Can love of virtue combine to reduce.
36. They can also reduce and relieve pain.
37. In fact, the equation can reduce to:.
38. There is only one healthy way to reduce.
39. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and.
40. This would reduce my basis further to 14.
1. Reducing the limits can make.
2. Reducing the tax burden of the.
3. Reducing it to only a numb ache.
4. Child Tax Credit – Reducing the.
5. By themselves, they were reducing.
6. Tool number two is for reducing.
7. Reducing the amount of sodium that.
8. Reducing Integration Time and Costs.
9. Save money by reducing your energy costs.
10. Stealthily, we are reducing the distance.
11. Reducing space goes in terms of cooling.
12. Even with the field effect reducing the.
13. Reducing stress will reduce pest attacks.
14. Chapter nine: Reducing Risks to the Buyer.
15. The reducing of a complicated appearance.
16. Consider reducing the amount of grains and.
17. Reducing numbers and other concepts down to.
18. How? By reducing the cost of closing the trade.
19. Q: You are reducing sadhana to simple attention.
20. For the investor, it is all about reducing risk.
21. A much bigger role for lubrication is reducing.
22. The proton contributes to that reducing of space.
23. Reducing the expression and eliminating r:.
24. Reducing the gravity gave me the height in my jump.
25. Reducing the product price to increase the revenue.
26. It's about reducing the barriers, whether these are.
27. Most diets work by reducing the daily calorie intake.
28. One factor in reducing these risks is to be sure that.
29. Wrob said, reducing risk, but, instead, increasing it.
30. By reducing food to a few, boring, identical products.
31. It has been linked to reducing cholesterol, managing.
32. Reducing the stress in your life is equally important.
33. Sprouted pulses are also very good for reducing weight.
35. The rain pelted down, reducing visibility even further.
36. They have cut back costs as far as possible, reducing.
37. Reducing your carbohydrate intake as a means of losing.
38. It acts as an antiseptic and oxidizing agent, reducing.
39. So the section for reducing the marines was stricken out.
40. We can do this by reducing the width of the butterflies.
1. He reduced his world to.
2. But we have reduced this.
3. Midwest has reduced the U.
4. Water is reduced to stone.
5. Movement was reduced to a.
6. That they were reduced to.
7. It reduced him to tears.
8. Mitya was reduced to silence.
9. Soon the gap reduced to zero.
10. This waste should be reduced.
11. Our group was reduced to ten.
12. Visibility is reduced to zero.
13. Our numbers are reduced by two.
14. But I get reduced sensitivity.
15. Therefore it leads to reduced.
16. Damage is reduced by 10 points.
17. It was reduced to six per cent.
18. I would say at a reduced level.
19. Reduced Maxwel 's 20 equations.
20. Everything was reduced to rubble.
21. But in 2009, the EPS is reduced.
22. So Wilson was reduced to a man.
23. My knees were reduced to rubber.
24. I was reduced to watching reruns.
25. That they were reduced to ashes.
26. These fats should not be reduced.
27. Most were eventually reduced to.
28. The reduced Social Security (SS).
29. In which water is reduced to stone.
30. Duck, domestic, wings of, reduced.
31. When reduced to pulp they are done.
32. The AMZN stock price reduced to $5.
33. As they reduced speed it could be.
36. Coaching – reduced to the maximum.
37. He reduced throttle to slow her down.
38. C3: It has been reduced to 25% chance.
39. Crooks had reduced himself to nothing.
40. When the competition is reduced, it.
1. This reduces the fear of.
2. Thus the line reduces to.
4. This reduces the cost and 137.
5. Such an idea reduces me to fury.
6. This slowly reduces your snoring.
7. It all reduces to neural activity.
8. Making it fun reduces the tension.
9. Xzavier reduces the panda’s size.
10. This not only reduces anxiety but.
11. This both saves money and reduces risk.
12. It reduces my urge to kick your face in.
13. And so the field reduces, he mused.
14. The direct impact is that it reduces the.
15. This comes when he reduces himself to zero.
16. Bringing up that lagging muscle reduces the.
17. This reduces chances of injuries and sprains.
18. Help reduces fear, gives refuge and strength.
19. By doing this it both reduces your cravings.
20. Is that it greatly reduces the physiological.
21. The Recovery Act now reduces the earned income.
22. Your argument then reduces merely to bargaining.
23. Soothes headache and anxiety and reduces fatigue.
24. This reduces vibration and, as a result, snoring.
25. His destruction reduces back to those substances.
26. Knowledge in bits and bytes reduces fear and myth.
27. As time passes, an option’s optionality reduces.
28. With this, it integrates the knowledge, it reduces.
29. A carrot a day reduces stroke risk by 68 percent.
30. This automatically reduces the importance of books.
31. The compressibility of water reduces the sea level.
32. This trade also reduces gamma and costs very little.
33. It reduces damage to the crops from pests and weeds.
34. Materialism reduces mental events to physical events.
35. The mass that pulls reduces the radius by the square.
36. This reduces wear and tear, noise, and improves perfor-.
37. The water reduces friction as the loft rotates each day.
38. This five-day pattern reduces to a bearish Shooting Star.
39. If this stock reduces too fast, then it must be renewed.
40. This trade reduces gamma and costs typically very little.

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